January Memes:

  • If a dog wore jeans would it be like this or this?
  • You messed up a perfectly good *** it has anxiety
  • Jared Leto being a lame joker
  • The blond enthusiastic summer camp kid (idk what to call him he also plays a kazoo and other children speak with adult voices)
  • Be like Bill (Facebook meme coming over here)
  • Sarah Palin giving a speech like an icky azleia rap
  • Tag yourself, I’m ***
  • Mario 64 ½ a press video
  • Your (insert random mythical creature/star wars role here) name
  • B.O.B. and Tila Tequila thinking the world is flat (plus he thinks the holocaust never happenend like waht?)
  • The Kanye Amber Rose twitter trainwreck   
  • #Tonytigergate

February Memes:

  • Fine Bros attempt at trademarking
  • Jean items (or jitems if you wanna be funny)
  • Miike Snow - Genghis Khan music video
  • Marge Simpson dancing
  • Hilary and Bernie poster edits
  • That sword way bigger than everyone first thought
  • Squidward on the float
  • Don’t talk to me or my *** sons ever again
  • Damn Daniel
  • Egorapter’s ‘Grump It’ rage remix audio over other videos
  • Break your own news generator
  • Who are you? - I’m you but stronger
  • Bad Lip Reading Yoda Rocking and rolling
  • Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer (or their son depending on your source)
  • Putting an alignment chart placement at the end of a post
  • Obi Wan Kenobi behind the scenes dancing in spaceship clip with the greenscreen being taking advantage of
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon
  • Leo got his Oscar/RIP Leo hasn’t and Oscar (Both practically two sides of the same coin)

March Memes:

  • Cave memes
  • (Emperor’s New Groove) Pacha’s ‘OK’ expression
  • Please disconnect from the Youtube speaker
  • Mark Hamill making Star Wars gay
  • Is it an animal or food?
  • History of Japan
  • The revival of naive suggestions for a tumblrcon
  • Fre sh a voca do
  • ‘It’s too scary. far far to scary by far, I was scared.’ Amazon review
  • Homestuck ending

April Memes:

  • Lizard Election
  • Miitamo
  • Rogue One trailer
  • Mr Krabbs reaction image
  • “Be careful who you called ugly in middle school”
  • “He ruined my dream journal” A.k.a. the return of shark boy and lava girl
  • Dark *** show me the forbidden ***
  • Are you a *** gay/person or a *** gay/person
  • Skye Jackson reaction image
  • Civil War spoilers

May Memes

  • It’s gonna be May
  • Dat boi
  • Overwatch shorts
  • Overwatch lesbians
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon starters
  • Funny moments in Family Guy
  • Uncharted 4 taunt dances
  • Black Panther always wanting to fight Bucky
  • Game of Thrones hate
  • Lady with the Chewbacca mask
  • Jaspertale
  • Mockery of Hydra Captain America
  • Caveman Spongebob reaction image

June Memes

  • Tom (from Tom+Jerry) pulling a face while opening the door
  • New water in Skyrim Remastered
  • Kojima’s “I’m back”
  • Link in Breath of the Wild having his naked return
  • Pingu’s The Thing
  • The Beatles cartoon
  • Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared finale
  • Trolley Problem
  • Brexit memes to make ourselves feel better
  • Spongebob screenshots to represent characters/things
  • What’s question 5 comic edits (the note passing with one person getting annoyed thing if you’re not aware of what the original thing was like)
  • Love for Leo from Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

July Memes

  • Sans meets the Pope
  • Pokemon Go
  • Photo of that line of similar looking white boys in a stadium
  • *clap emoji*talking*clap emoji*like*clap emoji*this*clap emoji* (I don’t have mobile) can be replaced by thumbs up
  • That always terrified looking kid who has photos and videos everywhere
  • Spongegar
  • Scooby Doo briefly appearing
  • Shading Melania Trump for her plagiarism and the excuses
  • Dicks out for Harambe (can be separated from each other)
  • Cursed Child Hate

