Here are a few color concepts I did on Epic from a few years ago. One of my jobs on the film was to create a style guide and color concept for these different locations. It was a real challenge because the colors needed to feel harmonious but chaotic at the same time. Bomba’s workstations were complete disaster areas! In a painting like the library or the surveillance room, I had to really choose what information was important for the viewer to notice and what could sit back in space. I think most of design is making this decision! 

I worked closely with the insanely talented Sandeep Menon, who came up with the original concept designs for these locations. Jason Sadler was also involved in the design of the many surveillance gadgets/electronics. There are a ton!

Once again thanks for all your great feedback! I really appreciate the responses. Hope you enjoy!

Today, VPA Illustration had Tyler Carter come in and speak to their Visual Symposium Class. A designer at Blue Sky Animation Studios and Emmy Award winner for his 2011 film “DreamGiver,” Tyler spoke about landing your dream job and the process that goes into animation. Visit his blog (http://www.tycarter.com), and watch the film on Vimeo, he’s a great artist and kind spirit.

Peanuts #Concept Art-Early exploration for the Aerodrome Valley.I pushed the valley really grand to contrast the flat #CharlieBrown World. On a side note, I am pursuing a personal project on #Patreon and you can get awesome rewards in return for your support! I’m giving away tutorials, reviews and even a mentorship! You can support the project at http://ift.tt/1o07hjr #tycarter #paint #color #instaart #instagood #draw #artistsoninstagram #art #peanuts #snooopy #illustration #visdev #design #fly by tycarterart http://ift.tt/1KczWMt

Hey guys! I’m teaching a new class at CGMA! Sign ups are open here: http://2dclassroom.cgmasteracademy.com/masterclass/reg  and this is a #witch for #halloween Yay for dry ice root beer!

BTW Thanks for all of your support on tumblr! There are nearly 5,000 followers on Ty Carter Art and I owe it to you guys for sharing my work. THANK YOU. Seriously, you ROCK! Here’s to 10,000!

Snowbird! It’s 20 minutes outside SLC and one of the best resorts ever. PERIOD! Here’s some great ski lingo to brighten up your thursday and review your slope lingo

Après Ski: Literally means “after ski,” but really refers to the nightly booze/dance party assault which can do way more damage to your body than a day on the snow.

Bombing: Going downhill at a stupid-fast rate of speed without regard for your own body. Or anyone else’s body.

Bony: Early or late season conditions featuring a slew of wood and rock landmines under your skis.

Brah or Bra: Synonymous with “bro.” A fraternal/plutonic expression between males bonded through testosterone based experiences.

Bulletproof: Compacted, icy snow that’s literally hard enough to ricochet bullets.

Bunny: A female skier who appears to be more concerned with whether her boots and gloves match than actually skiing.

Chowder: Chopped/skied up snow + powder = chowder = the exact opposite of effortless.

Cornie: Short for cornice, which is an overhanging edge of snow on a ridge or the crest of a mountain with a sharp drop below.

Death Cookies: Icy chunks of snow that cover the run like evil gremlins waiting to grab your ski edge.

Eat Wood: This is what happens when a skier or rider gets to meet a tree up close.

Face Shot: A somewhat rare and cosmic event that occurs when the powder is so deep that the snow hits you in the face with each turn.

Line: A natural line of descent between two points on a slope.

Flat Light: Grey skies and dim light that can create vertigo and/or make terrain changes seem like a surprise attack.

Freshies: Untracked powder.

Gaper:  Any unstylish or ill-advised novice who stands out (albeit unintentionally) as being completely clueless.

Gaper Gap: That giant, unmistakable gap of forehead flesh typically visible between a gaper’s helmet and goggles.

Glade: Heavily treed areas that are still skiable.

Gnar: A shortened version of the word gnarly, meaning either a place or activity that is high on the scale of dangerousness and coolness or used to refer to quality snow that one intends to shred.

Jibber: Someone who skis rails, boxes, and other features around the mountain. Also referred to as a “park rat.”

Pow: Short for freshly fallen powder snow.

Ripper: An accomplished and impressive skier or rider.

Dirt Bag: One who lives to ski or ride and avoids anything that isn’t skiing or riding, often including work. Also known as a ski bum.

Smash: Meaning to ski or ride, but only if you’re a ripper. Not applicable to gapers/spores/novices. Often used in place of “shred” or “killing it.”

Yard Sale: A major fall in which a gaper/spore loses his or her skis, gloves, hat and poles across the run.

Spore: Stupid + People + on + Rental + Equipment = Spore. I swear I’m not making this stuff up.

Steazy: Style + Ease = Steaz. For example, Olympic athlete Shawn White is the reigning godfather of steaz.

An oldie for today’s Throwback Thursday. All I can think about when I see Delicate Arch is how bad I had to use the restroom and they were all in use. That’s probably something you don’t say when you post but I’m gonna say it anyway. We’re all family here, right? #peopleProblems #tooMuchLemonade

I’ve been asked to teach at the School of Visual Storytelling this year! I’m a little nervous to be teaching alongside heavyweights Will Terry & Jake Parker. They are amazing! If you are interested in taking the course check out the site: http://schoolofvisualstorytelling.bigcartel.com/

Thanks for helping me spread the word and hope to see you in class!