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I really hope the Supergirl writers don’t make Lena evil. Mainly because that’s fucking lazy writing, but also because with what they’ve shown us so far there’s no logical reason she would be on her mother’s side.

Her mother is manipulative, calculating, and cruel. She always has been. Lena knows that better than anyone. They’ve shown the two of them interacting on a one to one basis, which means that their animosity towards one another isn’t faked for anyone elses benefit to make Lena *seem* good.

We’ve seen Lena deceive her mother and deliberately fuck up what would have been a pretty fool proof way to wipe out all aliens. If she really cared about the cause Cadmus represents why would she have stopped the perfect plan? It wouldn’t make sense for her to stop that from going ahead and call the police on her mother, only to have been supporting the cause all along.

To add to this, in 2.12 Lena refers to Lex as insane. Doesn’t sound like something she would say if she actually agreed with his cause, especially to her mother alone who she knows agrees with his actions. She definitely could be lying if she said something like that to Kara, but to Lillian? Doesn’t seem like a lie. She also shakes her head in disgust when Metallo is ranting about aliens being a disease in the court room.

By the end of 2.12, Lena has been manipulated yet again by her mother and Lillian essentially leaves her for dead in the warehouse.

Overall, it just doesn’t seem like Lena would side with Cadmus and her mother. There’s also little evidence to suggest she is anti-alien apart from the detection device perhaps.

So, if the speculation about Lena turning out evil is true, I reckon it will come in a different form. Her animosity towards her mother is deep seated and she holds a lot of resentment towards her, understandably. She also looks up to Lionel it seems, and was hurt when Lillian insulted him. Also, she probably feels more of a connection to him now, seeing as she knows she is his daughter by blood.

My theory is, Lena is planning to destroy her mother and Cadmus. I think Kara might catch wind of her plan at some stage soon and try desperately as Supergirl to convince her that her mother can be redeemed somehow, because Kara truly believes there is good in everyone. We’ve seen in 2.12 that she tries to help Metallo even though he could easily have killed her with that much synthetic kryptonite. We’ve seen it in season 1 where she struggled with Astra and trying her very best to see the good in her. We’ve seen it with Lillian already in 2.12 where Kara convinces Lena it would be of no harm just to talk things out with her mother. I think this will be a point of contention between Kara and Lena.

In a way this will be treading a line between good and evil, because yes Cadmus are pretty damn evil, but is it justified to kill all of them like Lena may be planning to do? Kara has never been one to endorse capital punishment, but Lena’s underlying rage towards her mother might make her sway more towards that form of justice.


2016: Year in Review ⇾ Cavaliers first ever NBA championship

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals, defeating the Golden State Warriors 93-89 in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Cleveland faced a historic Warriors team that defeated them in the 2015 NBA Finals. The Warriors were leading the series 3-1 But the Cavaliers fought back, tying the series 3-3. No team had ever rallied from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA finals. This was the first major sports championship that a Cleveland team has won since 1964.LeBron James was named Finals MVP after scoring 27 points, 11 rebounds and dishing out 11 assists. He scored his 16th triple double in the playoffs and seventh in an NBA Finals game – only two other players had recorded triple doubles in a Finals Game 7

The dark artifices

Cassie creates such beautiful characters. Each of the blackthorn children is so different and diverse in personality and it gives everyone the opportunity to relate to each of them in some way. I find the close bond of livvy and ty so touching. Personally I see myself in Julian as I too have a responsibility to look after my siblings not to mention the solace I find in my own painting and sketches. I recommend all of her books to everyone they are truly brilliant

SERIOUS PUNCH -Whats happening here?

(Pics provided from this post)

If we take a look at this punch scene from an objective view, it’s awesome.
but if we look at it from a science point of view…

It’s still awesome.

