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#imagine the reader being a supernatural hunter and tracks the beserkers in Beacon Hills

   The clanking of the walking skeletons lead you into a local high school. You were hoping to catch these things because you knew beserkers don`t have merci. They kill for the hell of it, and not because it`s in their nature. As soon as you saw one in sight, you took a head shot from your M97 shotgun that was filled with mountain ash. As the dust cleared, a bunch of glowing eyes followed towards you. 
“Well, aren`t I lucky. Two species in one night, how exciting” Your sarcastic remark did not lighten anyones faces, there were more eye rolls though.
Before anyone could speak, I cocked my gun pointing straight at them.
I fiercely cry out “RUN!”, pulling the trigger at the upcoming pouncing beserkers and you eventually run into the pack once again. In Derek`s opinion he was impressed, but time was ticking and all he wanted was to get rid of these bone things.
“Okay so your good with a gun, why aren`t we out there fighting?” Derek exclaimed frustrated.
“Well, my tall, muscly friend, you`re up against 2, 6 foot, hippo sized, murdering skeletons. And even my gun full of mountain ash cannot kill them. So if you have another plan fill free to share” The frustration through the way you talked was not taken easily. But you couldn`t help it, Stiles seemed to laugh but was easily stopped after the looks he was given.
 Erica wasn`t fond on new females who came by “I say we give her a little nice wolfie thank you and ditch her. Empasis on the nice” she scolded at you
“What if you`re a threat?” Issac pointed out.

“I would`ve killed you all by now, sweetheart” 

Frantically, Scott cleared things with you. “She`s right, she`s a bloody pro. We have to be careful and not get our heads blown off”
Poor boyd turns to his alpha “I don`t want my head head blown off, Derek” 
“Well, obviously we have a lot to talk about” Stiles exclaimed
You cocked your gun again and strutted out towards you last saw the beserkers and said “Let`s save the chit chat for later. We have some beserkers on our hands”

None are my gifs but hope you all enjoy. Happy new year <3 x