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dino, enma, byakuran and xanxus with pregnant s/o?

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  • His initial reaction to the news was terror. Sheer, absolute, mind numbing terror.
  • It will take him several hours before he calms down and all throughout an endless loop of questions will prey on his mind.
  • What was he going to do? Was he going to be a good father? What if the baby didn’t like him?! What if you didn’t take to the pregnancy? What if you died?
  • It took Romario and a few of his subordinates to tell Dino it was going to be alright. It took you finding him and holding his head against your stomach to to assure him everything was going to be alright. He’s just thankful Reborn wasn’t there to bitch slap him back to his senses.
  • You tell him you love him. You will tell him this was the greatest thing he had ever given you. You will thank him and promise him you’ll do anything to be a good mother.
  • Your promises will eventually make him realize just how happy he was and as he looked into your eyes and saw the happiness there he would sweep you off your feet and twirl you around amidst laughter and claps from his subordinates.
  • During the months that follow he will be extremely attentive. He would make sure to never miss a doctor’s appointment.
  • Dino is a protective husband and would double security around you.
  • The first real hurdle during the pregnancy would be you yelling at him for treating you like a porcelain doll that could break any minute to which you will feel guilty for and start crying about. As soon as the doctor explains it was just because of the hormones he’ll relax and try to tone down his protectiveness.
  • This will be the hardest thing he will ever have to do.


  • You will probably never understand just what your pregnancy means to him.
  • The arms that clutched you close after you told him about the news might have been interpreted as joy but that hold was also rife with desperation and fear.
  • On one hand he was overjoyed. He had lost his family at such a young age and although he loved Adel and the Simon his loss had prevented him from allowing himself the intimacy of a real family with them. On the other hand he was terrified. It was enough that he had to ensure you were protected but now the two of you will be adding a helpless little infant who can’t even take care of itself in this world.
  • Despite all that he will make every effort to keep you comfortable and do his best to be the best husband and father anyone could ever have.
  • But since he’s Enma things won’t be as easy for him as things should be, Mafia don or not.
  • He’d be jumping up and down running to the kitchen to get you that mac and cheese toast dipped in thick tomato soup and wasabi you wanted at three in the morning. He would be too worried about you and the baby to even think about asking someone else to do it for him.
  • He would give in to your every demand. One yell was all Enma would need to come to your side and ask what you needed from him. When you start crying hysterically after realizing what you just did he’d panic even more and try to comfort you by hugging you not really getting the hang of your hormones just yet.
  • Enma will often find himself going to Adel for advice on how to treat you better and keep you happy. To which Adel would advise him to take all your moods in stride because after the pregnancy you will soon be back to your sweet, soft spoken self again.
  • It’s a really good thing Enma is not the complaining type or attending to your needs while you’re bearing his child would have driven him insane.


  • Byakuran is a smart man and you could say what makes him scary is the fact that you could never really catch him with his pants down. He is reputed to be a man who is always one step ahead of his enemies. A white devil come to lay you to waste!
  • So he knew for a fact that his hands are tied the moment you told him you are pregnant with his child.
  • He would, of course, make sure you have everything you need.
  • He will keep you safe from anything that might harm you. He of all people should know what other people are capable of if they wanted to hurt an enemy they hated.
  • He would build a fortress around you. Have Spanner and Shouichi build walls of armored steel in the guise of beautiful marble to protect you.
  • He would have only his most trusted Guardians buy and bring you your food. They would have it all delivered and have your personal doctor and nutritionist look over them to make sure they were good for you and that they were all safe. He would even pull some strings and have Bianchi be your personal food taster since she’s immune to most poisons and would be able to detect them with just a sniff.
  • He will meet your ever changing moods with his ever cheerful smile and do nothing but agree with you even though you were being unreasonable and irritated him to no end. He will then take out his annoyance and anger on any enemies with more than his usual viciousness since he can’t take his anger out on you.
  • He will keep himself from your bed but will come and hold you if you demand it of him which you will usually have to do via phone.
  • He knows you need sweet, encouraging words during the most emotional parts of your pregnancy and he’ll be very good at dispensing them. They will come to his tongue as easily as the marshmallows he loves to eat.


