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meeting with the boss

The Foundation Boss, that is.

In my head, Hibari likes to make people fetch him from his office if they need him. Of course, to get inside his office one must wear a yukata!

Being the Vongola Boss is no exception.

(this headcanon is also known as my pathetic excuse to draw them wearing yukata)


This one is also known as my excuse for fanservice Hibari.

senkiiri-main  asked:

I've recently found your blog and everything is written so well~ Keep it up! :D Can I ask for a scenario of the Vongola reacting to finding their crush's sketchbook (who also secretly like them) that has sketches of them in it?

Thank you !! Glad you like the blog! (:

Sawada Tsunayoshi

           Stretching in his seat and then standing up, Tsuna sighed relievedly as students began filing out of the classroom. Another mediocre day of school was over; the only thing keeping him from calling it “horrid” was the fact that you sat in front of him.

           As he wistfully glanced at your desk, he noticed that you had left behind a plain, tan notebook. Instantly, he identified it as your art book, full of papers that always had beautiful sketches. Tsuna had only glanced at it once or twice before when he passed by you, hunched over the notebook and carefully pondering over where to place the next stroke of your pen.

           Taking a deep breath, Tsuna picked up the notebook and turned it over in his hands thoughtfully as he started to leave the room.

           He wondered if he should be the one to return it to you… After all, he sort of really had a crush on you, and he didn’t trust himself to be able to properly give it back without committing some horrendous blunder in front of you. What if he tripped and ran into you or dropped the notebook? Tsuna didn’t want to look like a fool.

           Then again, he’d never really talked to you before, and maybe this could be his chance to make it known that he was interested in you.

           Completely lost in his thoughts, the brunette didn’t notice where he was walking, and his shoe ended up catching the leg of one of the desks he was passing by.

           “Uwaah!” yelped Tsuna as he fell forward, the notebook flying out of his hands. He really didn’t trust himself at this point…

           It landed with a loud slap as he managed to stop himself from falling face-first to the floor. Just as Tsuna opened his eyes (he always ended up closing them whenever he was falling), he was shocked to see himself on the pages of your notebook.

           There were different sketches of him, one of him sleeping against his school desk, another of him pensively looking out the window, and the last of him with his brows furrowed as he stared at some of his books.

           Tsuna could feel his cheeks heating up, and he hurriedly snatched the notebook up and shut it, his heart beating faster in his chest.

           Okay, so maybe he really did have a chance with you. Someone who didn’t like him wouldn’t have sketched him, right?

Gokudera Hayato

           “Thanks for helping me out.” Gokudera held back the smile that was about to contort his face, and instead, he left his typical, indifferent expression up as you grinned at him. “You’re really smart! I’m pretty sure I’ll ace that chemistry test, no problem!”

           The silver-haired teen kept his lips set in a scowl, and he rolled his eyes while ignoring your compliment. “Tch. You’ll be fine.”

           “I wish I was doing better in [worst subject] though,” you remarked with a frown.

           Gokudera raised his eyebrows and then shook his head. “You would if you weren’t spending so much time not paying attention.” His gaze instinctively landed on your sketchbook, which he had seen you drawing in during class too many times for him to remember. Even though he’d always noticed you were drawing, he had never actually seen any of your works.

           You protested, “Hey! It’s not my fault it’s so boring.”

           “Yeah, yeah,” muttered Gokudera, trying hard to ignore the pout that was on your face. He really didn’t like how his mind wasn’t fully present whenever he was around you.

           There was silence between the two of you as you handed Gokudera his books and he picked up the notebooks he had brought.

           “See you at school tomorrow, Gokudera-kun.” You waved at him shortly and stood up as he opened the door to your room.        

           “Yeah.” He turned back for a second and glanced at you from the corners of his eyes.

           Just as he shut the door, you breathed out a sigh. You were sure if he had stared at you like that for any longer your face would have erupted in a storm of pink.

           When Gokudera arrived home, he began organizing his books and notebooks carefully, only to be confused as to why there was a plain brown spiralbound book on his desk. Wait a second, he’d seen this before…

           Shit, he had grabbed your sketchbook.

           After a few moments of internal panicking and cursing, Gokudera calmed himself and stared at the sketchbook on his desk.

           What was it that you were always drawing anyway?

