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Varia, Vongola and Dino reacting to their S.O. going on a trip the day they were planning to propose to them

Gonna make it TYL so they’re a bit older~ Also putting under readmore because there are so many characters. Answers will be short too since you requested so many!

TYL! XANXUS: As soon as you told Xanxus you were going on a trip to the beach with your best friends from high school, he slammed his hand down on the table. “Xanxus?!?” you asked, startled by his sudden rage. He let out a loud sigh as he tilted his head back. “Whatever, you can go,” he growled out, dismissing you with a wave of his hand. “Thanks…” you muttered before leaving his office. Reaching into his desk drawer, Xanxus pulled out the ring he had planned to give you the day you were going to the beach. Did it have to be that day?!?!

TYL! SQUALO: “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!” you heard the long haired swordsman shriek when you told him you were planning on going out of town to visit your parents whom you hadn’t seen in a year. “Is there something wrong with wanting to see my parents?” you asked icily, glaring at Squalo as he complained about you leaving. “Oh, no, nothing’s wrong dammit,” he muttered, collapsing into his office chair. “I guess you’ll just have to wait longer…Don’t blame me.”

TYL! BELPHEGOR: “Do you reaaally have to go on that day?” Bel whined as he watched you grab your passport and throw it into your carry on bag. “Yes, I do Bel,” you answered, throwing a book into your bag as well. “Boss needs me to go on a mission. I’ve known about this for a while…And I even told you last week!” you exclaimed as you continued to pack. Bel sighed before reclining on your bed. What bad timing…he thought. That was the day he was planning to propose.

TYL! LUSSURIA: “______-chan, do you reaaallly have to go that day?” Lussuria whined as he grabbed onto your arm. Sighing, you gently shook your boyfriend off before getting back to packing your bags. “Yes, I do. My grandmother’s moving to a nursing home and I need to help her out.” “Can I come with you?” A smile tugged at your lips when you heard your boyfriend offer his help. “Sure. I bet we could use help with the heavy lifting anyways…” Lussuria pushed up his glasses with his index finger, a small smile playing at his lips. He would still be able to ask you what he wanted to.

TYL! LEVI: “O-oh, so just to make sure, you’re going to be gone that day?” Levi asked you for what had to be the fifteenth time. “Yes, Levi. Just like the past fifteen times I’ve told you, I’m going out of town that day to visit my grandfather.” Levi hung his head in disappointment. Just when he had finally gotten the courage to pop you the question…

FRAN: “Awww, _____,” Fran whined when you told him you would be going on an overnight trip with your best friends. “You’re just spoiling everything.” Giving him a quizzical look, you folded the shirt you had been holding before turning to him. “What exactly am I spoiling…?” Fran sighed before flopping backwards onto your bed, covering his eyes with his arm. “Nothing really…I guess it can wait…Maybe.”

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Hey! How are you doing? Having fun in this fandome I hope! Could I request headcanons for Tyl Squalo and Tyl Xanxus while in a relationship with a younger female so?

I’m doing pretty well, I think? Thank you for asking! (Besides the lots of work I have to catch up on thanks to missing some school days with a cold..) But yes, I like it quite a bit here with the KHR tumblr fandom!! Everyone is really chill and kind and welcoming. c:


           > Doesn’t actually mind that she’s younger, and he doesn’t care if people have a problem with it (if the age gap is significantly larger than a couple years). Squalo knows both he and his s/o could take anything that people might throw at them because of their relationship.

           > One of the reasons why he doesn’t really mind if she’s younger – she just needs to fit his standards, and he doesn’t really harp on the age factor being a big one. He’s just looking for someone who is loyal, pretty patient and understanding, rather intelligent, and adept in holding her own physically and verbally against others.

           > Really, regardless of her age, Squalo will always take his s/o seriously, when it comes to things about their relationship. He’ll respect her input, since he’s looking for someone he sees as an equal to be his partner. He won’t pull the “I’m-older-than-you-so-you-listen-to-me” card on her just because she’s younger.

           > Whenever she’s put on formal wear—perhaps in a dress or sharp clothes that just suite her whole aesthetic very well—Squalo will always feel like he’s so much older than her even if he really isn’t.

           > Will always try his best to keep track of and celebrate special dates—anniversaries, birthdays, other days that his s/o’s deemed special—between the two of them. The type to get flustered as he tries to be sweet about these kinds of things, but does his best at making sure that it all turns out just the way she wants. Squalo’s all pink cheeks, either abnormally too loud or too quiet, and uncertain gestures around his s/o.

           > If they ever go out shopping—especially clothes shopping (his s/o would really have to convince him to get him to go, which he might do, for her birthday or something)—he has to watch out what he says, especially if he says a piece of clothing makes her look older than she really is. His younger s/o would probably be understanding and patient, but still have a wit to back it all up as well.

(ie. “That shitty shirt makes you look old.”

