smug from cradle to grave: a novel by jeon jungkook

My mom and sister decided to tag along to work w me tonight so they could catch the new gen of pokemon on pkgo ✨

Its so nice seeing my mom get invested?? Shes just now learning what each pokemon is; shes like “tyla (sis), whats this one??”

“A hoppip!”

“:O!! Hi Hoppip!!!”

She says hello to all the new pokemon, she shows me everyone she gets so i can correctly pronounce them for her lol (as soon as i woke up for work, she was like DESI!! LOOK WHAT I GOT LOOK AT THEM!!) She played pokemon before but its been AGES so she needs help w identifying them again

She spent like 3 hours after work yesterday circling central park to catch the new gen the day it came out and shes getting one hell of a workout lmao (shes lvl 29 and i cant ever be invested enough to get to that point lmao) @ people who complain about newcomers to pokemon, look at my sunshine mom gushing over a CP2930 Blissey she just caught 💖


Fight it,
Take the pain, ignite it,
Tie a noose around your mind
Loose enough to breathe fine and tie it
To a tree. Tell it, “You belong to me.
This ain’t a noose, this is a leash.
And I have news for you: you must obey me.”

woso *gays*

DISCLAIMER:I do not know any of these people, I do not claim to know these people, therefor none of this is factual information (except of course the McLeods who claim their love for one another on the daily) please don’t attack me if you don’t like someone I put on here:) If there is somebody missing or somebody that is a big no no to be on here message me and I will kindly fix it:-)

Erin McLeod(CANWNT/FC Rosengard) & Ella Masar McLeod(FC Rosengard)


-aka mcmasar

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