tyler bush

This is one of my favorite photos bc it combines like all things I love…
Sophia Bush (I love her acting on Chicago PD & she stands up for what’s right)
Jenny Smart (Soph’s best friend and the most hilarious person ever)
Elizabeth Judd (Hamilton: An American Musical ensemble/ understudy for Angelica, Eliza, & Maria/Peggy…also really good friends with Soph’s friend Tyler)
Laura Dreyfuss (Dear Evan Hansen principal cast member Zoey Murphy…also really good friends with Soph’s friend Tyler)
I hope they all hang out more this summer! Maybe Soph will go see Hamilton again on broadway or go see Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway for the first time.


Day 23, 16:21 hours

Kaliko: “So how would you feel about an object lesson in botany?”

Tyler: “I can’t say it’s a subject I’ve had a lot of experience with, unless you count survival training.”

Kaliko: “Hmmm. Follow me.”

Tyler: “What, the privvy bush?”

Kaliko: “It’s one of the few actual living plants in this house. They’re non-toxic, hardy and slow growing, so they barely require any care at all. And of course they are prized for their dense foliage, which serves as a total barrier against prying eyes.”

Kaliko pauses and looks meaningfully at Tyler.

…and a good while later…

Tyler: “I don’t remember botany lessons being that exciting before.”

Kaliko: “Just wait until you meet a cowplant!”

Sooooo I just watched Undrafted and it’s amazing! It’s really hilarious! I laughed and I cried! So many great scenes and heartfelt moments with Aaron acting his butt off per usual!

I also caught this part of Arms Tveit about 17:36 into the film! Gahhhh!!!

Seriously, Rent/Buy it on demand or get it on iTunes! So get it now!!!

Also- These guys ALL look AMAZING in baseball pants! ;)


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