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The Summer Fling (Chapter 8) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “San Diego Convention Center”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: This is July 20th. Okay. Cool. Bye.

Summary: Dylan spends his morning talking about his relationship with you to Tyler and Colton, before he has an uncomfortable run in in the middle of the convention center.

Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine

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“Bro, I am so emotional today, I can’t even talk about Teen Wolf before the panel or I’m gonna lose it. Can we please talk about something else?” Tyler complained to Colton.

“Fine. Let’s talk about you. Bella Thorne? Really, Ty?” Colton teased and Dylan snickered.

“Oh, yea, this is a better topic for him.” Dylan mumbled sarcastically, without looking up from his phone.

“I mean, honestly, Tyler, what were you thinking? She’s kind of trashy and she was way too young for you.” Colton criticized Posey over his choice in women.

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Wolfsbane: part three. [finale]

A;N: So, this originally was a request by the lovely @montanagirlatheart and it sprouted a life of it’s own. I really hope you enjoy. <3

Pairing: Scott Mcall x Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: .6,034

Listen to me.

part one. part two.

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Im gonna miss sciles so much. This friendship is so close to my heart and means the absolute world to me. Literally reminds me of mines and @echoes-of-xo ’s.

Thank you Sciles,for teaching me so much about friendship and its true meaning,because of this specific relationship,my friendship with @echoes-of-xo and many other of my friends continues to grow. I’ll eternally be grateful for that. ❤❤❤