This 400-square-meter penthouse tops the entire top floor of this magnificent hotel, offering a 360-degree view of the Manhattan skyline.
The nine-room suite is the brainchild of designer Peter Marino, architect IM Pei and the hotel’s owner Ty Warner (the billionaire creator of the Beanie Babies).
It sports fabrics woven with platinum and gold, an indoor-outdoor Zen garden, a stupendous chandelier, the services of a personal butler, personal trainer/therapist and private chauffeur.


*chants* PACIFIC RIM AUs

Shout out to @kurgy / @cornbeefroast for putting this in my brain forever ago. Jaegers definitely not my design/art. ty warner bros for having a jaeger creation website hahaha

also i have 0 humor sry

Business - Part I

“Wear red. Red dress, red lips, red lingerie, the works. The client also requests, and I quote, ‘Look as expensive as you are’. The client is sending you to Yves Saint Laurent, where you will ask for René. He will assist you in finding suitable attire for the evening. All charges will be covered by the client.”

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