  • Xanxus is the kind of man who watches his limits when it comes to you.
  • He’s a harsh man but he cares about you and having his child grow inside you makes him feel he should protect you from everything, including his tendency to forget himself in anger when something displeases him.
  • He will keep himself away during your worst moods. Sleep in his office while you sleep in his room making sure you had guards outside all night long to keep you safe so he could protect you from himself.
  • He will have Lussuria personally see to your diet and make sure you ate to your heart’s content.
  • He will have Squalo and Mammon run interference when you are in one of your nastier moods and coincidentally bear the brunt of your uncontrollable pregnancy emotions.
  • It might seem heartless but then few could really see how Xanxus was after everyone who mattered to him has closed their eyes and slept under his protection.
  • Though he might keep himself away from you he would be there to watch you as you slept. Watching you with eyes half drowning in fear and awe that he had managed to create a life instead of destroying it for once.
  • Despite what his Guardians might think (probably barring Squalo) he would have doubts about his capabilities of being a good father.
  • When he feels restless because of these brooding, alarming thoughts he would often prowl the grounds outside your room to guard you while you slept.
  • And only when you wept and cried out your need for him would he allow himself to hold you in his arms fearing he would break you.
  • Hayato, after winning a fistfight: YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT! CRY LIKE A LITTLE BITCH!
  • Chrome, standing on the sidelines: Do you have to tell them to do that every time?
  • Hayato: Not all the time. Sometimes they just do it of their own accord.
  • Chrome: oh?
  • Hayato, pointing to Enma: That one started bawling before the fight even started. I couldn't bring myself to punch him.
  • Chrome: ...
  • Hayato, sniffling a bit: Life has punched him hard enough.

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Can I get a S/O scenario where she comments on how Tsuna/Hibari/Enma look so much like Giotto/Alaude/Cozart? Bonus points if she make an off-handed comment on how handsome the first generation are. Please and thank you!



“…Either you and the others dyed your hair for this portrait or I’m looking at the people you guys are reincarnated from.” You stared in awe in front of a giant painting of seven men, each bearing a striking resemblance to your lover and his male guardians.

The amused smile on Tsuna’s face grew as he walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his chin on the top of your head. “They’re the founders of the Vongola, dear. The one in the middle is Giotto, Vongola Primo, my ancestor.” He pressed a kiss on the top of your hair and took in a strong whiff. The scent of peonies engulfed him and he took note that you switched shampoos again.

You cocked your head to the side, taking in the portrait once more with a better understanding. “You know,” you mused aloud, “since you look so much like your ancestor, that means you would pretty handsome with blonde hair.”

Tsuna hummed, preoccupied with slowly pressing kisses down the side of your neck, nipping occasionally. “Are you saying that my great-great-something-grandfather is more attractive than me?” he murmured into your skin. That exact spot was a weakness of yours and he damn well knew it too.

“N-no,” you whimpered as you felt him bite down gently on the spot. “I’m just saying that you would look just as attractive with blonde hair. Primo is handsome, but I like your brown hair just fine, Tsun-ah!” You let out an embarrassingly loud moan as he began to suck on your skin, your knees buckling underneath you.

He lifted his head up, whispering harshly into your ear, “I’ll show you that I’m far better than Primo.”


You watched from you and Hibari’s shared bed as the man prepared himself for bed. “You know, Kyoya,” you began, “you look a lot like the first Cloud guardian Alaude.” There was no real emotion behind your words, you were only stating a fact after all.

The Foundation leader gave you a glance before returning to his previous activity. He was slowly removing his suit, getting ready to change into his night clothes. “So I’ve been told,” he replied neutrally.

“I wonder if he was just as handsome as you are, that’s all.” Common sense dictated so, right? Surely the only difference between the two were their coloring despite having two different nationalities. “He must have also been quite the looker during those times.”

Hibari turned to you, half naked with an annoyed look on his face. “Is there something you want to say, little one?” He wasn’t jealous per se, he was just confused as to why you were so insistent on this particular topic.

You smiled at him before falling backwards onto the bed, letting out a loud sigh. “No, I’m just making an observation, that’s all.” Closing your eyes, the only sounds for the next few minutes were of Hibari’s clothes rustling and then the sound of the light switch clicking. You heard him crawl into bed and you turned away from the sound.

