I found these accidently on Google wasn’t even looking for anything wrestling related lmfao!  Can we just that hip dent? 

I don’t even know what these are from … the only thing that I thought of was after his neck surgery.  IDK.

Tyler Black as Satan
[October 15th, 2005]

As soon as I get done laughing, I’ll type a caption….

…ok, it’s been 6 hours. Fuck it. Seth Rollins, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, in his Tyler Black days as Satan. This is a promotional photo for Joey Eastman’s Totally Tool Wrestling, in which regular wrestlers would do differing gimmicks for the entertainment of wrestling fans new and old. For example, Justin Credible wrestled as Baldo Montoya and wore a jockstrap on his face (which is… I mean, pretty much what Aldo Montoya did). 

You can get this specific show on DVD here, which also features Baldo Montoya, Larry Sweeney, Arik Cannon, and more.