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Azula Week; Day 3-Modern AU

Fair warning, this one is pretty angst and a little graphic. Also if you don’t like reading about car crashes, you might want to bypass this one.

Azula is tired of being there, hooked up to machines and wires with various fluids pumping through her veins. She is in horrid pain and can scarcely breath, let alone open her mouth to speak. Yet Zuko and Mai, and TyLee keep talking. They all visit her, sometimes as a group (when Zuko and Mai could stand to be around each other) and sometimes in turn. TyLee usually enters with the latest high school tall-tales and drama. She makes everything seem so annoyingly normal. As if Azula hasn’t been in the hospital for months, just awakened from a coma she wasn’t supposed to have.

With Mai comes the truth. Mai always tells her exactly what the doctors mean, not the sugar-coated bullshit they say to her face. The nurse would come in, smile, and promise that, “it’ll be over soon, maybe a week or so.” Mai would follow in suite and as soon as the nurse disappeared would state, “they’re thinking that it’ll be a few months at best.” Azula was thankful for it, she doesn’t like to be babied or hear pretty lies.

Zuko always comes in silently. He leaves a bouquet of flowers or some stuffed animal or—if she’s lucky—smuggled in junk food that she’s not supposed to have. He doesn’t say anything to her and it stings. He’s still angry.

Very angry.

Azula turns over. This time Mai had managed to sneak in a mirror. Apparently, the doctors thought that those would be too distressing for her. And they were right. Azula didn’t show it to their faces, or to Mai’s, but what she had seen in the mirror has had her stomach churning in the most unpleasant way for the past few hours. She covers her slashed mouth with her hand to keep the sobs from escaping. Feeling sick with self-pity, she struggles to keep herself together. That glance in the mirror told her why she was having trouble seeing, the accident had taken her left eye and left multiple deep lacerations all over her face. She bites her lip. Despite what the doctors say and not having heard anything at all from Mai about the matter, deep down she knows that she’s never going to be the same. That those wounds will never heal. Walking down the halls of her school, she’d become the kind of gossip TyLee always bought to her. It’s a bitter taste in her mouth—knowing that she had everything. That she was that girl, the one everyone aspired to look like. The one who was always voted as the owner the best hair, the best smile, the prettiest eyes. That had been ripped from her in a single collision. With her hand she covers the space where her eye should be. Part of her wishes she had lost the other too, so she would be spared the sight of her new self. The self that was created in a frenzy of screeching tires, cracking glass, and shrieking metal.

Her hands are a disaster too. The tops torn and shredded by shards of glass and the palms charred from pushing against smoldering metal. She is lucky they say…strong. The only reason she survived is because she weathered the pain and freed herself from the burning husk of a car. Chan, Roun-Jain, and his girl didn’t have it in them to put their hands on the burning doors to push them open.


The name is completely sour.

Not because he had been the one to cause the accident in the first place, but because he had waited for her to do the hard work before making his own escape. He didn’t even go back for his girl—apparently, she was nothing more than a ‘side hoe anyways’, as he puts it. Azula would have gone back for her, had she not collapsed into her coma first.

And yet Azula can’t be mad at him. They are teenagers. Teenagers do stupid and reckless things, and she was as drunk as he that night. All four of them were. Perhaps she wasn’t as drunk, but she was damn near close.

No, she blames herself.

She has no one else to be mad at. She should have called her father, stammering drunk, and endured the berating and harsh screaming. Instead she opted to try and sneak in. Now Ozai won’t even look at her. If only she’d just called him, she’d have been able to patch that over with some sweet-talk and the excellent grades she is known for. But she can’t patch this up.

Her sobs grow in volume. She feels as shredded inside as she looks on the outside—perhaps more so. She buries her ruined face in her hands, with just enough care to not make the injuries worse. She sobs harder knowing that Zuko would normally be here with her. If only she didn’t piss him off before getting piss drunk.

She should have kept her mouth shut, but she thought she owed it to Mai (after years of the introvert bearing the pains of being in the limelight for her) to tell her that Zuko was getting it on with Katara after football games. Mai had always been upfront with her, so she returned the favor. And where she earned brownie points with Mai, she threw a gaping hole in her already rocky relationship with Zuko.

There are just so many should have’s and should not have’s swirling in her head. It makes her weeping that much more intense. But above all else the thought that she once had it all, weighs most heavily on her aching heart. She wishes she didn’t pry herself from the car. Most of her wishes she was just another ‘side hoe’ for Chan to say wasn’t worth saving.

Someone drops onto her bed.

She brings her pathetic cries to an immediate halt and looks up at her new companion. Zuko has his hand on her back, rubbing in comforting circles. For once she doesn’t flinch away, she lets him be the older brother he wants to be. After a few moments, he stops. With a lopsided and mischievous smile he pulls something out of his pocket.

He sets the eye patch in Azula’s hand. It’s the most elaborate thing she has seen in a while. It is completely covered in jewels that are—without a doubt—the real deal, and the most wicked looking studs. Designer brand too, had to be custom.

Zuko gives her a look that seems to say, “you’re welcome, dad’s gonna kick my ass for using his credit card to get this.” Instead he looks her in the eye, smiles reassuringly, and says, “thought that maybe you’d like to start a new trend.”


New video up! Avatar-Mean Girls! All about Azula, Mai and Ty Lee shitting on Zuko (what more is there?) Enjoy!


I Don’t Have Time For Halloween Fics This Year, So Have Some Costume Headcanons;

Aang - Aang expresses his inner villain and dresses as Voldemort.

Katara - She’s either a kitty or a witch. And she adds her own Water Tribe touch.

Toph - Creepy lolita or some creepy version of a fairy tail character like Red Riding Hood.

Sokka - He either goes back to being Wang Fire or goes for the food related costumes like dressing as a taco.

Azula - I can see Azula dressing up as one of the fire signs. And she goes all out with face paint and everything. That or she takes the less serious route and dresses as a skimpy version of Zuko for the lols.

Mai - Doesn’t get a costume at first because she couldn’t be bothered but then Azula makes her dress as the Mother of Faces, because irony. 

Ty Lee - Cheerleader. Sounds simple but she adds her own little Ty Lee circus quirks and it’s almost as elaborate as Azula’s.

Zuko - He is the comic book nerd who dresses up as one of his favorite superheros, adding a cybergoth touch. That or he tries to get vengeance on Azula by dressing as a skimpy version of her. Either way around they go at it in the costume contest.

Iroh - No one knows what Iroh dressed as but many are fairly certian that he’s either the one in the cute panda suit or the badass headless horseman.

June - We all know she has a Shirshu fursona.

Ozai - He’s a vampire because he’s not very creative.

Lo and Li - Fred And Gorge Weasley. Or they are the two with the scariest demon costumes.

Suki - The moon. Because nothing is scarier than the ex-girlfriend.

Yue - Skips the other phases of the moon to become full.

Ursa - Dresses as Noriko and pisses everyone off because the costume is both witty and typical at the same time. 

Tom-Tom - His parents dressed him up as a cute little pumpkin but the minute they looked away he became the blue spirit. 

Cabagge Man - Dresses up in a tux, Halloween is the one time that he can pretend to be a successful cabbage merchant.