Things pregnant women should be applauded for:

Walking up stairs
Rolling over in bed
Getting out of bed
Not peeing for over an hour
Tying their shoe laces
Getting dressed
Keeping their cool
Getting out of the bath
Not flinching at rib kicks
Not peeing when sneezing
Not eating everything unhealthy they can get their hands on
Shaving their legs
Painting their toenails
Not crying at everything

There are more… Lots more

The Miseducation of Gabby Douglas

Man, what a difference time makes.

Four years ago Gabby Douglas was the apple of America’s eye, she stole our hearts while she crushed the competition in London. Her story was compelling, she was elegant and represented America with class.

Now, she’s been thrown aside like an old paper.

The scrutiny that Douglas has received during the Rio Olympics is unfair and honestly, unreasonable. Every mannerism has been put under a microscope. Everything from not putting her hand over her heart to not seeming excited for her teammates. I’m waiting for a report to surface criticizing her for not tying her shoe laces.  

Then, the criticism of her hair. It’s amazing how black women are constantly scrutinized for their hair while everyone else tries their hardest to copy it. That’s a story for another time, though.  

With everything that Gabby is going through I hope Simone Biles is paying attention.

You know Simone, right? She’s the girl killing every gymnastics event that Rio has to offer. She’s “taken” Gabby’s place and America can’t get enough of her.

Stop me when this story sounds familiar.

If Gabby’s story has told us anything it’s that America will throw Simone aside as soon as the next talented gymnast comes and tears the floor up.  

Even with all the hurtful bombs that have been hurled in her direction Douglas has been a class act. To be 20 it’s easy to see that she’s mature beyond her years. I know a 20 year old me would have some harsh words for critics but Gabby keeps her cool.

In a society where black people are told to be quiet, Gabby’s #blackgirlmagic is still front and center; giving black girls a mountain to shout from.

As always, thanks for reading.


If you’re struggling to teach your kiddo how to tie his or her shoes, you’re in luck.

Last year, Ross Elementary School’s Parents Teacher Association (PTA) posted a video, borrowed from the Rosemeade Elementary PTA, on their Facebook page with an easy alternative for shoe tying.

Watch the full video with a step-by-step voice guided explanation here.


TIL you can tie your shoe laces in some amazing patterns including stars/pentagrams and starbursts! How in the universe did I not know this before?!?

I found both written and video tutorials for you thanks to Ian’s Shoelace Site and the “How to Lace Shoes” Youtube channel:

Star/Pentagram - written, video

Starburst - written, video

The starburst pattern is modeled above by Corrie Barry (aka Plutonium Muffins) who is also rocking her DIY galaxy converse

I’m sure there’s a million other options, but clearly stars and starbursts speak to my startorial heart. Bonus points for using these on your cosmic kicks! 

- Summer

[ht Emma]

Little Bird - Part 5 - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Void/Reader, mention of Stiles/Reader
Words: 2,016
AN: OKAY ALRIGHT. Listen. There’s ONE MORE PART. And I STG this time it’ll be the end. I love you all.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Your eyes slid open, darting around the hospital room. Everything looked exactly as it had before you’d fallen asleep, except the room was empty.

“Stiles?” You called, but the boy was nowhere to be found. “Great. Thanks for staying with me.”

You sat up, swinging your legs to the edge of the bed, you socked feet slipping onto the cold tile floor. Your pulled on your shoes, tying the laces and stepping towards the door. “Mrs. McCall?” Reaching out for the door handle, you pulled it open, walking out into the hallway.

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I Rode a Hoverboard With Tony Hawk

Just pair it with this

External image

Nike to unveil ‘Back to the Future’ self-tying power laces in 2015

And my life is complete.

Imagine #4 “You and Nate have been dating, but he goes out and ends up drunk texting you his feelings for someone else” - REQUESTED

“what are you gonna be doing?” you say before downing a glass of water accompanied by a tablet to help your headache.

“Nothing really I don’t know, prolly just get high or some shit. The usual” your boyfriend Nate replies. Lately he was acting pretty distant, you hadn’t really seen much of each other as he spent most of his time with Swazz and the other boys, which was understandable because they were literally brothers, but over the past weeks it’s become more noticeable.

“Okay, well just text me so I know you’re alright yeah”

“Hmm” Nate replies whilst tying shoe laces.

