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No problem ! I remember reading a previous ask of yours about Vongola 10 getting hit by the TYL bazooka and seeing their s/o with someone else leading them to break things off. Eventually they witness the same scene and realize it was their own fault. Instead of letting their ex go, could you write about them pursuing them and making amends even if their interfering with their s/o current relationship ? For Hibari, Yamamoto & Ryohei ?




Walking away was more difficult than Takeshi thought.

Even as he neared the exit of the bar he could still hear your laugh… Soothing and enough to make his heart soar. It took everything he had not to turn back and drag you over in his embrace.

As soon as he was out of the bar he took a lungfull of the cold air outside. Memories of you forced him to lean against the wall beside the bar’s door. He wished he smoke like Hayato but being a former athlete stopped him from indulging. He guessed it was better this way.

That night he slept the night away and dreamed of you. Of what the two of you had before all this happened. He woke up feeling empty. Alone.

When he walked in to report to Tsuna that day he caught a glimpse of Hayato taking a smoke out in the gardens. He tried to conjure up his usual smile.


Hayato nodded back at him before returning his eyes to the gates where one of their lower subordinates was talking to a stranger.

“What’s going on?” Takeshi asked curiously as came near the bomber.

Hayato flicked his chin at the scene with the stranger before speaking through his cig. “Just a low level nobody trying to get into the Vongola. Nothing new.”

Takeshi squinted and blinked towards the gate again and his blood turned cold when he recognized the stranger talking to one of their men.

It was the man you were last night.

“Oi, Jyudaime says he’ll be staying in tonight so you don’t­― Hey! Where are you going?!”

“I’m taking the day off! Tell Tsuna!”

He got in his car and called Shoichi for your last known address. He was at your front door in a matter of minutes.

When you opened the door to him you weren’t expecting to see Takeshi standing there with his eyes sharp and glinting like a blade looking down at you with an urgency that made your heart pound hard.

“I need to talk to you.”

That voice. Rougher and finer than what it was all those years ago made your body tingle with familiar want. But the memory of him kicking you out of your life woke you up from the secret longings of your heart and you attempt to slam the door in his face. He held it open easily with a hand on the frame.

Please!” he said through gritted teeth as he kept the door open. “You’re in danger!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Leave me alone!”

You stumbled back when he pushed the door open fully and walked in with determined strides and you were left shaking as you stared right back at him. Never did you think you’d see him again. Never did you think your feelings for him was still so strong.

“I think you need to leave,” you tell him as calmly as you could. “I’m expecting my fiancé to come by today. I don’t want him to see you here.”

“Leave him.”

The order caught you completely off guard and you look up at him with wide, disbelieving eyes. “What…?”

“Leave him. He’s not good for you. Leave him before you get involved with him further.”

You shook your head slowly, trying to wrap your head around what he was saying. “What? How do you get the nerve to tell me that…? How could you just barge in here and tell me that?!”


“I know what he is.”

You watched as Takeshi’s anger deflate and turn into confusion. “What?”

“I know he’s an assassin. When he and I got together I found out after I overheard him talking to someone over the phone.”

Takeshi’s eyes took on a wild sheen. “THEN WHY ARE YOU STILL WITH HIM?!”


Takeshi’s fist punched a hole in your wall as his eyes filmed with tears and his breath ran ragged. “IF THAT WAS THE CASE THEN WHAT THE HELL DID I LEAVE YOU FOR?!”

You blinked back at him in confusion. “What?”

He covered his eyes with one large, calloused hand to hide his sudden tears even as he laughed half hysterically at the situation. “I left you because I didn’t want you to get involved in this world…! I left you because I wanted you safe! If you were going to end up with someone like me anyway then what was the point of all my sacrifices to keep you safe all these years?! What was the point of forcing myself not to come crawling back every time I thought about you?!”


He removed his hand from his face and you broke at the bitter, half mad grin on his face as he looked down at you. “I’m sorry. But now that I know being a hitman is something you can overlook then… I don’t care if you’re with someone else. I’m taking you back. How can I possibly let go of you now…?”


He was just about to leave when another woman blocked his way and out her arms around him, giggling in the same way you have been just now. Absently Hayato wondered why the sound you made seemed much more pleasant to his senses than this lady rubbing herself against him.

“Hey, handsome~ Where are you going? Want to play with me?”

“I’m not interested. Go away.”

“Awww playing hard to get? Come on now, I’m lonely~!”

Hayato stiffened as he heard another giggle coming from you and he couldn’t help but glance your way as the man you were with started leading you off somewhere.

“Well, looks like that guy is up to his old tricks again.”

Hayato glanced at the woman still clinging to him like a wet shirt curiously. “What do you mean?”

She smirked. “That guy’s scum. He’s dealing with that new date drug. Makes a girl giddy and hallucinate while he carts them off to be auctioned somewhere. I think it makes them imagine and see their biggest fantasy. Looks like he’s found his newest merchandise.”

At that Hayato’s breath caught in his throat. His blood went ice cold as he remembered his thoughts when he first saw this scene for five minutes ten long years ago. Without uttering another word he shook the protesting woman off of him and went after you. He caught you and the scum as he was about to put you in a taxi. Hayato pulled the man off of you by the collar of his coat.

“Hey, buddy, what’re you―”

Hayato punching him in the face stopped the man from finishing his sentence and was left ignored as he rolled on the street in pain from his broken nose. Hayato then pushed into the cab with you and told the taxi to take him to his address. As the taxi moved he cradled you against him. The fact that you weren’t protesting and was still giggling while you snuggled up to him was proof that you had indeed taken some drugs. The faint smile of alcohol told the silver haired bomber that that scum must have mixed the shit in your drink while you weren’t looking. Still…

It was so good to feel your arms around him again. He couldn’t stop himself from burying his face in your hair and breathing you in. You gave out that sweet little giggle again and buried your face in his chest. It made Hayato hold you tighter.

When you arrived at his apartment he lifted you in his arms and took you inside. As he lay you on the bed to let you rest you clutched him tighter to you and the word you whined made him freeze in his tracks.

“Hayato…” Hayato looked down at you and his knees weakened at the sight of your tears even as you kept in smiling. “You’re back… I’m so happy… I love you… Don’t leave me again…”

He almost took you, right there and then. The only thing stopping him was the fact that he might hurt you along with the drug that you had taken. Settling you on the bed and prying your fingers off his shirt he covers you in a blanket and lies next to you, waiting for you to wake up. And when you did and recognized the man beside you you screamed and tried to get away. Hayato pinned you down on the bed.

“What the hell, Hayato?! Let me go! Ugh… I feel dizzy… What the hell did you do to me, asshole!”

“Tch, you’re screaming at me like that now after you kept calling my name all night? You never change, you’ve always been so stupid!”

“Stupid?! Who are you calling stupid, you idiot! You’ve got no right to call me that!” even as you screamed tears poured of your eyes as you tried to struggle underneath him. “Damn it, let go! You’ve done enough to me already! I’m tired of thinking of you! I’m tired of loving you! Let go!”

Hayato’s eyes softened even as he leaned down and touched your forehead with him. “God, I fucked when I let you go, didn’t I? I actually thought you’d be happy with someone less screwed up in the head than me. I’m wrong. So fucking wrong.”

Your eyes widened at the words you have only dreamed of hearing after all this time. Words that made you wake up feeling empty and aching when you wake up the next day. It didn’t even feel real…

“Ha… ya… to…?”

“Take me back,” he whispered against your lips as he did so, looking you directly in the eye with a pleading gaze you had never seen on him before. “Please take me back…”


Ryohei pounded into the punching bag like a man gone wild. Several of the gym members gaped as the stitches started breaking at the seams and sand startled trickling on the floor. Every punch thrown into the large bag made it fly into the wall. Sasagawa Ryohei was known around the gym as someone who was a generally good natured guy so seeing him act so… violently was unnerving. Everyone stayed away.

Ryohei wasn’t even aware of the attention he was getting. He had been in a bad, melancholic mood since this morning. Ever since he dreamed of breaking up with you with no words of proper explanation. Merely the evidence of witnessing a future where you did not choose him to be by your side. The fact that he had been a wreck over you for the last ten years didn’t help. He would always be rattled with melancholy when he remembered your name.

The memory of your shocked and hurt face made his next punch sharper and the punching bag gave in, ripping in half and the sand inside burst out like a bomb. It rushed him right back to his senses.

Sighing he went back to the bench where he left his towel and water tumbler. Moments later he took a shower and was on his way out of the gym when his attention was caught by the sound of a gentle laugh. It froze him with its familiarity.

Slowly he turned and saw you there handing a water bottle to a stranger. Another man who smiled right back at you. Ryohei’s heart stopped. Was he still dreaming? Wasn’t this the same scene he had witnessed from ten years ago?

Envy ate at him even as he repressed the violence in his heart. He let you go because he wanted you to be happy, right? He had no right to take back what he said now…

But he knew that man although he had never really looked at him properly! He was a well-known polygamist around here in the gym! You were probably the third woman seen to visit him at the gym this month. There was a rumor that he even asked his girlfriends for money to feed his luxurious addictions. Ryohei had never thought highly of him and ignored him most of the time.

Ryohei watched you leave after the man kissed you on the cheek. It felt like a punch in the gut. And as you turned around he saw your eyes widen as you stared back at him.

Ryohei watched your eyes reflect surprise, then sadness and then you bowed to him with a plaintive smile before attempting to pass him by the corridor. You never were one to make a scene. You have always been so quiet, so gentle and understanding. The complete opposite of him. He found no other person who can compare to you all these years. And for that he suffered.

To find out that you were giving yourself to such garbage…!

Before he could think about it he had your wrist in his hand and dragged you out of the gym.

You tried to protest. Your feeble attempts at forcing him to release you drowning in futility. When he finally had you locked in his car he clutched at his steering wheel, trapped in the pregnant silence that ensued.

“You don’t have to force yourself,” you broke the silence, taking pity on him after a while. You knew how much he hated silence. “I’m alright, Ryohei. How about you?”

He looked down and stared at his pedals before he could gather the strength to explain. “I’ve been… missing you. All this time.”

The words made tears burst from your eyes and you tried to desperately blink them away. You had known him to always be a completely honest and straightforward person. The kind of person who lost nothing by telling the truth.

“I see…” was all you could give. What else could you possibly say at this point?

Ryohei gritted his teeth. Even after all these years you still didn’t know how to get angry. It used to frustrate him before but afterwards… Afterwards you became his special place. A secret place where the Sun could lay in peace and not be burdened with its own brightness.

“That man,” he began haltingly but eventually he sucked in a deep breath and continued. “He’s not good for you. He’s in a lot of relationships right now. He… isn’t the kind of guy who’ll treat you right.”

