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HI this is weird considering I read gay fan fiction all day every day but I've never actually read original fiction gay erotica? So I want to read think of England bc you rec'd it but like. Not to be That Person but is it smutty? I rly just don't know what to expect haha. Thanks babe <3

Ha! That is a VALID QUESTION, my friend. And the answer is: yes. Yes it is. Ohhhhhhh yes it is. Think of England is one of the best ones out there, but I have a TON of recs built up by now, so hey, might as well pimp this shit out here! (And, not to sound shallow or like a lech, but I wouldn’t be reading these book if they weren’t smutty. SOOOOO there’s that.)

I started reading original gay historical books in December and haven’t come up for air since. One friend pimped out one book, another one the next, and before I knew it, I essentially had a new fandom. WHOOPS.

Here are my favorites so far! With thanks to miss-pamela & theboycanhelpit for being responsible for this in the first place :D

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