August Memes

  • I’m dropping hints that I’m ***
  • Stranger Things (Barb)
  • Make it stranger text edits
  • Arthur clenched fist photo
  • Michael Phelps’ face
  • Trump Tower climber
  • How you shower
  • *inhale* BOI
  • A cursed image
  • Tales from Target
  • Me, an intellectual
  • Freshmen doing the naruto run in several situations

September Memes

  • Randt your sticks
  • Pepe the white supremicist
  • Spicy boi Hilary
  • Song that keeps getting faster
  • This user *** boxes
  • People wanting a new Halloween meme that ain’t the skeleton war
  • That gif of woman enthusiastically opening a door and walking onto a catwalk (she’s on Big Brother but I can’t recall her name)
  • Gorillaz returning and love for new Noodles
  • Disbelief that this year was an actual sucky thing that happened
  • Oh we’re halfway there *image of a similar sounding pun to the next line

October Memes

  • Hilary vs Trump debates
  • Bernie watching it forlornly from home
  • Those damn killer clowns and the viking uprising to battle them
  • The cask of Amontillado
  • Retrowave text edits
  • Exotic butters
  • Mr Brightside nostalgia
  • Death of Vine
  • Self love is
  • Love for Cerberus
  • Name a more iconic duo
  • My longest yeah boi ever
  • Guy shaking his head gif
  • Woman confused by maths reaction image

November Memes

  • I have been forcefully removed from x
  • If you don’t vote for x it’s a vote for y
  • The penguin relationship breakup
  • Joe Biden pranking Trump
  • The uncomfortable handshake between Obama and Trump
  • We are Number One and Lazy Town in general
  • Kitkat official (rip)
  • Evil kermit
  • Manequin Challenge
  • BBC Class

December Memes (So far)

  • A family can be…
  • No (blank) we die like men
  • Blurry image of the definition of perfection
  • Bone app the teeth
  • Bode
  • Harry Potter rated based on…
  • Let’s talk about gender issues *random gif*
  • Let 2017 be a good year

anonymous asked:

It's true that the whole tyren thing has something fishy bcuz it looks like TyD is the 1 who is taking advantage of it.The thing is that L lets him do it and hangs out with him a lot lately letting rumors grows. So when u dont want b related to som1 at all u make it clear.If this is PR I get it cuz she has to swallow it but if this real I'll b disappointment bcuz there would b no coherence between her actions and values /principles.TyD is the opposite of what she preaches making her looks fake.


Woordeskat 011: Basiese 200 Woorde - Basic 200 Words (using funwithlanguages’s system)


  1. be - om te wees (present: is, past: was)
  2. there is - x (present: daar is, past: daar was)
  3. have - om te hê, gehad (present: het)
  4. do - om te doen, gedoen
  5. create (aka “make”) - om te maak, gemaak / om te skep, geskep
  6. cause (aka “make”) - om te maak, gemaak / om te veroorsaak, veroorsaak
  7. go - om te gaan, gegaan
  8. say - om te sê, gesê
  9. speak - om te praat, gepraat
  10. know - om te weet, geweet (facts) / om te ken, geken (people)
  11. think - om te dink, gedink
  12. want - om te wil, gewil (past: wou)
  13. like - om te hou van, gehou van
  14. can - om te kan (past: kon)
  15. need - om te moet (past: moes)
  16. should - sou
  17. try - om te probeer, geprobeer
  18. feel - om te voel, gevoel
  19. work (also as a noun) - om te werk, gewerk / die werk, werke
  20. learn - om te leer, geleer
  21. get (meaning “obtain”) - om te kry, gekry
  22. use - om te gebruik, gebruik
  23. start - om te begin, begin
  24. eat - om te eet, geëet
  25. see - om te sien, gesien
  26. write - om te skryf, geskryf
  27. give - om te gee, gegee
  28. sleep - om te slaap, geslaap


  1. hello - hallo / goeie dag (formal) / haai (informal)
  2. goodbye - totsiens
  3. “Nice to meet you.” - Lekker om jou te ontmoet. (informal) / Bly te kenne. (formal) / Aangename kennis. (formal)
  4. yes - ja
  5. no - nee
  6. okay - oukei
  7. please - asseblief
  8. thank you - dankie
  9. you’re welcome - dis ‘n plesier
  10. sorry - jammer
  11. excuse me (to catch someone’s attention) - verskoon my
  12. well (as in “Well, I think that…”) - wel


