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Movie Review: Undrafted

This movie has been sitting on my TiVo for a while, and since it’s baseball based I figured the hubby would watch it with me.  I checked first and he said yes, which is why it took us so long to get to it.  Movies are secondary when we have tv shows to watch.

Now that I’ve seen it, I have to report that I loved it.  I will say I have a soft spot for movies where is a huge amount of banter between characters that have a long relationship.   I also love characters that are frustrated and other characters pick on them.  *g*  So this movie delivers in spades.

Also it was on my radar because I like Tyler Hoechlin and Aaron Tveit.  :)

It was a fun movie, totally recommend as it’s high on the “feel good” spectrum, there is some sweet moments between brothers, friends and also fathers and sons which might bring some tearful thoughts.

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Sooooo I just watched Undrafted and it’s amazing! It’s really hilarious! I laughed and I cried! So many great scenes and heartfelt moments with Aaron acting his butt off per usual!

I also caught this part of Arms Tveit about 17:36 into the film! Gahhhh!!!

Seriously, Rent/Buy it on demand or get it on iTunes! So get it now!!!

Also- These guys ALL look AMAZING in baseball pants! ;)