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These blogs are great, and people need to realize they are not 'hate' blogs - they are truth blogs. They tell people what needs to be said; Lauren 'Felice' Cook is a 24 yr old girl who has no merits or stability in real life, and is using an eating disorder and photoshopped images, consciously or subconciously, to lie to young impressionable teenagers. And the more people feed her 'you are perfect' etc, is only pushing her to keep doing it. Someone needs to remind Lauren that shes 24

I totally agree with you! 

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First of all, thank you for having common sense when it comes to smoking with animals in the house, it's amazing that some of FF's moronic fans actually defend the concept of smoking indoors with animals present with no source of ventilation. I can't believe how dumb people are and how incredibly rude/ selfish they are to succumb their animals to inhaling smoke (which honestly breaks my heart). Second, your blog is awesome, thanks for blogging and being the voice of reason!

You are very welcome! I personally just cannot stand ignorance towards how you should look after the animals you choose to live with. If you’ve decided that you’re going to “own" another animal and choose where they live and what they do then it makes sense that you actually think about their welfare. Sadly, so many people just don’t even think! It’s crazy. 

Anyway I’m glad you like it :) Take care!

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Thank you for being truthful about Felice Fawn. I think the more people call her out on her actual harmful bullshit, the more people will realize they should not idolize someone who has no reason to be idolized other than the fact that she is really good at photoshop. I think people would respect her a lot more if she grew up, actually got a sense of responsibility, paid for herself, or even participated more in her 'brand'.

Exactly. What people flinch at is that she is mentally unstable, but that doesn’t mean she has a get out of jail free card. Tiptoeing around mentally ill people doesn’t get you or them anywhere, believe me I know. And when she’s hurting impressionable people, there is no defence for it at all.