tyani elementary school

Tulay sa Pagbasa, Patungo sa Pag-asa

I was wrong about the title/name of the program I’m joining. I thought it was part of Adopt a School, because I’m joining both of it. I’m sorry about my post last night.

Anyway, the tutorial in Tyani Elementary School for today was tiring and gave me a little headache but it was fun. I know I’ve shared something even if it was just a little. I had two students today. First was Paul, a 9 y/o grade 2 student who knows and memorize the alphabet but he doesn’t know how it sounds, he can’t read CVC words and longer words, but he can read some 2 letter words. I had a hard time teaching him because he was very shy and I think he’s scared if he can’t read correctly. My second student was Aaron, he already knows how to read simple words, he can translate Filipino to English and English to Filipino words and he can somehow comprehend what he is reading. All he need is some practice, motivation and reinforcement. I keep telling him that he can do it and he’s very good because he told me that he is not good in English subject and his older sisters doesn’t want to help him. I told him that if he keeps on practicing, he’ll be soon good at reading, and he agreed on it and he said he’ll ask help from his mom. I can see it in his eyes that he is very happy that I believe that he can read and he can be good at it.

We’ll be teaching them ‘til February but we don’t know if we’ll be handling the same students. (I hope we’ll teach them again!)