Recently released is Tygerstrype‘s Lackadaisical Daisy, a 9-track album of psychedelic and experimental pop songs. Headed by Philadelphia by way of LA’s electronic duo Gabriel Guerrero and Alden Towler, the tracks push the boundaries of conventional pop through copious utilization of various electronic manipulations with synths, samples, effects pedals, and looped vocals. Spawned from these tools are celestial soundscapes, infectious melodies, and capricious song progressions reminiscent of a particular psychedelic freak-pop movement characterized by electronics and particular methods of lyrical phrasings. Check out a couple of the brilliant tracks off the new album below and then head over to Bandcamp to grab the rest of the album for free.

MP3: Tygerstrype - MRKT Madness

MP3: Tygerstrype - Malevolence

MP3: Tygerstrype - Charisma of the Sun


PREMIERE: Tygerstrype - Prince

PREMIERE: Tygerstrype – Prince

Incoming shortly the second full length from Philly based electro experimentalists Tygerstrype. Entitled ‘We Learn to Love our Chains’ the duo have sent ‘Prince’ ahead on a scouting sortie and we have the exclusive first stream below.

Emerging from a distorted and dislocated psychotropic haze drizzled in shimmer toned drone glazes the mists begin to clear to shape shift into floor thumping…

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Video of Gabe’s show at Kungfu Necktie last week.

If you’re not a Tygerstrype fan, you should be.