Another TYL!5986 oneshot~

This time a lot less bitter and a little more sweet - but also uncertain, vulnerable, and kind of painfully honest… or at least that was what I was hoping to convey. :))

Playing for Keeps (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10530288/1/Playing-for-Keeps)

Summary: They lived for these little games - the rarely-meant insults, the petty arguments, the back-and-forth banter and trying to prove that one of them was better than the other… it was their lifeline, and it kept their sanity intact. In a mafia world where emotions were considered a weakness, it seemed to them that they were the only things keeping them human.

It’s really more of an experimental vignette of their TYL days dynamic. It’s definitely a setting I’d like to explore more, but maybe after I finish a Reason for Being. :))

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Vongola refuse to dance with their s/o at a formal (mafia) ball, only to later see that their s/o is doing the tango with someone who looks a little too interested and invested in the dance.

Tsuna: You knew that coming to these things with Tsuna was actually a poor excuse for some bonding time.  He was always hounded by people about various things.  He did his best to shoo them away, telling them that they can talk tomorrow at work, but it still left you with a lot of free time.  

Tonight was one such time.  You had left Tsuna to deal with the head of an allied mafia family to go explore the venue.  This time it was at an art gallery.  Wondering around, looking at the art, you found yourself drifting toward the dance floor right as a saucy beat started playing.  

“Would you like to dance?” came a voice from behind you.  

Turning you spotted an obvious Casanova, but you figured why not.  “Sure,” you smiled.  

Having finally ditched the other mafia boss, Tsuna headed out to look for you, only to find you in the arms of another person.  Someone he took an immediate dislike to.  But maybe it was just because their hand was on your thigh and sliding up little by little as the two of you danced.  

Puffing his chest up just a little, he walked over to the two of you, tapping the person’s shoulder to get their attention.  When you spotted him, you perked up.  “Tsuna, you finally got free,” you smiled, immediately letting go of your former dance partner to wrap your arms around your boyfriend.  

“It took awhile, but yeah,” he smiled at you before giving a suspicious glance to the person who was still standing there.  “Sorry to interrupt, but I’m stealing my date back.”

Gokudera: You let out one more sigh, this time louder as you hoped to get your boyfriend’s attention.  Still nothing.  “Well, I’m off to dance with other people then,” you said to your husband as he continued to argue with Yamamoto over something you were sure was stupid.  

Leaving the two men to their lover’s spat, you headed toward the dance area and immediately found someone to dance with.  They weren’t too shabby either.  A couple dances later, a tango started up and you got into it.  It was your favorite dance after all, you had even managed to get Gokudera to dance with you once before.

The dance was about half way over and when you spotted a very irate looking Gokudera standing a few feet away.  You didn’t realize why until your partner slid his hand a little lower down your backside.  

Before you even had a chance to react, Gokudera was between the two of you, glaring menacingly at the person, a threat about to roll of his lips as he pushed you behind him and away from them.  “Keep your hands to yourself before you lose them.”

Yamamoto: He had promised you one dance, and in your eagerness, you used it up too soon.  For all of his athleticism, Yamamoto was a horrible dancer, something you tease him about often.  

After that first dance, you begged him several times to dance with you again, but even with your puppy dogs eyes, he had remained strong, saying that he will watch from the sidelines.  

So here you were, dancing the tango with someone else, having a great time.  Too bad it was driving your boyfriend crazy.  You spotted him a couple times in the twirls, his eyes dark and watching you like a hawk.  

You may have been having a fun time, dancing, not thinking about it at all, but all he saw were how clothes your partner’s hand were getting to you.  A slide up the leg, a graze across the stomach, his lips close to your neck.  It was too much.  

Getting up from his seat, you walked right up to the two of you, demanding you stop dancing with this man even if it meant he had to dance some more.

Sensing the killing intent rolling off the swordsman, your dance partner backed off immediately.  

Lambo: He was in a bad mood to begin with, having to reschedule a date night with you because he was forced to go to some Vongola party.  And even though you had suggested that this still be a date night, he was not happy.

He decided not to dance with you, instead opting to eat some of the food, and complain about Tsuna, which was his mistake.  

A couple minutes later he notices that the crowd on the dance floor start to part.  Curios, he walks over to notice you doing a tango with some random person.  He knew nothing about the type of dance, but he did not like how close this man’s face was to yours, his lips close to your neck.  

Putting his food down, he circled the crowd some, trying to get closer to you.  Half way through your dance you spot him motioning to you to come and be with him. You tried to tell him one more minute, but it didn’t get out.  At this point, your partner was getting more into it, their hands wondering your body even more.  

Unable to take any more of it, he stepped onto the dance floor and as your partner spun you, caught you and pulled you into his arms, promptly ending the dance without so much as an explanation to your dance partner.

Ryohei: He had already danced a couple dances with you and was taking a break, the food table calling his name.  You on the other hand, for the first time ever, had more energy than your boyfriend, and you wanted to use it up.

