tyler did a thing

Seleton kid and alien boy

The skeleton kid never felt right.
Locked in the basment for hours at a time,
He began to wonder;
Who am I?

Alien boy never fit in.
Always left out,
He stayed in his room and turned his feelings into sound,
But he was left alnoe to think;
Who will I become?

The skeleton kid poured his heart into the lyrics,
Finding a catharsis in his words.

Beats the alien kid produced kept him safe in the worst hours,
Giving him something constant,
Something stable.

On the day the boy who never fit in,
And the kid who never felt right met.
They talked for hours,
About their dreams and fears,
And about things no one else knew.

But now?
But now the two kids stand side by side,
Now awear of who they were,
Where they belong.
The skeleton kid put the mic to his lips and said
“We are twenty one pilots, and so are you”
Before taking one last glance at the people before them,
Knowing that this is where they belong.


Now, I have just watched and enjoyed another Cards Against Humanity video from Mark, with Ethan and Tyler. Now here are a number of things I took note of:

> After around 13 minutes, Tyler begins to laugh at some cards that are funny for whatever reason, something relatively normal with this game right? When he has this laughing fit not only does the background music cut out but both Mark and Ethan look slightly puzzled/disturbed. This not only makes it seem slightly more scary, but also more…real. Well, he sort of goes into another laughing fit after a brief moment of composure after the first, and the shot soon cuts away…but instead of the video moving on normally, the screen of whatever you’re watching the video on goes crimson. Just plain crimson. The regular light music continues on in the background whilst that colour persists for 20-30 seconds. Then, the video continues as normal, with no acknowledgment of any issues. Now, this could be an editing issue that they just didn’t notice when putting it together; but I think that is HIGHLY unlikely. So, it may transpire that something or even someone has corrupted that part of the video; but that isn’t the part that concerns me. I am worried, because it happened just after Tyler had an ever so slightly irregular laughing fit. So it really does beg the question: Did something or someone corrupt Tyler momentarily? I hope not.

> The other ‘thing’ that seemed a little odd in this particular video of Mark’s is the very end. Traditionally at the end of a Markiplier video there will be a little repeated visual of something that looked funny in the video, accompanied by his happy outro theme. However, this time it was a little strange. Firstly, the clip itself wasn’t all that unique since it was just Mark looking down and then up. That was it. Except, he didn’t just look up…he glitched up. You see it for just a brief moment but it’s there, and Mark is seemingly emotionless during the minimal transition. We all know that glitching full stop is a sign that there is something irregular happening, but the lack of added effects or editing interests me because on this occasion it’s been done very simply and without too much finesse. So, what exactly is it?

> This final point links in with the previous since it concerns the ending clip. When I first saw it I perceived that Mark was relatively emotionless, but now I’m not so sure. Looking at it now it’s clear that Mark is in fact smiling when he’s facing the camera, but this smile doesn’t feel as charming as usual. The smile is there but for me it doesn’t really feel that Mark is there with it, if you get what I mean. Combined with the glitching, I don’t think that this ‘happy’ expression is all it seems.

To conclude, there is some video manipulation like what we usually look for but this seems more elegant and professional. It doesn’t have the madness of Warfstache or the intensity of Dark. It’s more methodical and organised which would, from my perspective, suggest Google. You see when Dark has intervened there’s the telltale audio disturbance as well as intense visuals, and with Warstache he makes it into a whole spectacle. Markiplier TV proved that.

Perhaps after Google’s update he wanted to prove ‘how useful’ he could be? However the suggestion that he could have an influence over Mark and Tyler could imply that he wasn’t working alone. So I guess what I’m really asking is….

@markiplier should we be concerned?

Tyler Bate Smut.

Y/N couldn’t quite recall how she ended up at Tyler’s house. She couldn’t tell you why there were tears down her face or when the rain started. Hesitant to knock, she did after a minute or so.

Praying he was home, she smiled a bit when he opened the door.“ Love! What are you doing in the rain? Why are you crying? Come on in, you’re shivering!” He exclaimed before he pulled her inside the house.Standing on his place mat, she waited when he told her to. Watching him run off, she smiled when he had come back to wrap a towel around her body.“ Come on I got some clothes for you.”

