A Personal-ish post! 

I recently re-organized the lotion part of my bathroom cabinet. Bath & Body Works releases a coupon for a free mini lotion every time they release a new one so as you can see, I have plenty in stock thanks to this. (missed one and used one up already) 

I think I only paid for 3 or 4 things here, and that depends on if you think buy one get one free counts or not. =) 

Huzzah for freebies! 

Can anyone guess what isn’t a freebie? 

Today’s Darling is Pepto-Bismol, who sent me this lovely thank you gift. I can’t tell you how I got it but they were lovely to do this. 

Pepto helps with stomach problems such as upset stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, and Diarrhea. It’s also good for your skin. Just use it like a face mask, BUT be sure not to have any sulfer on your face, I think I remember that it can turn your face black-ish if you do. 

Thank You Darling.

Text LIPGLOSS to 467467 for FREE Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss Sample

This is a fast freebie guys, good luck.

Answer Y to the 1st Q, they will figure out your address via phone number but you can edit it if you need to (send Y if correct and N if you need to change it), then you’ll text your name then e-mail and done. =)

Don’t submit again if it’s slow, it’ll happen in time. 

Sephora Beauty Insiders Will Want to Check For This E-Mail

I hope lots of you are insiders because I just got an ultra sweet e-mail!

Subject: Inside: $15 to spend

It’s a $15 gift card valid from Nov 29 - Dec 10 when you spend $50 in stores. And according to Craving-Oxygen, you don’t have to spend the $50 when you use it online. 

 craving-oxygen asked tydarling:

For the $15 Sephora gift card, you don’t have to spend $50 as long as you buy online :) I bought something for $10 and it worked fine!

$50 is a lot to spend but I know a lot of gifts for others and yourself might add up to that (be them separate or multiple items in one go) and when you spend $50 at-least you get free shipping.

Hope someone has it that can use it.



Free Birthday Card

If you don’t have a Cardstore account yet,……seriously….. get on that. If you’ve ever needed to give a card in your life this freebie is for you.

Every so often, they release codes for free cards. Shipping is free and you don’t need to put credit card information for it.


I haven’t paid for cards all year and have given out more then I ever have. 

I have a small family so this matches up with my schedule perfectly. I’ve gotten, Valentine cards, birthday, Christmas, Grandparent’s day, mother’s day, Easter…. all the cards. 

AND you can customize them!

Personal text and photos, they are just so amazing and I’ve gotten so many complements on them so go do this now Darling.  

Free Silver Plated Heart Pendant or Silver Plated Hoop Earrings.

Only about 3 more hours till the offer is over.
Still Live. 


Although it says “OR” I couldn’t find a place to differentiate between them. All my freebie friends were doing it so I thought “Why not”.

Always use a fake e-mail, name, and number when you can.



    Here are some free with purchase offers from various magazines. I’d advise only to do them if you’re already going to buy the qualifying item(s). The first three are for Olay and have no e-mail option so pick the one you want most? Though the third doesn’t specify what Olay item to buy like the other ones do.

    Remember they’d take about a month to get to you and you may not get them if they’ve all been claimed before they got to yours.

If you cannot read something please feel free to ask in my ask box.

The Clump Crusher one is from this Reddit post, give her some karma if ya’ can. 

Vi, what are you doing??

So I’ve been away due to a storm of finals, illness, and Christmas. OH BOY!

But I’m already planing another contest. WHYwhyI'mbrokestahp. 

I’m planning to call it something like “the close shave” or “Close call” kit giveaway. It’ll have 3 winners.

BUT before that I need to take care of some personal things, my new year goal that’s due Jan 30th. And by then I’ll have the cash for shipping to, yippee!

So this has been kind of a filler/blog type post. Hope ya’ll don’t mind. 

Should this be strictly freebies or would you like to know about me as well?

TYQ4U: Should I stop updating at night?

I did some updates (new posts) and it’s now 1:38AM here. But I’m worried that you darlings may not be able to see them. 

Should I queue them to show up later, like the morning, or keep it the way it is?