tybalt capp


I mean think about it: Angela is patient enough to deal with his outspoken surliness, Tybalt is totally open to random feuds with no basis in logic or reason so he would have no problem dealing with his sister-in-law.

And it makes sense in a medieval setting because you just know Mary-Sue would want to get some political marriages all up in this business so Angela would have to get together with somebody higher class.

And, and, they are so. freaking. cute. ingame. Ye deities, when I was looking for poses that go with the freaking maxis male height (a rant for another time) they were flirting and talking and being generally adorable.

And, and, and 

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Going through the ubermegahood photos and there are a lot of just single ones.  Also it’s been 3 MONTHS since I took these and I don’t exactly remember the context.

1. Puck Summerdream and Tybalt Capp hung out together. 

2. A picture of Vivien Monnet that @sims2simmies made me along with her husband.

3. The oldest Ottomas boy whose name is escaping me at the moment, I think rescued Tommy from endless screaming.  If I’m remembering right.

4. Jill likes using Johnny’s room for homework. It helps her feel close to him now that he’s gone to college.

5. Random townie that I thought had an interesting style.  Can’t remember his name now. I THINK he’s in the Jocque house.

6. Someone in Veronaville?  adopted a dog?   Probably?

7. Baby Ottomas was born.  No clue what I named the baby. I don’t remember.

8. Jenny Smith lost her baby. 

9. Faline Kat?  I think.  Grew up.

10. Sue Meme (i think)  got electrocuted.


When you have enough teens in a neighborhood, you gotta make a yearbook page ;)


Regan, her three children, her nephew Tybalt and his girlfriend Ellen moved into 54 Via Veronaville (they used to live down the road, in the much smaller 20 Via Veronaville). After buying this large double house they didn’t have too much money left, and I didn’t want them to have a mortgage, so the furnishing will be a work in progress instead of my usual over-decorating. :P

Oh, and I made the lot into a corner lot, which I forgot to mention before. Lot Adjuster. ♥