You remain silent. Your heart heavy and leaden.

“I… I mean if you have to be with someone, at least be with someone who will treat you right! At least let it be with someone who will hold you above everything else!” he slammed his forehead on his steering wheel in a desperate attempt to collect his thoughts and alleviate his desire to offer himself to you again. “Please! At least find someone who deserves you!”

“How could I do that?” you whispered as your tears finally ran their course down your cheeks and Ryohei looked back at you in alarm. “How could I do that when all I’ve ever wanted was you…?”

The boxer stared at you in pained helplessness, evaluating the extent of his screw up. He wanted to hit himself. He would have too if he didn’t know it would scare you.

“I don’t know the real reason why you broke up with me, Ryo… All I knew was that we were happy and something changed that. I understand you wouldn’t have done that if you weren’t concerned for my well-being but, Ryo… Even if you say you don’t want me anymore, I know…” you turn and met his disbelieving eyes with a certainty that shook him to the core. “I would never find another man who would ever hold me above himself like you did while we were together. I believe in you; I always will. And I want you to be happy.”

You give him one last smile before you turned and attempted to open the car door to leave but the boxer pulled you back to face desperate and pleading eyes that looked deep into yours in a way you had never seen before. Sasagawa Ryohei was a bright Sun of overwhelming good cheer and happiness. He had wanted for nothing in his life. Seeing him look as though he were hopelessly chasing a dream was something you have never thought possible.

“Take me back.”

Your eyes widen at the request. “W-what?”

“I’m not letting you go back to that man,” he began in a rough voice, bordering on violence. “I’m not letting anyone touch what’s mine again. Your place is by my side. I am never going to let you go.”

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I've recently found your blog and everything is written so well~ Keep it up! :D Can I ask for a scenario of the Vongola reacting to finding their crush's sketchbook (who also secretly like them) that has sketches of them in it?

Thank you !! Glad you like the blog! (:

Sawada Tsunayoshi

           Stretching in his seat and then standing up, Tsuna sighed relievedly as students began filing out of the classroom. Another mediocre day of school was over; the only thing keeping him from calling it “horrid” was the fact that you sat in front of him.

           As he wistfully glanced at your desk, he noticed that you had left behind a plain, tan notebook. Instantly, he identified it as your art book, full of papers that always had beautiful sketches. Tsuna had only glanced at it once or twice before when he passed by you, hunched over the notebook and carefully pondering over where to place the next stroke of your pen.

           Taking a deep breath, Tsuna picked up the notebook and turned it over in his hands thoughtfully as he started to leave the room.

           He wondered if he should be the one to return it to you… After all, he sort of really had a crush on you, and he didn’t trust himself to be able to properly give it back without committing some horrendous blunder in front of you. What if he tripped and ran into you or dropped the notebook? Tsuna didn’t want to look like a fool.

           Then again, he’d never really talked to you before, and maybe this could be his chance to make it known that he was interested in you.

           Completely lost in his thoughts, the brunette didn’t notice where he was walking, and his shoe ended up catching the leg of one of the desks he was passing by.

           “Uwaah!” yelped Tsuna as he fell forward, the notebook flying out of his hands. He really didn’t trust himself at this point…

           It landed with a loud slap as he managed to stop himself from falling face-first to the floor. Just as Tsuna opened his eyes (he always ended up closing them whenever he was falling), he was shocked to see himself on the pages of your notebook.

           There were different sketches of him, one of him sleeping against his school desk, another of him pensively looking out the window, and the last of him with his brows furrowed as he stared at some of his books.

           Tsuna could feel his cheeks heating up, and he hurriedly snatched the notebook up and shut it, his heart beating faster in his chest.

           Okay, so maybe he really did have a chance with you. Someone who didn’t like him wouldn’t have sketched him, right?

Gokudera Hayato

           “Thanks for helping me out.” Gokudera held back the smile that was about to contort his face, and instead, he left his typical, indifferent expression up as you grinned at him. “You’re really smart! I’m pretty sure I’ll ace that chemistry test, no problem!”

           The silver-haired teen kept his lips set in a scowl, and he rolled his eyes while ignoring your compliment. “Tch. You’ll be fine.”

           “I wish I was doing better in [worst subject] though,” you remarked with a frown.

           Gokudera raised his eyebrows and then shook his head. “You would if you weren’t spending so much time not paying attention.” His gaze instinctively landed on your sketchbook, which he had seen you drawing in during class too many times for him to remember. Even though he’d always noticed you were drawing, he had never actually seen any of your works.

           You protested, “Hey! It’s not my fault it’s so boring.”

           “Yeah, yeah,” muttered Gokudera, trying hard to ignore the pout that was on your face. He really didn’t like how his mind wasn’t fully present whenever he was around you.

           There was silence between the two of you as you handed Gokudera his books and he picked up the notebooks he had brought.

           “See you at school tomorrow, Gokudera-kun.” You waved at him shortly and stood up as he opened the door to your room.        

           “Yeah.” He turned back for a second and glanced at you from the corners of his eyes.

           Just as he shut the door, you breathed out a sigh. You were sure if he had stared at you like that for any longer your face would have erupted in a storm of pink.

           When Gokudera arrived home, he began organizing his books and notebooks carefully, only to be confused as to why there was a plain brown spiralbound book on his desk. Wait a second, he’d seen this before…

           Shit, he had grabbed your sketchbook.

           After a few moments of internal panicking and cursing, Gokudera calmed himself and stared at the sketchbook on his desk.

           What was it that you were always drawing anyway?

           Letting his curiosity run free, Gokudera absently started to flick through your sketchbook, but he immediately stopped when he saw a very familiar face with very familiar eyes staring right back at him.

           “What the—” sputtered the silver-haired bomber as he snapped the sketchbook shut. He was not expecting to see a well-drawn image of himself.

           Heartrate skyrocketing, Gokudera leaned back against his chair and breathed slowly. Okay, well, that definitely had been a surprise. His curiosity was getting the better of him, however, and he flipped back to the page with the picture of his face.

           He would never tell you, but he was in awe of your art style. It really did look like him, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and his eyes glaring at something off to the side. Was that the word “cool” written at the bottom of the page?!

           Gokudera wondered how he was going to give the sketchbook back to you tomorrow. He was not really looking forward to having to confess his feelings, but maybe you would do that first…

Yamamoto Takeshi

           The baseball player stretched as he waited in line at the bread vending machine. He was a bit tired from morning practice, but some milk and melon bread would definitely wake him up.

           “Yeah, that sounds great!” Cheerful laugher followed, and Yamamoto blinked as he looked around.

           When he spotted you with your friends ahead of him in line, he smiled softly. Yeah, maybe your laughter would wake him up too. He wasn’t quite sure when he had realized he had a crush on you, but all he knew was that he felt a lot better when you were near him.

           Yamamoto was aware that he probably had a really ridiculous grin on his face by the time it was his turn to buy something, but he didn’t care. As he collected his melon bread, he turned to leave, only to see a notebook standing against the foot of the machine.

           Picking it up, Yamamoto instantly recognized the familiar sketchbook in his hands. He supposed that you had left it while you were collecting all your drinks and snacks with your friends.

           Since he knew what class you were in, he might as well give it back to you, he supposed. As Yamamoto took a flight of stairs down, he couldn’t help looking at the first page of your sketchbook, despite his better judgment. He was curious.

           “Eh?” Yamamoto blinked confusedly when he saw his face on the paper.

           Instead of wondering why he was drawn in your sketchbook, all Yamamoto could do was admire the beauty of your art. Each line seemed to have been light and fleeting, though as he continued to stare, he could see how your expertise pulled them all together into a stunning image.

           Yamamoto smiled. You were really talented, weren’t you?

           He might have just fallen in love with you even more.  

Sasagawa Ryohei

           Ryohei was curious, he had to admit as he held your sketchbook in one of his hands. Kyoko was in your class, and she had given him the artbook to return since you and Ryohei were both in sports clubs after school. You were on the tennis team, and because the courts were near his boxing club’s facilities, Kyoko had advised him to give you your notebook back. She suggested to him to do so with a bright smile, not at all indicating that she knew about her brother’s crush and was harboring any ulterior motives.

           The third-year was a bit nervous about nearing you at all since you were his crush and all. He’d never had a crush before, and he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to act around them. At some point during training that day, he had wished that Kyoko had just given you the sketchbook, but then he shook his head.

           “I’ll extremely give it to them!”

           He had waited until after clubs were finished to return your notebook, and as he was making his way to the courts, he couldn’t help glancing down at the book’s cover. He was inquisitive. You were so talented at sports, he wondered if you were also good at art.

           Carefully, the boxer had flipped open your sketchbook and seen drawings of plants and books and the interior of a sports shop. However, once he turned the third page, he saw the boxing club room, and not only that, but himself as well, as he trained.

           “HUH?” Ryohei stared more closely at the paper to make sure it really was him.

           Yup, it was him.

           Ryohei felt a silly smile grow on his face as he read the note at the bottom of the page. “Sasagawa-san looking cool when he boxes!”

           He just gained a lot more confidence about approaching you now.

Hibari Kyouya

           “Kyou-san, here are the confiscated items we collected today,” Kusakabe told the head prefect as he placed a number of objects on the table in front of Hibari.

           “Hn.” Hibari made a noise of acknowledgement as Kusakabe left the room. As Hibari examined what was in the stack, he hummed in questioning upon seeing your sketchbook. There was no way it wasn’t, with its familiar pale brown cover and your name neatly written in one of the corners.

          The first thought that ran through Hibari’s head was about why one of your belongings would even be in the pile of appropriated goods. You were an excellent student who abided by the rules, was studious, and never made much of a ruckus. Perhaps that was why Hibari had taken a liking to you.

          However, maybe there was some defiling and inappropriate information inside your artbook?

          Hibari found himself proven wrong.

          He wasn’t sure how he felt about seeing his face in your sketchbook, all the lines composing his face precise and sharp. There was a certain predatory glint that you had captured in his eyes, and Hibari subconsciously tilted his head in amusement. He had immediately gotten over the surprise of a sketch of himself, and he was instead wondering what he would do about you.

          Oh? So you observed him that much?

          Hibari planned to make full use of this situation. You did like him, in some way, didn’t you? The Disciplinary Committee’s head smirked as he shut your sketchbook and stood up. According to what he remembered of your schedule, Hibari knew you had afterschool kendo.

           He’d pay you a visit all right.

           Today, he was going to make his presence known to you and that you had caught his eye.

           Hibari’s smirk widened.


