Be A Good Girl - Cole Smut

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“Cole, please. I’ll be good”, I plead as he grabbed my hands, holding them above my head and handcuffing them to the headboard.

“You’ve been a bad girl and bad girls deserved to get punished”, Cole’s voice was dark as he spoke. He strips my clothes off, as well as his then goes over to the wardrobe, taking out a scarf. He smirks as he walks back over to me and places it over my eyes, tying it behind me. 

“Cole, please”, I plead again, tugging at the handcuffs. Cole says nothing but chuckles darkly, lacing his fingers over my inner thighs. I inhale sharply, as his finger grazed my clit, flicking it back and forth - but stopped when I pined out his name. Cole stepped back and disappeared, but came back a minute later. Suddenly, a vibrating sensation came onto my clit and I moaned loudly. Cole circled it around my clit, applying more pressure as he turned the vibrations up. I arch my back and yank on the handcuffs, screaming his name out as I felt my orgasm approaching. Moans and whimpers filled the room, and when my breathing became more rapid, he turned it off. 

“Are you going to be a good girl?”, Cole whispered in my ear, his breath tickling my neck. I nodded and whimpered out for him. 

“Answer me”, he growled, turning the vibrator on again at the highest speed. 

“Oh yes, Cole!” 

“Yes what?”

“I’ll be a good girl!”. I scream out in nothing but pleasure. 

“Good girl”, he breathed out, once again turning off the vibrator. He took off the blindfold and handcuffs.

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“Lie on your stomach, and ass up”, Cole demanded. I obeyed and turned around. Smack! I yelped out as his hand came in contact with my ass. He reached over and grabbed the condom, sliding it on him. Without any warning, he slammed into me. 

“Fuck!”, I inhale shaply. “Oh, fuck. Faster”. Cole obeys and pounds relentlessly into me. 

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum”

“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you too”, Cole growls, slipping his hand under me, and rubbed my clit fast. My hands clenched the pillow tightly, causing my knuckles to turn white. My breathing became rapid again, and moans and whimpers slipped from both our mouths. 

“Fuck, baby. Cum for me”, Cole moans, thrusting harder into me. I let out a scream as I release onto him, and he releases his load shortly after me. He pulls out and disposes the condom, before laying next to me. 

“Fuck”, I breath out.

“Same”, Cole chuckles, panting. 

Choose your favorite game and post your top 10 screenshots

I was tagged by the lovely @kejj. Thank you *squee*

My fav game still remains Dragon Age Inquisition although I try to take a break from it (after playing 2.5k hours). So, here’s the results:

Cassandra, Varric, Cullen. Cole, Dorian, Ty Trevelyan, The Iron Bull, Solas + Fen’lan Lavellan, Sera + Solas + Blackwall, Solas.

I am unsure if they are my absolute favourites. And yet, I think they are the ones that brings happy memories/connotations while playing the game. Each of them is special, each of them evokes different emotions. And I’m ever grateful to Bioware to give us such a great game (if only for the characters).

I happily tag: @galadrieljones , @liderfin, @thevikingwoman, @fenedhislasa, @sluah , @fen-an , @fade-walking , @tel-abelas-mofo , @allthedragonagenamesaretaken , @queenofperv , @jirelle , @i-a-w-v and anybody else who would like to do this!

-Cole refers to Betty as baby in an interview
-“We will be doing a lot of sitting next to each other” said Cole when interviewer pointed out that Bughead isn’t sitting together
-^Same interview their hands kept touching behind Casey and Ashley (sitting two people apart but ofc “can’t keep my hands to myself”) and literally everyone reacted and they smiled/smirked
-Cole gave Lili his jacket at the afterparty and both seemed to be super drunk (tho Lili might not be, she’s 20, but idk)
-They were sitting a few rows ahead of Casey and Cami, together in their flight to Vancouver
-Someome claims they were holding hands at the afterparty tho we still got no proof but I won’t be surprised lmfao

Sixty One


Cayden and I were in a really good place since my last therapy session and we had been talking about a lot of things over the last 2 weeks. I guess my opening up and emotional display when I came home had really made him feel some way because he had been telling me a lot about his childhood and things that made him the way he was.

