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A nesspaula comic I made a bit late for valentines day

Fem!Mint Yoongi feat. Unnecessary Space Background

Start of Something Good

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This is my submission for Becka and Johanna’s Challenge!! (@beckawinchester@boredoutofmymindwriting

Prompt: (#8) As she walked towards the exit of her favorite coffee shop she glanced down at her cup. “you’re beautiful,” was written in place of her name. She glanced back and their eyes met.

Word Count: 1,400

Warnings: None! Just Benny fluff

A/N: I didn’t use the prompt word for word, but it’s there towards the end. Enjoy the vampirate fluff my fellow Benny peeps.

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Dating would include – Twenty One Pilots

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Tyler Joseph:

  • He plans a ton of different dates whenever he has time
  • Ever been in a pillow fort? - Say no more
  • “We are the rulers of this fort!”
  • “I even found two crowns for us, my King.”
  • Super sunny day? - Tyler takes you to the park for a picnic
  • “God, you and your Taco Bell addiction… It’s beautiful, Ty.”
  • “Everything for you, [Y/N]…”
  • Tired to go out? - Let’s have a movie night with snacks
  • “Catch, Tyler! … Geez, we need to train that way more.”
  • The two of you keep the public display of affection as low as possible
  • Yes, there are a few kisses now and there and holding hands
  • But the rest is reserved for your time in private
  • “You don’t know how long I waited to have you for me alone…”
  • “Someone is eager tonight.”
  • “How can’t I? You look even more breathtaking than usual, if that’s possible.”
  • Tyler shows you how much you mean to him through other actions
  • The way he presents you to the world and speaks about you in interviews
  • “With [Y/N] by my side I can accomplish everything.”
  • “I can’t live without my better half anymore. [Y/N] is the world for me.”
  • Everyone can see how much he is in love with you
  • Should Tyler be away for a long time, he tries to keep in touch as much as possible
  • In between times he sends you tons of silly pictures and messages
  • But Ty loves to have endless calls with you
  • “How was your day, [Y/N]? I hope good. If not, I’m here.”
  • “I’m not going to end this call until you are asleep.”
  • “I love you so much…”
  • Fights in the your household is a very quiet event
  • Neither of you raise your voice at the other one –not even once
  • The deadly looks you have say more than thousand words
  • “Don’t you dare to give me the "forbidden look”!“
  • But in the end the fight doesn’t last longer than ten minutes
  • "I’m so sorry for everything. Can I make it up to you, love of my life?”
  • And Tyler knows how to push your buttons so you forgive him
  • You know Tyler will be there for you, when you need him
  • He loves to take care of you and making your day better
  • Massages, cuddles, kisses, cooked meals, everything you want or need
  • He always wants you to be by his side, when he writes a new song
  • You are his inspiration – his muse – if you want to say so
  • Tyler cares about your opinion on his music and songs
  • “Wow, feels like pure darkness, but with a tiny ray of sunshine and hope in it.”
  • Once in a while he writes a song about you as a gift
  • When words fail him, the music will talk for him
  • “Oh my god, Tyler. That’s so wonderful. Sweet. Beautiful.”
  • “I would catch a star for you, if you want it.”

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Josh Dun

  • The two of you take care of each other – almost having a sixth sense for that
  • You know exactly when the other one has a bad day
  • So nightly trips to Taco Bell or skating together are usual things
  • “I feel so much better now. Thank you, darling.”
  • After all this time you two are dating, Josh is still a blushing mess sometimes
  • Might it be the way you look stunning in your clothes
  • Or the most adorable compliment he tells you
  • “I am truly dating an angel. How did I get so lucky?”
  • His love to you gets stronger every day he has you by his side
  • Josh loves you to show your happy relationship in public
  • Matching couple shirts during the trip to Disneyland
  • “The Boss” - “The Real Boss”
  • Piggyback rides whenever you want – in the park, in the venue, …
  • “When is my turn to get a ride?”
  • “Don’t give him bad ideas, Tyler!”
  • And tons of vines you two do together
  • “[Y/N] is my favorite person on earth … right after Tyler.”
  • “… Seriously?”
  • He also tries to stay in touch with you, when he is away
  • Your phone is overflowing with messages, pictures and snapchats
  • To be honest you only miss him more  
  • “How is my love doing today? Feel hugged… I miss you, [Y/N].”
  • Of course, Tyler approves your relationship doubtlessly
  • He is thankful that you make Josh happy without doing anything
  • And the support you give him, Tyler and the band in general
  • “Yes, a match made in heaven… Lucky Josh.”
  • Once in a while the two of you fight – barely but you do
  • There is a lot of yelling, because both of you are emotional
  • But not a single harsh word were ever said
  • It’s not your wish to hurt the other one emotionally
  • “Dear Lord! We talked about this, Josh. I’m done with this topic!”
  • “What if I’m not done? It is important for me, [Y/N]!”
  • After a few minutes both of you apologize for your rude behavior
  • “If it’s important for you, then it is for me too.”
  • You never complain about how loud Josh plays on his drums sometimes
  • He just forgets everything around him lost in his music
  • Adoring the – just to mention – handsome smile on his lips is worth the noise
  • That’s what makes him happy so you are happy too
  • Knowing what you endure from time to time he tries to fulfil every wish of yours
  • Neither of you is really the type for big and expensive gifts
  • The little things in life are the important ones
  • “Hungry? Wait, I get you your favorite snack.”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll do the dishes tonight. Just relax and enjoy yourself.”
  • Josh holds you close to his chest  during the night
  • It’s like the place in his arms is perfectly made for you
  • He literally feels how much you mean to him  
  • Your heart beating simultaneously with his own
  • The warmth of your skin on his
  • That’s pure comfort for him
  • “God, I love you so much, [Y/N]. More than you can imagine.”
Painful Beauty (Mark x FemReader) FLUFF