“Well, who’s older here? At least I wouldn’t be as old as you.”


“Haha, you walked right into that one!”

[Squalo is definitely sulking a bit after this, but his s/o lets him know that she doesn’t care if he’s older and likes him anyway. To which, he’ll just scoff and act like he wasn’t bothered at all, but he won’t be looking at his s/o when he says so. He’s blushing.])


           > Might actually prefer his s/o to be younger. He would enjoy a challenge from someone, and if that person happens to be younger, all the better. Doesn’t really mind that much either.

           > If she’s substantially younger than him, Xanxus will make it a point early on that he doesn’t care about the age gap. He will decimate anyone who tries to convince him otherwise. All that matters to him is: She fits what he’s looking for in a woman? He’ll go after her, he will do everything in his power to have her, and that’s that.

           > Xanxus could probably be the type that’s rather domineering in a relationship.  Will expect his s/o to show him respect, but if she puts up the challenge he’s looking for, he’ll be up for it. There’s nothing interesting to him about someone who will always bend to his will and doesn’t show any backbone at all.

           > Would also expect his s/o to show off her curves in front of him—and only him—at times, and especially if she’s younger. There actually could be quite a bit of that in a relationship with Xanxus.

           > Goes for that “power couple” feel with his younger s/o. He radiates sheer strength and the appearance to back it up, while her presence might very well be as conspicuous as his with a countenance that’s poised, but that also clearly expresses her own matching strength. The vibe that they would give off together would let people know that there’s an aura of combined dominance between them that shouldn’t be pushed around, ever.

           > Xanxus would expect his s/o to be able to defend herself even if she’s younger; he’s not going to be sheltering his s/o from every single thing just because he’s older or anything. Highly invested in seeing his s/o fight and protect herself—without the age difference as much of a factor, really, he’s probably always interested in seeing her fight.

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What kind of butts do the Vongola and Varia like?

Vongola -

Tsuna -

Will take all butts all shapes, sizes, and roundness. He doesn’t differentiate so long as he can slap dat ass.

Gokudera -

Honestly prefers the smaller butts because he wants to be able to fit one cheek in each palm. 

Yamamoto -

He prefers his s/o to have a butt like Nicki Minaj. Not surprising that he also loves a good lap dance.

Ryohei -

The biggest butt he can find is the one he wants. There’s just something about the way the bigger butts look that he just loves.

Lambo -

He likes the people with the apple butts.

Hibari -

He’s not much of a butt man. Boobs, however, that’s his thing.

Murkuro -

Doesn’t matter to him. He can always change it if his lover doesn’t like the way it looks.

Chrome -

She likes all the small, flat butts.

Varia -

Xanxus -

The rounder the butt, the better. He likes the grab or pinch it while he’s “working”.

Squalo -

Not much of an ass man, tbh. He does get caught staring at them breasts though.

Bel -

The smaller the butt, the better. He’s a tad insecure over his own ass and if anyone stares he cuts them.

Fran -

The bigger the butt, the better. Same goes for breasts. He uses both as a pillow.

Mammon -

Doesn’t care unless it has money on it.

Levi -

The fat butt gets him every time. All he wants to do is cup and squeeze.

Lussuria -

Takes all of the butts he can find. He doesn’t care.

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Hi I was wondering if I could have a scenario on how tyl vongola (adult! reborn and 25y/o lambo) and tyl varia would makeup after a fight with there s/o please and thank you (your doing a marvelous job with this blog I love it!) •~•

Thank you hun! And sorry this one is going to be a little on the short side since you requested so many characters ><”

TYL! TSUNA: Tsuna would give you plenty of space and when he felt you had calmed down, would approach you with your favorite type of flower and an apology. “I’m really sorry _____, I didn’t mean to upset you so much…So will you forgive me?”

TYL! GOKUDERA: Gokudera would have to cool his head before confronting you and even then, you might not be ready to talk with him. But he wouldn’t leave you alone, following you and asking for your forgiveness until you finally gave in. “Please, ______, just listen. I’m sorry, really sorry. I know I screwed up, but can you find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me?”

TYL! YAMAMOTO: Yamamoto would try to talk to you immediately after you argued which could either go really well or really horribly. He would talk with you calmly and evenly so that you be able to see reason versus get even more upset and yell at him. “I’m sorry I said those things to you. I didn’t mean them at all, I let my feelings carry me away. I understand if you don’t want to forgive me now, and I’ll wait as long as you need me to.”

TYL! RYOHEI: Ryohei would give you a little time to yourself and by “a little time” I literally mean five minutes. After those five minutes are up he would follow you everywhere, trying to talk to you and apologize until you finally gave in. “Wait! _____! I didn’t mean what I said! I’m sorry for arguing with you! Please, listen to me…”

20YL! LAMBO: Lambo would sigh and reluctantly give you some time to yourself before approaching you. He would try to talk reasonably, but if you were stubborn, he would get exasperated very quickly and give up for a few more hours. Finally when both of your heads have cooled, he would apologize properly. “Eh, sorry for how I was acting earlier. I was being dumb. Forgive me?”