  1. that (as in “I think that…” or “the woman that…”) - dat
  2. and - en
  3. or - of
  4. but - maar
  5. though - hoewel
  6. because - omdat
  7. therefore - dus
  8. if - as


  1. before (also as a conjunction) - voor
    after (also as a conjunction) - na
  2. of - van
  3. from - uit / van
    to - na
  4. in - in
  5. at (place) - by
  6. at (time) - by
  7. with - met
  8. about - oor
  9. like (meaning “similar to”) - soos
  10. for (warning, this one has several meanings that you need to take care of) - vir

Adjectives and adverbs

  1. a lot - ‘n baie
    a little - ‘n bietjie
  2. good / well - goed, goeie, comparative: beter, superlative: beste
    bad / badly - sleg, slegte
  3. more (know how to say “more … than”) - meer (…as) / comparative form
  4. most - mees / superlative form
  5. enough - genoeg, genoeg
  6. even - selfs


  1. the, a (technically articles) - die - ‘n
  2. this (also as a noun) - hierdie / dié
    that (also as a noun) - daardie / dié
  3. all - al, alle
    some - sommige, sommige
    no - geen…nie, geen…nie
  4. other - ander, ander
  5. any - enig, enige
  6. easy - maklik, maklike
    hard - moeilik, moeilike
  7. early - vroeg, vroeë, comparative: vroeër
    late - laat, late, comparative: later
  8. important - belangrik, belangrike
  9. cool (as in “that’s cool”) - fantasties, fantastiese
  10. different - verskillend, verskillende
  11. beautiful - pragtig, pragtige


  1. very - baie
  2. too (as in “too much”) - te
  3. also - ook
  4. only - enigste
  5. now - nou
  6. here - hier
  7. maybe - miskien
  8. always - altyd
    sometimes - soms
  9. today (also as a noun) - vandag
    yesterday - gister
    tomorrow - môre
  10. almost - amper
  11. still - nog
  12. quickly - vinnig, vinnige


  1. thing - die ding, dinge
  2. person - die persoon, persone
  3. place - die plek, plekke
  4. everything - alles
    something - iets
    nothing - niks
  5. time (as in “a long time”) - die tyd, tye
  6. time (as in “I did it 3 times”) - die keer, kere
  7. friend - die vriend, vriende
  8. mother, father, parent - die moeder, moeders - die vader, vaders - die ouer, ouers
  9. daughter, son, child - die dogter, dogters - die seun, seuns - die kind, kinders
  10. wife, husband - die vrou, vroue - die man, mans
  11. girlfriend, boyfriend - die vriendin, vriendinne - die kêrel, kêrels
  12. breakfast - die ontbyt, ontbyte
  13. lunch - die middagete, middagetes
  14. dinner - die aandete, aandetes
  15. money - die geld, geld
  16. day - die dag, dae
  17. year - die jaar, jare
  18. hour - die uur, ure
  19. week - die week, weke
  20. house - die huis, huise
  21. office - die kantoor, kantore
  22. language - die taal, tale
  23. name - die naam, name
  24. word - die woord, woorde
  25. company - die maatskappy, maatskappye
  26. Internet - die Internet, x

Question Words

  1. who - wie
  2. what - wat
  3. where - waar
  4. when - wanneer
  5. why - waarom
  6. how - hoe
  7. how much - hoeveel


  1. I - ek
  2. you - jy
  3. she, he - sy - hy
  4. it - dit
  5. we - ons
  6. you (plural) - julle
  7. they - hulle



Hallo almal! Hello everyone! This week’s Language of the Week #LOTW is Afrikaans.

Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and is recognized as one of South Africa’s 11 official languages. Afrikaans sounds very similar to Dutch, and this is because the language evolved from Dutch.
In South Africa, Afrikaans is taught as a compulsory subject in some schools. There have been concerns in the past that the language is dying due to Afrikaans natives attending English schools and mixing English in with the language, but due to the rise of new Afrikaans music, films and books, it seems as if the language is stronger than ever.