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(( gif not mine - ah I love Ethan omg ))

(A/n): lmao so I just decided that this was pretty cute. I was reading through the prompt’s that I reblogged and I got inspired by number 23. I hate you

Summary: Mark, Ethan and Tyler do a video with you where they do your makeup with things they find in the kitchen.

Warnings: If I said there wasn’t any swearing and fluff, I’d be lying.


“Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and this is the kitchen face challenge!”

The introduction was cheery as per-usual. From the camera’s view, Ethan and Tyler stood on the right of (Y/n); with Mark speaking on the left.

The four were stationed in Mark’s studio, right in front of a large flat screen T.V that showcased a tranquil forest setting.

“Yayy….” (Y/n) uttered manageably, her enthusiasm forced and dry.

Ethen shared (Y/n)’s look of discomfort from beside her, shifting uncomfortably on his heels and giving the camera a cringy smile.

Ouchh,” Mark laughed along with Tyler before Tyler began to explain.

“So basically,” he took a glance at both you and Ethan “Mark is going to do (Y/n)’s full face and I’m going to do Ethan’s and at the end, who’s ever looks the best?” he drawed out and looked to Mark “Wins??”

“Exactly it Tyler.” Mark confirmed. “SO LET’S DO THIS. CAN WE GET 506,000,000 LIKES FOR HOT SAUCE EYESHADOW?!”

The camera zoomed in on Tyler’s face in silence.

They all laughed and broke apart.

“I’ll go get the tarps, yeah?” Tyler asked

“Yes, thanks Ty. (Y/n), you and Ethen go get your chairs that you will be sitting on,” asked Mark “and I will go get the tools~!” he finished in a manic, silly voice.

“Mark,” (Y/n) sighed and she turned to walk with Ethan “I hope you make me look fucking beautiful!”

❆  ❆  ❆

“Okay so I know you are my boyfriend and I should trust you,” (Y/n) began, leaning back in her chair “but I don’t.” she finished.

“NooOOooOoooOoooo…!” Mark whined “I trust me, so you should too.”

Tyler laughed and grabbed his phone.

“Alright, we each have exactly three minutes.” he said

“Ohh god.” groaned Ethen “(Y/n), let’s survive together, okay?” he held out a hand to said girl.

“Alright. You are my anchor.” she replied, dramatically grabbing his hand.

“CRANK(Y/N) CONFIRMED!” Mark and Tyler both shouted at the same time, causing you all to laugh once again.

“I guess I shouldn’t be saying that, because we are dating,” Mark chuckled “so, Ethen! Stay away from my woman, ya’ little blue bastard!”

Everyone laughed more.

“Okay, one… twothreego!” Tyler said quickly, hastily shoving his phone to the side.

“Oh, oh, okay!” Mark sputtered and looked at all the kitchen condiments below him, on the tarp.

“Way ahead of you.” Tyler stated, shoving some flour onto Ethen’s cheeks. “Beauty!” he said in some accent.

“LORDY, I cAN’T SEE!” Ethen wailed, beginning to paw at his eyes.

“DETAILS, DETAILS!” Tyler laughed loudly.

(Y/n) turned slowly to Mark and mouthed ‘please no’, the camera zoomed in on her face.

“Classic red lips is what I’m up for!” Mark said back, a goof smile on his face.

He took some Red Hot and dabbed a bit on his finger tip, being gentle when spreading it upon the girl’s lips. Tipping some also on her cheeks for extra measure.