TYL! HIBARI: Hibari would immediately get up and leave the house when the two of you argued with each other. He would need a lot of space and time before reconciling with you, mainly because he was so stubborn. You would have to apologize first because Hibari would not take the initiative otherwise. “Oh, you’re sorry? Well, I forgive you, ______. I didn’t mean what I said either. So I’m sorry as well.”

TYL! MUKURO: Mukuro would definitely need space before coming to talk to you again. It actually takes quite a bit for him to get angry, so chances are when you get into fights, it gets bad. You would most likely have to approach him first as he can get very stubborn when it comes to apologizing. “Hm? You say you’re sorry? Well, if you say so…I guess I accept, my dear.”

TYL! CHROME: Chrome would start attacking herself for getting into an argument with you, thinking of worst case scenarios such as you leaving her. You would make up with her as soon as you had calmed down, taking her into you arms and apologizing to her while she forgave you and said she was sorry too. “I-I’m so so sorry, ________…I didn’t mean to get into a fight with you. I’m sorry…So sorry.”

ADULT! REBORN: Reborn would take deep breaths as the argument began to fizzle out. Right then and there, he would grab your wrist, preventing you from leaving the room and pull you towards him, wrapping his arms around your waist. He would whisper an apology in your ear, hating when the two of you get into fights. “Oi, I’m sorry for saying those things. I just got caught up in the heat of the moment. Forgive me?”

TYL! XANXUS: Xanxus would need a lot of time to blow off steam. This could include throwing plenty of liquor bottles across his bedroom, firing off his X-guns a couple of time, or yelling curses at every Varia member who tried to approach him. After he tires himself out from all of this, you would hesitantly approach him and he would reluctantly forgive you. “Yeah yeah, I forgive you, I guess. Just don’t start another argument with me.”

TYL! SQUALO: Squalo would immediately storm out of the room and throw himself into work, snapping at every member who made even the smallest mistakes or turned in reports late. After a few hours, you would slowly enter his office and mutter your apology. He would promptly close the door then stride towards you, pulling you in to a rough hug. “Dammit, _______. I hate when we fight and I hate that I yelled at you so I’m sorry, I guess…”

TYL! BELPHEGOR: Bel would begin to sulk after your fight, splaying himself out on the couch in the living room with a pout on his face. He would make a sport of chucking knives at anyone who passed by or irritated him. Soon he would get bored and search the mansion for you. Once he finds you, he would let out a large sigh before staring at you expectantly. “Aren’t you going to apologize to the prince? I’ve been waiting. Though I guess I’m a little bit sorry too. But only a little.”

TYL! LUSSURIA: Lussuria would get very emotional after a fight with you and need some time to alone to gather his thoughts. Once he’s calmed down, he’ll get up an extravagant candle lit dinner for the two of you and invite you downstairs where he would apologize profusely for his actions. “I am so so sorry, _____-chan. That fight got out of hand and I said some things I shouldn’t have. Will you please forgive me?”

TYL! LEVI: Levi would honestly be confused and angry after you two get into a fight. It would take him quite a while to understand what he’s done wrong, but once he figures it out he’d be rushing around to find you and apologize. Once he finds you, he’d have to catch his breath before bowing his head and giving you a sincere apology. “_____! I am very sorry for what I said to you. It was uncalled for. Please! Forgive me!”

FRAN: Fran wouldn’t actually be that phased after a fight. He would listlessly wander around the house until he is able to find you, he’d give you a half assed apology. It might start another fight, but after a while, you get used to his apologies and end up forgiving him. “I’m sorry for what I said though I don’t think I said anything that harsh. So yeah, sorry and stuff, now forgive me?”

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i-like-men-not-boys!anon here again! Can i pretty please have scenario where the younger S/o's Of TYL!squalo and TYL!xanxus get's hit on (she's finds them charming but.. she prefers men not boy's) by Yamamoto/Tsuna bc they dont know she's squalos/xanxus S/O but just a pretty little young(let's make them 22-21 ish.) new Varia informant grunt?

Squalo -

 He just couldn’t stand it. The way you moved around the office in that pencil skirt with your heels clicking across the tiled floors. He had day dreams of pressing you against the wall and running a hand up those pantyhose-clad thighs while you moaned softly, your hands trapped by his. He could just taste the skin on your neck when his day dream was cut short by two things: one, it was hot as hell in his office and he was actually starting to fall asleep, and two, a young man just walked in and had captured your attention by the water jug. He narrowed his eyes, knowing exactly who that male was. Yamamoto Takashi.