You get up out of your bed, and give Nate a hug and a kiss goodbye “Love you” you say after breaking the kiss “Love you too” nate whispers before walking off.

It’s been about 2 and a half hours since Nate has left, and he still hasn’t messaged or called, not that it was a big deal but you wanted to know he was alright. You’ve been lying in bed since he left on Netflix, and keeping up to date with everyone’s snaps. You see a new one loading from Swazz, and when it opens you see that him and the boys are more or less throwing a big ass party “prolly just get high my ass”. You see Nate in the background, bottles in hand, clearly drunk and he’s chilling with a group of people, one of them happen to be this beautiful girl. You’d seen her around before but never really met her she didn’t seem like a threat though, or so you thought. You decide to text Nate..

You stare at your phone as it sends shivers down your spine. You have flashbacks of the snaps you saw earlier and realise how happy Nate looked, not like when he’s with you, he seemed a whole different person and it wasn’t the drink or the weed, it was that girl and you knew it. Nate had just admitted to you, accidental or not that he had fallen for someone else. Your heart was shattered and sunk. Nate is your absolute everything and without him you are nothing. You didn’t even know how to handle this situation, he was clearly to drunk out of his mind to register he was admitting feelings for another girl to his own girlfriend. You look back at the texts again “Im gna sgay at johns she is sgaying to dont tell Y/N” your whole world crashed around you as you cried yourself to sleep.

The sound of stumbling and doors being banged wakes you up, you check your phone to see the time and it is 10:34AM. Everything that happened last night rushes to the front of your brain, you sit still and wait for Nate’s arrival as you prepared how to handle this situation.

Nate comes stumbling in, he’s not drunk any more but definitely has a hangover. He can see that there’s something wrong with you “Ma whats wrong? Oh is it because I didn’t call? Shit I forgot sorry I drank too much I guess” he awkwardly laughs it off. “Lying ass mother fucker” you whisper to yourself. How could he stand there and lie to you like that?

“What did you just call me?” Nate raises both his eyebrow and his voice

You stood up off the bed, walking closer to Nate. “I called you a lying ass mother fucker” the words roll out of your mouth “where’s your fucking phone huh?”

“Ran out of battery, what the fuck are you talking about? I’m not in the mood for this shit ive had no sleep and i’m hungover as fuck” Nate starts pacing around the room. He knows hes fucked up.

You grab your phone off your bedside table, pull out the texts and throw the phone towards Nate, who thankfully catches it. You see the blood drain from his face, he looks up at you and then back down to the phone over and over again. He walks over to the bed and places himself on it.

“Shit…I..I” his face is submerged by his hands, rubbing his forehead furiously.

“Y/N Im so sorry I was dru-” you scoff at his words. “I.. Let me explain”…

                                                 PART 2


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(Requested Anon)  Imagine a prank war with Wanda and Pietro x reader.

Ever since the twins joined the Avengers you got along with them. Although in a different sense to everyone else, you liked to prank both of them, either doing stupid stuff like tying Pietro’s shoelaces together so he smacks the floor to glueing some stuff to the surfaces so Wanda can’t telepathically move anything. 

It was all harmful stuff being pulled on them, they never gave any indication they would do anything back to you, mainly because you thought they didn’t actually know who was doing this stuff and it made you and Clint laugh at night. Clint, even video’d Pietro falling on his face, he plays it when he is upset just to bring his smile back. It made you happy that Clint was getting something out of these pranks also. 

You had your morning routine shower, using your favourite shampoo and conditioner, washing your hair thoroughly. You stepped out and wiped the mirror, what came to your attention was the fact your hair was now pink (red if you have dyed pink hair). You looked in horror, what the fuck happened? 

“Maximoffs,” you grabbed the towel tighter to your body as you stalked to the kitchen, where all the Avengers were sat; Pietro was the first to see you, he would have said something flirty about you being in the towel, only he bellowed with laughter making Wanda and everyone else laugh when they noticed you.

“Oh, this is funny is it?” you asked, your pink hair dripping, Steve gave the Maximoffs a stern look but was still chuckling. “Well, this is war. You are going to pray you never joined us,” you point at them, both smirking. 

“You better get an army together because I have a Bucky and a Hawkeye,” Clint grinned, almost giddy with the fact he will be taking part, you wanted Bucky just because he was menacing; he didn’t decline in joining either. You turned on your heels but before you could leave, Pietro was in front of you.