“It burns.” she hissed, squinting her eyes.

“Beauty is pain, beauty is pain…” Mark repeated, continuing to scour the tarp. The brunette suddenly turned and winked in the direction of the lens. “That’s why it pains me to look at (Y/n) sometimes, because she is so damn pretty.”

“Awe~” she drawled. The Red Hot covered her actual blush.

“Well it pains me to look at you too Mark,” Ethan snickered “because you are so damn ugly.” and then he groaned again “That and this fucking flour makes it hurt when I open my eyes…”

Everyone laughed along with him.

“How much time we got?” Mark questioned.

“Thirty seconds.” Tyler replied. He was finishing up added a coco-powder beard to Ethen.

“Ah, balls!” Mark cried and at last minute snatched the vegemite. “Can someone say eyeshadow? Because I sure can.” he chuckled.

“I fucking can’t.” (Y/n) laughed as Mark applied the heavy spread to her eye lids.

“Time!” Tyler called.

Mark and (Y/n) both couldn’t stop laughing.

“I hate you.” (Y/n) sighed and didn’t even bother to open her eyes.

“Ya’ love me.” Mark said back, laughed his funny laugh, and leaned down to the girl’s face to give her a kiss.

(Y/n) could feel Mark in front of her and knew what he was looking for, so she gave it to him.

A sweet, Red Hot kiss.

“Oh my god, I hate you!” Mark cries dramatically, laughing quaintly “It. BURNS.”

“Beauty is pain.” the rest of them said in unison, bellowing with laughter.


(A/n): Ah this one is cute though. I really do like this one, even though it’s pretty short?? Oh well. It’s great.

Good Bend(y) AU Worldbuilding Note

Related to this, since I might as well because this is Frickin’ Great.

Originally nobody outside the Uwerks and Ross household knows that Bendy exists– and for a while, they try to keep it that way, up to and including disguises. Unlike most cartoon disguises, they were actually good, but the problem is Bendy’s still an impossibly short cartoon demon, and while disguises can hide the Cartoon, Demon, and Pretty Much Ignores Physics Despite Having Depth (hello IRL cheated angles), they cannot hide the impossible black “hair”, impossibly white face, having four fingers and being, well, incredibly tiny.

He is, of course, eventually found out and while River City isn’t exactly chill, most of the population eventually gets over it. After all, he’s a cartoon demon, and kind of a dork. He’s gotta be harmless.

(Haaaa, no, but they don’t know that)

OUTSIDE of River City, however, nobody is aware of there being a living cartoon. So of course, any poor reporters and cameramen expecting to set up a Alice Comedies or Roger Rabbit scenario is in for a pretty big shock…

Title: flickering
Series: Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia.
Characters: Midoriya Izuku; Bakugou Katsuki.
Ship: None. For now :3c
Alternate Universe: (@rattile​ and I just call it the murder au bc it doesn’t have a title. it’s a private investigator au! Midoriya is wheelchair bound and Bakugou is an investigator.)

Writer’s Note: this was too short to post to my AO3 so im throwing it here!

Summary: Some things are a bit scarier than the dark, to tell you the truth. But it’s not like you’d believe that until you come to understand that sometimes it’s what’s hiding there that you really have to worry about.

Katsuki sat quietly at his desk, finger tapping underneath the harsh lighting of his lamp. He let his eyes roam over the expanse of his skin, tan toned, although it looked almost pale when the lamp’s lighting flashed brilliantly against it. Eyes drooped just a bit, shooting open with a jolt as he shook his head.

No, there was no time to sleep. No time to do anything really. There were bits and pieces of paper all over the length of his desk. All of them had poorly written notes, not all of them whole. Fragments of phrases he could not discern the meaning of. Could hardly begin to fathom with certainty as to their purpose. Were they placed in front of him like a trail? Scraps littered throughout a metaphorical path that he was meant to follow, or were they nothing more than a distraction, made so that he walked one path–but his criminal escaped through another, undiscovered. A shit eating grin came to mind.

He brought a knuckle to rub against one of his eyes, only just catching movement in the darkness. Red eyes flickered from his well lit desk to his right hand side, ready to get up and potentially jump whatever had the stupid idea of coming up behind Katsuki wordlessly–

–Except that the person in question was the absolute king of Stupid Ideas. So doing anything was on the moot side of things. Though, that didn’t mean he couldn’t at least reprimand.

“I could have killed you, moron,” Katsuki hissed, sitting himself back down.

Deku rolled up to him, wheelchair making a tight fit against his chair, “You wouldn’t h-have.”