We sat in the car driving to the mall because I wanted a dress to wear to the club for some event Cole and Ty were having. I sat in the passenger seat with my hand on the console and his over mine.

“So tell me about you and Ty stealing cars as kids,” I said, looking over and smiling at him. He laughed.

“God, we were idiots. We made hella money doing that though. Most of my elementary and high school I was doing that. This random OG worked in a car shop I used to walk past on my way to school. Well pretending to walk to school. He’d see me ditch my bag once I made it past the block and go off to do whatever reckless shit for the day,” he said.

“You didn’t go to school?” I asked.

“Nah, I hated it. Never understood what was happening in class,” he shrugged.

“But you’re smart Cay,” I was confused.

“It wasn’t that, I just ain’t pay attention. All I wanted was to either play ball or kick it with my homies. Ty didn’t go to my school and he was my best friend, so I think that made it worse.”

“Awe you missed him,” I giggled. He kissed his teeth. “Ok so the guy at the car shop.”

“Yeah, so he seen me, then one day he stopped me and asked where I was going everyday. I said no where, then he asked if I wanted to put my time into something profitable. Being the young pimpin I was, I was like aight. Told Ty, and that’s how we ended up brining in cars for him,” he finished the story. I raised my brows.

“So your mom didn’t know what you was doing?”

“No. Trey didn’t even know for a while,” he laughed after that.

“What?” I grinned looking up at his amused face.

“I just remembered how he beat my ass when he found out. He said he didn’t want me doing all that, even though the nigga was balls deep in the drug game,” he explained.

“He wanted to protect you.” I understood that. Cay nodded. “Trey sounds like he was a really good brother.”

“He was,” he looked away and out the windshield to the long line of backed up cars in front of us. We had been stuck in traffic for over an hour but I didn’t mind.

“Does it still make you sad to talk about him?” I asked, squeezing his hand. He shook his head.

“Not so much now. 2,3, years ago, ya. But it’s ok now. ‘Course I wish he was here. But he’s gone and he ain’t coming back, nothing I can do,” his face didn’t reveal much.

“I wish that for you too,” I said. I lifted our hands and kissed the back of his. He glanced over at me and smirked.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you more,” I said, digging through my bag with my free hand.

“What are you looking for?” He asked, glancing at the rear view mirror.

“Food,” I said.

“We should be there soon now. We’re the next exit,” he said. My stomach growled in response.

“Hopefully I make it,” I said, opening a candy I’d found.

“We stopped at McDonald’s on our way here mama,” he said.

“So what are you trying to say,” I said, closing my bag and folding my hands.

“Nothing. Hey look at that dog in the car next to us,” he changed the subject.

“Don’t get any idea’s,” I said.

“Come on, we should get one. They’re so cute,” he said.

“They are cute, but I know you’d get one and I’d end up doing everything,” I narrowed my eyes. He chuckled.

“All you gotta do is walk it,” he said.

“And pick up it’s poo. Nah I can’t do dog shit. I can change diapers, wipe a bum or 2” I said without thinking and there was a brief silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence. The tension between us was hard to explain. The way he looked at me made my knees weak and I couldn’t look away so that didn’t help.

“You can put diapers on the dog,” he said.

“You know how expensive diapers are?” I laughed “ if I’m buying them there better be a human baby involved.”

“Good point,” he said, changing lanes to exit. I looked out the window. I could see the mall from where we were.

In the mall we went into several stores looking for a white dress since the theme was all white.

“This feels like shopping for my wedding dress all over again,” I said as Cayden zipped me into a dress. I turned around to face him and he was cheesing.

“You looked sexy as hell in that dress,” he said.

“I liked seeing you in a suit,” i said, placing my hands on his chest.

“Maybe we should get married again,” he suggested. I laughed.

“I barely survived the first wedding, I was so nervous. Can’t do that again,” I said, playing with the hair at the back of his neck.

“You got over it though,” he said.

“Yeah, when I saw your face it went away,” i recalled the exact moment.

“Aweee,” he said, imitating a female voice. I rolled my eyes.

“Lucky I like you,” I mumbled.

“I like you too I guess,” he shrugged. I pulled away to look in the mirror. “And I like this one,” he said.