           Lambo entered the room for detentions and sat down, undoubtedly annoyed that he had to be punished for something that wasn’t really his fault.

           It was the teacher’s fault for being so boring that he had fallen asleep in the middle of math class.

           Huffing a bit dramatically, the teen grumbled and stared out the window, and he didn’t notice that the teacher on duty had approached him.

           “Here. Since you’re friends with [Last Name]-san, return this to them. They left it here last time.” The teacher handed Lambo a sketchbook, and the student nodded.

           Lambo was about to put the sketchbook into his bag when he saw a piece of stray paper poking out from between the bound pages. “Hm?”

           Pulling the paper out, he held in the surprised noise that threatened to escape his lips. Lambo looked at the teacher, and once he saw that the woman was preoccupied, he placed the sheet onto his desk and stared.

           It was his own face—or lots of faces. Every one of them had a different emotion, and Lambo found himself in utter astonishment at your artistic abilities. You’d drawn his sleepy expression in a certain way that Lambo was sure that you had seen him fall asleep in class before. He hadn’t known that you’d drawn him though.

           With a small smile blooming on his face, Lambo carefully placed the paper back between the pages of other sketches in your notebook.

           He’d never had someone draw him before, and he could only say that he felt very special.

           This was just another reason why he loved you, he supposed.

Rokudo Mukuro

           “Oh?” Mukuro mused as he held up a black notebook, its spirals a contrasting silver. You’d been the one who had told him to help clean up the “living room” at Kokuyo a bit, and here you were leaving your things around. (To be fair, there was a generous share of his trash along with Ken’s in the area. Not like he would admit that to you though.)

           Mukuro knew that you were an artist, and you always had pens tucked behind your ear or pencils in your pockets and your sketchbook near at hand. He’d tried so many times to see what you were drawing, but somehow, you’d always managed to snap your sketchbook shut whenever he was near you. Even using illusions, he had failed. He did feel a bit irked that you’d never let him see your drawings.

           He couldn’t help it. He was flipping through your sketchbook before he knew it.

           The smirk on his face began to fade when he saw his figure neatly sketched out on a page. As Mukuro looked at the drawing of himself, his trident in hand and his eyes gleaming with a mischievousness you had captured so well on paper. Once he had gotten over the initial shock of seeing himself sketched, Mukuro’s lips turned upwards.

           “Kufufu…” He was amused.

           So, he wasn’t aimlessly in love with you.

           Perhaps his crush wasn’t hopeless, and perhaps, it wasn’t unrequited love.

           Mukuro let his smirk grow. He wasn’t going to tell you that he’d seen your drawings, but he was going to find a way to confirm his suspicions.

           He wanted to love you, and he needed to know if you wanted him as much as he wanted you.

Dokuro Chrome

           “Eh?” Chrome looked at the sketchbook that was sitting at her desk after you had returned to your classroom. She supposed you had forgotten it during your hasty departure when the bell had rung, signaling the end of lunch.

           The sketchbook was flipped open to a page already, and Chrome couldn’t help glancing down at the paper despite trying not to look. She was pleasantly surprised to find that a drawing of herself filled the entire page.

           Another short noise of shock left Chrome’s lips as she closed the sketchbook and glanced around nervously. She had never had anyone draw her before, let alone in such a beautiful manner. The way that you had shaded her hair, a shine to it that seemed almost unreal, and the way that you had taken the time to address the details of her eyepatch made Chrome blush.

           She’d never known that you had drawn anything of her… She had never really considered herself to be that beautiful, so she was stunned to see that you had found her to be.

           Chrome shook her head and placed the sketchbook in her bag without looking at it again. She wasn’t supposed to look through your things, and she felt a bit guilty. Biting her lip, she wondered if she should tell you or not.

           As she wondered if she should, another thought pushed its way into her mind. Perhaps she should tell you how she felt as well, or would that give away her having looked in your sketchbook?

           Taking out her own pencils and notebook, Chrome focused on her work. One day, she would find out if you liked her the way that she liked you. She was all right with waiting.

Ten-Year Bazooka

Tsuna: “Lambo!” I-Pin shouted, “Give that back!” The children ran around Tsuna’s room, Lambo holding I-Pin’s takoyaki out of her reach. You and Tsuna watched the scene, exasperated looks on your faces. This is how it went every time you watched the kids. Suddenly, Lambo tripped, and the familiar, brightly colored Bazooka came flying from his hair. Tsuna jumped in surprise, and tried to move you out of the way, but it was too late, and you were swallowed by the weapon. When the pink smoke cleared, you sat still where you landed, rubbing at your eyes, as they itched from the smoke. A few moments went by, and whatever you sat on began to shake. You threw your hands out to steady yourself. They landed on a smooth, hard, muscled chest. Opening your eyes in shock, you saw the familiar brown eyes and russet hair of the boy you loved, but the person beneath you was in no way a boy anymore. He’d grown up well. His handsome face was lit up with a grin, the barest hint of a flush on his cheeks as he looked up at you, panting slightly. “I didn’t know you’d been so forward ten years ago, Y/N,” he chuckled, and his body shook beneath you again. Your eyes glanced down at him in confusion, and he grinned as he watched you notice that he was completely bare beneath you. With horror, you realized the situation you’d interrupted with your sudden appearance. You could feel your face go absolutely red. “Sorry! I’m sorry!” You rolled off him, to the side, and his grin widened as he followed your movement and pulled you against him. “You don’t have to apologize for this,” he laughed again, and you cut him a sharp look. He smiled innocently and shrugged, “I’m wondering what my past self’s reaction is going to be to future you popping up. Future you, who, by the way, is equally as bare as I am.” “T-Tsuna!” He laughed again.

Gokudera: “Oi! Get back here, stupid Cow!” Gokudera snapped, as he chased Lambo around a park. You sat watching with a smile on your face, holding I-pin on your lap, eating a popsicle. You and Gokudera had been asked to watch the kids while Tsuna studied for a big exam, and you’d agreed happily, though Gokudera had been reluctant. Things had gone alright until Lambo had insulted Gokudera, causing the chase. “Hayato!” You scolded as your boyfriend pulled out his dynamite, throwing it at Lambo. It exploded at the toddler’s feet, sending him flying in the air, the familiar Bazooka falling from his mess of curls. Gokudera caught him, shaking him roughly, not noticing the Bazooka’s descent. It came down over him, making him drop Lambo, and there was a disgruntled shout as it fired. Lambo came scrambling into your arms, sniffling, as pink smoke filled the area around your boyfriend. As it cleared, you blinked in surprise. The man standing in front of you was a few inches taller than the Gokudera of your time. His hair was a little longer, and his facial features had sharpened just slightly. The scowl on his face remained the same, as did the two chains that hung from the belt loops of his black dress pants. A blush lit up your face as he turned his green eyes towards you. Just like that, it was like a loyal puppy had replaced the fierce mafioso that your boyfriend had become. “[Y/N]!” he came towards you, wrapping his arms around you tightly. He took a deep breath and pressed his lips into your hair. “You’re so small! Wait until the future you hears about this! You’re gonna laugh so hard when I tell you what you’re wearing right now!” He looked down at your capri pants and short sleeved shirt you were wearing, his grin widening. “What the hell is wrong with what I’m wearing?!” you demanded, giving him an angry look. “Nothing, nothing!” Gokudera saw your annoyance and backtracked quickly. “It’s just, in my time, you fight with your flames, but they surround your legs, so you don’t normally wear modest pants like these.” “We’re still together in the future?” You asked, a small smile gracing your lips. Gokudera looked down at you, his eyes soft, and full of love. “We’re more than just together. We’re married in the future, [Y/N]. We live in bliss, but there is one major issue that keeps coming up.” “And what’s that?” the look on his face worried you. Gokudera opened his mouth to answer, but there was a puff of pink smoke again, and your present boyfriend appeared before you. Gokudera was on his knees, gripping his hair, a look of complete agony on his face. “Hayato! What’s wrong?!” “We live with the damn Cow!” You sighed in relief and grinned.

Yamamoto: Light brown eyes stared at you, shocked, pained and hopeful. He looked so much older than the boy you’d left behind in the past, eyes haunted and face scarred, but without a doubt, he was your Takeshi. He ignored Tsuna, Gokudera and Lal Mirch, as he approached you with apprehension. “Is it really you?” he murmured, taking your face in his hands, stroking his thumbs over your cheeks. Tears welled up in your eyes as you felt him shaking, just slightly. Realization dawned on you that, ten years in your future, you were dead. You’d woken up in a coffin when you’d arrived, just like Tsuna had, but you were strongly in denial. But the look on Takeshi’s face was too much evidence for you to ignore fact. You reached up, placed your hands over his, and looked into his eyes sadly. “I don’t know what’s happened in this time,” you admitted softly, “and I don’t know why we’re here. But, whatever happened…I’m sorry, Takeshi.” “[Y/N]!” he spoke your name in a sharp inhale, and pulled you forward, pressing his lips against yours, pouring every emotion he had into it. When your breath was gone, he pulled away, gathering you into a tight hug, scared to let go.

Ryohei: “This is so extreme!” “God, you haven’t changed at all.” You grumbled, nursing a headache as your boyfriend, who was apparently your husband in the future, pumped his fists in the air, surrounded by an aura of flames. “You look so extremely cute, [Y/N]!” He hoisted you up and began carrying you around the Vongola’s underground base. Apparently your future self had been there with Giannini, looking after things. “Ryohei! Stop it!” “I’m never letting you out of my sight again! To the extreme!” “You’re the one that went to frickin’ Italy!” Ryohei paused, then grinned at you from over his shoulder, “You’re extremely right! We should go there more often, [Y/N]! You’d love it, to the extreme!” As he jumped around, you began to feel sick, your lunch threatening to come up. “That’s nice and all, but could you extremely PUT ME DOWN!?”

Lambo: You stared, wide eyed, as a little boy in a cow suit ran around the room you shared with your boyfriend, shouting about candy and sweets. You were aware the little boy was the same person you had fallen in love with, but you’d be damned if he continued to shout. “Oi, Lambo!” you growled, making the child stare up at you with wide green eyes. Whatever harsh words you were going to say vanished as your heart melted. “Come with me, we’ll see if we can find you some cake.” “Cake!” Lambo cheered following after you as you made your way to the kitchen. You sat him on a seat of phone books, and handed him a slice of cake, sat down, and watched him eat, making sure he didn’t choke as he shoveled the cake into his mouth. When he finished, he slammed the fork on the table, got up, and latched himself into your arms. “Thank you, [Y/N]-chan! I love coming to the future to visit with you! You’re my favorite person! You can be my minion! Will you help me kill Reborn and become the best Hitman ever?!” Your lips twitched, and your face split into a grin, “Sure, Lambo! I’ll help you out.” “Yay!” There was a poof, and the weight on your lap increased, and you looked up into your boyfriend’s eyes, which were shocked. “My, my,” he muttered, “why am I in your lap?” You stood up, dumping him on the floor, “Baby Lambo is going to try to be the best Hitman ever,” you explained, before going back towards your room, “I’m gonna take a nap.”

