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26, 27!

  • most shippable character? tara, which i feel is a… weird answer to this? but! here’s the thing: i ship her with pretty much every woman in the buffyverse. like. i’ve read every fic imaginable. i think the only wlw ship involving tara that i don’t personally dig is cordy/tara which is mostly because i don’t like cordelia as a character and my main goal for tara is happiness so um… in closing tara needs to be with all the ladies. lets turn btvs into a teen soap and make it happen okay 
  • least shippable character? all of the buffyverse men. all. of. ‘em. because i don’t care about ships that include men and i’m not afraid to say it 


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RULES: Update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people! 

These are my oldest sims in the gallery atm, but like lots of people i did clear out my gallery awhile back??? But yeah this is a pretty good,,, before/after i think lmao,,,

Anywhosie, these are Kailanie (top) & Melanie (bottom) Reinhart! If you’ve been following me since the beginning you might remember them as my first sims in my New Beginnings challenge? So like, they are the oldest to appear on this blog!! I wanted to keep them looking atleast a lil similar but Kailanie was a mess tbh,,,

92 truths

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1.Drink: water

2.Phone call: mi madre

3.Text message: my stepmom lmao

4.Song you listened to: russian roulette

5.Time you cried: saturday when alex died in 13rw (leaVE ME A L ON E)


6.Dated someone twice: no

7. Been Cheated on: non

8.Kissed someone and regretted it:  boyo i havent had my first kiss yet

9.Lost someone special: yes

10.Been depressed: yes and still am ;)

11.Gotten drunk and thrown up: nein


1. pink
2: yellow
3: blue


15.Made new friends: YES!!!!!!

16.Fallen out of love:  no ? 

17.Laughed until you cried: yea boi 

18.Found out someone was talking about you: ya lmfao

19.Met someone who changed you: yes ! 

20.Found out who your true friends are: i d k ?

21.Kissed someone on your Facebook list: no lmao


22.How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: 85%

23.Do you have any pets: 3 cats !! 

24.Do you want to change your name: not really 

25.What did you do for your last birthday: nothing lmao

26.What time did you wake up: 6:25am

27.What were you doing at midnight last night: eating

28.Name something you cannot wait for : to go to a different school 

29.When was the last time you saw your mother: yesterday

30.What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: no idea what the heck

31.What are you listening to right now: hold up by beyonce

32.Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yea 

33.Something that is getting on your nerves: bitches talking shit and complaining when they get hit 

34.Most visited website: tumblr, youtube

35.Elementary: ya

36, High School: non

37.College: non

38.Hair color: light brown

39.Long or short hair: short lol

40.Do you have a crush on someone: 😬😬😬

41.What do you like about yourself: idfk 

42.Piercings: me ears

43.Blood type: O

44.Nickname: nanouk, noukie, nouk

45.Relationship status: 😬😬😬

46.Zodiac sign: taurus

47.Pronouns: She/her

48.Favorite tv show: 13 reasons why, criminal minds, gotham

49.Tattoos: yikes not yet

50.Right or left hand: rite


51.Surgery: havent had surgery yet i think???

52.Piercing: just ears

54.Sport: volleyball

55.Vacation: france !! 

56.Pair of trainers: ?wot?

57.Eating: atm?? nothing

58.Drinking: fiji water 

59.I’m about to: cry bc i have 3 chapters of math homework to finish due tomorrow and its 10:16pm and i havent even started yet

61.Waiting for: death   summer break

62.Want: to sleep

63.Get married: sure ig lol idk

64.Career: psychologist or translater person lol idk the english word


65.Hugs or kisses: both

66.Lips or eyes: eyes

67.Shorter or taller: i wonna b taller cos ya boi is only 4′8

68.Older or younger: idk ?????

70.Nice arms or nice stomach: on myself?? a nice stomach cos im phat lmao

71.Sensitive or loud: loud

72.Hook up or relationship: relationships wth

73.Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker


74.Kissed a stranger?: nein

75.Drank hard liquor? : ya lmao

76.Lost glasses contact/lenses? : no

77.Turned someone down?: yea,,,,,,,,,

78.Sex on first date?: nO WHATTOHECK

79.Broken someone’s heart?: yeahhhhh

80.Had your heart broken?: no lmAo

81.Been arrested?: nah

82.Cried when someone died?: yeah

83.Fallen for a friend?: idk t b h 


84.Yourself?: nO LMFAO

85.Miracles?: bih it bs 

86.Love at first sight?: hoe no 

87.Santa Claus?: papi chulo 

88.Kiss on the first date?: sure lol

89.Angels?: idk yikes


90.Current best friend’s name: ya boi dont have a irl best friend

91.Eye color: hazel

92. Favourite movie: train to busan

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rules: share you latest selfies + post 10 facts about yourself

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  1. i have a kitten and his name is luke and i love him!!!
  2. i hate cheese even in knafah and katayef but i’ll eat cheesecake..as a palestinian i’m ashamed of myself
  3. i collect star wars tsum tsums (@disney release an ahsoka one pls)
  4. for the last 5 yrs my goal was to learn a new language and the one thing i haven’t done was learn a new language OTL
  5. my twilight phase was so bad i bought a t-shirt for team jacob smh
  6. i buy a lot of stationary but i never use it 
  7. mahmoud darwish is one of my favorite authors (i bought most of his books in one bookshop visit in palestine the highlight of my life so far)
  8. ppl always think i’m 14 (or 17 if i’m wearing makeup….)
  9. i watched the gintoki v takasugi fight so many times i think i have the dialogue memorized
  10. i can’t apply eyeliner (i tried to teach myself and it’s impossible…)