           Letting his curiosity run free, Gokudera absently started to flick through your sketchbook, but he immediately stopped when he saw a very familiar face with very familiar eyes staring right back at him.

           “What the—” sputtered the silver-haired bomber as he snapped the sketchbook shut. He was not expecting to see a well-drawn image of himself.

           Heartrate skyrocketing, Gokudera leaned back against his chair and breathed slowly. Okay, well, that definitely had been a surprise. His curiosity was getting the better of him, however, and he flipped back to the page with the picture of his face.

           He would never tell you, but he was in awe of your art style. It really did look like him, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and his eyes glaring at something off to the side. Was that the word “cool” written at the bottom of the page?!

           Gokudera wondered how he was going to give the sketchbook back to you tomorrow. He was not really looking forward to having to confess his feelings, but maybe you would do that first…

Yamamoto Takeshi

           The baseball player stretched as he waited in line at the bread vending machine. He was a bit tired from morning practice, but some milk and melon bread would definitely wake him up.

           “Yeah, that sounds great!” Cheerful laugher followed, and Yamamoto blinked as he looked around.

           When he spotted you with your friends ahead of him in line, he smiled softly. Yeah, maybe your laughter would wake him up too. He wasn’t quite sure when he had realized he had a crush on you, but all he knew was that he felt a lot better when you were near him.

           Yamamoto was aware that he probably had a really ridiculous grin on his face by the time it was his turn to buy something, but he didn’t care. As he collected his melon bread, he turned to leave, only to see a notebook standing against the foot of the machine.

           Picking it up, Yamamoto instantly recognized the familiar sketchbook in his hands. He supposed that you had left it while you were collecting all your drinks and snacks with your friends.

           Since he knew what class you were in, he might as well give it back to you, he supposed. As Yamamoto took a flight of stairs down, he couldn’t help looking at the first page of your sketchbook, despite his better judgment. He was curious.

           “Eh?” Yamamoto blinked confusedly when he saw his face on the paper.

           Instead of wondering why he was drawn in your sketchbook, all Yamamoto could do was admire the beauty of your art. Each line seemed to have been light and fleeting, though as he continued to stare, he could see how your expertise pulled them all together into a stunning image.

           Yamamoto smiled. You were really talented, weren’t you?

           He might have just fallen in love with you even more.  

Sasagawa Ryohei

           Ryohei was curious, he had to admit as he held your sketchbook in one of his hands. Kyoko was in your class, and she had given him the artbook to return since you and Ryohei were both in sports clubs after school. You were on the tennis team, and because the courts were near his boxing club’s facilities, Kyoko had advised him to give you your notebook back. She suggested to him to do so with a bright smile, not at all indicating that she knew about her brother’s crush and was harboring any ulterior motives.

           The third-year was a bit nervous about nearing you at all since you were his crush and all. He’d never had a crush before, and he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to act around them. At some point during training that day, he had wished that Kyoko had just given you the sketchbook, but then he shook his head.

           “I’ll extremely give it to them!”

           He had waited until after clubs were finished to return your notebook, and as he was making his way to the courts, he couldn’t help glancing down at the book’s cover. He was inquisitive. You were so talented at sports, he wondered if you were also good at art.

           Carefully, the boxer had flipped open your sketchbook and seen drawings of plants and books and the interior of a sports shop. However, once he turned the third page, he saw the boxing club room, and not only that, but himself as well, as he trained.

           “HUH?” Ryohei stared more closely at the paper to make sure it really was him.

           Yup, it was him.

           Ryohei felt a silly smile grow on his face as he read the note at the bottom of the page. “Sasagawa-san looking cool when he boxes!”

           He just gained a lot more confidence about approaching you now.

Hibari Kyouya

           “Kyou-san, here are the confiscated items we collected today,” Kusakabe told the head prefect as he placed a number of objects on the table in front of Hibari.

           “Hn.” Hibari made a noise of acknowledgement as Kusakabe left the room. As Hibari examined what was in the stack, he hummed in questioning upon seeing your sketchbook. There was no way it wasn’t, with its familiar pale brown cover and your name neatly written in one of the corners.

          The first thought that ran through Hibari’s head was about why one of your belongings would even be in the pile of appropriated goods. You were an excellent student who abided by the rules, was studious, and never made much of a ruckus. Perhaps that was why Hibari had taken a liking to you.