Hibari: Red flames clashed with purple as you and Hibari sparred in the underground Vongola base. The Tsunayoshi Sawada of ten years ago was watching, eyes wide, jaw dropped in awe. He had no idea how you found out about the Mafia; the Hibari of his time was adamant that you be kept out of the loop, and out of danger. This Hibari, however, seemed to tell you everything, and was confident you could hold your own in a fight. Just as Hibari was swinging a tonfa at you, you were engulfed in a cloud of pink smoke. The metal stopped a hair’s breadth from your neck. Your eyes were wide, your flames were gone, and your age had dropped ten years. Hibari’s tonfas were gone and away in an instant, and he placed his hands in his suit pants pockets. “Wh-Hibari-sama?” you murmured, [e/c] eyes moving over his sharp features frantically, confused. It was a complete 180 from the person you’d been just a few seconds beforehand. “Where am I? What’s going on? Why do you look different?” “[Y/N].” Hibari placed a hand on your head, fingers threading through your [h/c] locks, “don’t worry about this. You’re in a…” his face turned sour as the lie left his lips, “sumo training facility.” “No more lies,” you said, looking at him with narrowed eyes. Hibari stiffened. Ten years ago, those were the words you’d said before forcing him to tell you everything about the Mafia. “Tell me the truth, Kyoya, or whatever it is we have is through.” Hibari sighed and started explaining everything, however reluctantly, as Tsuna watched, with a small smirk. Apparently, keeping you in the dark was simply not meant to be.

Mukuro: Your cheeks were alight with a fierce blush, as you stared at the man across from you on a king sized bed. Just seconds ago, you’d been with Mukuro, ranting about your day as he listened quietly. Then Lambo had come running in, tripped over thin air, and came tumbling towards you, Ten-Year Bazooka encompassing both of you. When the pink haze had cleared, Lambo was no longer with you, having been transported to wherever his ten-years-older self had been, and you were in the arms an older Mukuro, who was smirking at you, his heterochromatic eyes twinkling in amusement. You had propelled yourself from his arms in his shock, which got you in your current position. “I’m sorry,” Mukuro’s voice held no true apologies, “you must be shocked to be in my arms, [Y/N]. After all, I am your lover ten-years in your future. Let me help settle you down.” The Kanji in his right eye changed from 6 to 1. Suddenly, arms wrapped around you, and a familiar scent filled your nose. A scent unique to your Mukuro. His quiet ‘Kufufu’ echoed around the room, and you glanced back to see an illusion of the Mukuro you’d just left. Turning your head forward again, you gave a quiet gasp, as the future Mukuro was close to your face, his breath fanning over your face. “Better?” he murmured. Lips pressed beneath your ear, and a nose bumped yours gently as two pairs of hands started to roam. You reached up and gripped the future Mukuro’s white shirt tightly, giving yourself something real to hold onto, letting your eyes slip closed. The future Mukuro moved forward, and his lips danced across your jaw, towards your lips. There was a quiet poof and everything stopped. A soft clearing of a throat made you open your eyes back up. You were back in your own time, Lambo sitting on the floor, snoozing, and Mukuro sat, perched on the edge of the bed, with his collar ruffled, love bites on his neck, and a very slight blush dusting across his nose. “I see we were in much the same predicament,” he muttered. You blushed as well, and you both looked away from each other.

Chrome: You placed a cup of tea in front of Chrome, who was staring at you as though you were a gift from the heavens. You decided to put up with it, seeing as how she’d only just appeared from ten years in the future. You weren’t even sure how Lambo had managed to hit her with the Bazooka. When you’d come into your dining room, there she had been, the pink smoke clearing around her. “[Y/N],” she said, her long hair falling into her face. You sighed and pushed it away. She gripped your hand tightly, frowning. She looked incredibly beat up, as though she had just been in a fight in her time. “Oh, Chrome,” you murmured, “What has Mukuro gotten you into this time?” You had respect for Mukuro, because he kept Chrome alive, but you very much disliked the fact that he constantly got her into trouble. You weren’t sure what had happened in the future, but you were positive that Mukuro had something to do with it. “It’s not anything we can’t handle, [Y/N].” Chrome promised. Then she looked up at you with those awed eyes again. Finally you gave in, “Why do you keep looking at me like that?” Chrome blinked and looked down, blushing slightly. “I haven’t seen you in a while,” she admitted, “Boss has been sending us on a lot of missions lately. It’s nice to see you, even if it is you from the past.” “Well,” you grinned and sat down next to her, still holding her hand, “we’ve got about three minutes left until you go back to your time. Let’s make the most of it.” Chrome smiled at you softly, and the two of you talked until she went back, your thumb gently stroking her knuckles the whole time.

anonymous asked:

Hi, can I please have a scenario where TYL! Vongola's s/o are being harassed at work (whether sexually or emotionally is up to you). How do they find out and how do they react and/or intervene?

I hope you don’t mind I just put a scenario out and did head cannons. ;; This is definitely how I’d see them reacting though.

For any and all who have been through/going through something like, I’m so sorry. You’re so loved and you’re so brave, and you don’t deserve this. If you are going through something like this, try and talk to someone if you can. I hope you join those who have been freed from their tormentors, very soon.


 You’d worked for the accounting office for about five years when your boss finally retired. However the guys sitting up in corporate decided to hire some kid, one of their grandsons, no doubt, to take over leadership in your firm, successfully stealing the position that was rightfully your’s and giving it to someone who nothing about anyone here. They just didn’t want you to be in an authority position. And to make matters worse, they told this new prick that that’s what they were doing and he held it over your head for about a month.

 Once the novelty of that wore off, he found you pretty damn cute. A baby-faced, twenty-something year old accountant who knew their way around an office and always had a quick witted response to any joke. You were his perfect match except for one huge flaw. You had a significant other. However they never seemed to be around, according to your coworkers. Not that they would tell him. Who knows, maybe your lover would beat him up? But when he found you one hot afternoon alone in your cubicle, pushed you against your desk and felt you up, that’s when he crossed the line.

How would your lover find out? Oh God, how would they react?

Tsuna -

You ran home and told him.

 Honesty was the biggest thing in your relationship with Tsuna. So you ran home and told him what your new boss had done to you with tears in your eyes. And Tsuna knew just what to do.

  • He’d have someone, Gokudera probably, hack into the office’s security system and grab proof of this guy assaulting you and other coworkers of your’s for later.
  • He’d make sure you take off every sick day you can that you’d been saving up for the last five years so you didn’t have to deal with him.
  • The next day he’d stroll in with the video footage on a flash drive and threaten this guy that if he ever so much as looked your way, he’d make him sorry. 
  • Then he’d order a hit out on him, while simultaneously dropping the footage off at the police station for evidence against him.

Gokudera -

 You slipped up.

 You hadn’t wanted to worry your over-protective and slightly worrying boyfriend but after a couple of weeks it stayed on your mind constantly and eventually you blurted it out while ranting about him, ended up breaking down, and crying the story to him while he held you.

  • Gokudera would hold you and make sure you were calm and taken care of and made sure you knew he didn’t fault you for any of this.
  • Then he’d go out and find every last shred of evidence on this prick once you were comfy and asleep.
  • Once he found a parking garage a safe distance from you and your work, where your boss’s car was, he’d strap a bomb to the undercarriage with a remote controlled activation set up.
  • He’d wait until your boss was in his car and started it up before pressing the button and recording the explosion on his phone. For viewing later to show his boss.

Yamamoto -

 You felt guilty, so you told him.

 He greeted you every day after work with that bright smile of his, and you felt like you were lying to him, like you were cheating him, so you broke down and told him. Your crying and worry that he’d leave you broke Yamamoto’s heart, as he held you close and promised he’d never do such a thing.

  • He’d make or order out whatever you wanted for dinner that night, pop in your favorite movie and hold you close to make you feel as loved as possible, and to soften the blow of telling you that you had to go in to work tomorrow.
  • He’d wait and watch until it was just you and your boss in the parking garage, your boss’s favorite place to perform such actions, and casually stroll in with his bat across his shoulders and a smile in place.
  • Of course your boss would be angry and yell at Yamamoto to scram until he saw that Yama was here to protect you as he is your boyfriend.
  • Yamamoto would also beat your boss to death with that bat of his once he told you to go on home and that he’d be home in time for dinner, later, that he wanted a word with your boss.

Ryohei -

 He found out from someone else who works with the both of you.

 Angry and hurt Ryohei confronted you about it, and you started bawling your eyes out. He found out it wasn’t by choice and he held you close as his anger grew.

  • First, he’d apologize for thinking you cheated on him and didn’t want him anymore. He’s always slightly paranoid about that.
  • Then, he’d call his sister over to keep you company and comfort you while he went out and found this guy.
  • He’d probably track him down to his home and easily get in through an unlocked door. Arrogant pricks like him never seem to think they’re vulnerable when they’re asleep.
  • Ryohei would shoot this human shaped shit pile for ever thinking of hurting someone as sweet and kind as you.

Lambo -

 He overheard one of your phone conversations where you were telling a friend.

 After reassuring him for the 500th time that you weren’t leaving him, and you weren’t cheating on him, you told him what really happened. Then you got to see your normally lazy and docile lover very, very angry.

  • He wouldn’t let you leave the house for about a week and made sure you had plenty of snacks and movies to keep you occupied.
  • He’d actually get up and do some damn research and find out where you work.
  • One of the days of the week that you’ve taken off work, he’d be causally laying on your boss’s desk, waiting for him to come in.
  • When your boss finally did show up for work, Lambo would shove him out of the window and watch as he splats face first on the pavement.

Chrome -

 You couldn’t say it to her, so you wrote it down and had her read it.

 Oh she cried with you and held you close. You started to beg for forgiveness but she shushed you before you even got the words out of your mouth. She wouldn’t let you go back there until he was taken care of.

  • She’d go to your work by herself, steeled and ready to confront the literal shit bag tormenting you.
  • He’d definitely try to feel her up and grope her too, but she’d put a stop to that right quick. All it takes is one look at her trident when it’s poised and ready to slide into his neck.
  • She’d wait out in the parking garage for him to show up after working late, sleazy smile sliding onto his face when he sees she’s out there alone.
  • Chrome would relish in hearing his screams of agony as her illusions tormented him to death.

