Video of King Cairo shot by Blac Chyna’s mom.

Chapter Eight


“Egypt you almost ready?” Ty called to me as I finished putting lotion on my legs.

“Yes hold on.” I yelled back to him pulling my hair into a messy ponytail and swiping my MAC “Heroin” on my lips before grabbing my phone and purse. I stopped to glance at my outfit in the mirror before nodding in approval and walking out of my room down into the living room.

“EJ!” King yelled wobbling towards me. I smiled at him and scooped him up in my arms

“Hi boo” I said as he grabbed my face. I kissed his fat little cheeks. “Gotta blame your daddy for that messed up hair line” I said lowly while walking pass Tyga. He sucked his teeth and laughed.

“Fuck up my son like me. He gon get all the bitc-” He stopped short because Chyna shot him a dirty look. Lately they had been arguing and it made me uncomfortable as hell because I was always just there waiting for them to be done.

“Africa you ready for this photoshoot or not?” Tyga said trying to crack a joke but I could tell he was upset and just looking for a reason to get out of the house. The photoshoot didn’t start until 3:00 and it was only 1:30.

“Egypt don’t forget to schedule Ty’s mom in whenever he’s not busy this week” Chyna said to me and taking King as Ty and I walked out the door, I nodded she looked a mess too. I made a face once I was outside and  realized what she had said, what does she mean schedule his mom in?

“When are you gonna pencil in a day for my mom?” Tyga asked me once we got to the car. I looked at him like he was dumb.

“I’m not going to.” I said opening the passenger door and getting inside the car, Tyga paused and looked at me.

“But that’s your job Egypt to schedule appointments isn’t that what you getting paid for? If you’re gonna try and give me orders or tell me what you’re going to do and not going to do I can just find another fucking assistant” Tyga snapped at me getting inside and slamming his door. I stopped looking at my phone and looked at him. I’ve obviously been nice for too long because he  got me fucked up.

“Look Ty  I’m not your slave, maid, or girl I don’t have to do everything you say, yes I’m paid to make appointments and take care of all your affairs, but you mother isn’t a client! She pushed that big ass head of yours out and to be honest you shouldn’t even have to be told to go see your mother. You should be there every other weekend with your son on your own. Don’t take your nasty ass attitude out on me because you and Chyna going through it! Now if you excuse me.” I snapped putting in my headphones and blocking him out. He looked at me for a minute and before waving me off and driving.

We arrived at the photo-shoot and Tyga slammed the car door leaving me with all the bags containing his outfits I had picked out. I sucked my teeth and mumbled under my breath about how much I couldn’t stand him. I tried to get all the bags out the car and stumbled,  I felt someone grab  my waist. I regained my balance and turned around swinging my fist.

“Woah woah ma relax…” A tall really attractive guy said laughing and holding his hands out in front of him. I looked at him and I was a little speechless.

“Oh umm my bad” I said blushing, he smiled at me. I looked away shyly. I would be the one to swing on a really cute guy then act all shy.

“You need help?” he said looking me up and down, I caught his eyes and he smirked at me.

“Yeah thanks” I said handing him some bags and grabbing the rest. He laughed and took most of the bags from me and waited for me to close the car door. I rolled my eyes at him and reached for the other bags, I hated when guys tried to do everything for me.

“I got it ma don’t even worry just lead the way.” He said smoothly and I smirked at him walking beside him.

“So you a model for Tyga or something?” He asked me as we walked into the building.

“Nah I’m his PA…unfortunately” I said mumbling the last part under my breath. He laughed and began putting the bags onto the ground, I  helped him set the bags down. He looked at me and opened his mouth to speak.

“Egypt!” Tyga called out and I turned around to see him there “Hurry up and bring the bags over here so we can get started.” he said texting on his phone. I sucked my teeth sometimes he could be really annoying.

“I’m sorry, what’s your name?” I asked him smiling and ignoring Tyga’s comment

“Daniel” He said licking his lips and standing up straight stretching, his shirt rose slightly and I caught a glimpse of washboard abs.. Jesus be a savior “Yours?” He said taking me out of my thoughts.

“Egypt.” I said smiling at him and leaning against the wall angling my neck so that I was looking up at him.