          However, maybe there was some defiling and inappropriate information inside your artbook?

          Hibari found himself proven wrong.

          He wasn’t sure how he felt about seeing his face in your sketchbook, all the lines composing his face precise and sharp. There was a certain predatory glint that you had captured in his eyes, and Hibari subconsciously tilted his head in amusement. He had immediately gotten over the surprise of a sketch of himself, and he was instead wondering what he would do about you.

          Oh? So you observed him that much?

          Hibari planned to make full use of this situation. You did like him, in some way, didn’t you? The Disciplinary Committee’s head smirked as he shut your sketchbook and stood up. According to what he remembered of your schedule, Hibari knew you had afterschool kendo.

           He’d pay you a visit all right.

           Today, he was going to make his presence known to you and that you had caught his eye.

           Hibari’s smirk widened.


           Lambo entered the room for detentions and sat down, undoubtedly annoyed that he had to be punished for something that wasn’t really his fault.

           It was the teacher’s fault for being so boring that he had fallen asleep in the middle of math class.

           Huffing a bit dramatically, the teen grumbled and stared out the window, and he didn’t notice that the teacher on duty had approached him.

           “Here. Since you’re friends with [Last Name]-san, return this to them. They left it here last time.” The teacher handed Lambo a sketchbook, and the student nodded.

           Lambo was about to put the sketchbook into his bag when he saw a piece of stray paper poking out from between the bound pages. “Hm?”

           Pulling the paper out, he held in the surprised noise that threatened to escape his lips. Lambo looked at the teacher, and once he saw that the woman was preoccupied, he placed the sheet onto his desk and stared.

           It was his own face—or lots of faces. Every one of them had a different emotion, and Lambo found himself in utter astonishment at your artistic abilities. You’d drawn his sleepy expression in a certain way that Lambo was sure that you had seen him fall asleep in class before. He hadn’t known that you’d drawn him though.

           With a small smile blooming on his face, Lambo carefully placed the paper back between the pages of other sketches in your notebook.

           He’d never had someone draw him before, and he could only say that he felt very special.

           This was just another reason why he loved you, he supposed.

Rokudo Mukuro

           “Oh?” Mukuro mused as he held up a black notebook, its spirals a contrasting silver. You’d been the one who had told him to help clean up the “living room” at Kokuyo a bit, and here you were leaving your things around. (To be fair, there was a generous share of his trash along with Ken’s in the area. Not like he would admit that to you though.)

           Mukuro knew that you were an artist, and you always had pens tucked behind your ear or pencils in your pockets and your sketchbook near at hand. He’d tried so many times to see what you were drawing, but somehow, you’d always managed to snap your sketchbook shut whenever he was near you. Even using illusions, he had failed. He did feel a bit irked that you’d never let him see your drawings.

           He couldn’t help it. He was flipping through your sketchbook before he knew it.

           The smirk on his face began to fade when he saw his figure neatly sketched out on a page. As Mukuro looked at the drawing of himself, his trident in hand and his eyes gleaming with a mischievousness you had captured so well on paper. Once he had gotten over the initial shock of seeing himself sketched, Mukuro’s lips turned upwards.

           “Kufufu…” He was amused.

           So, he wasn’t aimlessly in love with you.

           Perhaps his crush wasn’t hopeless, and perhaps, it wasn’t unrequited love.

           Mukuro let his smirk grow. He wasn’t going to tell you that he’d seen your drawings, but he was going to find a way to confirm his suspicions.

           He wanted to love you, and he needed to know if you wanted him as much as he wanted you.

Dokuro Chrome

           “Eh?” Chrome looked at the sketchbook that was sitting at her desk after you had returned to your classroom. She supposed you had forgotten it during your hasty departure when the bell had rung, signaling the end of lunch.

           The sketchbook was flipped open to a page already, and Chrome couldn’t help glancing down at the paper despite trying not to look. She was pleasantly surprised to find that a drawing of herself filled the entire page.

           Another short noise of shock left Chrome’s lips as she closed the sketchbook and glanced around nervously. She had never had anyone draw her before, let alone in such a beautiful manner. The way that you had shaded her hair, a shine to it that seemed almost unreal, and the way that you had taken the time to address the details of her eyepatch made Chrome blush.

