[ Ty Murphy and Beau Goolsbey: Full Part 2014 ]

Song: “Supreme” by Rick Ross

Photo of a drawing me and my sis worked HOURS on…Cillian ruined it in a single second with his autograph (not shown) Hahaha, totally bummed out but I can forgive him…In Time (pun intended) 😫😆
Ed. note: This happened at the ‘Anthropoid’ premiere in NY on Thursday night. Cillian signed it all over Tommy’s face. It’s so beautiful he probably thought he was signing a mass produced print and not the original. A huge compliment to the artists. Pity he didn’t realize, he’d certainly feel awful if he knew.

Cillian Murphy talks about filming In the Heart of the Sea in Another Man A/W 2015, now on newstands. Get your copy here.

“At first we were all going to the gym and practicing rowing,” he says of himself and his fellow cast members. “It was all a bit of waste,” he quips, “because we never take our tops off in the film.”

As the production of In the Heart of the Sea moved to location in La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands, the nature of the project became almost as extreme as the privations suffered by the crew of the Essex. “We were all men together,” says Cillian (there are virtually no female roles in In the Heart of the Sea). “We were all staying in one hotel, and things got a bit competitive. We had to lose weight for the later scenes in the film. We had a dietitian to coach us, but blokes being blokes, there was a race to see who could lose the most. We were meant to lessen our intake gradually, but some of them would fast for the whole day.”

Cillian lost a stone in a few weeks. It was a radical transformation. Since he normally weighs ten stone, that was a tenth of his body mass gone. (He still looks slight to me; when his dessert of ice cream arrives, he barely touches it.) The resulting scenes in the film are harrowing. It is difficult to believe that these men were not stranded, castaway sailors, at death’s door.