For the life of me I cannot remember
What made us think that we were wise
And we’d never compromise
For the life of me I cannot believe
We’d ever die for these sins…

We were merely Freshmen.

I forgot I saved clips of Tyler defending Bayleigh to his alliance, they would talk shit and Tyler would go in risking his own game to say nice things about Bayleigh or tell them not to say that, so you can’t say he was “using” Bayleigh when he actually did want to work with her and care about her so it sucks they had miscommunication come between their friendship.



@jennaajoseph: …tyler has worked every night to get back to you guys as soon as he could. watching him create has fueled me. I’ve felt overwhelmed for him even though I knew he’d finish big. friends, he just LOVES it! an album, a show, a story all from his pretty brain. I cannot tell you how many meetings we were late to because he’s in his studio completely lost in the music. this video is a small portion of tyler and josh showing you what’s to come. can you believe we went to Iceland to shoot jumpsuit?!?

thatโ€™s the scary thing about giving your all to someone, youโ€™re not guaranteed to get the same from them in return.
—  at least i can say i tried
Butler Interview Notes

For those who have missed the stream

  • -Ben was arrested for public nudity along with Mark
  • -Mark and Ben met at the University
  • -Ben was at the University of Servitude and Mark was at the Univerity of Mastertude
  • -Get’s cocaine from the pharmacy 
  • -Jumps when he says “murder”
  • - The Colonel owed Mark his life 
  • -D.A and Butler knew about the wine bottle (1810 Chardonnay)
  • -Apparently, we’ve spoken n to the D.A
  • - Still mourning after a year of the incident
  • - In Mark’s will, Ben inherited everything 
  • - Been a butler for 5 years
  • -Graduated at top class
  • -Was in a magazine for The Greatest Buttler to Ever Live
  • -Pet Groomer
  • -Likes to go on jogs in his spare time
  • -His goal is to be the best butler
  • -Born in1900
  • -The only supernatural experience was the Celine incident
  • -Doesn’t like the Chef
  • -Likes to have rootbeer and scotch when he’s feeling stress
  • -We (the Master) handed out a flyer
  • -When Mark became reclusive he didn’t let Ben touch him and that’s why he had to wear gloves
  • -Can’t stay in the house any longer
  • - “Murder” triggers him
  • -Cant be in a relationship  due to his work
  • -There’s a butler bar
  • - “I’m one hell of a butler”
  • - Worst experience is the death of Mark
  • - Was hated on after the death
  • - Doesn’t understand what happened to everyone
  • - Hasn’t seen the detective ever since
  • - The detective has been hospitalized
  • - Never met the D.A before the party but did spoke to them afterward
  • - We are a stand-up person
  • -  Mark was happy with Celine, they were very happy with each other
  • - Mark, Celine, Colonel, Damien grew up together as kids
  • - Ben was sent off when Celine cheated on Mark
  • -  The chef goes outside a lot with the groundskeeper
  • -  Likes striper poker?????
  • - Never ran into money issues
  • - Didn’t see the “broken mirror”
  • - Mark told Ben to “enjoy the party and entertain the guest”
  • - Best memory is June 4 when Mark asked Ben to get fireworks (even though he was a bit early but he didn’t know). Mark felt bad and gave Ben a bonus, they spent the night lighting up fireworks, just him and Mark
  • - Damien and Mark had secrets with each other and Ben was not allowed to talk about it
  • - Damien was proper and kind, always dressed up nicely, love the people and his job
  • - Ben favors Damien more than the chef
  • - Went crazy after he was accused of murdering Mark

Tell me if im missing something

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Tyler and Josh pictures!!

From the official tรธp instagram! This is so cool!!!