Lets talk about some of the things we see happening, like:

  • The Lightning bolts that emit from the punch, down, onto the ship
  • The weird shaped resultant force behind Saitama
  • The shape of the output of Saitamas force in the clouds

LIGHTNING BOLTS ARE YES. (TLDR bellow, Magnet science ahead)

Theoretically, his punch has enough energy to create an effect on an atomic level, but likely not quite enough to cause an effect on a subatomic level. This is partly because he did not actually punch an object (there are issues with that statement in general but we will get back to that later).
He however could certainly have punched the air hard enough to Ionize it (what?) This is when enough pressure and force is applied to a particle or molecule to change its composition (And by this I don’t mean the actual build of the atom I just mean the molecules that it forms in general as it goes about existing). If we say that the air around him would have generally been made of O2 and CO2 (for quick reminder, Covalent Double bonds, so relatively strong, and also NOT an ionic bond in either case) we could assume that basically the only way that these bonds could be blown off is if the force that was applied to them sheared off the electrons (huh) that were part of these molecules, Ionizing them.
This doesn’t make a lot of sense as it is but its not IMPOSSIBLE like its still an attainable feat in the realms of physics. but how exactly?
“But Komma, Magnets are all about metals, not non metals, there is only magnetic attraction in metals where a charge is around them creating a magnetic field through them”
Not at all! lots of things can be magnets. under the right conditions, anything COULD be a magnet, its just that most of those conditions are illogical. They simply need to exhibit magnetic behavior in order to create a magnetic field. Hell, even leaves have been known to emit a detectable magnetic field. People too.
You see, magnets are defined by quantum physics, there’s no way to explain them otherwise, but they aren’t so mysterious really, it’s just about applying the ideas of electron orbitals and spins.
Basically, and I am talking VERY basically, Magnets work when there are electrons that are spinning one way, where they are not matched by an electron spinning the opposite direction. Wrongly but for ease of explanation, this means that one end of the atom has a slightly more negative charge than the other. In un-magnetized materials, (e.g, ones that have electrons matching each other spinning in both directions (I’m sorry proper scientists don’t hate me)) There is an equal charge and magnetism over the whole material, but in some metals where magnetism can occur, there is not an equal charge over the whole magnet (as long as the sides of each atom that are more negative are rotated to face the right way… this is the principal behind electromagnets)

THEN there is Saitama. (TLDR)

You see, we cannot treat Saitama as being made of normal matter, but exhibits all the same qualities as matter. If we treat Saitamas moving fist as 1) an object with sufficient velocity to be considered to function like a super-massive clod of electrons and protons arranged in a fist shape and 2) dense enough said clod to not react with the other effected matter, we could actually imply that Saitamas fist worked just like a magnetic field, not in that attraction and the moving of electrons is occurring, but that his fist is moving so fast and with such force that it SIMULATES THE FLOW OF ELECTRICITY ABFHJKKLASDA!!.

It would be completely viable to assume that such massive force could whip the electrons off of matter it collided with. This would cause the electrons to flow from a negative source (area near saitamas fist) to a positive source (Saitama, then the ground and air around the ship, paricularly water molecules suspended in it) and since the ship is not the ground, there is no clear path to a positive terminal, so, yes, those little lightning bolts would happen.

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“I mean, think about it, how would you propose to me?”
Ty + Nick & Baseball. Baseball Series

Ty looked almost desperate when he realized Nick was willing to give him advice. He leaned forward. “What do I do?”

“Well … he said you hadn’t thought it through. So think it the fuck through for him. Let him know you’re serious and you’re thinking about life instead of just wearing a ring. You know him. I mean, think about it, how would you propose to me?”

Ty waited a beat, then said, “Season tickets at Fenway and a ring in your beer during the seventh inning.”

Nick waved a hand. “And I’m yours.” They both laughed. Nick was still smiling when he dropped his voice to a more serious note. “What are Zane’s season tickets? What’s the thing that will tell him you’re in it for the long haul and you want him there with you? It’s sure as hell not a beach in Scotland.”

Ty nodded, his gaze losing focus. Nick let him ruminate for a few seconds, until Ty finally snapped out of it. “Thanks, Irish.”

 “He’ll say yes eventually.” Nick looked back down at his notes, trying to remember where they’d been in the interview. “Okay, so you were on the beach getting shot down by the love of your life.”

- Ball & Chain by abiroux

Tender loving care

Rubbing gently, especially close to the wound, Zane took care of the rest of the blood he could reach. At the last moment, he sighed, leaned over, and pressed his lips to the back of Ty’s neck. “There you go,” he murmured, unable to explain the unusual gesture.

Ty lowered his head further and shivered again, finally turning his head to brush his cheek against Zane’s.

“Are you cold?” Zane asked, frowning a little, but rubbing his cheek lightly against Ty’s in return.

- Cut & Run (Kindle Locations 5190-5195). 

Yeah.  That’s why Ty shivered, Zane.  Because he was cold. 

Not in love, my ass.  They were falling with the velocity of lead.