Y/N toed off her shoes as she followed him through the house.“ I-I didn’t mean to bother you. I see you’re getting ready for bed.” She nodded towards his outfit of just a pair of pajama pants.

Tyler chuckled and waved his hand at her.“ Don’t think anything of it. How about we get some warm clothes on then we go and make some tea. Then we can sit and you can tell me what happened.”

Y/N paused as she stood in his room,watching as he dug out his ‘Mustache Mountain’ and a pair of sweatpants for her. Tyler approached her and she gave him a small smile.“Thank you so much.” She murmured to him, gently taking the clothes from him. Going into the bathroom, she got changed.

Coming out of the bathroom, she was surprised to see him just waiting for her. When he looked up at her, she just ran into his body before wrapping her arms around his neck. Tyler rubbed her back gently as he just held her in his arms.“Pete-Pete.” Y/N repeated into his chest and when he backed up, he gently grabbed a hold of her face in his hands.

Tyler gave her a small smile as he stared into her eyes.“ Y/N take a deep breath. What happened with Pete?”

Y/N took a deep breath like advised before she spoke,“ Pete saw Mike cheating on me.” The words that came out made her blink back tears seeing as Tyler was holding her face.

When he did let go, she dug her face back into his chest.“ I was so stupid.” She mumbled just resting against him as he rubbed her back.

Y/N stared up at him as he pulled away from her before he grabbed her waist. Nudging her to his bed, he guided her to the bed.“How about we get some sleep love?”

Nodding, Y/N climbed into the bed and got under the covers followed by Tyler doing the same thing. When he did lay down, she wrapped her arms around his neck gently.“ If you want me to, I’ll go and beat him up. He’s no chance for me because I’m one half of the mustache mountain.”

Y/N smiled at what he said before she started relaxing when he began brushing her hair back.“ It’s okay, just hurt. Didn’t even like him that much. I like one half of mustache mountain.” She murmured to him as she pressed her face into the side of his chest.

She wasn’t sure what time she fell asleep but she remembers waking up. Her arms around Tyler, Tyler holding her close to his chest. Looking up at him, she smiled a bit. Trying to move from his grip made her realize he was already awake as she felt it tightening.

“Where you going love?” God his morning voice was so scratchy and she could listen to him talk for a while. Laying back down, she shrugged.

Now that she thought of it, she really didn’t have a place to go at the moment. She was living with Mike and even if she didn’t want to go back, she had to go and get her things.It was Tyler’s voice that broke her little trance as she thought.”Y/N, you can stay here. I don’t mind sharing my bed with you.”He said as he brushed her hair back.

Y/N nodded and smiled a bit.”Thanks Tyler but I couldn’t possibly become a bother to you.”She as about to speak again when he grabbed a hold of her cheeks once more. Y/N’s eyes flickered from him to his lips back to his eyes. Rubbing her cheek gently,she almost nuzzled her cheek into his hand.

“Y/N, what you said last night? About liking one half of mustache mountain. Is that me or Trent? Because Trent is a great guy and I know that he would treat you like a gentlem-.”His words were cut off as she leaned up to press her lips to his.

Pulling away after just a few seconds,she gave him a small smile.”Obviously it’s your half of mustache mountain that I like.”Tyler grinned at her before pulling her back to him. Leaning down,he pressed his lips to hers.

Kissing him back,her fingers brushed through his hair at the nape of his neck as she smiled into the kiss.Pulling away for just a second,she smiled up at him.”I-I like you Tyler. I have. You were dating that girl Toni. Then I started dating Mike and then you and her broke up and things didn’t work in time with one another.I thought Mike loved me but I guess I was wrong.”She admitted,her lower lip starting to tremble before Tyler kissed her once more.

Stunned,she took a few seconds before she kissed him back. His fingers skimmed down her shirt as he played with the bottom of her shirt. Pulling back,she sat up in the bed to push the covers off. Grabbing the shirt,she raised it up over her head. Y/N laughed a bit when she heard Tyler gasping.”I had to take my bra off to put it in the dryer.”She explained to him.

