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“You’re and idiot, Ty.” Mercutio said, calming down.

“Clearly, so are you.” Tybalt answered, a huge smile on his face.

“I still think we would make cuter babies together” Mercutio said, getting closer to Tybalt, whispering on his ear”

“Who, you and Angela?” 

“You and me, silly”

This had been going for months now. Deep down they had always known, wich was probably why they fought so much. Now they kept doing so, to keep appearances, and would then laugh about it together, and come up with new insults for each other. 

Mercutio pulled Tybalt closer, put a hand on his face and kissed him. It just felt so good to be together, and it was incredibly exciting to do it in secret too…

“Hey hey, calm down” Tybalt said, getting a few inches away from Mercutio. “My whole dead family is here, you have to be a little more decent” He joked.

Mercutio’s response was quite simple.


Mercutio and Tybalt aren’t enemies anymore. Just look at them! In the end, the most dramatic event of the wedding is a soap in a fountain. Done by a random townie. Vendetta is no more, ladies and gentlemen! 

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They went downstairs and Juliette was nervous to see her brother was already there.

“Oh hey!”

“Why didn’t you tell me we had guests? “He said as he smiled towards Angela, she couldn’t help but return the smile. “It’s great to see you again” 

Relieved that her brother was too distracted and apparently didn’t see or hear Romeo, she left him to continue talking with Angela.

Everyone could see how difficult it was for Tybalt to not be his usual, angry self, it was awkward, ven, to see his advances on Angela, wich seemed almost forced. Angela however thought it was the nicest thing, and smiled and giggled as if she had never talked with a boy before, reacting accordingly to the compliments Tybalt said to her.

The group left the mansion and walked to the Summerdreams, Tybalt and Angela stayed behind, talking, and eventually, Tybalt had the courage to gently touch her hand, wich she accepted, and they held hand all the way to the party.


I mean think about it: Angela is patient enough to deal with his outspoken surliness, Tybalt is totally open to random feuds with no basis in logic or reason so he would have no problem dealing with his sister-in-law.

And it makes sense in a medieval setting because you just know Mary-Sue would want to get some political marriages all up in this business so Angela would have to get together with somebody higher class.

And, and, they are so. freaking. cute. ingame. Ye deities, when I was looking for poses that go with the freaking maxis male height (a rant for another time) they were flirting and talking and being generally adorable.

And, and, and 

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Antonio, don’t you dARE! 

It’s time for Mercutio and Miranda’s wedding. My computer doesn’t like it when I throw big parties on big lots, so the Montys rent a wedding park for the occasion. 

For a change I decided to just let them do whatever. There are lots of Capps on Miranda’s side, and I hope fear that it’ll cause a calamity of some sort but ehhh. Sims peacefully greet each other in the bushes for a good portion of the day. I just teleported those I needed on the lot, and that’s where they appeared. *sigh* Antonio ignores his Capp enemies and helps himself to the food, of course… 

Miranda’s aunt Regan shows up univited – yes! oh, no! She’s a sworn enemy to half of the Montys! 

…and she doesn’t give a shit about any of them. ==

After having a few more words with Titania and scheduling when her lessons would begin, the girls went back to the party. No one seemed to have noticed what was going on inside the house… “Magic” Lilith thought.

She then looked for her sister, she wasn’t sure if she could tell her yet but she neede someone familiar to be with. She then noticed she was away from the group, too happy minding her own business…