 You merely smiled and laughed politely as this guy before you cracked jokes. He was a chill person, all happy-go-lucky, but he was a kid. You couldn’t bring yourself to like someone younger than you, not to mention you were already taken by a certain hot-headed rain guardian. Speak of the devil and he shall appear, right by your side with an arm around your shoulders.

“Hello Yamamoto.” Squalo growled, pulling you close. The look in Yamamoto’s eyes changed to a darker glint, the smile becoming fixed upon his face.

“Hello Squalo. As I was saying-”

“Oh, were you talking to ___?” An immediate cut off sent a frown flitting across Yamamoto’s face before he schooled his expression back to fake happy-go-lucky.

“Yeah I was before you interrupted.” he smiled wider, and sparks seemed to erupt between both guys. You sighed and stepped between them.

“Both of you calm down. Squalo, stop getting so jealous, you know me. I like men. Yamamoto, I’m sorry but I’ve been trying to tell you that I’m dating Squalo. And.. it wouldn’t really have worked out anyways.. Surprisingly I don’t get along well with people younger than me.” You sighed, taking a step back and capturing Squalo’s hand with your own. Yamamoto nodded and walked away, leaving you two along together.

“Well since you handled him maybe I-”

“Not so fast loverboy. We’re gonna talk about this jealousy thing.” you grinned. He sighed but nodded.

“After I fuck you against a wall?”

“No, Squalo!”

Xanxus -

 Where the fuck were you?! He had requested your presence in his office half an hour ago! Most everyone knew that that was his way of saying “Get in here so I can fuck you” but everyone knew not to make Xanxus wait, especially you. So when you didn’t show up, he got severely pissed and decided to go looking for you.

 It didn’t take too long to locate you, as you were standing near the water fountain, being talked to by a younger man with brown spikey hair. Xanxus’s eyes narrowed. This kid better not even think of getting with you.

 He could see how you tried to keep moving away but Tsuna just kept talking your ear off. It definitely didn’t help matters. Before Xanxus knew what he was doing, he was marching up to you, pulling you tight against his chest and kissing you deeply, forcing a tongue in your mouth. You struggled in shock but he heard an angry sound coming from where Tsuna was, and that was all he wanted.

“That’s rude to do that to a stranger, Xanxus.” Tsuna growled, hands clenching into fists. Xanxus pulled away, keeping you close to him, as he glared at Tsuna.

“You know, I wouldn’t give a fuck even if she was a stranger. But since you put it that way, you trash, this is my girlfriend, ___.”

“Is that so? She never mentioned a boyfriend.”

“Must be because someone kept running his fucking mouth.”

“At least I would know how to treat a woman right!”

“Guys-” you started.

“You wouldn’t know how to treat a fucking pet rock right, you shit!” Xanxus growled over you.


“At least she’d not have to deal with an abusive, sex crazed, drunken bastard of a boyfriend!” Tsuna shot back. They were beginning to get louder, and you knew what you had to do to stop it.

“Do you wanna fight, you shit stain?!” Xanxus snarled.

“Yeah and I’ll kick your ass like I did last time, you-”

“ENOUGH!” you yelled, weaseling your way in between them and pushing them back. “Tsuna I tried to tell you that I was asked to go to Xanxus’s office and that he was my boyfriend. You wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise.”

“But..” One frown from him was enough to know that you wouldn’t need to yell at him anymore.

“No buts. And Xanxus, you asshole, what the fuck was that show?! You have to realize I was working on telling Tsuna I was taken and that I don’t like younger guys.” You sighed, turning to him and glaring at him. He frowned back at you but didn’t look away.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever woman. Get your ass to my office in five minutes.” he called over his shoulder as he walked back to his office. You sighed and turned back to apologize to Tsuna but found he was gone already. ..You’d make it up to him later.

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Request for TYL!Squalo and TYL!Xanxus scenarios, where the soulmate Is young like early twentie’s, mafia informant, and theye comfort her(as comforting this duo can be) the constant comments/teasing of daddy issue’s, or cradle robbing that normaly dosent get too her is just enough one day that she’s genuinely upset. “So what I was ten when he were 22/24! I did realize soul mates came with specific age gap restrictions?!"

Is this the same person? Lol. I get the charm in older men ;) I’ll try to be as specific with the prompt but I’ve taken a few liberties as well so I hope you enjoy this :D

Xanxus (only this one has the 1920s and soulmate AU combo)

“What is your problem?” Xanxus snapped.

“What do you mean?” You looked up from your research on a particular rival speakeasy. As an informant, you always needed to be on your A-game. One misstep and you’d be doomed.

“You are avoiding me. We haven’t fucked for a whole month and you keep giving excuses saying it’s work. If you weren’t my fucking soulmate I would’ve thought you were cheating on me with some lowlife.”

You looked away, refusing to meet his eyes. “Soulmates.. Don’t you think it works weirdly?”

