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Things you probably didn’t know about hockey players (pt. 2)
  • In August 2011, Steve Dangle got to interview James Reimer over phone for his first article; Dangle was reassuring Reimer the interview would take only 10 minutes, but he wasted first 5 minutes just by fixing his recording program and then, when Reimer remembered Dangle’s voice from his LFR videos, what Reimer’s wife had showed him, they spent 40 minutes talking about random things.

  • In December of his rookie career, Phil Kessel learned
    he had testicular cancer, but he didn’t play for just 2 weeks, since his entire right testicle was removed immediately. This operation removed embryonal testicular cancer from his body completely, so he didn’t need any more treatments.  

  • While in Boston, Tyler Seguin was criticized for partying too much. So the Bruins arranged a guard to watch Seguin’s hotel room during the playoffs (2011) in order to ensure he didn’t go out partying. 

  • During Bruins’ 3rd penalty kill of 2nd period in Game 3 of Eastern Conference Final 2013, Gregory Campbell’s leg was broken by Evgeni Malkin’s shot. He still continued playing, though, specifically another 55 seconds of penalty kill, skating with the broken leg too, until the puck didn’t get to neutral zone. The entire arena did standing ovation after that.

  • Do you remember “Capitals Story”, the video from Christmas 2014 by Washington Capitals? The video wasn’t even supposed to be made. Capitals had planned to make a short movie instead. The plot had to show a story about two sons (Andre Burakovsky and Nate Schmidt), their father (Tom Wilson) and their uncle (Michael Latta) shopping Christmas presents. However, the reason why they declined the idea, is a mystery.

  • Roman Josi almost fought Taylor Swift’s security guys a few years ago, when Swift (his neighbour then) was holding a house party, he, drunk, tried to enter the house. Seth Jones and Taylor Beck successfully managed to take him back home. 

  • Jamie Benn used to bully and fight his older brother Jordie a lot because he was jealous– Jordie was always more popular in school and girls liked him a lot more. Jamie even knocked out Jordie’s tooth when Jamie was 12.  

  • Brendan Gallagher was so excited about his first NHL season, that he used to greet random Montrealers, in English or French, everytime he passed around someone. He stopped even before the start of the regular season, probably after some of his new teammates told him it was weird. 

  • When he became a Panther (Aaron Ekblad’s rookie season), Jaromír Jágr has transmogrified Ekblad with a malediction of absorbing other person’s age– so poor Ekblad is getting old really quickly now and Jágr’s getting younger. Jágr probably cleared his memory too. Let’s hope we won’t see Ekblad having his first grey hair by the end of this season. 

I jumped on the “I asked my friend who knows nothing about hockey to give her first impressions of these players” bandwagon and I am 100% okay with the results. Except for calling precious baby burkie a fuckboy…

BabyBurky’s Masterlist!

okay so I have been getting messages that my other master list  no longer works since I made my URL change so I am going to delete that post and start fresh with this masterlist!!! 