Murkuro -

 You talk in your sleep, especially when you have nightmares.

 He heard you talking one night during a nightmare and woke you up, calmly asking you to explain it. He wouldn’t let you explain it away until you finally cave and tell him the whole story. He’d make Ken and Chrome watch you while he went to deal with this prick.

  • He’d slip into this guy’s dream and turn it into his worst nightmare, for starters.
  • Murkuro would not let this guy wake up until he was damn well ready to deal with him in person.
  • Once this guy was awake, and saw he had been bound to his bed by ropes, he’d undergo interrogation Murkuro style. Basically that means trident and the guy’s worst fears at the ready to strike should he make one false move.
  • When Murkuro drains every last drop of info from this guy, he stabs him slowly while his illusions wreak havoc on the man’s mental stability.

Hibari -

 He knew something was up the moment you got home, so there was no point in hiding it.

 He would demand personal info of this prick from you. Once he was satisfied with the info you gave him, he tossed a blanket around you and put on your favorite movie, promising to be back later, grabbing his tonfas on the way out.

  • He’d find this sorry sack of shit and make him sorry he ever messed with you.
  • He’d probably find him outside of a bar or sleazy strip club in the center of town.
  • He’d drag your boss into the back of a dark alleyway and beat this guy to death.
  • Then he’d come home and wash the blood off him and his tonfas, throwing his clothes in a load of laundry and into the washing machine before crawling into bed and holding you close. No cowardly herbivore would ever hurt you again.

anonymous asked:

Vongola reacting to their s/o tripping, faceplanting on the floor, and then getting a nosebleed? Hahahaha! (Can you do this to arcobalenos and varia as well? If not that's ok) Thanks!

Well, it’s Reborn Day, so I thought that I might as well go over the character limit and write for all of them! (: (Also… anything to avoid studying for the tests I have next week, haha).

Sawada Tsunayoshi

           He somewhat freaks out but also immediately goes over to try and help you up. No doubt he finds this relatable, and he can’t count the number of times he’s fallen like this. If he has a tissue or something on him, he’ll definitely offer you it. There’s a lot of questioning about whether or not you’re really all right, and Tsuna feels a bit unreasonably guilty for not being able to stop you before you fell over.

Gokudera Hayato

           Gokudera just sighs and picks you up with ease while shaking his head. There’s a murmur of “idiot” before he gruffly asks you if you’re all right and if you need a tissue. He’s practical about what he carries around, so of course he might have a handkerchief or some tissues in his pocket. Although he seems gruff about his actions and somewhat unwilling to help, he’ll start looking immediately for the nearest restroom if you fell while you were out.

Yamamoto Takeshi

           He might laugh a bit if you start laughing about how clumsy you were, but if it was serious, Yamamoto will definitely be instantly there to help you up. With how quick his reflexes are, he might even stop you from falling in the first place. He’s really nice about it and doesn’t tease you. Yamamoto’s probably one of the only ones who’d offer you the edge of his sweater to stop your nose from bleeding too much.

Sasagawa Ryohei

           Ryohei would laugh for a second but then make sure that you’re all right. “Are you sure you’re extremely all right, [Name]???” If you answer “no,” he’s more than likely to just pick you and piggy back you to your house or his, depending on which is closer. If you answer “yes,” he’s still more than likely to pick you up and piggy back you to your house or his. Though, if your injury is really that serious, he’d probably help you get cleaned up and wouldn’t mind using his Sun Flames to help out.

Hibari Kyouya

           He just looks down you with a disapproving face, and he’s clearly not impressed. However, Hibari doesn’t leave you stranded, but he does let you pick yourself up. Wordlessly, he’d pass you his handkerchief, and if you’d gotten hurt at school, he’d immediately take you to the nurse’s office and demand that you get treated (first, if there are other patients). After that, even though he probably won’t say anything about it, he’s very observant as to where you step and makes sure that you don’t fall again.


           Lambo asks if you’re all right, but it’s more along the lines of, “Yare, yare… You fell?” If you’re feeling really bad about it and embarrassed in public though, he will help rush you off to the bathroom and then try to cheer you up by giving you a candy or another sweet. He doesn’t really tease you about it.

Rokudo Mukuro

           Mukuro’s definitely going to tease you about this one, especially if you looked absolutely ridiculous when you fell. “My, my, aren’t you a bit clumsy, [Name]?” The second that you’re serious about your fall though, and you’re pissed that he’s making fun of you, he’ll stop. He’ll use his illusions to hide your injuries if you’re in public, and he won’t say anything about it later.

Dokuro Chrome

           She’s really kind about it, and she helps you up while asking if you’re all right. She might have some tissues on her, but if not, she’ll find you some. Chrome’s probably one of the most considerate, not too many questions and fussing, but still helpful. Without warning, she might just place a hand to turn your face and check if you have any injuries, just in the spur of the moment. Like Mukuro, with her illusions, she’ll also give you the appearance that nothing has happened.


           Xanxus is unimpressed that you had fallen. He just rolls his eyes and tells you to get up, or he comes over and pulls you up himself. Like Gokudera, he probably might end up muttering about how you’re clumsy, but he doesn’t ignore you either. Xanxus doesn’t really help you all that much, but hey, at least he helped you off the ground. He’ll just grunt out a statement, “You’re okay,” in substitution for a question of whether or not you’re all right.

Superbi Squalo

           He instantly yells that you should have been more careful, but then he subconsciously starts bombarding you with questions about if you’re all right or not. “Vooiii! What the hell did you trip on? Did you break anything? Let me see your face!” After demanding to see your face, he’ll probably regret it because Squalo is definitely awkward when it comes to direct eye contact with you or just being that close to your face. One of the people who will have a handkerchief on him and gives it to you, albeit he won’t be looking at you when he does.


           Lussuria totally gasps and freaks out a bit. “Oh my goodness, [Name], are you all right? Here, here, let me help you up, up you go! Oh no, look at your face, don’t worry, I’ll help you get cleaned up right away!” He fusses over you and insists on helping wipe away the blood and, that if you have any scratches, he fixes them up. Lussuria is really nice about it throughout it all, though.


           He picks you up and gets you back on your feet, but if you’d fallen inside the Varia Headquarters, he’d run around and get you everything you need to clean up yourself. However, he won’t let you go anywhere; you’d just have to sit in the bathroom and wash up a bit while he gets everything for you.


           Definitely, you’ll get called out by this guy. He snickers at how ridiculous you looked, and he doesn’t offer you anything to stop your nosebleed. Belphegor might help you up though, but he won’t have a tissue on him. Really, though, if you’re in a relationship with Belphegor, you should be able to handle his teasing and mockery, but he does know some limits to it if it really hurts you.


           As usual, Fran takes a jab at you, saying that if you fell it must mean you’re clumsy or you didn’t see where you’re going, the obvious. He is not going to help you up. If you ignore him, you’re better off in fixing the issue than asking him for help. Though, he might not mind using his illusions to hide the blood; this he might do without being asked.


           She’s super helpful about getting you cleaned up and off the floor. Yuni probably has a handkerchief on her and doesn’t mind letting you use it. She also finds you some ice or asks someone politely, and they end up giving it to her. She doesn’t say anything about your fall in a way to blame you and just asks if you’re all right and what she can do to help you.


           He might just stare at you for a second and then sigh, but he’ll give you a handkerchief after you stand back up. Reborn might also throw in a comment about how you might have to work on your balance or observation skills depending on what kind of a mood you’re in after falling. If you’re in a pretty nasty one, then he’d forgo the teasing unless he wants to be ignored for a week. He definitely plays along if you laugh about it, though.


           Instantly, Fon will help you back up and find you tissues. If there are none around, much like Yamamoto, he’ll be really sweet about the whole fall and probably wouldn’t mind using one of his sleeves to stop the bleeding. He can always get his clothes washed (he probably knows a good way to get blood stains out of clothes anyway), and if he’s helping you then he’s okay with it.


           He might tease you a bit when you fall, but he’ll help you up and take your injuries seriously. Colonello would ask if you’re all right and then get you ice or band-aids for other injuries if you’re at home, too. Though, he might be a bit showy like Ryohei and pick you up and just carry you to somewhere that has a restroom or somewhere you can clean yourself up if you’re out.

Lal Mirch

           She’s not impressed at all, but she does ask if you’re all right while helping you up. If you laugh about it, Lal might crack a smile, but she’d tell you to be more careful. She also does help you get some tissues and makes sure that the bleeding stops and checks for any other injuries you might have.


           Skull freaks out a little bit that you fell, but then he helps you out. Unlike what people might think of him at first glance, he’s pretty sweet and asks if you need any help, in a really loud but concerned way. He’ll frantically get you anything that you need and make sure that you’re cleaned up and all right.


           They just sigh quietly at your fall and silently pull at one of your arms to help you back up. Definitely unimpressed, but not unsympathetic, because they will give you a tissue or something else to help stop the bleeding. If you’re in public when this all happens, just like the other illusionists, they’ll use illusions to hide your bloody nose and any other injuries you might have.  


           Verde just sighs and shakes his head. He might also lift a brow while asking if you’re all right. He does help you out a bit though, and he holds his hand out to you to help you up. If he has a handkerchief on him, you can have it… As long as you buy him another one or wash this one thoroughly because he doesn’t want to see blood on it.


“ Can I request the Vongola guys spending the day at the beach with their S/O? ” - Anonymous

Of course~! :3 ♥

Warning: Slightly nsfw

Tsuna: “Come on, Tsu-kun!” you called happily as you pulled the tenth generation boss towards the ocean waters.

Tsuna fought with you, trying to pull away while flat out refusing to get in the water. He didn’t want you to find out that he didn’t know how to swim, although he highly doubted you would be shocked about it. “No, ____! I don’t feel like swimming right now!” he stated as he tried to free himself from your grip, but it was ironclad, and so was your resolve to get him in the water. If you had known how to manifest your dying will flames, he knew that your entire body would be covered in them just by looking at your eyes and seeing the determination reflected in them. 

It wasn’t until you had gotten him ankle deep into the water that you finally released his wrist and he went scampering back to the shore. When Tsuna finally turned back around to look at you, he half expected to be yanked back towards the water, but you were no where near him. In fact, you had actually sat down in the water with a dejected look on those pretty features of yours that he had come to love. 

Tsuna felt a twinge of pain in his chest. Reluctantly, he moved back toward the water with slow, small steps. Once he reached you, he knelt down and attempted to comfort you, only to have your mood change instantly. “Come on, just a little further!” you said happily, pulling him further into the ocean with a bright smile on your face. 

