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my feed’s been really dry recently, so i’m looking for some new blogs to follow! reblog this if you post any of the following below (and write which of the following in the tags) and i’ll check out all of your blogs as soon as i can.

  • hamilton
  • dear evan hansen
  • next to normal
  • spring awakening
  • trc, soc, shatter me, tsoa, adsom, pjo or tye
  • harry potter
  • poetry
  • photography or typography
  • yuri!!! on ice 
  • shigatsu wa kimi no uso
  • doctor who
  • eyewitness
  • positivity
  • art
  • edits/gifs related to literature 
  • film edits
  • ANYTHING to do with greek mythology

thank you! mutuals can sb this if you want to or recommend a few blogs in my ask box.