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When you have enough teens in a neighborhood, you gotta make a yearbook page ;)


Capp Manor has a nice high wall and pointy-topped gates to keep the Montys riffraff out. But have no fear Romeo, there is now a balcony for you to climb in the dead of night, complete with rosebushes and ivy for footholds. Young lust love cannot be bound by pointy-topped gates!

Consort remains head of the household until Juliette comes of age, and until then there will be no Montys in his house, thank you very much. He can’t believe Contessa nearly fell for that scum.

The internal has been remodeled too, now boasting an intimidating pillar-lined entrance hall, kitchen, grand dining room, and a drawing room with fireplace. Upstairs there is a master suite, currently occupied by Consort, a family bathroom and three bedrooms. Consort, Juliette and Hermia all have balcony access in their rooms. Tybalt doesn’t care - he’ll be off to college soon enough.


Regan, her three children, her nephew Tybalt and his girlfriend Ellen moved into 54 Via Veronaville (they used to live down the road, in the much smaller 20 Via Veronaville). After buying this large double house they didn’t have too much money left, and I didn’t want them to have a mortgage, so the furnishing will be a work in progress instead of my usual over-decorating. :P

Oh, and I made the lot into a corner lot, which I forgot to mention before. Lot Adjuster. ♥


Well you see Kara, there was a big feud that happened a while ago now between your great grandfather and Manuels great grandfather over a woman.. She married my grandfather and then we became enemies. Then you see, your aunty Juliette married Romeo who is Manuels Uncle. So, technically you both are related. I guess Manuels father didn’t tell his kids any of this either. Don’t blame Manuel for this..



Just to clear it up for my readers, LOL


“Above: Photograph of the Capp family used in the recent Rat Race magazine feature piece, which was quickly made infamous when reporter Patricia Wan (two-time winner of the Gootentaugen award for excellence in journalism and outspoken critic of the family’s alleged involvement in last year’s Landgraab election scandal) announced a sudden pull on the article a few days after its original publication, an action rumoured to have been in response to a warning slice of vine-cake delivered to her home address by an unknown sender. 

Since the days of their notorious matriarch Cleopatra Capp, previous generations of the Capp legacy have been implicated in the counterfeiting of both MagiCoins and Simoleons, illegal Laganaphyllis simnovorii breeding rackets, inter-neighbourhood repo-gun trafficking, wonderpetal shipments and the sale of unregistered bubble machines, as well as being affiliated with multiple witchcraft syndicates and supplying unlicensed members of the public with harmful magical reagents. The family is also known for fronting several charitable enterprises, such as the late Cordelia Capp’s foundation for aspiration failure research. However, they are perhaps most famous for their feud with the rival Monty clan – a feud which on top of providing many SimNation residents with bottles of bootlegged Monty vineyard nectar, has helped firmly cement the position of current queenpin, the young Juliette Capp, after a highly-publicised and horrific episode now being called the ‘sanguine nuptials’.”

Source: The Avarix magazine profile, pg. 16, Veronaville : Violence, Money, Magic.

Not many would suspect it, but Juliette is looking forward to becoming the next Capp heiress. Not right away, mind; she’s quite content to let her grandfather be in charge until she’s finished university, but she has big plans for the future of her family. Big plans that involve putting up with that Monty loser for just a little longer…