tyael asked:

Yiha! :) I just wanted to ask, how the schedule looked like last year on sunday? Because I need to be back in Denver on Sunday evening... I hope, that Jensen and Jared appear in the early afternoon... :/

It depends on what the guys’ schedule is like and how Creation tries to schedule things around it. Last year, the breakfast was at 8:30, the J2 photo ops went from 10-12:30ish, Richard Speight Jr’s solo panel from ~1-2 (I think) and the J2 panel was from 2:30-3:30 with autographs after and another panel with another guest after with things coming to a close around 6-7ish. When I get home tonight, I can look at the schedule I got from the con.

However, it seems NashCon and LACon started things earlier. The breakfasts there started at 7:30 (*yawwwn*) and the J2 panel was  from 1-2. Here’s hoping things are happening earlier to accommodate actor/con-goer flights. :)