“It makes me look wide,” I frowned at the mirror. He shook his head.

“Nah it’s good,” he assured me. “Your boobs look big, you always like that,” he shrugged.

“They do don’t they,” I turned to the side peeping the cleavage. “Ok I’ll get it.”

I went back into the change room and closed the door to get back in to my own clothes.


Ty drove up to Dallas to pick me up Saturday morning after my first week at training camp. I low key missed everybody but particularly him. He insisted on me coming back for the weekend since I had no training and he wanted to throw some kind of party or whatever which was dope. We were on some couple shit for real this time so i guess he wasn’t worried about going out together and everyone knowing what was really going down. Now that he was out of the closet as gay…or bi…or whatever he classified himself as.

We were packing up the car with my few things and were about to hit the road.

“You say bye to your little friends?” He asked. I scoffed.

“You’re jealous aren’t you?” I guessed. “All these buff football niggas.”

“Only if you give me a reason to be,” he shrugged.

“That’s not my type anyway,” I said, locking the door to my apartment. We went down the stairs to the car.

“What is your type?” He asked several minutes later. I shrugged.

“Lanky niggas like you,” I said with a smirk. He didn’t think it was funny, but what was new.

We stopped for food at Buffalo Wild Wings before going to Ty’s place because we were both starving. Our wings came and we ate them while watching the golden state game that was on the TV.

“So i been wondering,” i said, starting on something that had been on my mind for a while.

“Yeah,” he said, eyes on the Tv above.

“How was it being with girls before?” I made my tone casual. He shrugged.

“Good,” he said, “it was never nothing serious, just fucked with some chicks.”

“Whats better? Being with a dude or a chick?” i chuckled but it was a bit nervous honestly. I thought about the fact that, for most of his life, Ty had been interested in girls quite a lot. Not gonna lie, it made me insecure because unlike me, he was actually attracted to women as well, and i wasn’t sure where that left me. I had to worry about him looking both ways. All this shit was why in the past i didnt take things past hookups. He looked from the TV to me and looked unusually serious.

“It aint even about that,” he said. “Being with you is better, and not because you a dude. Because you’re you,” he said. That was just about the most, lovey dovey, romantic or whatever you wanna call it, thing anyone had ever said to me. I didnt have anything to say back, i was just surprised. “Better not tell anyone i said that soft ass shit.”
I grinned.

“Bet,” i said. He nodded and turned back to the TV.

When we got to Ty’s place we somehow ended up making out as soon as we stepped through the doors. We stumbled down the hallway and to his bedroom, knocking things down the whole way there. I pulled away to grab his shirt and pulled it up over his arms. I liked his tattoos a lot. I had a few but the full chest and arms looked good on him. He gripped my neck and pulled me back in to put his lips on mine. We were at the foot of the bed so i pushed him back and he fell on to the bed. I leaned over him and put my mouth to his chest. I trailed down his stomach slowly. His phone started ringing then. He didnt make a move to get it so i went on to unbutton his jeans. I got them down to his knees and then the phone went off again.

“You gon get that?” i said, looking up at him. He was biting his lip which was adorable but id never tell him that.

“Fuck that,” he said, voice hoarse. I chuckled and continued the trail of kisses until i reached my final destination and Ty’s teeth quickly sank back into his lip. I wanted to show him how i felt about him after what he said at the restaurant and i wasn’t the best with words. From the look on his face i was pretty sure this would do.

We were laying in the bed chilling for a while after, catching our breath and everything. Ty’s phone was ringing again so i told him to just get it. I got up and put my boxers on, making my way to the kitchen to get bottles of water. When i came back he was talking to someone.

“They came to yo crib?” He sounded pretty heated. There wa silence for a bit. “You think they actually got anything?”

I handed him the bottle and he took it. I sat down beside him.

“Aight well keep me posted. We’ll discuss it tonight at the club. Aight,” he said, then hung up.

“Cayden?” i guessed. He nodded. “Everything okay?”

“Some shit may be going down. But we handling it,” he said. I nodded understanding. I had been around the game enough to understand and not bother asking too many questions.

“Im sure yall gon handle it,” i said simply.


