Things PJO fans forget

- Tree nymphs aren’t actually green in colour they look like ordinary girls in gossamer dresses. Only, when they cry their eyes get tinted with chlorophyll.

- Percy started fearing his own element, water, at one point.

- We don’t know if Grover has met Percy yet [ not exactly a spoiler, but it isn’t even mentioned in ToA]

- Grover is a god [ lord of the wild] which means he might outlive all his CHB friends

- Ella and Tyson will go to Tartarus when they die and it may take ages for them to regenerate and come back . They too, will outlive Percy, Annabeth etc.

- Rachel isn’t allowed to date and she’s even going to a finishing school for ladies [ first one, cause she’s the oracle, second one, she made deal with her dad to help Percy…Again not exactly a spoiler but If you’ve read ToA you’ll know that she’s changed a lot and this MAY be because of the finishing school

-  Leo , Hazel and Frank have no immediate family members .

- Leo may have a few but he hates them all and Frank’s weren’t exactly welcoming [ BoO ]

- Jason may have Thalia but he probably feels like Nico did about Bianca

- Piper’s dad will never know that she was fighting for her life and he thought she was at just another boarding school.