honestly, the nerve
evveryone knowws ivve got a bad history wwith tyfora, its hardly a secret
and dude talks about her to me wwith a cozy pet-name
“ohh tyfie has been trying hard~ to not kidnap people~ my tyfie doing such a good job~”
spoken to one of the people she talked about kidnapping wway back
i wwouldnt havve minded it if it wwasnt for the abloobloobloo petname but that apparently made me bristle

anonymous asked:

Sleepy Condy, sleepy RL

Tyfie is the cutest and the best. She’s having a tough time and it’s dumb and I love that she’s trying to handle it without murder or references to murder.
She’s not doing great but she’s trying.
Trying means a lot and she’s gonna do so good later so I am going to keep having faith in her now.
She deserves it.
I miss her a lot. 

We used to do stuff together and now we don’t and I wonder if it was just sex and then now it’s just ‘yeah, you’re my people’ because I’m trying to be a clown again. 
But he doesn’t ever see me.
He doesn’t even say hi if he comes over and he doesn’t get why that upsets me and I gave in but it still upsets me.
I don’t wanna make him do anything but I miss him too.

I miss so many people, what the fuck.