“I don’t have time for philosophy bullshit. It’s just what it is-” Xanxus eyes’ narrowed. “Is this the whole age difference bullshit again?”

“I know you don’t care so let’s not talk about this-” You were on his lap before you knew it. He gave you one of those rare meaningful looks. “Why do people keep saying I have some kind of daddy issues. I.. It’s not like I got a say in who my soulmate would be and I didn’t know it comes with age restrictions.”

“It doesn’t fucking matter. Soulmate or not, age difference or not… I would have found you, you fucking moron,” he said. “So stop thinking about the shit other people say.”

You were touched. Xanxus rarely ever said something so.. romantically thoughtful.

He started grinding against you. “Now I’m gonna fuck you. One month has been too long..” And there was the pervert you knew.


“VOI!” Squalo snapped. “The party’s still on. Why are we going back home?” He was following you to the car.

“You can stay,” you said, quickly, “Some work came up.”

“What work?” He grabbed your wrist and turned you around. “You’re making that face you make when you’re upset.” For someone who was so noisy and impatient, he had patiently memorized you.

“My uncle got appendicitis,” you didn’t look into his eyes.

“You are a shitty liar,” Squalo said.

You sighed. Squalo hated liars and it was better to be out with the truth.

“Well, I met your ex and she pointed out the,” you looked away, “the age difference and uh… am I right for you?”

“My ex?” Squalo’s eyes widened. “Voi! What does she know? You’re the only real relationship I’ve ever had! Stop believing shit everyone says.”

“Maybe we’re a mistake. I’m not as experienced or mature as you-” You said.

He kissed you. “I’ve made a lot of shitty mistakes but you aren’t one of them.”

“Squalo-” He pulled you closer. His chin was pressed on your forehead and he stood still for a few seconds.

“Let’s go home. All I’ve been thinking about is getting that red dress off you.”


You woke up to find Dino glaring at you. You had an awful hangover and Dino hadn’t budged an inch from his seat to comfort you. His brown eyes hid a storm.

“Dino, are you angry with me?” You asked.

“What happened last night?” Dino gritted his teeth. You rarely ever faced the mafia boss persona he hid.

“Well, let me jog up your memory. You went clubbing after work without informing me. I have told you that you are a light-weight and that there are enough mafioso who will take advantage of a young girl like you.”

“Sorry, Mom. Next time I’ll be home by curfew,” you said snappily. You were so not in the mood for this.

You think I’m okay with other men grinding against you? You are not going to clubs alone” Dino hissed. “Fortunately no one was stupid enough to do that because you were in one of the clubs in my territory. One of men informed you were there but guess what I saw? Some young guy hitting on you with his arm all over you and you did nothing, nothing to stop him.”

“Well, I was drunk-” you stopped. “But it makes more sense, right? I mean, he’ around my age. I think we should date people around our age, right?”

What?” Dino’s voice had gone still.

“I’m suggesting we break up..” You weren’t looking at him. “I met one of your ex-lovers and wow, she was beautiful and older and more mature and more experienced. More your type, you know? We have a ten year difference. We don’t make sense. She said I was a scrawny, whiny toddler-”

Dino was by your side and silenced you with a kiss. “I’m with you now and I don’t want anyone else. Never talk about a break up again. You think I don’t get jealous when some young boy tries to hit on you?”

“So you have insecurities too?” You gave him a surprised look. He didn’t say anything, just held you tighter.

Who needs boys when you can have a man?

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Oh my gosh another khr blog!!! Seriously I love khr and all of the wonderful people who make these blogs like you! So anyway I was wondering how the tyl vongola and varia react to first seeing there SO, so there not yet together yet. Sorry of this is confusing to read ^~^ thanks!!

Sorry this one took so long to write! I only hope my writing is good enough!

TYL! TSUNA: Tsuna sighed as he glanced around the dance floor. Another mafia family who was important to the alliance had decided to throw a high end party, and the Vongola had to make an appearance to keep ties tight. Swirling his wine lazily in the glass, Tsuna took a small sip and looked around the outer edge of the room before freezing. Who was that absolutely stunning person? He needed to know. Gently placing his glass on a random table, he slowly made his way towards them, adjusting his tie as he walked. He needed to make a good first impression on that captivating person he had seen across the room.