Tyler nodded his head and raised his hands a bit.”I am not complaining at all.”He said as he set up to gently push her back onto the spot where she was just laying.”Relax love, I’m gonna take care of you.”He reassured her as he leaned down pressing a quick kiss to her lips.

Relaxing back on the bed like he told her too, she giggled a bit when she felt him leaving kisses down the valley of her breasts. The hair of his mustache tickling against her skin which made her laugh a little bit. When he grabbed both of her boobs in his hands and squeezed,she gasped a bit.

Letting go, his mouth attached to her nipple while his hands played with the other one. Alternating in between the two, she gasped when he had bit down on her nipple. “Tyler.”She gasped out,scratching at his back gently.

Y/N bit at her lower lip as he picked his head back up from her chest with a smirk.”I want you to relax darling.”He said, pressing a kiss to her lips gently.”Just lay back and trust me dollface.”

Laying back on the bed,she watched him. Actually watched him. She studied the tattoo on his arm and the little freckles that donned across his chest moving to his abs as well. Y/N only focused in on him again when she felt his lips pressing against her neck gently.”Can I leave a little something?”His question muffled against her skin as he waited for permission.

Feeling a little nod,he smirked a bit.”I want to hear your words love.”Tyler said, his voice deeper than usual.

“I-yes please.”Y/N breathed out before she felt him smirk. After a few seconds of waiting, she let out a small gasp that she didn’t realize she was holding in as he began to nibble at a few spots on her neck. Her breathing hitched when he found her ‘sweet spot.’ Smirking he began focusing his attack there. He began nibbling and sucking up until there was a purple bruise flourishing across her skin.

Y/N’s fingers made their way into his hair and she gave him a tug when he finally pulled away from her neck.”No teasing Tyler please.”She begged before he chuckled at her begging.

Tyler pulled away with his eyebrow arched.”You’re begging for me already? Did he give you no love?”He asked as his fingers trailed down her body with a feather light touch. Tyler couldn’t help but growl when she shook her head.”I am gonna take care of you tonight. It’s all about you tonight.”

Y/N blushed at how he reacted before she felt his fingers tugging at the sweatpants she had on.”Can I take these off of you baby?” He asked,looking into her eyes before she nodded. Hooking his fingers in the waistband of the pants before he dragged them down her legs gently.”You’re so goddamn beautiful. Like an angel.”He said before hearing her laugh.

When he gave her a questioning look,she shrugged.”You’re too cheesy.”She said,laughing a little bit but squealed when he leaned down and nibbled at her thigh gently.

“Shush that pretty little mouth of yours and lay back.”Tyler demanded as he threw the pants onto the floor before he was tugging her panties down her legs as well. Once they joined the pants, Tyler sat back on his knees and smiled as he looked over Y/N’s flushed body. Hair was fanned out against the pillow, her lips parted and her eyes staying glued on him to watch for his next move.

Spreading her legs gently, he settled in between them. Y/N’s eyes focused in on him like lasers as he began pressing kisses to her ankles. Moving up her legs, he began pressing kisses to her ankles,knees, and stopping when he got to her inner thighs. Y/N’s fingers gripped the sheets as she moaned out. Biting and sucking, he smirked at the little mark it left.

Tyler licked his lips as he made eye contact with her.”Can’t wait to drive you crazy.”He growled to her before his tongue flicked out against her clit. Her fingers let go of the blankets and moved into his hair gently. Feeling him put pressure against it,she moaned out and tugged his hair gently.”You’re so damn responsive.”He praised with a smirk.

Licking at her clit a few times, she bit at her lower lip when she felt one of his fingers pressing against her entrance. Moaning when he finally pushed one into her, she tugged at his blonde locks gently.

Y/N thought he was going to stop teasing when he began pressing kisses to her thighs before she felt him adding a second finger.”Jesus, you’re so fucking tight.”He growled against her inner thigh. She tugged at his hair and let out a squeal of surprise when he had hooked his fingers inside of her.

Tyler knew what he was doing and she was definitely experiencing that. In the back of her head,all she could think about was that this was not the innocent Tyler Bate who was her best friend.