“You didn’t see that coming,” and then zoomed away, you clenched your fists and you knew exactly which Maximoff to prank first.

Why autistic kids need to know they’re autistic AND what it means.

This is based around my personal experiences. There is a summary at the bottom in bold.

My mum’s tactic with me was to let me know I an autistic. She never tried to hide it from me. What she did do though was take the approach of more or less continuing to treat me like a neurotypical child and essentially making me think that a lot of things that were actually autism related were behaviour problems and things to be fixed, without ever letting me know it was actually an autistic thing. (I’m wording this all wrong ugh.)

For example I’m extremely bad at tying shoe laces. For most of my life I have avoided shoes with laces because of how long it would take me to get it right, which would always end with me getting in trouble for taking so long to tie my laces. I’ve only recently started wearing shoes with laces and even now it takes me a really long time to tie them. 

Even though my mum did help by letting me buy only velcro shoes, it was never addressed or discussed that this was actually related to me being autistic. I was never informed that it was normal or fine that I had trouble with shoe laces. Essentially I was never allowed to know that autism is a disability that has an impact on my life. Instead my trouble with shoe laces was treated like an unrelated flaw and me just being “silly and weird”. 

My difficulty learning and memorising the times table, my struggles with learning and remembering how to read a clock face, were considered as me simply not trying hard enough and putting in the effort to learn it. I simply didn’t practice enough. I was being silly. 

So I essentially grew up knowing I am autistic, but never really knowing what that meant. I knew I was ‘different’ but not how I was different or what impact it has on my life. I ended up growing up with a heck load of internalised ableism and I knew so little about myself and my autistic brain that I may as well have been undiagnosed. I knew a word but that word was empty and meaningless to me and only used occasionally as a way of singling me out as different without telling me why. I never really got help or support for it. 

Whats really chilling about this is how it ended up making me suppress my own autistic traits without even knowing I was doing it. There was no need for anyone to purposefully make/teach me to do that because the way I was raised with an empty word and no knowledge did all of that for them. 

So now here I am. 17 and a mess. Only now figuring out what it all means. Learning what “autistic” means. Realising just how much of an impact it has had - how so many things, difficulties I’ve had and such, are autism related. Only now reaching out for the proper accommodations I am entitled to and seeking help with my education. Something I should have been allowed access to years ago instead of near the end of my time in education. 

Knowing I am autistic without knowing what that meant, and still being treated like a neurotypical child did far more harm than good. 

If you find out your kid is autistic you shouldn’t hide it from them. You should let them know they are autistic. But not only that. They need to know what that means too. They need to be supported and accepted. Not continue to be treated like a neurotypical child and denied access to full understanding and the accommodations they may need. Only having an empty word was almost as bad as not knowing at all. 

Summary: My mum told me I am autistic, but didn’t explain it to me and raised me as neurotypical. I never understood what “autism” meant except that it “othered” me. This was harmful and left a huge negative impact in the future. 

I am making the point that autistic children need to know they are autistic, but also need to be educated and aware of what “autistic” means. 

They need to be raised as autistic kids instead of denied accommodations and suppressed into being raised in a neurotypical mold. 

Just a Scratch

It seemed so cliche, yet you were still oh, so excited. You had been dating Dan for a year. An entire year. Twelve moths with this magnificent specimen.
And for your one year anniversary, Dan had planned an entire day where you could spend time together and he could spoil you with all the things you loved.

It was quite late in the evening, and so far today you’d had brunch in a gorgeous cafe, walked along the edge of a calm lake and snuggled on the sofa watching your all time favourite movies.

Dan had one more surprise for you, however. So after the final movie, he gave you clear instructions to get ready and change into very warm clothes.
After you freshened up and got changed, you toddled downstairs and into the kitchen where dan was finishing off tying his shoe lace.
He smiled as he stood up straight and looked at you.

“Come here” He said with a dimpled smile on his face.

You walked up to him and looked up as he placed a fluffy beanie onto your head, then kissing your forehead.



“Oh my god” you gasped with a smile on your face as Dan pulled up and parked by a large ice skating park.

“I must warn you, I’m quite the professional” Dan teases with a  smirk and a charming wink.