Even though he was terrified, Tsuna followed until you were waist deep in the water. “This is far enough~” you finally cooed, turning to wrap your arms around his neck. He was relieved to hear those words and smiling nervously, giving you a gentle kiss before you pulled back completely. 

“Alright, let’s start the swimming lesson!" 

That fucker, Reborn.

Gokudera: Things had died down majorly after the Representative Battle of the Rainbow ended, and the arcobaleno’s curse was removed. Everyone had decided to throw a celebration party at the beach for the arcobaleno, and everyone had come to celebrate, even the Varia. It shocked everyone to see the assassination squad there trying to have a good time. Of course, there were a few rivalries going on - Squalo was screaming at Yamamoto as usual; Xanxus sat somewhere on his own drinking straight whiskey, and Tsuna avoided him like the plague; some were sun bathing, while others swam around in the ocean, you and Gokudera included. 

So there you were, perched upon Gokudera’s shoulders while he stood waist deep in the cool water. Belphegor stood in front of him with another girl you had never seen before on his shoulders. The Storm Guardian held you tightly by your ankles as you grappled with the girl atop Bel’s shoulders, laughing as you attempted to push each other over. Gokudera and Belphegor didn’t see it as a game however, and you knew it as he glared harshly at the blonde prince. Bel only laughed his weird laugh while holding onto the girl as tight as possible - you knew he was glaring straight back at Gokudera, taking it just as seriously as your lover was despite the huge grin that was on his face.

"Goku, you better not drop me!” you shouted as you pushed the other girl, causing Bel to take a step back as Gokudera advanced on him. The corners of Gokudera’s mouth began to turn up as he stalked toward the blonde prince. “I won’t lose to you a second time, shitty prince!” he growled.

Just then however, you fell backwards into the water with a loud scream. When you came back up, you saw Gokudera glaring harshly at Bel while he and the girl laughed. 

“You fucking cheat.” he said through gritted teeth, holding up a loose wire that was previously wrapped around his ankles.


Yamamoto: Lying on the towel with the other girls was oddly relaxing, especially with the sound of your boyfriend’s laughter off in the distance. You always adored his laugh, and you were happy that you got to hear it as often as you did. Smiling, you propped yourself up on your elbows so that you could watch him assist the smaller children swim around in the water. “You’re so lucky to have Yamamoto-san for a boyfriend.” Kyoko said with a smile, rolling over onto her stomach so that she could tan her back-side. “Yeah! Haru wishes Tsuna-san would notice her the same way though.” Haru chimed in, referring to herself in third-person once more, something that always confused you. But they were right - Takeshi was such a sweetheart, and you felt blessed to have caught his attention.

“I know I am. I feel lucky,” you replied, returning the smiles as you rolled onto your stomach as well, resting your head on your hands and closing your eyes a moment later. Eventually, you fell asleep.

About two hours later, you finally woke up to find that mostly everyone had gone home, and the sun was beginning to set. Rolling onto your back, you stretched as far as you could, letting out a yawn before you sat up. You were surprised you weren’t sunburned from being in the sun for so long, but when you looked to your right you saw Takeshi at the snack bar waiting for his order. It didn’t take long for him to notice you had awakened; he waved at you, that huge adorable grin that you loved so much plastered on his face. Smiling, you waved back at him before turning your attention to the ocean, watching the sunset as you waited for Takeshi to return.

When he finally did return, he held two small disposable bowls of fresh fruit for the two of you to eat. “Thank you, Takeshi~” you said, taking the bowl he offered to you after he sat down. “Everyone went home about half an hour ago; we’re the only ones here.” Takeshi stated despite the fact that it was painfully obvious that was the case. You smiled before looking up at the taller male. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” you asked him, to which he just shrugged and grinned. “You looked so peaceful. Besides, I thought it would be nice to watch the sunset together.” he stated, causing your smile to widen. You placed a chaste kiss on his lips, and then leaned against his shoulder to watch the sunset with him, nibbling on the fruit he had brought you.

“… Why didn’t I get sunburned?” you asked suddenly, which forced a laugh from your boyfriend. “I put some sunblock on you earlier. Didn’t want the sun ruining that beautiful skin of yours.” he replied, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you closer.

Yeah, you were definitely the luckiest girl in the world.

TYL!Lambo: “Hey, ____! Let’s build a sand castle!” the five-year-old version of Lambo shouted happily, carrying buckets and shovels for the both of you to use. You smiled brightly at the young child and agreed immediately, following him to the area he wanted to build the sand castle. “Lambo-san wants to build a HUGE castle to live in!” he cheered as he began to fill the bucket with sand with you following suit. “Then let’s do it~!” you encouraged him with a bright grin on your face.

About an hour had passed since you began to help Lambo build the sandcastle, and so far it had turned out really great. “I really think Lambo-san has outdone himself with this one!” you proclaimed once the castle was finished, standing back to admire the work you two had done. “Yeah, yeah! Lambo-san is really great, huh?!” he shouted, laughing as he stood proudly in front of the creation. His laughter instantly stopped however when a volleyball came flying towards the small cow, hitting him in the head and bouncing straight into the castle you two had worked so hard on. You watched in disbelief as the sand castle crumbled away, while Lambo laid on the ground holding the back of his head.

Lambo mumbled something under his breath before he began to scream and cry, instantly going for the 10-year-bazooka, as always. A large puff of pink smoke appeared when Lambo shot himself with it; when it evaporated, a fifteen year old Lambo stood in the child’s place. “Oh, it’s you, ____,” he stated when he took notice of you. He instantly looked away though, his face bright red when he saw the bathing suit you were wearing. Laughing at the blush, you wrapped your arms around the older Lambo and forced him to look at you. 

“Don’t be so embarrassed. You’ve seen me naked before, remember?” you teased him, causing his blush to darken. “When I was a child and I wasn’t interested in dating yet!” he retorted nervously. Laughing again, you leaned up and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. You didn’t get to see your boyfriend much - well, not at this age, anyway. So you were going to take full advantage of the five minutes you had together before the future and current versions switched back. “So, what should we do with the five minutes we have together?” he eventually asked, although he still couldn’t look directly at you.

With a devious smirk on your lips, you tackled Lambo to the ground and straddled his hips, ignoring all the stares you were getting from the others. “I can think of a few things~!” you exclaimed happily as you began to place kisses all over his face and neck.

“__- Hey, ____!”

Ryohei: A loud scream erupted from your throat when you were launched high up into the air by the water trampoline. While flailing your arms and legs as you fell back down to the water, you heard all the others laughing until you finally made contact with the water once again. You came up sputtering, trying to catch your breath as Tsuna landed back on the shore; he had used his dying will flames to fly high up into the air and drop Ryohei onto the other end of the blob. You began to swim towards the shore with Ryohei following suit, a huge grin plastered on both of your faces. “Holy shit, that was awesome!” you shouted ecstatically once you had reached the shore. 

“Oiii, Sawada, ____! It’s my turn now!” Ryohei told you as he came out of the water, water trickling down his toned body and his short silver hair gleaming in the sunlight. Biting your lip, you stared at your boyfriend with some rather sensual thoughts coursing through your mind. Ryohei seemed to have read your mind, because he just smirked devilishly at you, causing a blush to cover your entire face before he turned back to his ‘boss’. 

“Sawada, take ____ and drop them the same way you did with me!” Ryohei demanded with excitement written all over his face. With a groan, Tsuna’s shoulders slumped as he pulled out the dying will pills to enter HDWM (hyper dying will mode) once again. Waving your hand at him to stop though, you smiled sheepishly. “No, no. Let Tsuna-san rest for a little bit. He’s been going in and out of the dying will state all day. I’m sure he’s exhausted.” you insisted, causing Ryohei to pout as he looked at you.

“R-really, it’s fine, ____. I don’t mind.” Tsuna reassured you, causing Ryohei’s face to light up again before he rushed back towards the water. You laughed at his energetic and excited reaction before turning back to the Vongola’s decimo. “One more time, and then I’ll make sure he leaves you alone for a little while,” you told him, knowing full well that Tsuna only said that so that he wouldn’t disappoint Ryohei. “Deal.” Tsuna stated before entering HDWM once again, allowing you to crawl onto his back then taking flight once you had a good grip on him.

When Ryohei was in position, he waved a hand at you and Tsuna to signal that he was ready. Grinning, you leaned over to kiss Tsuna on the temple as a 'thank you’ for doing this for your energetic boyfriend despite how exhausted he was. “Thanks, Tsuna-san,” you said, releasing your hold on him a moment later and dropping down onto the other end of the blob. When Ryohei was launched into the air, you couldn’t help but laugh once again at what you heard before your boyfriend hit the water.


Hibari: When the demon of Namimori and your lover, Hibari Kyoya, had asked you if you wanted to go to the beach with him one day, you couldn’t believe your ears. Not only was Kyoya willing to go to a place where there would be a very large crowd, but he was also asking you if you wanted to go. You thought it was some sort of practical joke, but you couldn’t refuse Kyoya, so you awkwardly accepted his invitation, wary of what he was planning. Even though you had a strong feeling that he wasn’t going to show up, you were still disappointed that he wasn’t there when you arrived.

Assuming that he was just running a little late, you sighed and decided you would wait for him; besides, it would be a good chance for you to get a little tan and just get away from your everyday life. So, you began to walk along the shore, looking for a great secluded place to sit and wait for your beloved Kyoya, knowing full well that he would be pissed if you began to crowd with the other 'herbivores’, as he called them. Even if he didn’t mind crowds though, you would have chosen a secluded area anyway - you and Kyoya hardly ever got time together since he was always busy with the disciplinary committee or work as the tenth generation cloud guardian for the Vongola.

Once you had found a spot, you laid out your towel and set up the beach umbrella you had brought to protect the both of you for the sun’s harsh rays. After that was done, you sat down on the towel and pulled out the book you had brought to read.

Hours ticked by, and before you knew it, night had fallen upon Namimori Beach. No longer able to read because it was dark, you closed your book and stood up, looking around for any signs of your beloved Kyoya. There were none. With a sigh, you turned towards the umbrella and took it down, getting ready to go home. You were saddened by the fact that Kyoya had stood you up; it was completely unlike him to be late for something that he had planned himself. “I am soooo going to get back at that jerk for doing this to me. He’s gonna regret standing me up like this,” you mumbled to yourself as you rolled up your towel and stuffed it in the tote bag you brought along.

You continued to mumble but your words were cut short, a scream replacing those words when you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist, pulling you back against someone’s hard, very toned chest. Clenching your fist tightly, you whipped around and threw a punch at whoever had dared to touch you that way. You missed.