           She’d never known that you had drawn anything of her… She had never really considered herself to be that beautiful, so she was stunned to see that you had found her to be.

           Chrome shook her head and placed the sketchbook in her bag without looking at it again. She wasn’t supposed to look through your things, and she felt a bit guilty. Biting her lip, she wondered if she should tell you or not.

           As she wondered if she should, another thought pushed its way into her mind. Perhaps she should tell you how she felt as well, or would that give away her having looked in your sketchbook?

           Taking out her own pencils and notebook, Chrome focused on her work. One day, she would find out if you liked her the way that she liked you. She was all right with waiting.

anonymous asked:

Vongola reacting to their s/o tripping, faceplanting on the floor, and then getting a nosebleed? Hahahaha! (Can you do this to arcobalenos and varia as well? If not that's ok) Thanks!

Well, it’s Reborn Day, so I thought that I might as well go over the character limit and write for all of them! (: (Also… anything to avoid studying for the tests I have next week, haha).

Sawada Tsunayoshi

           He somewhat freaks out but also immediately goes over to try and help you up. No doubt he finds this relatable, and he can’t count the number of times he’s fallen like this. If he has a tissue or something on him, he’ll definitely offer you it. There’s a lot of questioning about whether or not you’re really all right, and Tsuna feels a bit unreasonably guilty for not being able to stop you before you fell over.

Gokudera Hayato

           Gokudera just sighs and picks you up with ease while shaking his head. There’s a murmur of “idiot” before he gruffly asks you if you’re all right and if you need a tissue. He’s practical about what he carries around, so of course he might have a handkerchief or some tissues in his pocket. Although he seems gruff about his actions and somewhat unwilling to help, he’ll start looking immediately for the nearest restroom if you fell while you were out.

Yamamoto Takeshi

           He might laugh a bit if you start laughing about how clumsy you were, but if it was serious, Yamamoto will definitely be instantly there to help you up. With how quick his reflexes are, he might even stop you from falling in the first place. He’s really nice about it and doesn’t tease you. Yamamoto’s probably one of the only ones who’d offer you the edge of his sweater to stop your nose from bleeding too much.

Sasagawa Ryohei

           Ryohei would laugh for a second but then make sure that you’re all right. “Are you sure you’re extremely all right, [Name]???” If you answer “no,” he’s more than likely to just pick you and piggy back you to your house or his, depending on which is closer. If you answer “yes,” he’s still more than likely to pick you up and piggy back you to your house or his. Though, if your injury is really that serious, he’d probably help you get cleaned up and wouldn’t mind using his Sun Flames to help out.

Hibari Kyouya

           He just looks down you with a disapproving face, and he’s clearly not impressed. However, Hibari doesn’t leave you stranded, but he does let you pick yourself up. Wordlessly, he’d pass you his handkerchief, and if you’d gotten hurt at school, he’d immediately take you to the nurse’s office and demand that you get treated (first, if there are other patients). After that, even though he probably won’t say anything about it, he’s very observant as to where you step and makes sure that you don’t fall again.


           Lambo asks if you’re all right, but it’s more along the lines of, “Yare, yare… You fell?” If you’re feeling really bad about it and embarrassed in public though, he will help rush you off to the bathroom and then try to cheer you up by giving you a candy or another sweet. He doesn’t really tease you about it.

Rokudo Mukuro

           Mukuro’s definitely going to tease you about this one, especially if you looked absolutely ridiculous when you fell. “My, my, aren’t you a bit clumsy, [Name]?” The second that you’re serious about your fall though, and you’re pissed that he’s making fun of you, he’ll stop. He’ll use his illusions to hide your injuries if you’re in public, and he won’t say anything about it later.

Dokuro Chrome

           She’s really kind about it, and she helps you up while asking if you’re all right. She might have some tissues on her, but if not, she’ll find you some. Chrome’s probably one of the most considerate, not too many questions and fussing, but still helpful. Without warning, she might just place a hand to turn your face and check if you have any injuries, just in the spur of the moment. Like Mukuro, with her illusions, she’ll also give you the appearance that nothing has happened.


           Xanxus is unimpressed that you had fallen. He just rolls his eyes and tells you to get up, or he comes over and pulls you up himself. Like Gokudera, he probably might end up muttering about how you’re clumsy, but he doesn’t ignore you either. Xanxus doesn’t really help you all that much, but hey, at least he helped you off the ground. He’ll just grunt out a statement, “You’re okay,” in substitution for a question of whether or not you’re all right.