TYL! GOKUDERA: Gokudera sighed as he scribbled out his signature on some more papers. Where was that new secretary his boss had hired for him? Grumbling under his breath, he stood up and ran his fingers through his hair. A secretary really would make things so much easier. Walking towards the door, he reached for the handle before the door swung open, almost catching him on the nose. Cursing loudly, he stumbled backwards, shooting a glare at whoever had opened the door. But his eyes softened when he saw them standing there. They looked flawless albeit a little flustered. “S-sorry,” they stuttered out. “I’m supposed to be your new secretary, and I was already late on my first day and─” Gokudera held up his hand to silence them. “It’s alright,” he managed, still staring at them before shaking himself out of his daze. “There’s some paperwork for you on the desk. Just sort it and file it…please,” he grumbled before hurrying out of the room. “O-okay!” they called after him. Boy, this gorgeous new secretary was going to be a handful…

TYL! YAMAMOTO: Yamamoto quietly made his way down the alley, trailing after a pair of thieves who had decided to steal from a jewelry shop as he had been patrolling the town. The two crooks looked around suspiciously before vaulting the fence at the end of the alley. A shriek sounded moments later and Yamamoto sped forward, jumping over the fence as well to see the thieves threatening somebody who had gotten in their way. “Oi, step away from them,” Yamamoto ordered in a harsh voice. “And drop the stolen goods as well.” The thieves snickered, but backed away when they saw his fierce glare. “We ain’t droppin’ these jewels,” one of the thieves chuckled. Yamamoto placed his hand on the sword slung over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure about that?” he challenged as he unsheathed it, swinging it expertly in front of him. The two men let out a small yelp as the tip swung dangerously close to their faces, and they dropped the loot before sprinting away. Yamamoto picked up the stolen jewelry before turning to the person who had been threatened. “Are you okay─” He broke off mid-sentence. They were just so…beautiful. He was at a loss for words, and they blushed before nodding and hurrying back down the street. Sighing, Yamamoto leaned on his sword, a dreamy look on his face. He straightened before putting his weapon away and jogging after them. He just had to have their number.

TYL! RYOHEI: Ryohei hummed lightly to himself as he stretched a bit before starting up his daily run, right at 6:00 A.M. Usually few people were out at this time, so it was nice and quiet. Popping in his earbuds, he continued forward, closing his eyes as he fell into a steady rhythm. Suddenly, a solid figure smacked directly into him and a small yelp sounded as him and another person tumbled to the ground. Ryohei’s eyes snapped open and he yanked his earbuds out, quickly turning to the person he had crashed into. “Are you okay????!” he practically yelled into their ear as he slowly helped them up. The tips of his ears turned a little red as he realized how attractive they were. “I’m alright,” they answered as they brushed off their running shorts. Ryohei struggled to form his next sentence, too caught up in the way their eyes shone so brightly despite their recent fall. “I-I’m really sorry,” he apologized, sheepishly looking at the ground. They only smiled before reassuring him they were okay. As they jogged off in the opposite direction, Ryohei hesitated before chasing after them. He wasn’t going to let this one get away.

TYL! HIBARI: Hibari deftly dodged another swipe of the enemy’s sword and knocked them over the head with his tonfa. More flies were getting in his way. His mission was to recuse the Arcara Family’s heir. They had gotten kidnapped, the weak herbivore. Hibari muttered under his breath as he took out three more rivals before he heard a scream from inside a nearby room. Kicking down the door, he quickly eliminated the remaining enemies before untying the captured heir. “Get up,” he commanded as they shakily stood, rubbing their wrists which had been tightly bound up. “Thank you,” they said softly. Hibari was about to snap something back when he took another good look at them. A warm feeling bubbled in his chest, and he felt as if he couldn’t look away. Scowling, he forced himself to turn away and simply let out a “hmph” before exiting the room with them following close behind.

TYL! MUKURO: Mukuro smirked from where he was lazing about in a tree. They were here again. This one person had been coming to the forest where he often took naps every day, and after a couple of times, he had begun to notice their beauty. Every time they came around, he would stay in the tree and watch as they hummed and gathered wild flowers or sat down to sketch. Today was the day he had decided to finally introduce himself. Laughing quietly, Mukuro brushed off his pants and lightly hopped down from the tree, startling the object of his current affections. “Hello beautiful,” he started off suavely. “Who might you be?”

TYL! CHROME: Chrome smiled shyly when her eyes met theirs before she blushed and turned away. The two of them had met a couple of weeks ago when Tsuna had introduced the two of them at a meeting. They were a new member of the family, and Tsuna had given Chrome the job of helping them adjust. Along with helping them get used to the mafia lifestyle, Chrome had found herself falling for them. Each time they met, she felt her heart flutter in her chest and she would turn a bright red. And now she had planned a time and date. A time and date where she would share her feelings with them and pray that it was mutual.

TYL! XANXUS: Xanxus let out another growl and threw his wine glass at the door. How dare they look so good today! After hiring a new member to fill in the spot of the cloud guardian, Xanxus found himself falling for their aloofness and, as they became more used to the rest of the members, he fell for their dry, witty humor. The new guardian was everything Xanxus wanted in a partner, and he knew eventually, he’d have to make them his.

