Time for Chapter 5! Guess I have an actual story now. I’m still learning as I go, but I hope that it at least keeps a consistent quality. As always, hope you enjoy.

Anatomy Lesson

She felt Malcolm’s cold, gloved hands run up her arm, fingers delicately testing the scales. She inwardly chuckled, the Viper recalling just a month ago when she’d never allow a human this close to her. So much had changed since he’d swept her up in this human crusade.

The human’s digits eventually pressed against a slightly discolored patch of scale, and unpleasant sensations shot up her appendage. Natasatch thought she stopped herself from reacting heavily, but the perceptive human must’ve noticed her red eyes slightly narrowing. He quickly continued up from her forearm to her shoulder, stepping away and extracting his hands.

“Looks like you arm’s almost, but not totally healed, Nat. Give it another few days.”

She shrugged, the sling that carried her healing arm slightly impeding the motion. “Very well.”

Natasatch looked away from Malcolm, observing the somewhat-familiar lab in the bow of the Avenger. This was her third time in the room; the first being her initial biochip removal, the second a week ago for Tygan to help heal the Viper after a rough spot of combat. Natasatch’s current visit was far less dire than her previous ones, as Tygan merely requested her presence as to help some volunteers learn how to treat her kind.

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Manda shoved another crate against the storage room door of AWC, adjusting the filtration mask around her face. Rascal wore similar equipment, trying to get in contact with Tygan on an analysis of the strange gas. Manda blushed when she heard sensual moans on the other side of the door, indicating that their former patients were now occupied. "NO GLOVE NO LOVE!" Manda shouted, to which Rascal snickered. "Manda, I think we gave them enough condoms to make latex suits if they really wanted to..."

There was a shaky cough above them as the vent hatch was opened. Blackwell leaned over the pair, waving down at them. “Hey, you two need a lift?”