“Get through today. I think that’s a pretty good rule of thumb for anybody’s near future goals and aspirations. Just get through today, because even though today might be shitty, or overwhelming, or a little bit stressful, you know what? You have the same hours in your day as Beyonce, and somehow she gets through it! So I think you can too.”

How He Shows Everyone That You Are His - Preference

Scott: When he first noticed the rest of the lacrosse team eyeing you, he was jealous, but you quickly reassured him that you were not interested in anyone besides him. Unfortunately for you, Scott still felt that he needed to show the rest of the guys that you were his, so he gave you his spare lacrosse jersey to wear to all of the games. With his last name and number plastered across your back, the lacrosse team understood Scott’s message and never attempted to flirt or talk about you behind your back.

Stiles: Although Stiles was shy and usually not outspoken, he was still possessive over you and easily jealous. Sure, he had noticed a few guys flirt with you or try to get your attention, but you never payed attention to them to show Stiles that you were his and only his. You were always nice when guys did these things to you; you would laugh at their pathetic jokes or smile and thank them when they gave you a compliment, but it meant nothing to you, and Stiles knew that. He didn’t feel threatened until he caught Jackson flirting with you in the hallway before calculus; this wouldn’t have been such a big deal if you hadn’t laughed at his joke and lightly punched him in the shoulder, in fact you did this with most of your guy friends, but this was Jackson that you were dealing with, and Stiles did not particularly like Jackson… at all. That night while studying at Stiles’ house, he gave you two of his flannels “just because” and you assumed it was just him being sweet, as usual. It wasn’t until you wore one of the flannels and Scott confronted you about it did you start to catch on. Scott explained to you that this was Stiles’ way of “claiming you” and “marking you”, which would explain why the majority of the guys that would flirt with you had not made a single effort to approach you. When you asked Stiles if it was true, he blushed and immediately apologized, but you quickly shushed him with a peck on the lips and you told him how you thought it was cute how jealous and possessive he gets.

Derek: It was not rare for one of the pack members to approach you and flirt with you, even though they all knew you and Derek were involved, but that never seemed to stop them. Derek confronted them and yelled at them and even, on the rare occasion, would punch them to get his point across, but nothing seemed to work. One particular pack meeting angered Derek beyond words because Isaac, his own beta, seemed to enjoy teasing you and touching you in subtle ways at every moment possible. That night, after the pack meeting had ended, Derek led you up to his room where you ended up in a steamy makeout session that included lots of neck kissing, hair pulling, and skin rubbing. When Derek would kiss your neck, it wasn’t uncommon for him to leave a few bites here and there, so when he marked you that night, you hadn’t even noticed. It wasn’t until Liam mentioned it at the pack meeting did you realize what he had done, which caused your cheeks to burn. Although you would never admit it, you found it really cute and even a little sexy.

Liam: Liam, although the “baby” of the pack, was by far the most possessive and aggressive when it came to his girlfriend, you. Whenever a guy would walk by and look at you or try to talk to you, Liam would either put his arm around your shoulders or waist, hold your hand, or stand behind you with his hands on your hips, showing the guy that you were talking to you that you were his. He would constantly kiss you in public, whether it was on the lips, cheeks, or forehead, his lips always ended up somewhere. Liam was big on PDA, and what can you say, you didn’t mind it one bit.

Isaac: Beacon Hills was typically cold nine of the twelve months of the year, leaving everyone in layers and layers all school year long. When you and Isaac first began to date, he didn’t notice the lustful stares you would receive from other guys, but after a few weeks of being together, he noticed, in fact, he noticed and became extremely angry about it; you were his and only his. You took many AP classes while he was in mostly normal classes, meaning that he was not there to protect you from other guys. One day in mid September, you had complained about being cold, so he handed over his scarf, which you wore all day long. He hadn’t even realized that by you wearing his scarf, it kept many guys away, but once he did, he would constantly ask if you were cold, and if you were even just chilly, he would quickly wrap his scarf around your neck, insisting that you always be warm. Little did he know that you knew the real reason he was insisting you wear his scarves, but you silently enjoyed it, so you never said a word.

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