“Bring it” You reply before opening the car door and climbing out.

Dan soon follows, opening the boot and pulling out two pairs of ice skates.

“A pair for you, my love” Dan says, “And a pair for me.”

Dan carries the boots over to some benches, patting the seat and waiting for you to sit. He squats down putting the skates onto your feet, asking if they are comfortable or too tight. He then puts his own on before taking your hand and moving to the ice. You can’t wipe the smile off of your face, your eyes shining as you watching all the happy people around having the time of their lives, and then your boyfriend, who you are absolutely in love with.

While you both get used to it, you go around slowly, side by side. Soon enough however, you are but at a good pace, and a lot more stable. All of a sudden, Dan gets a suspicious glint in his eye and a cheeky smirk.

“What are you up to, Daniel?” You question, but with no vocal answer Dan speeds off ahead of you.

He turns his head back, “I believe you said ‘Bring it’ earlier” he calls back.

You quickly speed up over taking him for a moment before he’s ahead of you once again. This goes on for quite some time. eventually you both end up side by side, giving each other playful nudges and pushes. Its all fine until you lose balance and fall, the said of Dans skate hitting your leg while he tries to get hold of you.

“shit, shit, baby” Dan babbles while trying to get you back onto your feet.

He holds your arm as you both skate to the edge of the rink and over to the bench where your shoes were left. You sit down deciding it time to untie your skates when Dan suddenly begins panicking.

“Shit! Is that blood?! Oh my god, baby, Im so sorry. Don’t move! I’m gonna go get first aid and-“

“Dan, baby… I’t’s just a scratch” You interrupt, smiling at how sweet and caring your boyfriend is.

“But I-“

“Just a scratch” You repeat yourself.

“Okay… I’m really sorry, i’ve ruined all of this” Dan speaks after letting out a deep breath.

“You haven’t ruined anything, Dan. I’ve have an amazing time. It’s been perfect, you’re perfect. Thank-you”  you reply, standing up from the bench and giving Dan a quick kiss on the lips.

“I love you” Dan says, smiling, your lips just centimetres away from each others.

“I love you too Daniel”

“Good. Now how about we get home and I can take good care of you"

Just a little promise

*tying his shoe laces up on his convers, a loose green plaid button up long sleeve shirt tied around his waist, it was hot out tonight yet he was sure a loose fit something would feel good later. His short was a simple black short sleeved tshirt and complete with his dark blue jeans.*

You about set?

LWW: “What if Littles ruled the world?”

“Daddy, what would it be like if little’s ruled the world?”

He looked up from tying my shoe, tugging the laces tightly “Hm, that’s a tough one. I think it would be like a cartoon.”

A lady passed us on the way up the hill and I blushed. “Whoops, I didn’t realize there was a lady there, sorry I called you Daddy in front of her.”

“Don’t think of it, baby.” He said standing up and lacing his fingers with mine.

“What else?” I asked as we strolled downwards towards the train.

“Lots of stuffies, and chocolate milk.”

My stuffie collection was already overflowing, and I got chocolate milk every night of the week in an assortment of sippy cups from Sofia to Cinderella.

“Dinosaur Chicken nuggets?”

“You don’t even eat those baby, we eat all healthy stuff now.”

“Well what if I wanted to?” I insisted and got another look by some passerby. It was my conversation about chicken nuggets, they could see their way out.

“Then you could have them I guess, I don’t even remember the last time we had those.” Daddy said thoughtfully “probably a few years.”

“Hmph.” I puffed my cheeks out “Well I want them anyways!”

I would of course, change my mind later, when it came to food I was always fickle.

“What else?” I asked again.

He paused for a bit, thinking, but I decided to interject. “I would be princess if littles ruled the world.”

“You already are a princess.” He looked down at me and I felt a familiar heat on my face. How could he make me blush so easily even now?

“Oh, I guess littles do rule the world then.” I smiled triumphantly.

“My world, at least.” 

Combeferre walks in the Musian a little late for a meeting.
He sees Eponine on Bahorel’s shoulders and Bossuet attempting to climb a protesting Enjolras. Both Cosette and Courf have their phones out recording it. Nobody has noticed Feuilly on the floor tying Bahorel’s shoe laces together.
Combeferre walks out of the Musian.

Imagine: "I'm impressed."