Arms wrapped themselves around you, tightly pressing you to his chest. It was a bit tighter than normal, but you didn’t comment in it. Instead, you placed your hands on top of these arms, rubbing them gently. “Good night, Kyoya.”


The young Shimon boss jolted in place as you plopped yourself next to him on the couch. He held in his hands a thick, worn out book lent to him from Tsuna. A relic from the Vongola archives, he said, something he found when looking for more information on the friendship between Giotto and Cozart.

“Whatcha looking at, sweetheart,” you asked as you looked at the leather bound book. “Looks ancient.”

Enma moved the book so you could see better. “It’s an old journal from Shimon Primo’s time. See?” He turned the pages, pointing at the slanted cursive. “Tsuna found this and thought I should take a look. There’s even a picture of Vongola Primo with my ancestor.”

You stared in awe at the preserved sketch of Giotto and Cozart. It was a rough sketch at best, but you could see the resemblance between the current bosses and the founders of the Vongola and Shimon families. Running a finger along the side of the picture, you smiled at Enma. “I can see where you got your good looks from. Those are some pretty strong genes.”

Blushing, Enma ducked his head down to press a kiss onto your lips. His hands settled on your waist, his thumbs rubbing circles. He pressed harder into the kiss, gently biting your bottom lip for entrance.

“Although,” you pulled away, breathing heavily, “to be fair, Shimon Primo must have looked just as handsome as you were. Kind of makes me feel pretty lucky to have landed you, you know?” You ran your hand through Enma’s hair repeatedly, one hand holding his cheek.

He pursed his lips, eyes furrowing in confusion. “Is that your way of saying he’s more handsome?”

“Don’t be silly, I’d choose you over him hands down,” you smiled as you initiated the next kiss. Knowing you had caused him a little bit of self-doubt made you feel horrible. What better way to tell him otherwise than to show him?

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Love @ first sight headcanons for Tsuna Enma and Xanxus?? Like them seeing someone and going 'yeah they're the one time to work my magic'


~These… seemed so much better in my head…~

admin adelheid


  • He will definitely take advantage of his good looks. He had been alive and experienced enough to know that appearances are everything.
  • He will start with the typical gifts such as flowers and candy. Just to keep you interested.
  • Next, those gifts will turn into something more expensive and classy. Like tickets to that play you wanted to see or that ball you wanted an invite to. Of course, he’ll be your date for each and every one.
  • Gradually though, those gifts will confuse you when they come in flat, brown packets.
  • Opening them will probably shock you since each of them contains papers to property. Like cars or real estate.
  • About to be late for work? Can’t get a ride home? Forgot your lunch? Well since he has you on twenty-four hour surveillance, sending a limo, a helicopter or a meal from your favorite restaurant was as simple as a flick of his fingers.
  • It won’t be all flashy showmanship, though. He’ll sometimes pop out right from out of the blue and surprise you when he sits down at your table while you’re chilling at your favorite café, charming you with his conversation and charming smile.
  • It’s hard not to adore him when he acts like a laid back boy when he was with you and not the solemn faced Mafia don that he usually was in front of others.
  • He would sometimes playfully kidnap you himself and sets up a nice picnic by a lake, his bodyguards all out of sight and at least half a mile from your current location.
  • Tsuna does not deal well with rivals. He will not hesitate to destroy and discredit each and every one of them until he could make you his.


  • Enma will stalk you. No question about it.
  • He will plant himself near you at all times, willing to take on the mantle of a dependable co-worker who spent too much attention on you and create a double life for himself just to be close to you.
  • Enma might not look it and it may seem out of character for a Boss like him but he will not hesitate to use trickery to make you fall in love with him.
  • He will not hesitate to create opportunities where he could use the ‘Suspension Bridge Effect’ in full force.
  • Creating scenarios where you will fall and he would gallantly catch you making you incidentally look into his eyes will be a thing whenever Enma is in the vicinity.
  • He’ll make sure to brush his skin against yours with seductive subtlety every once in a while and pretend that he was too busy with whatever he was working on to notice whether or not he had flustered you with the contact.
  • He’ll be your convenient ‘Hero’ for anything and everything. It’s a move he had learned from Julie a long time ago.
  • Cat lost? He’ll go find it. Mandatory overtime? He’ll take half your work. By force if necessary. Late night out? He’ll walk you home. He will be a regular knight in shining armor for you while wearing the sheep’s clothing of a meek guy who leaks out enough dark mystery to keep your curiosity peaked even though you can’t understand why.
  • If you’re the kind who spooks too easy whenever a guy shows you any interest he will sneakily ask you to sit around outside a cafe or hang out in a park. Just places where it wouldn’t feel too romantic but will still allow you guys to bond. An opportunity to make you see the sides of him that were not meek and clumsy.
  • And when he knows you’re ready, he’ll kiss you on your front porch next time he takes you home.


