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man, your dance au hc is amazing and I'm so glad you took the time to find everything and match everyone up ahah my fav part is lance dancing only trash/suave moves and Pidge making best faces plus sheith duet ♡♡♡ ty so much for good visuals.

Omg! thank you for your kind words huhu. I got sort of neurotic trying to bridge my obsession with Voltron and my even earlier obsession with youtube dance videos so im happy it paid off! Yeah, Lance is just hella extreme that way lol and Pidge was my absolute fave to write for this headcanon coz of all her spunk ;) That Sheith duet tho!! I remember watching that vid and just being so stunned by how breathtaking it was–and it just so happened that it was so fitting for Sheith. AAhhhHHhh, Im just glad you enjoyed it and even bothered to look through that pile of links  <3


I was tagged by @daesungisbaesung (ty so much)

Gender: Female

Relationship status: Single af (I just want a damn boyfriend)

Sign: Taurus

Pets: None currently (I will soon have a Husky and a kitty cat)

Wake up/ Sleep time: I normally naturally wake up around 9 a.m.-10 a..m. and fall asleep around 10-11 p.m.

Lemonade/Sweet Tea: Sweet Tea (I am from Louisiana, so i guess you can say that I fit into the stereotype of loving Sweet Tea)

Dogs or Cats: I love cats, but I also really love big dogs. Cats are my favorite though.

Coke or Pepsi: Coke 

Day or Night: Night most definitely

Makeup or Natural: I prefer natural most times, but sometimes I like makeup to cover up some of my blemishes

Smile or Eyes: I wanna say both, but if you have pretty eyes your probably going to win me over

Light or Dark hair: I really don’t have a preference here

Intelligence or Attractiveness: Intelligence ( if you are just a pretty face and have no interest in learning new exciting things, than you just aren’t what interest me. I need to be able to have a decent, interesting conversation with a person to be engaged with them)

Chapstick or Lipstick: I like Chapstick more than Lipstick, so Chapstick 

Last song I listened to: So Far Away- Agust D aka Min Yoongi

First Language: English

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can u believe how good looking kim seokjin is?? yeah i can’t either (whatta man, good man)

anyways, abbie here! and with a special ment for my beautiful followers. i recently hit a follower goal that i didn’t think i could achieve, and i wanted to express my thanks to those who have been following my dumb blog (& bc school started for me, so as a goodbye summer (hA) thing and before i get swarmed with homework 😓 ). i did a follow forever whenever my url was le-ohs, but that was lame and when i only had like 5 followers tbh (and i’m sure a lot of ppl didn’t know that i changed my url, so here’s my chance of letting them know that i’m still here!). i hope that as 4binu i can do better and that i can keep ur support! thank you so so much for following me, and i hope you continue to do so ❤️

note: those in bold are extremely special people to me! whether i know u in real life, i’ve come to be friends with you over time, or if i just want to know you better!!! u guys brighten my day and i appreciate every1 of u! ✨

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i really wish i could tag all of my followers too :’( to all that follow me, thank u again for ur love & support, and for following my smol blog 😷💖 i love u!!!!

love, abbie (and jin, respectively) 💞


as voted by my lovely followers, in celebration of this milestone i will be writing personalized mini-poems!

what do you need to do to get one?

  • must be following me, andrew minyard
  • send me an ask + a word or two, a phrase, a feeling, just a general prompt for the poem you will be receiving
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that’s it! but i do have a word of caution because while i’m generally pretty quick at replying to things like blogrates and such, these will take a little longer than average because i put a lot of effort and time into my writing. you can also blacklist #francis poems if you do not wish to see them.


@ Tyler joseph where is Popops’s song??


@phanshy I’m so sorry this took FOREVER I’ve only just found the time to get round to doing this :’D Ty so much for this adorable idea I loved drawing it ♥️ And this was from a while ago so my header has changed since then but THANKYOU ANYWAYS ♥️

Remember you can send me requests through my ask ~

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Link some Rickyl fanfiction? Preferably the dirty kind;D

The lack of Rickyl fanfiction is really sad.  There is very little that I’ve found. And I’m the worst to ask for this because I only read completed fanfiction. And I really like ones that aren’t just quick one shots. And I’m extremely particular about the voice of Rick and Daryl… And all of TWD cast. Which I shouldn’t be because I can’t write it for anything. I’ve read some good TWD fanfiction that wasn’t Rick/Daryl. And I know of one Rickyl fic that I adored but for the life of me can’t remember the name. I’ll see if I can find it.

Until then, I have 3,000+ followers… Some of you have had to come across good Rickyl fanfiction. Any recs?