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Did anyone ever tell you you are a beautiful person? Well, let me just change that right now. You are so talented and wonderful and maybe you notice all these things and maybe you dont but I'm just here to remind you of how great you are. Even if you feel insecure or inadequate in some way there will always be someone who cares, who will talk to you and love you no matter what. Yeah uplifting anon! I hope you have a wonderful day you beautiful living thing!

thank you very much!!

i hope you feel the same way about yourself!

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Hello I am so awake with passionate anger because I was like "there are people in the world that would treat Tyler poorly simply because she's dating me" and I'm just like "there are people who would treat tyler poorly" and just, NO I WILL EAT THOSE PEOPLE LIKE CHEETOS FUCK PEOPLE THAT ARENT NICE TO YOU seriously though I will cut bitches