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Creatures of Myth - how about with Mew?

It was a sunny day outside, in fact it was the nicest day in a month, Vida decided to go explore the surrounding areas of the Dream Labs. Even though she had been to the area before, as a child, this part has always been locked from public. She could only imagine the mysteries that the tall grass and the hills were hiding. For safety though, she decided that she would rather want someone to accompany her. Someone strong, someone on good terms with her. The first person who came into her mind was Tylee.
She found her in the training part of the quarters, doing her daily routine. Vida watched the younger girl from a distance for a while before deciding that it was a good time to ask.
In the time that she was approaching her, Ty was taking a short break before returing to the last spurt. She realised the Hispanic girl and smiled at her, scooting over at the bench, making space for her to sit on. “Hey there!”, she said with a grin, “whatcha doing down here?”.
Vida took the offered place and smiled back, “I was looking for you actually, to go on an adventure. Or well.. rather exploring the terrain..”.
The brunette watched her for a while then said, “Sure! Sounds like fun.”
And with that the two girls took of to find out more about the place they were living at for the time being. Not too far after they started, Vida suddenly slipped, lost her balance and fell into the tall grass. Ty laughed a bit and leaned down to help her up. But, the writer wasn’t there at all. Instead there was a hole in the ground in which she supposedly fell. She inspected it carefully before going down after Vida.
Down the hole, there was a giant cave, lit by small holes in the ceiling, similar to the one, the girls got in through. Vida was already standing on her feet, dusting off her trousers while looking around in awe.
Then.. a squeeky sound appeared behind them. It sounded like a child’s giggle. But, what would a child be doing here? The girls turned to one another, wondering what might have been the cause.
The laugh was getting closer too, until it was behind Ty. Said girl did not realise anything but once Vida spotted the source of the giggle, she had to turn around and keep herself from getting a fit of laughter herself. She was trembling, her eyes tearing up, while Tylee was left clueless.
The source, was indeed a child. A pokemon child. Mew, the legendary pokemon, known to be the source of everything. It was hiding in Ty’s hair, ready to bring some mischief, and only made itself be realised as it pulled the girl’s bow, taking it and floating up, so they couldn’t catch it.
The military brat gasped in shock and jumped up as to grab it and take her precious belonging back. But that only caused Mew to giggle even louder. Vida was of no use either. She was paralized with the picture stuck in her head.
Tylee was chasing the pink pokemon from one end of the cave to the other and back before the pokemon disappeared, making the bow slowly descend back to earth. The next thing they knew was that one of the professors was sticking his head through one of the holes, asking them if they were alright.