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This week Amanda and Laura discuss: The Sidney Crosby-est photo ever taken with bonus cow photobomb, Phil Kessel eating hotdogs out of the Stanley Cup, the NHL’s response to the alt right using the Red Wings logo, if the NHL is more racist than other sports, top 5 bromances,  Laur-stradamus predicts the NHL final and last but not least - what would happen in Sid and Tyler pulled a Freaky Friday and how many nude selfies would we get as a result?

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hockey players and texts I’ve sent - part 2/?

(the first one is a received text bc my friend took the screenshot)

Origins and meanings of lastnames in NHL (pt. 1)
  • Abdelkader, Justin—Maghrebi: from Arabic “Abd al-Qadir” (=servant of the capable, powerful)
  • Bozak, Tyler—Croatian: from “Božak” a derivative of the first name Božidar (=God’s gift)
  • Demers, Jason—Old French: (=of the seas) *note: Jason means healer in Greek, so combined it‘s: healer of the seas
  • Drouin, Jonathan—French: from “Drago” probably a Saxon masculine first name (=ghost)
  • Fleury, Marc-André—French and Dutch: from “Fleur” a feminine first name (=flower)
  • Forsberg, Filip—Swedish: from “fors + berg” (=mountain waterfall)
  • Gallagher, Brendan—Gaelic: from “gallach er” (=brave man)
  • Hanifin, Noah—Irish and Gaelic: from “Ó hAinbhthín” (=descendant of the storm)
  • Josi, Roman—Sanskrit, Hindi-like language: from “joshi” (=astronomer)
  • Kessel, Phil—Old German: from “kezzel” –occupational name for a maker of copper cooking vessels
  • Laine, Patrik—Estonian: from “Laine” a feminine first name (=wave)
  • Larkin, Dylan—Mediaval English: a diminutive from “Laurence” a first name (=person living in Laurentum, a city in ancient Italy)
  • Lucic, Milan—Croatian and Serbian: from “Lučić” a patronymic name of Lukas—Lucas
  • MacKinnon, Nathan—Scottish: from Gaelic “Mac Fhionghuin” (=fair son)
  • Marchand, Brad—Old French: from “merchant” (=buyer and seller of goods—Latin)
  • Marner, Mitch—Mediaval French: from “marinier” –a Norman sailor plundering ports
  • McDavid, Connor—Scottish and Irish: from “MacDaibheid” (=son of saint David)
  • Niskanen, Matt—Finnish: from “niska” (=neck) in past applied as a nickname for stubborn person or a person living on mountain ridge
  • Price, Carey—Welsh: from “ap Rhys” (=son of enthusiasm)
  • Reinhart, Sam—German and Jewish: from “ragin + hardt” (=brave consuel)
  • Seguin, Tyler—French: “séguin” from a Germanic first name “segi + wine” (=friend of victory)
  • Tkachuk, Matthew—Ukrainian and Jewish: from “tkach” (=weaver)
  • Toews, Jonathan—German: from “Töws/Tews” a short form of old German first name Matthäus
  • Zuccarello, Mats—Italian: a diminutive of “zuccaro” (=sugar) it’s a nickname for sweet person or sweets seller

NEW VIDEO: “Goofy & Tipsy Messes In Amsterdam” - had the BEST time in amsterdam with all my youtube friends… speaking of which, reblog with your fav youtuber cameo!! there were SO MANY that were part of my adventures :]

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Jordie Benn - Paint

anon request: Can I request a really cute and fluffy Jordie Benn imagine please!! I don’t have a specific scenario, it’s up to you!

hey guys i know ive been dead fore a bit but im back!! feel free to drop a request or just to say hello or an opinion anything!!

requests are open:))

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“i need you to help me today y/n” i heard jordie sat from beside me. i only groaned in response. i threw a pillow over my head trying to block out him repeatedly saying my name.

“shut up and i help you just please give me peace and quiet” i growled looking up like a prairie dog. “thank you, ill buy you breakfast or something” jordie said happily walking out of the room.

“yeah, yeah” i said grumpily getting up out of bed and getting dressed. i walked out of the room with my hair up in a messy bun at the top of my head. jordie had a wicked smile on his face and i knew he was up to something.

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15 minutes of our Griffin boys celebrating ❤️🚨🏆