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Dancing On The Moon
Shoshana Bean
Dancing On The Moon

In 2007, Shoshana Bean asked if we could find a day to sit down at the piano and lay down music to lyrics she had been working on.  I remember the day vividly as we worked on this composition together.  She was very aware of what she wanted the song to feel like and so we trusted the simplicity of the lyrics to guide the music. 

A few days later, Shoshana and I entered a recording studio.  She had been laying tracks demo tracks for another project and had extra hours left and wanted to do a simple recording of our song.  Piano and vocal only.  Very similar to our work session when recording the original demo recording of the song ‘Home.’

 The session was raw and difficult.  The lyrics were very personal to Shoshana and the recording session became very emotional.   I remember us sitting in a dark studio with all the lights off but a few candles.  I remember a lot of tears.   I can hear those emotions in this recording and it remains one of my favorite ‘secret’ songs that remain in my repertoire.  I’m really proud of this recording of ‘Dancing on the Moon’ and am thrilled that Shoshana has given me her blessing to finally release it, 10 years after writing it.   

This is an unmixed, one take recording.  And I absolutely love everything about it.  

From Shoshana:

‘Writing songs is like taking snap shots of moments in your life. While I look back on things I’ve written and initially cringe and roll my eyes… I eventually relax into a feeling of nostalgia and ultimately pride. I listen to this song now and (after rolling my eyes) remember exactly how I was feeling, what I was trying to communicate… and more than anything I am  selfishly reminded of how beautifully therapeutic the writing process can be.’

In Memory of Tyler Fry

The New Girl [3/4]

We're almost done with this fic. How’s the ride been so far? Enjoyable, I hope. Are you even still reading this? This chapter is a bit shorter than the rest. Not even gonna fill this space with babble. Fiction. Count: 1579



Unsurprisingly, Hannah and Grace would spend the majority of several days texting and getting to know each other on a more personal level. From the outside looking in, no one would have known that they’d hardly known one another more than a month.

One night, the pair had been so deep in conversation, that Hannah hadn’t noticed her cousin walk through the house, until she cleared her throat, studying Hannah with a mischievous look in her eye.

“Who ya textin’?” The redhead raised her eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

The young blonde immediately wiped the smile from her face, realizing she’d had a Cheshire cat grin plastered on her face. Setting her phone face down on the kitchen table, she looked up at the woman still leaning in the doorway. “Just a friend,” she attempted to say casually. As Hannah’s cell vibrated roughly against the wood, her cover was blown as she quickly checked the message, a slight blush creeping into her cheeks.

“Please,” Mamrie laughed more to herself. “Don’t let me interrupt your little love fest.”

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