Choose your favorite game and post your top 10 screenshots

I was tagged by the lovely @kejj. Thank you *squee*

My fav game still remains Dragon Age Inquisition although I try to take a break from it (after playing 2.5k hours). So, here’s the results:

Cassandra, Varric, Cullen. Cole, Dorian, Ty Trevelyan, The Iron Bull, Solas + Fen’lan Lavellan, Sera + Solas + Blackwall, Solas.

I am unsure if they are my absolute favourites. And yet, I think they are the ones that brings happy memories/connotations while playing the game. Each of them is special, each of them evokes different emotions. And I’m ever grateful to Bioware to give us such a great game (if only for the characters).

I happily tag: @galadrieljones , @liderfin, @thevikingwoman, @fenedhislasa, @sluah , @fen-an , @fade-walking , @tel-abelas-mofo , @allthedragonagenamesaretaken , @queenofperv , @jirelle , @i-a-w-v and anybody else who would like to do this!


Random Playlist - Dulcet Dudes Edition

  1. Russ - Pull the Trigger
  2. Future - Rich $ex
  3. Bryson Tiller - Been That Way
  4. J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar - Forbidden Fruit
  5. Drake - Legend
  6. The Weeknd - King of the Fall
  7. Mikky Ekko - Pull me Down
  8. Justin Bieber ft. Travis Scott - No Sense
  9. Ty Dolla $ign - Know Ya

Click the pictures to see my favorite lyric!