After taking Randi to get all her stuff at the mall we drove back home to just chill because we were tired of going around. She went to the closet to go and try all her stuff on all over again and do whatever other shit. I changed into some shorts and grabbed my headphones.

“Im gonna go workout in the basement,” i said.

“Ok,” she said. “I might be gone when you done. Gotta stop by the shop for a quick minute and sign some stuff for Jada and China.”

“Aight. Let me know if you want me to take you,” grabbed a towel from the hamper.

“K, thanks,”

I turned and left the bedroom. When i got downstairs i did a bit of cardio on the treadmill to get a good sweat going before i did any lifting. My weights were all out of order because Randi ass be using my shit and got no respect to put things back the way she found them.

About 30 minutes into my workout i heard the doorbell going off upstairs.

“I got it!” Randi yelled. I hadnt been sure she was still home. I assumed she’d called somebody over. I continued lifting my weights.

A few minutes later heavy footsteps came down the stairs and Randi was walking, no storming, towards me. Her face wasn’t a happy one. I raised a brow. She pointed at my headphones so took them off. She handed me a piece of paper. ‘Detective James Smith, FBI’. My body stiffened and my face went blank. The feds had showed up at my door and talked to Randi. I was livid. I tore the card and gave it back to her.

“Should i be worried?” she asked. I shook my head.

“No,” i said. She glared at me until i got up from the bench. “Im handling it,” i said. She gave me some side eye but i guess she believed me because she didnt blow up.

“Better be,” she said.

“What they want?” 

“They just asked questions. Some bullshit about suspicious cars in the neighbourhood. They wanted to come inside.”

“What you say to them?” i asked.

“That i had no idea what they were talking about and you weren’t home,” she said in a 'duh’ tone.

“You lied?” I said, surprised, “to the feds?”

“Yeah,” she said in the same tone.

“You didnt have to lie for me,” i said simply, “i dont want you involved in this.”

“Thats the stupidest thing you’ve ever said,” her voice was full with rage. My brows came together in confusion. I expected she’d swoon over the fact that i was doing everything to protect her. “Of course im gonna lie for your ass,” she threw the pieces of paper in my face. “I love you, you idiot. Don’t you get it?”

I did get it, and i should have known she would do everything to stick by my side and ride for me. I was willing to go down for her and she was ready to do the same. But i couldn’t have that.

“I know,” i said, understanding. “Its all gonna be over in a few days. I just gotta deal with someone and its all not gonna matter anymore.”

“Okay,” she said, mouth in a deep set frown. I grabbed her waist with one hand.

“I love you lil mama,” i said, “thats my focus, it always is,” i assured her. I used my other hand to grip her chin and pull her into a deep kiss. The kind that made her close her eyes and forget where she was. She put her hands on my arms to support herself.

“I love you too,” she said breathlessly. Seems i had avoided this argument.

“You still wanna go out tonight?” i asked. She sighed.

“Yeah, lets go. I wanna be there for Cole, we just fixed things,” she said. I nodded understanding.

Later into the night we were in the car headed to the club for Ty and Cole’s event. I had on some while jeans and a white t shirt with my chain. Randi had on the dress that we had bought earlier that day, and i swear i didnt remember it being that short but maybe it just felt that way now that i could see niggas standing outside the club waiting to get in. I pulled into a parking spot and parked the car. She pulled the mirror down to fix her lip gloss. I watched her put it on.

“I cant see, how is it?” she said, turning to me. I took my thumb and wiped the little bit that was on the side of her lips.

“Good,” i said. She smiled. I opened my door and got out to go around to her side. I opened the door for her and she grabbed my hand to get out. We walked towards the entrance and i looked around. Ty was supposed to pull up any minute and we were gonna talk about what had happened. I saw him talking to the bouncers at the front of the line. He saw us and nodded. The bouncer opened up the rope so we could skip the line.

“Go inside, ill be there in a minute,” i said to Randi.

“Ok,” she said, letting go of my arm. The bouncer opened the door and i watched her go inside. Ty dapped me up and we stepped off to the side.

“So whats the deal. I thought we paid everyone off. Who talked?” He said. I shook my head.

“We did. Its not one of our guys. Apparently they got a witness who saw the deal going down. Thats all they got on the case. We deal with them, they got nothing to go on,” I said, pulling a blunt out from my pocket.  I lit it and put it between my lips.