Being brought out of her thoughts by a bite to her clit,she gasped,tugging at his hair once more.”Fucks sakes!”She moaned out,throwing her head back into the pillows.

When her head hit the plush pillow, all of his movements faltered.Snapping her head back up,she stared at him with her eyebrows arched.”You keep eye contact or I’m gonna stop this.”He warned her before she bucked her hips against his fingers.

“Fine fine! I’ll keep my head up!”She exclaimed before hearing him chuckle and going back to moving his fingers in and out of her.

Not even 30 seconds later, his tongue was joining back on her clit. Y/N could feel the band in her stomach,tightening with every little thing he did whether it was move his fingers or a flicker of his tongue.

“Come on love. Come all over my fingers.”Tyler spoke and put his tongue right back to work. Few seconds later,she was spilling profanities mixed with his name as the band snapped and she was cumming all over his fingers.

Removing his fingers, he cleaned his fingers off with a smirk.”You are the best tasting thing in this whole world.I plan to eat that sweet little pussy of yours later tonight. Just you wait.You’ll be begging me to stop.”

Y/N’s face flushed red at his words and she bit her lip. She wasn’t sure what happened to her ‘innocent’ best friend but god, she never wanted him to be innocent again if this is what she’s getting.

Y/N tugged his hair before she moaned out.”Please fuck me Ty.” She panted out in a whine of sorts. Once he moved up her body, he grinned down at her. Leaning down, he pressed his lips to hers as one of her hands trailed down his chest to slide in his boxers.

Wrapping her fingers around his length,she bit at his lower lip.She was a bit surprised on what he was carrying. He was nice and thick. Not too big but he was the perfect size. Tyler growled against his lips when she wrapped around his length. Tugging at his boxers, she pulled them down as he pressed kisses against her face and her neck gently.”Tyler.”She moaned out before he nodded his head,knowing what she wanted.

Tyler pulled back off of her and looked down at her.”Are you taking any meds? Do I need a condom?”He asked and she couldn’t help but smile at how he was even a gentleman in bed. Shaking her head at him,she smirked a bit.

”On the pill. Come on babe.”She mumbled with a small pout on her lips. Nodding he laid back on top of her,his arms holding him up before she reached in between their bodies. Grabbing a hold of his cock, she lined it up with her entrance. Tyler and Y/N matched their moans as he slowly pushed into her.

Slowly moving, he was filled to the hilt in no time. Giving her a few seconds to adjust, he began thrusting when she tugged at his hair once more. “You’re so fucking tight princess. This is all mine now. You’re all mine.”Tyler growled out as he bit at her neck once more.

Y/N was too focused on him picking up the pace that she laid there with her mouth open, only moans and curses spilling out of her mouth along with his name scrambled in between.

“Tyler, more please. I won’t break.”She breathed out and he chuckled a bit in her ear before he really began thrusting into her. The sounds of their skin slapping against each other mixed with their moans and groans. Her pleasure was heightened when his thumb came back to rest on her clit,rubbing in figure eights and applying pressure.

Tyler was thrusting away when she felt herself squeezing around his cock.”Come on kitten. You gonna come on my cock?”He growled out before she dug her nails into his back and then she was coming undone. The band snapped in her stomach and she came all over him while he continued to thrust away.

Y/N tugged at his hair and clenched around him.”Come on baby, cum for me.”She said before pressing her lips to his. She moaned and arched her back when she felt him cumming inside of her. Pulling out,he rolled over onto his side of the bed and she smiled a bit.

Leaning up,she pressed her lips to his.”I’m yours. You’re mine.”She murmured to him before she rested against him when he pulled the blankets over them. Tyler nodded and pulled her into his arms with a chuckle.”You rest up cause round 2 is gonna happen soon.”He said with a smirk as he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

Y/N’s eyebrows arched up and she laughed.”I want to ride those thighs before you fuck me again.”She mumbled,squeezing at the muscles of his thighs. Chuckling,he nodded his head.”Go ahead princess, you can do whatever you want.”Y/N grinned as she rested back,letting her eyes shut.

“Love you mustache mountain.”