Superbi Squalo

           He instantly yells that you should have been more careful, but then he subconsciously starts bombarding you with questions about if you’re all right or not. “Vooiii! What the hell did you trip on? Did you break anything? Let me see your face!” After demanding to see your face, he’ll probably regret it because Squalo is definitely awkward when it comes to direct eye contact with you or just being that close to your face. One of the people who will have a handkerchief on him and gives it to you, albeit he won’t be looking at you when he does.


           Lussuria totally gasps and freaks out a bit. “Oh my goodness, [Name], are you all right? Here, here, let me help you up, up you go! Oh no, look at your face, don’t worry, I’ll help you get cleaned up right away!” He fusses over you and insists on helping wipe away the blood and, that if you have any scratches, he fixes them up. Lussuria is really nice about it throughout it all, though.


           He picks you up and gets you back on your feet, but if you’d fallen inside the Varia Headquarters, he’d run around and get you everything you need to clean up yourself. However, he won’t let you go anywhere; you’d just have to sit in the bathroom and wash up a bit while he gets everything for you.


           Definitely, you’ll get called out by this guy. He snickers at how ridiculous you looked, and he doesn’t offer you anything to stop your nosebleed. Belphegor might help you up though, but he won’t have a tissue on him. Really, though, if you’re in a relationship with Belphegor, you should be able to handle his teasing and mockery, but he does know some limits to it if it really hurts you.


           As usual, Fran takes a jab at you, saying that if you fell it must mean you’re clumsy or you didn’t see where you’re going, the obvious. He is not going to help you up. If you ignore him, you’re better off in fixing the issue than asking him for help. Though, he might not mind using his illusions to hide the blood; this he might do without being asked.


           She’s super helpful about getting you cleaned up and off the floor. Yuni probably has a handkerchief on her and doesn’t mind letting you use it. She also finds you some ice or asks someone politely, and they end up giving it to her. She doesn’t say anything about your fall in a way to blame you and just asks if you’re all right and what she can do to help you.


           He might just stare at you for a second and then sigh, but he’ll give you a handkerchief after you stand back up. Reborn might also throw in a comment about how you might have to work on your balance or observation skills depending on what kind of a mood you’re in after falling. If you’re in a pretty nasty one, then he’d forgo the teasing unless he wants to be ignored for a week. He definitely plays along if you laugh about it, though.


           Instantly, Fon will help you back up and find you tissues. If there are none around, much like Yamamoto, he’ll be really sweet about the whole fall and probably wouldn’t mind using one of his sleeves to stop the bleeding. He can always get his clothes washed (he probably knows a good way to get blood stains out of clothes anyway), and if he’s helping you then he’s okay with it.


           He might tease you a bit when you fall, but he’ll help you up and take your injuries seriously. Colonello would ask if you’re all right and then get you ice or band-aids for other injuries if you’re at home, too. Though, he might be a bit showy like Ryohei and pick you up and just carry you to somewhere that has a restroom or somewhere you can clean yourself up if you’re out.

Lal Mirch

           She’s not impressed at all, but she does ask if you’re all right while helping you up. If you laugh about it, Lal might crack a smile, but she’d tell you to be more careful. She also does help you get some tissues and makes sure that the bleeding stops and checks for any other injuries you might have.


           Skull freaks out a little bit that you fell, but then he helps you out. Unlike what people might think of him at first glance, he’s pretty sweet and asks if you need any help, in a really loud but concerned way. He’ll frantically get you anything that you need and make sure that you’re cleaned up and all right.


           They just sigh quietly at your fall and silently pull at one of your arms to help you back up. Definitely unimpressed, but not unsympathetic, because they will give you a tissue or something else to help stop the bleeding. If you’re in public when this all happens, just like the other illusionists, they’ll use illusions to hide your bloody nose and any other injuries you might have.  


           Verde just sighs and shakes his head. He might also lift a brow while asking if you’re all right. He does help you out a bit though, and he holds his hand out to you to help you up. If he has a handkerchief on him, you can have it… As long as you buy him another one or wash this one thoroughly because he doesn’t want to see blood on it.