  • He’s in love with you so he won’t just grab you by the hair like a Neanderthal and fuck you in a cave.
  • He will do his research on you first. Xanxus may be reckless but he can be a thorough man when he needs to be.
  • After finding out everything about you he will make sure his entrance in your life will be loud, flashy and absolutely unforgettable. Like, say, barging in on your workplace just to tell you you were now going to be going out with him from now on.
  • Surprisingly his gifts might be simple things you like but they will be presented in a dramatic fashion. Lussuria mostly acts as his messenger boy. So better get used to the sight of the Varia Sun Guardian sashaying through your office and dropping off that double layer cheesecake you keep missing from the cafeteria.
  • He’ll have you kidnapped just to have dinner with him at your favorite restaurant among other things.
  • If he feels like having you near him, he will have your boss threatened to give you vacation time and you brought to him so he could treat you to something nice. Like a trip to the Bahamas, for example.
  • You might think a gentleman was the ideal kind of man but Xanxus will make you realize that just because a man’s polite does not mean he’s any less of a pig.
  • His interactions with you will make you see that rough and gruff men like him knew how to treat their women right despite the cussing and glaring.
  • He will not care if you see but he will warn (shoot) all competition away.
  • And if that doesn’t make you understand just how serious he is about you and you try to protest his violent behavior, then he’ll kiss you deeply and thoroughly until he melts all your objections away.

So I made another one just because I wanted to show you Gokudera, Yamamoto and Chrome staring and Tsunas butt

Don’t be mad

Happy New Year Everybody!~

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hcs on how Enma,, Hibari and Mukuro would treat Tsuna's sO


As Tsuna’s claimed significant other you will be treated to all kinds of scrutiny from enemies and allies alike. As a don Tsuna would put little to no thought to the opinions of other people but the people around him would be a different matter. His chosen significant other could, after all, influence the future of the Vongola through your relationship with its Boss. Empires have fallen for the sake of a beautiful face more than once, after all so they knew not to underestimate someone chosen by the Decimo.

admin Adelheid


  • Polite Wariness
  • You may or may not be aware of the Simon’s history. Their Famiglia was almost destroyed because of one man’s love for a woman that had gone mad when she died. As a result, Enma will treat you like you’re glass when you’re near him. Can’t afford to let you get hurt under his watch.
  • He will go out of his way to cater to your every wish and get you whatever it was you wanted. Whether or not you treat him like a friend or a dog, the way he treats you will not change. But that is in the beginning only because he doesn’t trust you yet.
  • Underneath his subservience he is biding time. Testing out your kindness and the strength of your relationship with Tsuna and judging what to do from there.
  • If he determines you’re a witch disguised as an angel he will plot your downfall. He will make it appear that the Vongola was victimizing the Simon once again through you and he will take steps to make sure your treatment was made public.
  • It’s a risk, he knew it. What the Vongola says goes in the underworld, after all. It is also his way of testing how far his friendship with Tsuna will be taken under consideration.
  • If Tsuna sides with you despite your evil Enma will take the Simon and go underground again but not before planting the seed of doubt in the other allies and show them they could all end up like the Simon if you continue to exist by Tsuna’s side. If the Vongola Boss sides with him then Enma will quietly remind him in private that you are gaining too much influence.
  • However if you prove to be a person who has no malicious streak then Enma will become a stalwart friend.
  • He will be there when you need him, supporting you openly and protecting you.
  • He’ll treat you like he treats Tsuna. With trust and friendship and loyalty. Probably even have a little crush on you.
  • All in all, if you gain his loyalty then it is yours for life. No matter what happens between you and Tsuna in the future he will stand by you. Whether your relationship with his best friend ends up in marriage or parting ways, his bond with you will never be severed.