TYL! SQUALO: Squalo quickly lopped off the head of his target and tapped into his Bluetooth device. “Boss,” he shouted, “I’ve finished up here. I’m heading ba─” But before he could finish, he noticed them standing at the end of the alley, open-mouthed as they looked from his bloody sword to the decapitated head, and then to the headless body. Grumbling under his breath, Squalo shut off the Bluetooth and stomped towards their trembling figure. “VOI! Tell anyone about this and I’ll…” The silver haired man trailed off when he noticed just how beautiful they looked and he smirked. “Eh, you’re off the hook,” he scoffed, turning around so they wouldn’t see the light blush covering his cheeks. “Catch ya around.”

TYL! BELPHEGOR: The blond prince giggled as he watched them saunter around the club, shaking their hips as they danced. They were absolutely captivating, from the way they threw their head back when they laughed to the way their hair fell and framed their face. Bel needed to know who this lovely person was, and he needed to know right now. Smirking, he slunk his way in their direction and gently grabbed their hips, grinding his own into theirs. “Well, hello princess/prince,” he mumbled in their ear. They gave him a flirty smile and grinded back. “Hello there blondie.”

TYL! LUSSURIA: Lussuria let out a howl of frustration as he shook the black leather boots in the cashier’s face. “But the price tag says they’ve been marked down!” he whined as the cashier pinched the bridge of their nose. “Sir, I understand what it says, but that sale happened last week. It’s back to the original price.” Lussuria groaned again, complaining for the manager whom the employee gladly called over as he was tired of hearing this flamboyant man sob over the price of the boots. “How can I help you?” the manager asked as they gave Lussuria a sweet smile. Lussuria froze for a moment, taking his time to do a onceover before he straightened and assumed a more calm appearance. “Well, I found these boots over there with the price tag marked down and this man here,” he pointed to the employee, “is telling me that they’re back at their original price?” The manager took the pair of boots and checked the price tag. “I’m afraid my employee is right, sir,” they started cautiously. “These boots were on sale last week.” Lussuria forced down the mini scream in his throat and smiled at the manager. “Oh, well that’s alright. In return for making me pay the full price, you’ll just have to go on a date with me~”

TYL! LEVI: Levi frowned at the new member that his boss had assigned to his squad. Why did they have to be so…so attractive? As he gave out orders, they stood at full attention and bowed politely before leaving for their mission. Levi let out a gruff sigh as he stalked off through the mansion. He needed to get a grip, he had to be devoted to his boss not some newbie who just so happened to be extremely beautiful. But as he walked away from them, he paused and turned back. Maybe he should say something soon, as other members of his squad were getting very close to them…

FRAN: Fran puffed out his cheeks and sighed as he followed the fake prince around the grocery store with a shopping cart. “Whee,” he muttered lamely as he jumped onto the cart, scooting forward until it almost flipped over backwards. “Shut up and just follow me,” Bel growled as he stalked down the cereal aisle. Fran let out a loud and dramatic sigh before turning the squeaky cart and wheeling it down the aisle. But someone stopped him short. “Whoopsie, didn’t mean to crash into you,” he apologized, eyes widening ever so slightly when he got a better look at the stunning person he’d run into. “What are you, blind?” they shot back, raising an eyebrow before turning on their heel and walking away. “Oiiii, come baaack!” Fran yelled after them as he abandoned the cart and chased after them. They let out a huff as he poked their shoulder repeatedly. “Who the hell are you and what do you want with me?” Fran held up one finger to show that they should wait before he grabbed a pen out of his pocket and scrawled his name and number all the way up their arm. “Ta-da, now you’ll never forget me,” he said in his monotone before he scooted away as they chucked a box of cookies at his head.

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Vongola, Varia, Shouichi, and Kikyo reactions to s/o telling them they're pregnant?

Combining these two because they’re the same thing ><

Also I’ll be answering this a little differently…Just with what I think they’d say because writing out that many scenarios is a bit much…Still under readmore to cut down on how much space this will take up!! I also apologize because a lot of these will probably sound very similar…

TYL! TSUNA: Tsuna froze after you spilled the news. You were pregnant? You were going to have a baby? The two of you were going to be parents? Overjoyed, Tsuna gently embraced you from behind and rested his chin on your shoulder. His large hands slid over your belly and you could feel him smile. “I can’t wait to see our little one,” he murmured in your ear.

TYL! GOKUDERA: Gokudera nearly choked on his water when you told him you were pregnant. “You’re pregnant?” he repeated, still in shock. “You’re going to have our baby…?” With a laugh, you nodded and reconfirmed what you had just told him. His eyes lit up and began to water as he hugged you tightly. “I’m so excited…I thought I didn’t like kids, but just imagining our child…I think my perception of kids will change.”