1) Brendan Gallagher

2) Tyler Seguin

3) Torey Krug 

4) Jonathan Toews 

5) David Pastrnak 

6) Michael Latta

7) Teuvo Teravainen 

8) Brendan Gallagher

9) Artemi Panarin 

10) Jake Virtanen 

11) Tyler Seguin

12) Noah Hanifin 

13) Ryan Murray

14) Nathan Beaulieu 

15) Patrick Kane

16) Derek Brassard 

17) Dylan Strome

18) Brendan Gallagher

19) Patrick Kane

20) Artemi Panarin 

21) Sidney Crosby

22) Beau Bennett

23) Artemi Panarin 

24) Jamie Benn

25) Auston Matthews 

26) Chris Kreider 

27) Alex Galchenyuk 

28) Patrick Kane

29) Brendan Gallagher

30) Beau Bennett

31) Alexander Wennberg

32) Jake Virtanen

33) Patrick Kane

34) Jamie Benn 

35) Evgeni Malkin 

36) PK Subban

37) Jonathan Toews 

38) Patrick Kane

39) Alex Galchenyuk 

40) Mathew Barzal

41) Artemi Panarin 

42) Zach Werenski 

43) Beau Bennett

44) Jared McCann 

45) Nathan Beaulieu 

46) Joe Colborne 

47) Brendan Gallagher

48) Michael Latta

49) Artemi Panarin 

50) Sam Bennett

51) Dylan Strome

52) Brendan Gallagher

53)  Zach Werenski

54) Johnny Gaudreau 

55) Ryan Murray

56) Robert Bortuzzo

57) Brendan Gallagher

58) Brandon Saad

59) Patrick Kane

60) Zach Fucale 

61) William Karlsson 

62) Ryan Murray

63) Andrew Shaw

64) Brendan Gallagher

65) James Neal

66) Ryan Johansen 

67) Jonathan Toews

68)  Tyler Seguin

69) Dylan Larkin

70) Andrew Shaw/Jonathan Toews 

71) Jake Virtanen 

72) Aaron Ekblad 

73) Zach Fucale 

74) Connor McDavid

75) Teuvo Teravainen 

76) Brayden Schenn

77) Brendan Gallagher

78) Jonathan Toews 

79) Tom Wilson

80) Tyler Seguin

81) Mitch Marner

82) Jamie Benn

83) Andre Burakovsky

84) Michael Latta 

85) Shayne Gostisbehere

86) Sean Monahan

87) Noah Hanifin

88) Tom Wilson

89) Connor McDavid

90) Andre Burakovsky

91) Jake Virtanen

92) Johnny Gaudreau 

93) Brendan Gallagher

94) Dylan Larkin

95) Alex Galchenyuk 

96) Ben Hutton

97) Trevor Van Riemsdyk

98) Joel Edmundson 

99) Olli Maatta 

100) Jason Demers

101) Noah Hanifin

102) Sam Bennett

103) Jonathan Toews/ Patrick Kane

104) Andre Burakovsky

105) Haydn Fleury 

106) Dylan Storme

107) Jake Virtanen 

108) Tyler Seguin

109) Brett Howden

110) Conor Sheary

111) Mitch Marner

“Falling”- an Andre Burakovsky story

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Tyler Seguin  Ft. Andre Burakovsky - beautiful

Can you do an imagine about dating Tyler Seguin and you go to the game (they are playing against the capitals) and he catches andre burakovsky hitting on you

Author’s Note: I’m not making this too mean, only because it Andre and I just feel like he couldn’t be mean. -Julianne

“Does this look okay?” You asked looking in the mirror. You were going to Tyler game tonight against the Caps, and had no clue what you wanted to wear. So here you stood in a pair of jeans and a long fluffy sweater that ran past your knees.

“I love it babe!” Tyler said wrapping his arms around you from behind and placing his head on your shoulder.

You turned around to fix his tie. He looked down at you as you fixed his tie “I love when you do that.” He smiled.

“Do what?” You said looking up the tie still in your hands.

“Sticking your tongue out when you fix my tie.” He said bending down to place a kiss on your head.

You could feel your cheeks turn red.

“Okay tie is do, are you ready?” You asked patting his chest.

Tyler said nothing but kept his eyes on you. He loved looking at you, there were times you would wake up in the middle of the night to find him staring. Or when you made dinner you could feel his eyes on you. Even just watching t.v.

“What?” You said

“Nothing….I just love you.” He said picking his bag up and walking to the car.

Damn that boy you thought. Smiling you made your way out to his car.

It only took about 20 minutes to get to American Airlines Center. Once you two got into the Center you walked Tyler to the locker room.

“Good luck tonight! I love you.” You said standing on your tippy toes to kiss his lips.

Tyler bend down so it was easier for you to reach his lips. Placing his hand on your back and his other hand holding his bag.

“Thank you dear. I love you too. I’ll met you here after the game.” He said pulling away smiling.

“Okay, now go kick so butt.” You said slapping his ass. Tyler giggled and went into the locker room.

The game kept you on your toes the whole time. The Stars would score then the Caps would score and so on. The Stars ended up winning by on point. Once the game was over you made your way to the Stars locker room.

As you were walking down the hall you collide with a strong chest. Looking up you saw a tall, brown curly short hair man, who smelled of sweat and locker room.

“I’m sorry I have a habit of not looking up when I walk.” You said

“No worries. Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you.” You said looking down.

“I’m Andre by the way.”

“I’m Y/N” You said looking up. Your eyes were met with his.

“I’m sorry for staring, you’re just really beautiful. SORRY, I tend to word vomit.” He said running his hand through his hair.

“Thank you, I’m sure my boyfriend would agree with you on that.” You giggled.

“Who’s your boyfriend?” Andre looked puzzled.

“Tyler Seguin.” You said smiling.

“Well Tyler Seguin is very lucky to have a girl like you.” He said

You could feel the blush on you face.

“I am very lucky.” You heard Tyler’s voice.

“I better get to the shower before my coach yells at me, It was nice meeting you Y/N.” Andre said before disappearing into the showers.

“I can’t leave you alone for ten seconds before someone hits on you.” Tyler joked. He placed a kiss to your lips.

“At least he was nice about it, unlike some people I know.” You said rolling your eyes.

“Hey that was one time” You heard Jamie yell from down the hall.

That sent you and Tyler into a fit of laughter.

“Are you ready to go home baby girl?” Tyler said.

“With you…always.” You said smiling up at him.  

God you loved him.