tyga son


RoRo & King (Tyga’s son) playing :)

Tyga’s grandma gave Kylie her approval

‘We all love Kylie and think she is so much better for Tyga than Blac. Yes she is King’s mum, but Blac just wasn’t a very nice person and Kylie comes from a much better family. She is such a sweet, lovely girl and seems to adore Tyga.
Tyga adores Kylie and has introduced us to her lots of times.

She loves Vietnamese food, so we love to cook it for her whenever Tyga invites us to his home. Blac used to live there, but now it is where Tyga lives with his son King and Kylie is round there all the time. All we care about is that she is a lovely girl, from a well educated family who are a great influence on Tyga.’ - Kim Nguyen aka Tyga’s grandma