So you went back out on the dance floor and found yourself someone new to dance with.  A couple songs later and you were going strong with the person when the tango song popped up.  

Having gotten something to eat and quenched his thirst, Ryohei headed back to the dance floor to find you.  And find you he did.  In the arms of someone else that looked a little too interested in you.  With their hand resting dangerously close to you ass, he maneuvered his way through the crowd and interrupted the dance.  “I’m ready to start dancing again, babe,” he smiled at the other person as he put emphases on babe.

“Oh, there you are,” you smiled, letting go of the other person and jumping into your boyfriend’s arms.  “Perfect timing,” you said, but only loud enough for him to hear.  

Hibari: He had no interest in dancing, not now, not ever.  He had danced once in his life and it was for two minutes at the wedding and even then it was just because you made him.  

So you dropped Mr.  Killjoy off and headed to the dance floor to find someone that would dance with you.  And it didn’t take long either.

Having grown bored of the party, Hibari was ready to go.  He fulfilled his duties as a Guardian, talking to the people he needed to and went to get you.

He was not happy when he saw the person you were dancing with.  Their hands wondered your body in a way that he did not like.  His possessive nature coming out even more, he headed straight for you, his killing intent sending most people running.  

“Leave,” he growled, staring at the person, his tonfa appearing in his hand.  Removing their hands from your body, they quickly took off running in the opposite direction, leaving you there huffing in annoyance.  “You wont dance with me but then chase off anyone who will,” you accused, glaring at your husband.

“I didn’t like the way they were touching you,” he said simply before turning and leaving, expecting you to follow.

Chrome: She wanted to dance, maybe not as much as you, but at least one dance.  Unfortunately, work got in the way.  Several of her subordinates were surrounding her, informing her of all the missions that were going on and demanding answers for things.

Leaving her to answer them, you headed off to the dance floor.  Luckily for you, there were several other people in need of dance partners.  Pairing up with someone you started moving to the beat of the music playing, becoming eager when a tango song started.  

You had barely noticed just how close the person was getting until you spotted Chrome watching from the side lines, a sad smile on her face.  You stopped dancing and quickly headed over to her, grabbing her and pulling her onto the dance floor to dance, smiling at her.  

Mukuro: You knew he would try and be possessive the entire time and you weren’t having it this time.  You managed to sneak away from him the second he spotted Hibari and his urge to fight kicked in.  Normally you would have stayed to make sure no one got killed, but Tsuna was here so he could handle it.  You wanted to dance.

Grabbing the first person you saw, you pulled them onto the dance floor with you.  There was a loud crashing sound, causing everyone to stop and stare.  Tsuna managed to get the two to separate, but it looked like Hibari hit him once or twice, judging by the knots on his head.  

Pulling your partner back to the dance you continued on, having a fun time, until you did a twirl and ended up in Mukuro’s arms.  One devilish grin at you later and your dance partner was screaming at the top of their lungs, running for the exit.  You glared up at him in protest but he only grinned wider.  

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what kind of cell phone do you think the vongola would have? how would they text their s/o?

Sawada Tsunayoshi

I can imagine Tsuna with a Nokia because they have a reputation of being the hardest phones to destroy but I can also see him with a iPhone or Samsung. So the Nokia he would use to talk to Nana but he’d use the iPhone for everything else.

Texting his s/o, Tsuna uses a lot of emoticons when texting them and if he has to go to a meeting far away and their aren’t allowed to come he makes sure to send them selfies of him and I Love You texts.

Gokudera Hayato

Gokudera would have a Samsung because he can put a planner on it for when Tsuna has meetings to attend to since Tsuna usually forgets when they are while he is rushing around stopping Hibari and Mukuro from destroying the mansion.

I can see him being more emotional when texting his s/o because they won’t be able to see his blush or embarrassment at his comment or compliment to you. He might occasionally have an emoticon with his texts but that is rare and usually only when he has to leave on a mission for a long time.

Yamamoto Takeshi

Yamamoto would probably have a Blackberry and I honestly do not know why I think this, it just suits him in my opinion. He would have at least one emoticon per text so he can properly express his emotions because sometimes he can’t find the words.

TYL!Bovino Lambo

Lambo would definitely have an iPhone just to play games under the table in meetings when they got to boring and long. He would use emoticons half the time but when he feels tired he just texts normally but with lots of spelling errors.

Sasagawa Ryohei

Ryohei would have a Nokia because Tsuna told him how resistant they are to damage causing him to get one considering he always forgets to remove his phone from his pocket before training. I don’t see him using emoticons a lot besides when he’s really excited about something which is when he uses the aggressive ones.

Rokudo Mukuro

He would definitely use emoticons all the time no matter what unless it was a warning to his s/o about assassins coming after them or something similar. He would most likely have a iPhone so he can Skype with his s/o and Chrome while away on long missions.

Dokuro Chrome

She would have an iPhone for the same reason as Mukuro and she would make sure it was always above fifty percent charged so it isn’t dead when you want to talk to her. Chrome may be a little bit to shy to use emoticons with her s/o but because of how much Mukuro uses them when texting her and his s/o an emoticons may slip into her texts once and a while.