“So you wanna kill them?” He asked. I shook my head no.

“Nah, thats messy. They’d be on us quick, and people would look for that person. They just trying to make a buck, theres a cash reward. We just gotta give them i better deal and i guarantee they gon suddenly forget what they saw,” i said, taking a long drag from the blunt. Ty took it and took a hit.

“If you think thats best,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind offing them.”

“Neither would i, but we gotta be smart about it. Can’t get trigger happy.”

“And thats why you in charge not me,” he chuckled. “You be thinking about shit.”
i shrugged.

“Red taught me a thing or 2, before he lost his mind,” i mumbled. He nodded.

“Aight,” he handed me the blunt. “Im going in,” he said.

“Imma finish this, be there in a minute,” i said. He went back to the bouncer who let him in.

I was smoking my blunt for a few minutes just thinking when Ty came back out, jogging towards me.

“Yo,” he said. “Better come get yo girl,” he said. My brows came together. What kind of trouble could Randi of all people have gotten into at a club. I put out my blunt. We opened the doors and went inside the club. It was packed. Ty led the way towards the back and i followed. We made it to the bar where i saw Randi, China and Jada standing close together. They were definitely ready to pop off. They were facing another group of a few girls in what could only be a stare down. The other girl was in some skimpy bra and shorts outfit with curly black hair. She had tattoos all over and stood a good bit over Randi. Honestly looking her over i didn’t like Randi’s odds of winning whatever this was. I wasn’t sure what had happened. On the outskirts of the little brawl i saw Cole. I nodded at him.

“Whats going on?” i asked.

“Some chick came sideways at Randi, threw her drink her at her,” he said. I saw the stain on Randi’s white dress. I wasn’t sure what she was gonna do, she was saying something to the girl. I pushed through the few people around them to get behind the wall her and the girls had formed.

“What’s good Randi?” i said. She looked back at me and i saw rage in her eyes.

“Stay out of this Cayden, i got it” she said, walking forward. I looked around for a minute. The guys looked to me to see if they should intervene. Most of my niggas were here and could easily start something. They all would for Randi too since she was my wife. We couldn’t really post up on a chick though so I just shook my head telling them to leave it.

“So what you gonna do?” I asked, standing close behind her.

“Imma just tell her she got me fucked up,” she said. I nodded hesitantly. I got the idea that there was no convincing her to back down now.

Randi walked up to the girl and she crossed her arms. The music was so loud i couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other but it was pretty obvious they were cursing and all that. The girl stepped up to Randi but she didn’t even flinch despite the fact that the other girl was taller. Something was said and Randi snatched the girl’s hair. That’s when things went downhill. I was too stunned by this side of Randi to even do anything. They fell to the ground and I couldn’t see much other than them rolling all over the place. Randi got on top, sitting on the girl’s chest and the girl swiped at Randi. People had gathered now to watch the scene.

“Fuck!” She screamed, and that’s when we moved foward. I had to push past the little crowd that had formed so it took me a while to get to her. By the time I got there, Randi had a knife in her hand and positioned at the girl’s neck.

“Randi!” I shouted, getting her attention. “Give it to me.”

“The bitch cut me,” she yelled, still holding the knife.

“You got her too,” I said pointing at the slash on her collar, “she got the message, right?” I asked the girl who nodded quickly. Randi paused then handed me the knife. She got up off the girl who scrambled up off the floor and quickly ran away with her friends close behind her. Randi fixed her dress and turned to face me.

“Cayden, we gotta bounce,” Pat said, “before the popo pull up.” I nodded and grabbed Randi’s arm as well as collected her friends, then headed for the exit.

“Yall go home, I’ll take the girls back,” Pat offered outside the club. I nodded and told him thanks then pulled a still angry Randi to the car. I opened the door and pushed her inside.

We were dead silent the whole ride home. I didn’t really know what to say, and she was mad, i guess at me, so she was giving silent treatment. When i pulled up to the driveway and parked the car i turned to look at her. I was pretty livid that she had acted like that honestly. She opened her door and got out so i did the same. We got in the house and upstairs to the room. She sat on the bed, touching her arm that had gotten cut. I felt a little bit of guilt then.