The male who had hugged you from behind dodged your punch and grabbed hold of your wrist to prevent you from throwing more punches at him. You couldn’t see who the person was because of how dark it was, but when they spoke, you instantly knew who it was. “Is that how you greet your boyfriend?” Kyoya asked, releasing your wrist when you tried to wrench free of his grip.

“It is when he stands me up,” you snapped at him, turning away from him with a huff. Kyoya let out a sigh and wrapped his arms around you once again. He wouldn’t say it out loud, but you knew that he was trying to apologize when he kissed your neck and rested his chin on your shoulder. You had been dating Kyoya long enough to know his little quirks and what they meant. You remained in that position for several long minutes before you let out a sigh and turned in his arms, wrapping your own around his neck. “Don’t do it again,” you told him with a glare, before kissing him softly.

“Are you giving me orders, herbivore?” Kyoya asked with a smirk on his lips. “Talking back to your superiors is against the rules.”

Rolling your eyes at him, you kissed him again. “Bite me, Kyo-kun,” you retorted, before dashing away from him with a smile on your face.

Mukuro: A muffled groan reverberated from your lips as you clenched your eyes shut, trying your best to ignore the sensations Mukuro was causing. You heard that infamous laugh of his as he lay beside you beneath the pier, away from prying eyes. A blush stained your cheeks as the illusionist stroked your heat gently, denying you the pleasure you craved so badly. “Da-damn it, Mukur- oh!” you cried, biting your lower lip in an attempt to silence yourself once more. You opened your eyes to glare at him, reaching to pull him down for a kiss. 

“Stop teasing, you jackass!” you growled when you pulled away, drawing another chuckle from him. “If that is what my precious ____ wants,” he whispered in a low voice, and instantly complied with your demands. You bit your lip once more, this time drawing a little blood when he inserted two long fingers, pressing his thumb against that tiny little nub that caused so much pleasure for a woman. He pumped slowly while stimulating your clit harshly, moving his thumb back and forth, side to side. 

Mukuro leaned down and began to place butterfly kisses on your face, neck, and chest, occasionally biting at your soft skin. He moved to kiss along your jawline, enjoying the muffled, erotic sounds emitting from your throat. After a few minutes, he pulled away to look at your face as he added a third finger and sped up just slightly. The swim trunks he was wearing were becoming a little too restricting as he watched your face contort from pleasure; he knew he wouldn’t be able to withstand it much longer, but he just loved teasing you so much.

“You should be a little more quiet, ____. You don’t want the others to see what we’re doing, right?” he asked with a devious smirk on his lips. You glared up at him and grabbed hold of his wrist, forcing it away from your body. Forcing him to lie on his back, you quickly mounted him and placed your hands on his chest. “Shut. Up.” you said through clenched teeth, grinding your hips against his at an agonizingly slow pace. If he wants to tease, then so will you. Placing his hands on your hips, Mukuro looked up at you with that cocky little smirk of his, pressing you further against him and moving his hips as well. 

“Oya, someone’s a little eager,” Mukuro teased once again, although he was just as eager, if not more so than you were. Leaning down, you kissed him harshly, biting his lower lip before pulling away to look him in those mismatched eyes of his. 

“Put up a damn illusion so no one will see us. Now.”

The Melone Base Infiltration Team

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Except Chrome, Lambo, I-pin and Kusakabe huhu because they don’t have a CD cover for that arc.
Also it should have been TYL Hibari but oh well. *cries*

You may! I’m sorry if some of these are kinda off topic, cause I lost focus but I thought it was cute enough for this :\ It’s still really cute. I just hope I’m not turning repetitive 

Sawada Tsunayoshi

For your birthday, Tsuna’s been looking long and hard for the perfect gift. The Family gave some ideas. Gokudera says to buy you an expensive ring (says only the best can be given to the Tenth’s lover), Ryohei says some boxing gloves, Lambo says some candy, but only Yamamoto had the right idea, a stuffed animal. He found his way to a Build-A-Bear, intimidated by the big machines and little kids running around.

“Hello there! Are you here to make a forever friend?” the shop assistant says with a gigantic smile on her face. Tsuna stands there, unsure of what to say.

“N-no, I’m here to make something for my girlfriend.” He says, “You know, it’s her birthday. I want to give her something as a present.”

“Aww how sweet! Well just choose the animal and I’ll help you.” She says, fluttering away. Tsuna looks at the shelves of animals, deciding on a simple bear. He wanted something simple and timeless, nothing too fancy. Tsuna dresses it up in a pink dress. He pays for it, leaving with the bear in the cardboard house.

Walking to your house, he finds you reading a book outside, “(Name)?”

“Oh Tsuna! I’ve been waiting for you.” You say, walking up to your boyfriend. “Oh what do you have here?”

“I-it’s for you. Happy Birthday.” Your lips curl into a smile as you open the box, placing a kiss on Tsuna’s cheek.

“You’re so cute sometimes. My birthday is next week.” You say. He’s shocked, unable to speak, “Oh don’t worry. I still appreciate what you do. You’re sweet, Tsuna.”

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Tyl Vongola first imprinting on SO?


There was a flash of color, a flicker of hair, and sudden breeze as someone sprinted past him, forcing the boxer to jolt to a stop in surprise and turn to see the runner. He just caught the tail end of them as they jumped on top of a dumpster before leaping for a fire escape and pulling themselves up. Ryohei could only stare in astonishment of the sheer speed and agility the person possessed as they clammered up the stairs and onto the roof as if it was nothing, disappearing from sight entirely.

There was the sound of angry shouting and a couple of police officers rounded the corner with a furious merchant, one that he recognized having visited the very produce stall belonging to the red faced and huffing man. Having caught sight of Ryohei, they immediately accosted him and demanded that he tell them if he had seen someone coming running past… someone matching the appearance of the mysterious sprinter exactly.

“I did,” he told the group easily. “They went that way.” He pointed further down the road that lead into the alleyways, a maze of narrow roads found everywhere in Italy, not all of them closed and they usually lead into bigger streets with crowds. A logic choice for a runaway thief to go, and the pursuers knew it. Still, they weren’t giving up without a fight and run in the direction indicated.

Ryohai watched them go with a smile, bringing out his cell phone to make a call. He hadn’t pointed them in the right direction because, like it or not, the quick-footed thief had caught his attention and he wanted to have them for himself.

(besides, did you see how fast they went? Vongola could easily put such a runner to go use)


Your movements were sure and precise, flowing from one action seamlessly into another; the pleasant sounds of a samisen filled the room, putting the visiting group at ease as they chatting quietly, enjoying the ryokan that they had reserved all to themselves for the week, a feat they could easily do as Vongola’s sky and respective guardians. The fact that Hibari also personally knew the owner likely helped.

Several things had changed since the last time he had visited here: tatami mats had been recently replaced, there had been an expansion, furniture rearranged… and different employees as well as more of them in general. He didn’t recognize you, one of the few permanent geisha employed there to entertain guests. He didn’t feel compelled enough to approach you, but instead merely deemed to observe you instead, interested in seeing for himself what made you valued enough to remain here as staff.

So far, he had not been disappointed.

The song came to an end as you took as short break to drink some tea, giving a demure smile to Yamamoto who had said something to you. He couldn’t hear what you said in response or what your voice sounded like, but he imagined that it might be sweet and airy like Hokkaido milk bread.

You bent over to reach something, delicate hand stretching out before carefully grasping what you sought… But Hibari’s eyes were more focused where your kimono had slipped slightly at just the right angle to reveal the base of your neck to him. He tried to force himself to look away, but he couldn’t.

You happened to glance up as you straightened, catching him staring. You gave a tiny jerk of surprise before a small coy smile appeared for approximately half a second. He blinked; it was gone.

Hibari didn’t imagine it, though. And if some herbivore was going to tempt him, they better be prepared for the consequences when he takes them up on their invitation.


He glanced over to the counter again as he dithered by the selected of sweets on the wall, slightly obscured from sight by a stand filled with more confectionary. You met his eyes and smirked, blowing a large bubble with your gum until it popped sharply. Lambo flushed in embarrassment at having been caught staring and forcibly made his selections.

You didn’t say anything when he placed the candy on the counter, but somehow you unreadable look seemed that much worse than any disparaging comment you could’ve made. Despite the tutoring Reborn, Tsuna-nii, and Fuuta-nii put him through, Lambo fidgeted and felt tears of embarrassment prickle the corner of his eyes. He knew he shouldn’t have stared, he just knew it, but he couldn’t help it! If there was ever a ‘type’ that he would be attracted to, you were it, immediately drawing his eyes back again and again. Oh, and making him lose his head too, of course.

“Do you like red or green grapes better?” You asked idly as you meticulously entered the total on the old-fashioned register — efficiency sacrificed for aesthetic.

“R-Red?” He answered hesitantly, it coming out more like a question than he would have liked.

“I like green. It’s more sour, has more of a bite to it.” You popped another bubble before stating the total due and moving to the side out of Lambo’s direct view, presumably to get a paper bag for the candy. He hurriedly handed over the proper amount of bills and you took your sweet time in getting out the change, to make him suffer as much as possible obviously.

Picking up the paper bag and handing it to him, you counted out the money out loud before handing it to him, but Lambo had been too anxious to leave to have been paying much attention. Reborn would have been greatly displeased if he knew about the lightning’s lapse in awareness. Lambo left the shop as soon as he could.

It was only when he was putting the money away about a block down the road that he noticed the slip of paper which had a phone number and:

Hey, Cowboy, nice ass. Feel free to booty call me anytime. xoxo


He entered the main store for his supplier, the bells at the top of the door jingling, only to hear furious shouting, “The hell do you mean the whole shipment’s out?! I reserved that stock months in advance, I waited for almost a year until you could find a new source, only for you to tell me that you sold everything to a third-party?! What the actual fuck, man?! I thought we had a better working relation-ship than that; I’m your most reliable client!”

“Our longest one, maybe,” another voice conceded. “But this client, you don’t understand, Name, they are the biggest source of our income.”

“Oh, I understand just fine, have enough money waved in your face and you’ll completely disregard the policies,” the first voice spat disgustedly.

“It’s not just that, Name, they…” The second voice, probably the clerk’s, trailed off. “You can’t refuse them.”

There was a long pause before the first voice spoke again, defeated and small, “But the whole shipment? I only needed a fraction of that for my craft, you know this.”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. I can offer discount for next one —“

A bitter laugh. “Sure, what’s another nine months? A woman could have a baby in that amount of time, you know. And I could be ruined. I can’t work without it and without work, no pay.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, me too,” came the heavy sigh. “Please put me on priority this time, double the amount. I’ll take your closest substitute.”

“…They… also bought all of that.”