“Che,” Katsuki clicked his tongue against his teeth, vaguely registering Deku setting a cup next to his arm, “Whatever. What are you doing awake, anyway?”

“Not tired, h-honestly. I’ve been thinking t-too much about the case,” Deku answered, his voice reverberating quietly against the soft thrum of the air conditioner–those specs of dust he could only see at the edges where light became dark.

“That so? Anything particularly useful? Cause I haven’t begun to find a fucking thing.”

Deku hummed, a noise that had a habit of irritating Katsuki to no end. Habits he couldn’t let go of, he figured.

“I feel a-as though we’re being t-toyed with,” Katsuki heard him say finally, prompting him to turn and look at Deku properly for once.

Eyes were tired, he could tell. Partially lidded, wading waters at the corners–kind of like still oceans before a storm. Or maybe that was just him. Katsuki could scarcely see the freckles that peppered Deku’s cheeks in the dark, but he could see his contemplative habit happening. Thumb pressed against his lip, flinching only when Katsuki caught him looking. And then those eyes looked away.

“A game. Th-they said player one. And then remarked o-on your score in the g-game. I think it’s a-a game to the k-killer,” A pause before he continued, “Like an a-actual game…”

“Huh,” Katsuki blinked the exhaustion out of his eyes before reaching over and taking the mug Deku had set out by his arm. Coffee, and by the taste that enveloped his tongue, it was exactly how he usually had it. No surprise there, Deku knew a lot about Katsuki after all.

And he hated that, too.

“Think this asshole is gonna make us hit level two with this next hit? I usually play hard mode.”

Deku laughed, singsong, light, “I figure. We’ll have t-to wait and s-see,” He said with a smile.

Katsuki pursed his lips against the rim of his cup, “Someone has to die for that shit.”

Deku’s smile deflated into a saddened one, “Yeah, I-I know,” His voice cracked a bit, quiet, yet firm all the same.

Katsuki shook his head, resigning himself a bit and bringing Deku just a bit closer. He let his head press itself against his shoulder. He chalked it up to the crack in Deku’s tone, the exhaustion he felt so deep in his bones he could have sworn his whole frame shook from the exertion. Katsuki would never say it, but they were fifteen bodies in. Only three of them under his watch, but fifteen all the same. And that warranted needing a little breathing room, not that he’d ever admit to such weakness. Something like that could cost him more than whatever the murderer was doing.

“We’ll catch this asshole,” He heard himself say, just to say it–more for himself than for Deku.

Deku leaned against him further, clearly more exhausted than he let on to be, “I know.”

Why Him? {Remus Lupin x Reader}

Requests closed but they’ll be open again soon! 

Prompt: Anonymous: jealous lupin where a boy in class flirts with y/n?? ty if you can <3

Warnings: angst !!

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Remus watched him talk with you for the fourth day in a row. Except he wasn’t just talking and Remus wasn’t just watching. He glared through the boy that flirted with you and laughed with you and smiled at you like he was in love. And Remus felt helpless and angry as he couldn’t even bring himself to say hello. 

“Moony? Lupin? Remus!” Sirius yelled into his year while James shook him slightly. 

“What?” Remus snapped. His attention changed to his friends but his blood continued to boil. 

“He’s not going to catch on fire no matter how long you stare,” James leaned against the desk pointing at the boy who sat next to you. 

“I’m-I’m not staring.”

“You’re right. You’re not staring, you’re glaring,” Sirius’ hand clapped down on his shoulder. “Just talk to (Y/N).”

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SO LIKE. my beautiful wonderful perfect friend @yukariis made an oliness video on youtube and …. i’m dying. It’s so beautiful u all need to check it ouT PLS

Amsterdam 3.0

Prompted by “Amsterdam by Gregory Alan Isakov”.   You live with Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, and Pete Dunne, nothing can go wrong there right?  Recently tensions have been running high. (A lil disclaimer ‘you look so precious with your bloody nose’ is from Kings of Leon, I do not own that)

Part One, Part Two

This chapter involves: Pete Dunne x Reader

Word Count: 1,834

Warnings: NSFW, fighting, blood, whoa man what isn’t in this

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @fandomfreak202 @nickysmum1909 @welshwitch5 @ilovesamizaynn @bbmbabe @laigy2213 @littledeadrottinghood @shadow-of-wonder @iceninekiller-blog-blog @shieldgirl95 @laochbaineann @bettergetusetoit @vexingfelon @bolieve-that 

Panting he looked down at you with a small smile “was that, okay?” He asked with a light blush to his cheeks.  Smiling you gently pulled his face down to yours and placed a soft kiss to his lips “it was amazing” you whispered.  Both of you froze however when you heard the front door open.

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