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jenna jenna JENNNA JEnnna JENNA i love you. you are precious and funny and thoughtful and nice and just a+ always great. like you are just a GOOD person and i want to go everywhere with you and do a roadtrip and all that sorta shit. just wanna hang out with you and make certain people who just HAD to live far away jealous.

“music tag-put your phone on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up”

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1 come in - 4minute
2.I wanted to succeed 성공하고 싶었어 - San E
3.dangerous - Boa
4 mask on - untouchable
5 살냄새 (Feat. 브라더수) - Mad Clown
6 moccha cafe please - CLc
7 short hair - aoa
8 phenomenon - dir en grey
9 come on a cone - nicki  minaj
10 national anthem - lana del rey

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So @random-ninjago-thoughts inspired me to tell how I found ninjago! (Bless)

I can remember 5th grade me seeing my friend’s brother watching it on tv. I had made fun of him at the time for watching it. That was until I had actually seen a full episode myself.

I was just watching tv and it came on. I groaned and almost switched the channel, but for some reason decided to see what it was about. I was so amazed by it. I right away fell in love with the stupid ninja. My brother had seen me watching it and made fun of me (no surprise there) and when I went to school he made fun of me in front of his friends and such. I told my friend about it and she thought it was stupid but I eventually got her into it (even though she doesn’t watch it anymore). To be honest, it kinda motivated me more to watch it.

And I’ve been watching it ever since. I love these stupid (hot) ninja. I still have the freaking biggest crush on Cole (who doesn’t??) and I remember my reacting to the ending of ‘Child’s Play’ with Lloyd’s “transformation.” It was a bunch of screaming. (Also Cole doing the triple tiger sashay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Anyways, the point is this show is freaking amazing and I’m more than happy to continue watching it throughout the years.

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Sorry if this is stupid question, but is your name Carly or Cole?

don’t worry it’s not a dumb question, i haven’t really talked about it much on here just cause i don’t want any like, extra attention or anything, but that was my birth name, i’m a trans guy and my name is cole! i know everyone knew me by my birth name but i go by cole now. ty for asking!!