“I shouldn’t have let you fight that chick,” I said, looking at her arm. “Since when do you get into fights anyway?” I asked, my voice raised.

“That dumb bitch started it,” she mumbled, dabbing her shoulder. I went to the bathroom and grabbed some stuff to clean it. I handed her some cotton balls.

“So you really had to jump her?” I asked, still in shock. Really Randi had started the physical part of the fight. Though the girl escalated it with the knife.

“Yeah. Then she shanked me, so i had to finish it. You always getting into fights with people, why can’t i?”

“So you was really gon kill her?” I asked, talking about before I called her off. She shrugged. I sighed, and wrapped her arm with a bandage. I thought about her sitting on that girl and ready to cut her like she was in a movie. I was angry but also kind of amused. I felt my face relaxing a little bit into a smirk. That was some shit i would do.  "So you think you a gangster now or what?“

“I been a gangster,” she said, side eyeing me. I chuckled.

“Nah it don’t count until you catch a body, or at least some battle wounds,” I said. She pointed to the arm that I had just bandaged. I laughed.

“That small thing,” I scoffed.

“I would have caught a body if you hadnt interrupted.” She rolled her eyes. I grabbed her chin and looked at her.

“On a serious note. You can’t go around fighting people Randi. You gonna get hurt, she could have had a gun. And you wont be catching any bodies, ever. Thats not the type of shit i need my wife doing. Don’t do dumb shit just because I do it,” I said, looking her in the eyes to show I was dead ass.

“That wasn’t why Cayden. I would have fought her either way. I don’t regret it,” she said. I nodded.

“Well, you handled yourself well. I can’t lie, I’m a little proud of you. Maybe there’s a little street in you after all.” I smiled. She grinned and kissed me.

“How am I gonna explain this to my parents?” She asked suddenly. I grabbed all the stuff we had used.

“That’s your business. That’s what happens when you jump people,” I teased, going to put everything away in the bathroom and clean my hands.

“You’re exaggerating i did not jump her,” she said. When i was back in the room i gave her doubtful eyes.

“Aight miss world star.”

“Whatever. Come help me take my shoes off,” she said, laying back on the bed. I went and grabbed her legs, taking her heels off.

“You want some advil?” i asked. She shook her head.

“Just come lay with me,” she said. I got on the bed and spooned her from behind. I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my hands on her stomach.

“Better?” i asked. She nodded. I kissed her head. I loved my crazy ass wife.

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hey! do you have any gay/lgbt books where the focus isnt on the mc being lgbt, like that's just a side plot/another aspect of them? ty!

well for many of these have a love plot or the gayness is a big part, but these are books where a m/m love plot isn’t the only part of the story, fantasy and other stuff going on 

Race Results for the Quaker State 400 at Kentucky Speedway

1. Martin Truex Jr.

2. Kyle Larson

3. Chase Elliott

4. Denny Hamlin

5. Kyle Busch

6. Erik Jones

7. Jamie McMurray

8. Joey Logano

9. Kevin Harvick

10. Ryan Blaney

11. Darrell Wallace Jr.

12. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

13. Clint Bowyer

14. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

15. Danica Patrick

16. Chris Buescher

17. Matt Kenseth

18. Daniel Suarez

19. Austin Dillon

20. AJ Allmendinger

21. Paul Menard

22. Ryan Newman

23. Michael McDowell

24. David Ragan

25. Matt DiBenedetto

26. Landon Cassill

27. Ryan Sieg

28. Reed Sorenson

29. Jeffrey Earnhardt

30. Kurt Busch

31. Timmy Hill

32. BJ McLeod

33. Ty Dillon

34. Cole Whitt

35. Gray Gaulding

36. Joey Gase

37. Trevor Bayne

38. Kasey Kahne

39. Brad Keselowski

40. Jimmie Johnson

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jenna jenna JENNNA JEnnna JENNA i love you. you are precious and funny and thoughtful and nice and just a+ always great. like you are just a GOOD person and i want to go everywhere with you and do a roadtrip and all that sorta shit. just wanna hang out with you and make certain people who just HAD to live far away jealous.