Be A Good Girl - Cole Smut

Request: Really kinky cole smut please? Btw i love your writing xx

Warnings: Mild language, real kinky shit 😜

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“Cole, please. I’ll be good”, I plead as he grabbed my hands, holding them above my head and handcuffing them to the headboard.

“You’ve been a bad girl and bad girls deserved to get punished”, Cole’s voice was dark as he spoke. He strips my clothes off, as well as his then goes over to the wardrobe, taking out a scarf. He smirks as he walks back over to me and places it over my eyes, tying it behind me. 

“Cole, please”, I plead again, tugging at the handcuffs. Cole says nothing but chuckles darkly, lacing his fingers over my inner thighs. I inhale sharply, as his finger grazed my clit, flicking it back and forth - but stopped when I pined out his name. Cole stepped back and disappeared, but came back a minute later. Suddenly, a vibrating sensation came onto my clit and I moaned loudly. Cole circled it around my clit, applying more pressure as he turned the vibrations up. I arch my back and yank on the handcuffs, screaming his name out as I felt my orgasm approaching. Moans and whimpers filled the room, and when my breathing became more rapid, he turned it off. 

“Are you going to be a good girl?”, Cole whispered in my ear, his breath tickling my neck. I nodded and whimpered out for him. 

“Answer me”, he growled, turning the vibrator on again at the highest speed. 

“Oh yes, Cole!” 

“Yes what?”

“I’ll be a good girl!”. I scream out in nothing but pleasure. 

“Good girl”, he breathed out, once again turning off the vibrator. He took off the blindfold and handcuffs.

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“Lie on your stomach, and ass up”, Cole demanded. I obeyed and turned around. Smack! I yelped out as his hand came in contact with my ass. He reached over and grabbed the condom, sliding it on him. Without any warning, he slammed into me. 

“Fuck!”, I inhale shaply. “Oh, fuck. Faster”. Cole obeys and pounds relentlessly into me. 

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum”

“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you too”, Cole growls, slipping his hand under me, and rubbed my clit fast. My hands clenched the pillow tightly, causing my knuckles to turn white. My breathing became rapid again, and moans and whimpers slipped from both our mouths. 

“Fuck, baby. Cum for me”, Cole moans, thrusting harder into me. I let out a scream as I release onto him, and he releases his load shortly after me. He pulls out and disposes the condom, before laying next to me. 

“Fuck”, I breath out.

“Same”, Cole chuckles, panting. 

Choose your favorite game and post your top 10 screenshots

I was tagged by the lovely @kejj. Thank you *squee*

My fav game still remains Dragon Age Inquisition although I try to take a break from it (after playing 2.5k hours). So, here’s the results:

Cassandra, Varric, Cullen. Cole, Dorian, Ty Trevelyan, The Iron Bull, Solas + Fen’lan Lavellan, Sera + Solas + Blackwall, Solas.

I am unsure if they are my absolute favourites. And yet, I think they are the ones that brings happy memories/connotations while playing the game. Each of them is special, each of them evokes different emotions. And I’m ever grateful to Bioware to give us such a great game (if only for the characters).

I happily tag: @galadrieljones , @liderfin, @thevikingwoman, @fenedhislasa, @sluah , @fen-an , @fade-walking , @tel-abelas-mofo , @allthedragonagenamesaretaken , @queenofperv , @jirelle , @i-a-w-v and anybody else who would like to do this!

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jenna jenna JENNNA JEnnna JENNA i love you. you are precious and funny and thoughtful and nice and just a+ always great. like you are just a GOOD person and i want to go everywhere with you and do a roadtrip and all that sorta shit. just wanna hang out with you and make certain people who just HAD to live far away jealous.