Can you do an imagine where y/c/n is 2 years older than y/n and they meet while playing basketball? You can choose the ending! :)


“Alright everyone, pair off and warm up.” You and your best friend looked at each other and smirked before finding a space in the giant sport hall.

“Feeling better?” You asked, tying your shoe lace.

“About the dick of an ex-boyfriend I have standing right over there?” She said, glaring over to the other side of the room where sure enough, he was standing.

“Don’t worry about him, he’ll be begging for you back before you know it.”

“I don’t want him back. You can have him if you want.”

“No, I don’t want him,” You laughed whilst stretching out your hamstring.

“Haha, you think I don’t know that?”

“What do you mean?’ You asked cautiously, you could never tell whether she was being sarcastic or not.

"I mean, you like Y/c/n,”

“More than anything,” You whispered.


“Yeah, I do like him but he’s 2 years older than me,” You corrected yourself.


“So..” You let yourself stop, ‘so’ what? What was the problem? Oh yeah.. “He wouldn’t want to go out with me, he could have any girl he wants..”

“Alright everyone, stop chatting. Today we are going to mix the teams up and have a few people from each year group - hopefully this will give you guys a chance to meet some new people." 

Your coaches words sounded more like a blessing. As you got put into groups you hoped and hoped you would be put with Y/c/n. You weren’t always the luckiest of people and that certainly didn’t change today, you were put into a group with people you didn’t know and you were far from happy. You looked around the hall and spotted (Your best friend’s name). Standing close to her was Y/c/n - she was in the same group as him. Your eyes followed her as she walked over to you coach and approached you.

"We’re swapping groups.” She smiled taking your place in the group huddle,


“Trust me, good luck!” She smirked. You began walking over to your new group, as you joined them no one really looked up, apart from Y/c/n, he smiled and brought his hand up to his hair, messing it up.

The games were going well. It was currently half time and most of your team has gone to get a drink.

“You’re a really good player, I’m impressed.” Y/c/n said and you nearly choked on your water,

“Thank you,” You managed to splutter, sounding somewhat unsure.

“I was hoping you’d be on our team,”


“Yeah, I guess I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while but it’s just that-” Y/c/n was interrupted by a loud whistle that made everyone jump.

“Ok everyone, back to the game!” Perfect timing, as always. You walked onto the court and waited for the next whistle, you heart was still beating fast from talking to Y/c/n. You watched the ball make its way up the court and within seconds Y/c/n had it,

“Y/N OVER HERE!” You ran into a space at the far end of the court and Y/c/n passed the ball to you. You managed to block out everyone around you and you threw the ball into the net. Any previous training you had done was worth it, the ball went straight through the net and your team cheered. Y/c/n jogged over to you,

“See, I told you that you were a good player.” He said smirking. You giggled. “Do you maybe want to meet me sometime, you know, off the courts?” He said, your eyes widened in surprise.

“Me?” You said looking round, not quite believing what you had just heard.

“Yeah,” He smiled softy,

“But I’m, I’m-”

“Younger than me?” He finished your sentence for you. You blushed,and stared at the floor, avoiding eye contact.


"So what? Age doesn’t matter does it? I mean as long as its not dodgy or illegal or-” It was your turn to cut him off.

“I’d love to.” You smiled, finally looking up,

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah.” You both continued talking as you walked over to the huddle of players.

“Well done Y/n, that was incredible! I’m so proud of you!” Your best friend said, giving you a hug. 

“So am I.” Y/c/n said. You might not have always been lucky, but today, you sure felt it.


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Tying Shoe Lace. Benjamin Wu (Chinese, 1961-). Oil on canvas.

Studying in China, Wu was encouraged to develop his own style. The famous Chinese painter Qi Baishi once said: “If you learn from me, you are alive, if you imitate me, you are dead!” A true artist must walk on his own path and not sit under someone else’s shadow.

Viktor is totally the type who’d ask for a kiss or plant a kiss at the oddest of times…

*TV commercial break* Kisses Yuri’s temple.

*Yuri passes dinner plate* Grabs his hand to kiss the back of the wrist.

*Yuri straightens up after tying shoe laces* Kisses his forehead.

*Yuri passing by* Casually leans into his space asking for a kiss.

*Scrolling on his phone* Turns to Yuri slightly pouting, silently demanding to be kissed.

He just is like that…