Son of a bitch —!“

A vase went hurtling by and almost hit Gokudera in the face. He caught it before it could be broken.

“O-Oh shit,” you murmured weakly. “I didn’t mean to… Sorry.” He took in the stress lines and pinched look around the eyes; a glance down revealed worn and scarred hands, bandages at the tips. The air had the scent of menthol and aloe, known pain relievers for aches and burns. You clothes were dusty, but not just with dirt… Gokudera could tell there were particles of things much more valuable speckled there.

He spoke finally, “How did you order originally?”


“Of helmi powder, how much did you order?”


“—much did you order? Last time.”

“…Two kilograms.”

He turned to the clerk, “Detract that much from our purchase and give it to them. Quickly, please. I’m in a hurry.” Stunned silence followed, but the worker was quick to do as he was told. It was two kilograms less than what he had thought he would originally have to work with, but he could relate to being in your position, having been there many times himself before joining Vongola. It wasn’t pity that he did this, but understanding.

“Thank you,” you murmured behind him, but left it at that; not daring to question generosity when it was given, for fear that it could be taken away just as easily. Still, you catalogued his appearance and your sharp eyes managed to catch a name from the hasty signature given. A lot could be found out from a name…

Weeks later, a package in the mail addressed to one Hayato Gokudera appeared. Inside were several specialty crafted fireworks. Inside was a note thanking him for the favor, signed with your name and sealed with a kiss.

Out of curiosity and no small amount of foolishness on his part, he placed a finger on the blue dusty residue that made up the kiss and tasted it. Helmi. He smiled.


The thunderous sound of taiko drums filled the air, thrumming and rattling his bones with the power of it as it echoed over the temple grounds. Yamamoto came here for the Obon Festival in Namimori as was tradition, taking a well-earned break to spend the next fortnight with his dad. They would spend the next two days after tonight visiting and cleaning the family graves.

Looking up onto the stage that was placed to the side, his eyes skimmed over the performers, most of them blocked from view until he rested his gaze on the tail-end drummer closest to him playing one of the three ō-daiko drums (each of those three being about two meters in height).

He blinked in surprise at the size of you; for a taiko drummer, you sure were puny!

As if somehow hearing his thoughts, you gave a quick frown into the crowd before pounding on the drum in front of you a bit more viciously.

(Yamamoto would find out later from talking with you, that you had been stood up by someone else and that you agreed to go on a date with him that night half out of spite)


You strode into the alley, frowning at the map of Venice’s streets you had in your hand. Muttering quietly to yourself in fractured Italian, you tried to make sense of the foreign names of each street and remember the route back to your hotel. The only warning you got was a footstep behind you before a hand landed on your shoulder.

On autopilot, you made a motion to stab at the offending hand with what appeared to be a knife…

Tsunayoshi Sawada, only had a split second to smack the hand to the side hard enough to send the would-be weapon flying out of your grasp, revealing it to actually be a big car key that had been thinly covered with mist flames. He only got to appreciate the surprise for an instant before you managed to smack him upside the head with your map.

“Touch me again and I’ll do more,” you hissed defensively, backing away with the map raised in threat, it now posing as a wooden cricket bat. “Try me, punk.”

He laughed, apologized before trying to keep a straight face, and laughed some more. You were about as intimidating as a small kitten to him, and the both of you knew it. Eventually, he calmed down and offered you directions since you had looked horrendously lost earlier.


Bored beyond all hope for a reprieve as he lounged in the library, waiting, Mukuro took to using his illusions to amuse himself. Namely, by terrorizing the librarian at the desk. A lot of it had to do with the fact of how they reacted, doing their absolute best to remain utterly silent and not disturb the quiet of the building. 

They were still rightfully horrified, disgusted, and panicked (of that, there was no doubt); but their first instinct wasn’t to kill the offending creature.

Rather, they slammed a giant glass terrarium dome that used to cover a stuffed snake to trap a conjured bird. Sliding the dome over to the edge of the desk and covering the bottom with a portfolio, they quickly stood over to a closed window, opened it, and released the ‘bird’.

Mukuro had given you a few minutes to recuperate before evilly sending a rather large spider their way. It actually took you a moment to notice it before flailing and slamming your cupped hands down on the arachnid. He honestly thought you had ‘killed’ it until you walked away speedily over to the window with clasped hands and released the second illusion. He blinked, stunned at this happening a second time, having planned to make all evidence of the spider disappear the moment you lifted the weapon of choice, because no knowing where the spider went after trying to kill it often freaked people out more than spotting it the first time.

Intrigued now, he conjured a rat and sent it over after an hour. He was not disappointed.

Ripping off your sweater, you stalked the illusion down aisles for finally striking, covering the ‘rat’ with you sweater and hold it tightly but gently amidst the thrashing. You face was the perfect mixture of a terror and blind panic and you walk quickly to the library door (ignoring the odd looks that were sent your way), went outside, and turned around the corner by the bushes. Then you released the conjured rat with flourish away from your body before sprinting like the hounds of hell were on your heels back inside the building.

You had been so disturbed by the past hour and a half, that you didn’t reprimand Mukuro for cackling somewhat loudly before giving him a dampened withering look. As if he had no idea the struggles and trials that you had just went through.

Which Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Character Should You Fight?

Normal Tsuna: His Guardians will fuck you up in ways you can’t even dream of (if his eyes don’t make you surrender out of guilt, first.) Don’t fight Tsuna.

Hyper Dying Will Mode Tsuna: He’ll tear you a new asshole. If he doesn’t show pity and spare you. Don’t fight him. Don’t even think about it.

Reborn: He MAY look like a baby (no seriously. He’s cursed to look that way) but he’s still the world’s greatest Hitman. (Tsuna and ALL OF HIS GUARDIANS COULDN’T TAKE HIM IN A FIGHT, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU WILL FARE ANY BETTER?). Do nOT FIGHT HIM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Kyoko: Ryohei will fuck you up if you so much as LOOK at her funny. do N O T fight Kyoko.

Gokudera: Dude’s as volatile (explosive) as the dynamite he REGULARLY USES AS A WEAPON. Don’t Fight Gokudera.

Yamamoto: He’ll think it’s a game and shrug it off but he can cut you in half if he gets serious (but he’ll spare you. and you’ll have to live with that shit.) Keep that in mind. You can probably fight Yamamoto.

(Reminder: No more than a friendly sparring match.)

Ryohei: Fight him in a friendly boxing match. He’ll love it.  But fuck with his little sister, Kyoko? He’ll punch you in the SOUL with enough force to break STEEL. (Seriously. He broke both his hands. Then Kyoko arrived. AND THEN he shattered his opponent’s steel kneecap in a fight USING HIS BROKEN FISTS AND SHEER WILLPOWER. HERE’S PROOF.



Don’t fight Hibari. Ever.

Lambo (and Lambo Ten Years Later): You can fight him! You get the added bonus of seeing him cry. In both forms. Also, In contrast to Tsuna or Kyoko, nobody will have any qualms about you fighting him. (Probably deserves it. Hell, Gokudera and Reborn do it ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME.)

Mukuro: He’ll go easy on you just to fuck with you. Then he’ll hide a rock in his illusions that’ll strike you in the temple, giving you serious head trauma. Then he’ll kill you with his trident. Slowly. Don’t fight Mukuro.

Chrome: Do you want to be brutally eviscerated by Mukuro’s trident? No? Don’t Fight Chrome.

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Sorry this is really late tonight. Also, sorry that this is going to be the only post tonight. I had problems with my internet. I also had to stop crying after the end of Your Lie In April (Definitely recommend watching it but have tissues handy) Also under the cut for the length of the request. That’s also why it took so long. Also, I didn’t include Mukuro since him and Chrome have the same box animal. The only idea I had for it seem cuter with Chrome than Mukuro :\ but if you want Mukuro’s just shoot me a message. I’ll come up with something.

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anonymous asked:

How do you think the vongola family would treat their pregnant wife its can be headcannons it scenerio it's doesn't really matter to me.


  • We all know Tsuna would be fussing all over you, not to mention possibly annoying you as well.
  • He will definitely up the protection around you.
  • One way he’ll try to protect you is by locking securing you in the mansion.
  • Tsuna will try, but believe me, he’ll go overboard in the protecting.


  • He will trust that you can take care of yourself, giving off that “she knows how to take care of herself” vibe. In reality, he will be secretly worried about you and your baby’s health.
  • He trusts bodyguards, more or less, but he trusts himself more, so he’ll be the one keeping an eye on you.
  • You’ll definitely see a change in Hibari’s attitude towards you– he won’t be as aloof as before
  • I think Hibari would be that guy to pretend he doesn’t see it as a big deal, but will definitely be flipping out over your pregnancy.


  • Yamamoto will definitely be the sweetest guy you could ever ask for to care for you.
  • Whenever you have your cravings, for food or any other comforts, he’ll be right there to get anything for you.
  • That being said, he’ll also be a little strict in what you can and can’t have. It may be annoying, but when the baby is born you’ll be glad he did.
  • Yamamoto would be the kind father who stops his wife from giving into unhealthy temptations, I can totally see him feeding her some Greek yogurt thinking it’ll do her good.


  • This guy will be act carefree, but be just as worried as everyone else.
  • His main worries would be the events that would transpire after the baby is born, rather than the pregnancy itself. He’ll worry if you’ll be alright when giving birth and how he would be as a father.
  • Mukuro will be like Hibari in which he himself takes care of you, except he doesn’t trust the bodyguards at all. Who knows what they can do to you.
  • Basically, he will be, or at least try to be, on his best behavior as possible. He can’t afford to get you all worked up thanks to him (interpret that as you wish).


  • Gokudera will be the most serious out of everyone else. This is no time to be relaxing!
  • He’ll get all of his work done like, super early in the morning, so he can spend the rest of the day with you.
  • Gokudera practically do everything for you. He doesn’t mean to offend you, if you are, but he just believes you’re in a vulnerable stage and need as much rest as you can get.
  • Gokudera will be fussing over you so much to the point that everyone thinks it’s annoying, but it’s really just the sweetest thing. He’s going to be a father, he can’t be caught goofing off!


  • Oh Ryohei. He’ll be the energetic and excited one. Basically the opposite of Yamamoto (not that he can’t have fun).
  • He will be dragging you out, despite everyone else’s insisting not to, and talk to the baby about the environment and surroundings. He wants it to see the world before it’s born!
  • That being said, Ryohei will always make sure that you’re comfortable whenever you two are out.
  • I can totally see him acting all like Greg Universe from Steven Universe, being all energetic and telling the baby he’ll have the coolest dad (remember that scene Steven Universe viewers?).