tyler duckworth

Johnny and Tyler fucking owned it up on Rivals!

yeah buddy! eliminating CT and Adam….i mean those guys…well at least CT was an animal! Adam was kinda that dead weight…kinda like CT’s kryptonite. it wasn’t the fact that the whole house was after him…cause honestly i think he could have taken everyone out…it was the fact that little Adam couldn’t pull his own weight in the team up. they got lucky when Evan couldn’t pull his shit together…and then Johnny and Tyler won cause Adam couldn’t finish strong. so i got nothing against CT cause he’s a beast, i just rooted for Johnny and Tyler cause Johnny Bananas was my pick from the beginning. when you know how to play the game…is when i like the person. Kenny and Wes or Johnny and Tyler, either one would be awesome. Laurel and Cara Maria are my favorites for the girls. 

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Exclusive interview with Johnny, Tyler, and Evelyn at the VMA’s.