Hibari Kyouya

Hibari would have a Samsung simply because of the fact Tsuna sends him an email whenever he gets a mission so he doesn’t come across Mukuro when he comes to get the mission details. The only time Hibari would use emoticons while texting his s/o would be when he’s drunk any other time he would only talk normally to them.

The Vongola being protective of their heavily pregnant S/O please.

Ahh sorry but most of these will be headcannons about how they would be because admin can’t think of a scenario type response for this.

Sawada Tsunayoshi

You let out an annoyed sigh when Tsuna freaked out at you folding clothes, you weren’t going to put them away you were going to get him to put them away but he wouldn’t listen to you. Shaking your head slightly you smiled watching as he finished folding them and put them away before looking back at you.

“You do know I was going to get you to put them away Tsuna? I’m not stupid after all.” You had an amused smile on your face as his gained an embarrassed blush.

“Hehe sorry then __.” He said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

“It’s fine Tsuna.” You smiled softly at him.

Gokudera Hayato

You had been wondering just how protective Gokudera could become causing you to go out to the mansions garden for a short walk. It amused you greatly when he appeared in front of you five minutes later panicking as if the world was going to end.

“Hayato I’m fine you silly man.” You smiled, amusement clear in your voice.

“You disappeared I thought you had been kidnapped please don’t do that again __.” He huffed out, glaring at you.

“Sorry Hayato I’ll make sure to tell you the next time I come out here.” You gave him an apologetic smile.

Yamamoto Takeshi

He was being surprisingly normal with his amount of protectiveness he had for you well that was what you thought until he nearly mauled some men who were flirting with you an offering to help you find an orphanage so it could be just the two of you. After that incident he stuck close to you only leaving when a meeting was called that he couldn’t get Basil to go to for him.

Smiling softly at him you pecked his chin softly as you relaxed into his gently and extremely careful hold as the two of you sat peacefully admiring the Vongola Gardens.

Bovino Lambo

Lambo had freaked out upon finding out he had gotten you pregnant but immediately promised to protect both you and your baby once he had calmed down. Right now though he was flocking around you practically hissing at the other students who were joking around about how you must be a whore to get pregnant in high school none of them even bothering to consider your feelings.

Glaring at the students joking around about you he hissed violently making a rather impressive impression of Uri whenever Gokudera summoned her as he whisked you away to the disciplinary committee’s room. Making sure you were comfortable sitting on the couch he gave you his jacket before leaving to speak to Hibari who was the principle making him and Chrome the only ones to know about you and your pregnancy.

From then on the both of you got a private teacher at your house up until you were supposed to graduate.

Sasagawa Ryohei

  • He would be insanely protective and extremely hesitate to let you go out on your own.
  • The only way you would leave the mansion without him is i Kyoko would agree to go with you as she knows how to defend the both of you.
  • Ryohei wouldn’t hesitate to get you all the disgusting food combinations that you craved during your pregnancy

Rokudo Mukuro

  • If was unable to be near you, you can be sure he would send Chikusa or Ken to watch over you being paranoid something bad was going to happen to you i you weren’t being watched
  • Mukuro would do literally anything in his power to stop you from having a miscarriage because he in a past lie had one and knows how horrible it feels to lose your child before they are even born
  • If you did end up having one he would shove all o his guardian work onto Chrome and just hold you two up in his room reusing to leave your side until the pain passed away enough for you to not do anything stupid

Dokuro Chrome

  • She would let you have some freedom which is being alone in her room or wandering through the mansions gardens without her hovering nearby
  • However if you had to go out to meet your family or something similar she would insist on going with you to make sure none o the Vongola’s enemies would target you
  • Chrome will also be like Mukuro with the miscarriage topic and no one but Mukuro would be able to enter her room while she comfort’s you and that is only to bring the two of you food

Hibari Kyouya

  • This man will refuse to let you out of his part of the base unless he was with you but even then it would only be for short walks to get fresh air for you and the baby
  • He will be slightly disgusted by your cravings but will bite anyone who made fun of them to death, literal death unless Kusakabe managed to get you to stop him
  • Kyouya will reuse any missions until your child is at least five, not wanting them to grow up without knowing him like Tsuna grew up but he will do the paperwork assigned to him
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╰ ▚ ♕ ▞ ╮

        How did he get dragged into this?

        A brunet currently treks through the streets in Italy with hands in his pockets. Despite
        being in Japan, Italian language classes were offered and the third years got to pitch
        in to go on a trip. They needed one more person to pitch in to be able to have the
        authorization to go and now here’s Oikawa Tooru with a dictionary in-hand trying to
        figure out how to translate anything.

        Forced to finally stop in acknowledging that he’s not in the best part of town, he
        glances around to wonder just HOW he got here.

            ❝ I’m going to get lost and DIE aren’t I? I should’ve
               brought Iwa-chan with me
. ❞