If you are interested in music, check out these two cool Afrikaans bands. Die Heuwels Fantasties (https://www.youtube.com/user/dieheuwels), a local popular band, and “Straatligkinders (https://www.youtube.com/user/StraatLigKindersSA) if you’re into rock music.

Wanna know some Afrikaans phrases?
Hey, how are you? Haai, hoe gaan dit?
I am hungry. Ek is honger.
Afrikaans is a beautiful language. Afrikaans is ‘n pragtige taal.

Watch co-founder Lindie speak her native language in this video!

Hello, my name is Lindie. I am 19 years old and I am South African. My father is a diplomat, so I spent the biggest part of my life in Paris, Pakistan and Dubai. The only time, or the only place where I could speak Afrikaans was in the house with my family. So I have heard from a few people that I have a strange accent when I speak Afrikaans. When we moved back from Dubai to South Africa in 2009, I learnt Afrikaans on school level for the first time, as home language Afrikaans. (not first additional language - there are two options for Afrikaans in South African schools). I ended up receiving the matric [last year of high school] Afrikaans prize, to my surprise. In those four years, I picked up a new love and interest in the language, especially for poetry and Afrikaans films. I study information design at university, but my passion is actually languages. I dream to speak 10 languages by the time I am finished with university. I would also like to work in South Korea, in the design industry, one day… so that I can mix my interests of language and design. Those are my dreams for the future. Now my parents and my younger brother live in Japan, so I am focusing on learning Japanese better so that when I visit them in a few months, I will be able to speak the language. I believe that learning another language makes you another person, and it opens so many doors and you learn so much more about other cultures. And languages are just fantastic. That is all I can say…its fantastic. So yes, that was just a bit about my absolute passion for language. Yeah.

Hallo, my naam is Lindie, ek is 19 jaar oud en ek is Suid Afrikaans. My pa is 'n diplomaat, so ek het die grootste deel van my lewe spandeer in Parys, Pakistan en Doebai. Die enigste tyd, of plek wanneer ek eintlik Afrikaans kon praat was in die huis saam met my familie, so ek het al van 'n paar mense gehoor dat ek 'n vreemde aksent het as ek Afrikaans praat. Toe ons in 2009 terrug getrek het van Doebai af Suid-Afrika toe het ek vir die eerste keer Afrikaans as skoolvak geleer , as huistaal afrikaans. Ek het toe eintlik die Matriek prys vir Afrikaans gewen tot my verbasing. Ek het in daai vier jaar 'n nuwe liefde en belangsteling opgetel vir die taal,veral gedigde en Afrikanse films. Ek swot inlkigtingsontwerp op universiteit maar my passie is eintlik tale. Ek droom om 10 tale te kan praat teen die tyd wat ek klaar is met universiteit. Ek sal graag eendag wil werk in Korea in die ontwerp besigheid daar, sodat ek my belangstelling en liefde vir die Koreanse taal en ontwerp kan meng, so dit is my drome vir die toekoms. Nou bly my ma-hulle en my jonger broer in Japan, so ek probeer ook fokus ook om daai taal beter te leer sodat ek wanneer ek vir hulle gaan kuier in 'n paar maande sal ek hopelik die taal kan praat. Ek glo dat om 'n ander taal te praat maak vir jou 'n ander persoon en dit maak so veel deure oop, en jy leer so veel oor ander kulture. Tale is net fantasties, dis al wat ek kan se, dis fantasies. So ja, dit was maar net 'n bietjie oor my absolute passie vir taal. Ja.


Video Request: 

Rihanna watching Chris Brown perform “Take You Down”

Thank you, Taja. You’re the sweetest, and I love you dearly. I hope this goes well. I’ll probably have a stroke before he texts me back.

And yeah, Cree, that is totalllllly how I’m feeling. I’m hoping it turns out alright, but there is definitely a voice in the back of my head screaming, “WHYYYYYYYYYY”