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jenna jenna JENNNA JEnnna JENNA i love you. you are precious and funny and thoughtful and nice and just a+ always great. like you are just a GOOD person and i want to go everywhere with you and do a roadtrip and all that sorta shit. just wanna hang out with you and make certain people who just HAD to live far away jealous.

“music tag-put your phone on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up”

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1 come in - 4minute
2.I wanted to succeed 성공하고 싶었어 - San E
3.dangerous - Boa
4 mask on - untouchable
5 살냄새 (Feat. 브라더수) - Mad Clown
6 moccha cafe please - CLc
7 short hair - aoa
8 phenomenon - dir en grey
9 come on a cone - nicki  minaj
10 national anthem - lana del rey

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so I’m 99% sure it was a date

we smoked weed and made out 🍁😁

talked forever then enjoyed silence

then we smoked again and I smoked too much and got very tired and my mind went dark and I felt very isolated, panicked, and negative. 😞

I might have seemed a bit weird
and I was very confused
but I can’t wait to see him again