“Egypt let’s go I wanna get this shit started! Hurry up.” Tyga called to me again, I looked at him annoyed and let out an aggravated sigh. I’m gonna kill him.

“I gotta go see you around.” I said, he nodded and gave me a quick hug before walking in the direction where I heard a man yelling directions. I went over to Ty and slapped him in the back of the head.

“The fuck was that for?” He said rubbing where I had slapped him and frowning.

“Because that boy was fucking gorgeous and you were over here cock blocking!” I yelled at him. He looked at me and smirked.

“I didn’t bring you here with me to be flirting with or trying to meet  niggas, I brought you here to do a job” He said smartly and shrugged. I narrowed my eyes never had he irritated me so much as he did right now with that stupid smirk on his face.

“Okay but know your place my nigga. You’re  not my man or my friend. You’re just my employer you don’t get to control every aspect of my life including who I talk to! If I’m supposed to handle your business and I do that then thats it, after that whatever I do is none of your business.” I snapped at him.

“Fix your attitude Egypt, I don’t know if it’s that time of the month or what but control it” He said in a low angry tone clenching his jaw. He looked actually kind of cut- what am I saying I hate this man. I rolled my eyes at him and picked up the bags pushing past him onto the set.



“Miss Jahaira, I think my Suspicious-Susan alarm might a ringing but are you laying eggs or has mother hen left the coop?” Steve asked me interrupting from my thoughts.

“What?” I said annoyed scrunching up my face and turning to look at him. I honestly wasn’t in the mood for his weird shit today.

“Is it that time of the month?” He said in a bored tone and giving me an annoyed look as though I just killed his vibe.

“No and mind your business.” I snapped at him angrily, actually I was pissed because my report card came. How could I have failed all the classes my major required? The only ones I had passed with flying colors were music history, music composition, and my creative writing classes. How was I ever going to be a pediatrician with failing grades in all classes that would lead to that?

“Well then obviously this rooster woke up on the wrong hay stack and cracked her own eggs. I’ll just leave you to the register.” Steve said sounding hurt and walking away, I looked around nobody was here today so I took out my phone and called Zion, I would’ve called Egypt but I knew she was at a photoshoot with Tyga today.

“Hello?” He said sounding tired.

“Hi babe” I said I was a little excited to speak to him, he usually made my day better.

“What happen ? I’m kinda busy” He said in a rushed and suspicious tone.

“Doing what? I thought you didn’t have practice today” I said raising an eyebrow.

“I-I don’t. I’m at my…my cousins house.” He said quickly.

“Which cousin?” I asked him folding my arms and leaning on the counter. I had a feeling he was lying and I wasn’t the kind of girlfriend to just let that slide.

“Darryl.” He said. Liar.

“I thought he was locked up.” I said sighing.

“Baby I-”

“Zion who you on the phone with?” I heard a female in his background ask him cutting him off. I jerked my head back and looked down at the phone blinking a couple of times.

“Hello?” I said into the phone trying to make sure I wasn’t bugging out or hearing things.

“Yea he’s busy, goodbye.” The girl said rudely before hanging up the phone. I stood there for a couple of seconds unsure what to do next.

I felt tears in my eyes and felt myself shaking a little bit. I bit down on my lip hard and shut my eyes tightly. My phone started to vibrate and I saw that it was Zion, I turned it off and threw it across the store causing a couple of people to look at me alarmed.

“Miss Jahaira I think maybe you need to take a resting day in the cockpit.” Steve said quietly and touching my arm.

“Could you fucking make sense for once in your life and don’t touch me!” I snapped at him jerking my arm away from him and pushing him away from me before walking out behind the register and getting my phone and coat before storming out.

I walked down 14th street as I tried not to cry, the cold wind slapping my already numb face. I sniffled and wrapped my coat tighter around me.

“Ayo sweetheart lemme talk to you!” Some guy yelled to me across the street, I ignored him and walked faster to the train station. I walked all the way to the end of the platform and waited for the J train, once it came I sat on it and for the first time ever wondered if I had made a mistake staying behind.

Everything I had stayed in New York for seemed to be slipping away from me, I was flunking out of medical school, my boyfriend was cheating on me, and I probably didn’t have a job anymore. I wasn’t one to just run away from my problems but maybe a small vacation was what I needed, how long it would last I wasn’t sure…