  • Indifferent Condescension
  • It’s not as bad as it sounds, really. He’ll mostly just pretend you’re not there. Which is actually pretty gentlemanly for him. At least he’s not beating you into a pulp, right?
  • He will avoid any and all interactions with you as much as possible but that does not mean you are not under his radar. He will stay unattached to you while you are under his probation. Unsurprising for him to have an eye on you documenting your movements and noting your interactions round the clock.
  • Depending on the results of your evaluation he will act accordingly.
  • If you’re a petty person and your behavior and influence over Tsuna is a risk to the Family he will do damage control covertly and swiftly.
  • You insulted the daughter of an ally through sheer pettiness and endangered an important partnership? Hibari will come in once you leave and fix the problem by charming that daughter back to the Vongola’s side before she could run to her father. Got someone killed out of sheer spite using Tsuna’s name and influence? Hibari will make sure the Vongola does not take the fall.
  • He will keep Tsuna in the know about all of your shenanigans and let him decide about what to do with his lover. He will openly advise dropping you, unafraid of retaliation. If Tsuna responds favorably to you despite your wicked ways he will allow the issues you create to mount and stand back, waiting to see what will become of the Family from a distance. The Vongola is after all Tsuna’s so it would be up to the Decimo to decide whether or not the Family should rise or fall.
  • If he finds you are a good person, though, he will interact with you more often, even give you a nod of greeting when you’re in the same room together and not mind staying there with you.
  • If you express a desire to help Tsuna out he will be the one you should consult and he will give you suggestions about how to act like a consort that will enhance Tsuna’s influence or safety. He will also give you all the means to execute these suggestions and see them to fruition.
  • Unsure of yourself around other Mafia women? He will pop by and remind you to lift your chin up and remember just who it was that loved you. That you are consort to the Boss of all Bosses and that Tsuna has chosen you because he knew your actual self will make him proud.
  • Hibari will make sure you are safe around the clock without intruding on your life. Your safety will be priority to him. Messing with you will be literally messing with him. Harming you will be the last thing anyone will ever do with a Cloud like that hanging over you.


  • Barely Veiled Malice.
  • Prepare for lots or baiting and malicious innuendos.
  • Baiting you will be his new favorite past time. Mukuro has always been a rebel and he will not care if you were offended or not. He will test your patience and tolerance for his snide and smooth mockery and insults.
  • It may seem offensive but in his own way he will be testing the sharpness of your mind and your resistance to temptations. It didn’t matter if it made him look like the bad guy in the situation. He’s used to the part.
  • If you try to match him, success will earn you an amused smirk followed by a series of events that will remove you from Tsuna’s side and failure will secure you a condescending sneer with his respect latched onto it from behind.
  • If you are a malicious, petty person you will either try to take him down using intrigue and conspiracies or get so turned on and horny you’ll seduce him into your bed.
  • The former you will never beat him in and he will make sure Chrome knows what’s going on so she has his back in case things go south and she could bail him out of it. The latter he would treat with amusement and fan your attraction for him until he can stage a scenario where Tsuna will catch you in the act of trying to get him into bed. Mukuro will make sure Tsuna finds out you were the one carrying on with him and have you cast out of Tsuna’s sight.
  • If you are, however, a good person who truly loves his Don and rises in righteous indignation to his baits and insinuations then eventually he will be forced to respect you. Yes, he will make it known to all and sundry that he is being forced to do this because it is not in his nature to be honest. Not that you would notice the difference since he loves playing cat and mouse with you too much but then the very observant would be able to notice how the Mist user would become violent when someone else tries to play the same game with you.
  • He will demand that you be respected in his presence from outsiders and ignorant allies who dare try to insult you by using those same baiting tactics on those offending people.
  • He will make it thoroughly clear that you are under Vongola’s protection by flashing that red eye on your enemies.
  • He will also actively but subtly raise your influence and personal power among the Famiglia and the Mafia. He had never trusted the Vongola’s Inner Circle so with a few subtle urges and machinations, he makes you an indispensable member of the Vongola. With or without your permission and uncaring if it put you in a lot of hot water.
  • He will be the bane of your existence but your most possessive protector who will not think twice about killing anyone who tries to take away his new favorite plaything. A plaything he would not hesitate to shield from any harm.
  • No one else can spar with your mind other than him.