TYL! YAMAMOTO: “You’re…pregnant?” Yamamoto asked for what had to be the fifth time since you broke the news. “Yes, Takeshi,” you answered, rolling your eyes from your position next to him on the couch. “I’m pregna-mmph!!” Yamamoto quickly cut you off with a soft kiss to your lips. “You’re pregnant!!” he nearly shouted as he stood from the couch, a smile spreading across his face. “You’re really pregnant!” Grabbing your hands, he pulled you into a hug and kissed the top of you head. “You’re pregnant…” he said once again, rocking from side to side as he held you in his arms. “You’re going to have a baby…”

TYL! RYOHEI: “Wh-whAT!?!” Ryohei spluttered when you spilled the news. “You mean there’s a baby inside of you?” Laughing, you nodded your head and smiled as a tender look spread across his face. He leaned down, pressing a light kiss to the corner of your mouth before tugging you into a hug. “I can’t wait to see what our kid’s gonna look like!!”

20YL! LAMBO: “Hmm? Pregnant? You mean we’re going to become parents?” Lambo said, lips curling into a smile. Standing from the couch, he walked towards you and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “If it means having a little _____ running around, then I can’t wait.”

TYL! HIBARI: Hibari stood there silently as you delivered the news, and even after he had processed the thought, he seemed a little too calm. Stepping closer to you, he kissed the top of your head and gave you a half smile. “Hmm, I can’t wait to see what our child will look like…” he mused as he toyed with the ends of your hair.

TYL! MUKURO: “Oh? You’re pregnant?” Mukuro asked, cocking an eyebrow as he walked towards you. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he kissed your forehead and the tip of your nose before pressing a deep kiss to your lips. “I’m so excited, my dear,” he crooned as he smoothed back some of your hair. “I do hope our child will take after you.”

TYL! CHROME: “Adopt?” Chrome said cautiously, giving you a curious look. “I’m not so sure if I’m great with children though…” she trailed off as you sat down next to her. “I think you’ll do great!! I mean, you spent tons of time with I-Pin and Lambo when they were younger. I think you’ll make a great mother.” Chrome gave you a gentle smile. “It would be nice to have a child to call our own…”

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How would TYL!Squalo, TYL!Hibari, Gokudera, Yamamoto and Dino handle their S/O when they complained to them about how they left a really visible hickey on their neck and they had school that morning?

Considering their ages, I don’t think TYL! Squalo’s, TYL! Hibari’s, or Dino’s partner would still be in school, so let’s assume they’re going to work!

GOKUDERA: “Hayatoooo,” his partner whined as they smeared concealer all over the mark he had left on their neck. “Did you even bother to think that we had school today? How am I supposed to cover this up?” Even after putting three layers of makeup on, the love bite was still visible. Blushing madly, Gokudera avoided his partner’s gaze and let out a huff of breath. “N-next time I’ll try to hold back…”

YAMAMOTO: Yamamoto laughed when he saw his partner wrapping a scarf around their neck. “Why the scarf? It’s not even cold out!” he commented, brushing his fingers against the soft fabric. Giving Yamamoto a look, his S/O pulled away the scarf to reveal a rather large love bite that he had left on their neck. Chuckling under his breath, Yamamoto leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to the bruised skin. “Sorry, ______-chan,” he muttered before pulling away and re-wrapping the scarf around their neck.

TYL! HIBARI: Hibari smirked when he saw them scowling at themselves in the bathroom mirror. He walked across the tiled floor before stopping behind his S/O, fingers brushing against the red mark he had left on their neck. His partner huffed with annoyance. “You knew I had work today! A meeting with my boss at that,” they grumbled as they began to apply makeup. Hibari only hmmed before grabbing his toothbrush. “Goddammit Kyoya,” they muttered, sulkily covering the love bite to the best of their ability while Hibari watched with amusement.

TYL! SQUALO: Squalo’s S/O stomped into the room, plopping down in the chair opposite his desk. “Do you see this?” they asked, pointing to the prominent love bite he had left on their neck the night before. “Hmm, wha-OH!” Squalo shouted when he saw the mark, turning slightly red as he hurriedly looked back down at his paperwork. “What about it?” he mumbled as he signed another sheet of paper. “How the fuck am I supposed to cover this? I have work today, ya know,” the groaned, their shoulders slumping down. “Well sorry I got a bit excited!” he answered, furiously writing on his next paper. “The goddamn things you do to me…” he mumbled, still looking down. His partner blushed before excusing themselves. They guessed they could just cover the mark with makeup…

DINO: “Dinooooo,” his S/O whined while inspecting their neck in the mirror. They prodded and poked at the love bite he had left on their neck and groaned when they realized how visible it was. “Dinooo,” they called again, waiting for their boyfriend to come to the bathroom. “What is it, love?” he asked as he sauntered over and leaned on the doorframe. “Look at this present you left me,” they said as they turned to show him the mark. Dino blushed red and looked at his feet. “Sorry about that…” he trailed off as he scratched the back of his head. “No worries,” he S/O chirped, grabbing some concealer. “A little makeup should do the trick.” As they opened the container, they winked at Dino before beginning to cover up the mark, making him blush a little more.