20 Questions Tag!
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Nicknames: Bagel

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 5'6" just under 5'7"

Orientation: Asexual, Panromantic :^)

Nationality: American

Favorite Fruit: Mangos are the bomb ngl

Favorite Season: Fall bc of all the colors

Favorite Book: The Outsiders

Favorite Flower: Daffodils

Favorite Scent: Vanilla


Favorite Colors: Turquoise, Lavender, Rose Pink

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Coco: Tea always. Cold or hot, I’ll drink both

Average hours of sleep: During summer break, 10 but during the school year, 6-7


Favorite Fictional Character: Johnny Cake from The Outsiders :’)

Number of Blankets: 2 but if I have a comforter, 1

Dream Trip: Id love to explore the whole world but France and Germany are at the top

Blog Created: Early June 2017

Favorite Song at the moment: Limitless will always be my jam

Number of Followers: 54 :)

Favorite Bands: NCT, BTS, EXO im really into 3 letter bands apparently

Favorite Solo artists: Bruno Mars

Song Stuck in my Head: Whiplash, its such a bop

Last Movie I Watched: Blackfish

Last TV show I watched: Avatar: The Last Airbender, this is my show :)))

What stuff do I post: Random posts about NCT and NCT Text Scenarios

When did your blog reach its peak: Id link it but im on mobile

Do you have any other blogs: Yes but I havent used it since Ive made this blog

Do you get asks regularly: I wish but I dont. Please send in requests bc im running out of ideas :’)

Why did you choose your URL: I wanted something NCT related and this was one that was open and I liked it. It worked out though bc our fandom name is NCTzens :“)

Following: 259 tumblrs

Posts: Again, im on mobile :/

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Pokemon Team: I chose Instinct

Lucky Numbers: Oooh im really big in numerology so 3 because its my Life Path number

What are you wearing right now: T shirt and shorts

Dream Job: Therapist for children of divorce/adolescents therapist

I tag: @seoulmarkk, @spicypancakedoyoung, @limitlessdream, @nctragic, @yourjaehyun, @mrrklees, @nctbaechan, @cherrybomb-saved-2017, @chrrybombyuta, @the95s, @oh-sehun-niee, @dream10tion, @flowerhyuckie, @https-km, @hqleetaeyong, @mxxnsr, @silent-potato, @flymagical, @jeonyoonmin7

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Rules: answer these questions and tag (20) people you want to get to know better!
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Name: Era
Nick name: ??? 
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Orientation: Lesbo
Ethnicity: White 
Favorite Fruit: Oranges!!
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite book series: Harry Potter
Favorite fictional characters: Oh shit,,,
Favorite Flowers: Literally any kind
Favorite scents: Laundry scented candles/air refreshers, incense, mygirlfriend 
Favorite colors: Black and green
Favorite Animals: Cats
Favorite Artist/Bands: Weird Al is p good ngl
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Coffee! Mocha iced with skim!!!
Average Sleep: Maybe 8 or 9??
Number of blankets I sleep with: Like half a blanket tbh
Dream Trip: To Dunkin Donuts
Last thing you googled: How to spell Gryffindor lol
How many blogs I follow: 2,103 oml 
Number of Followers: 770!!
What I usually post about: Homestuck, memes, video games, homestuck, my girlfriend, did I say homestuck?
What is your aesthetic: Homestuck and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee if you can imagine that combination

I’ll tag @cartoon, @alexdelair, @preciouspansy, @chubby-rice, @post-office-box-847, @davepetas, @magic-complex, @asinine-asymptote, @fsp-poof and whoever else would like to do this!!

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this took a long while because I couldn’t think of songs that started with O lmao anyways, ty ty hun :D

rules: spell out your url with the titles of k-pop songs

W : Whiplash - NCT 127

O : Oh Baby - Sistar

O : Only Look At Me - Taeyang

S : Swimming Fool - Seventeen

E : Everyday I Love You - LOONA (ViVi)

O : One of These Nights 7월 7일 - Red Velvet

K : Kiss Later - LOONA (Yeojin)

TAGGING: @min-yoongle @4aechans @1o53pm @2unmi @meiishan @godlyyuta @koruzuuu @soojeno @osakaghoul @chanyoelparks

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- all your answers should have only ONE character, unless stated otherwise. (i understand that it’ll be hard since all the Haikyuu characters are all so lovable but pls, pick only ONE otherwise there wouldn’t be any point to this game!)
- if you want to elaborate your answer as to why you picked something, go ahead! there is an implied why in all the questions.
- tag at least 10 other people. (share the Haikyuu love ♥‿♥)
- if you get tagged, pls copy the rules as well.
- and enjoy! (★^O^★) the whole point of this tag game is to have fun~

  1. What position would you like to play in Volleyball?
    Wing Spiker (my family is all Wing Spikers and I feel like I’d be disowned for playing any other position lmao)
  2. Pick any FOUR Haikyuu characters to form your friend squad with.
    Iwaizumi Hajime, Sawamura Daichi, Kuroo Tetsurou, Oikawa Tooru
  3. Your roommate in college?
    Sugawara Koushi
  4. Haikyuu Crush?

    this…. is…. painful lmao but I guess I’ll have to go w/ my bicep bae, Iwaizumi Hajime
  5. Which character resembles you, in terms of personality, the most?
    Kuroo Tetsurou (his saltiness + nerdiness speak to me) 
  6. Which character inspires you the most?
  7. Favorite character development?
    Kageyama Tobio
  8. Prettiest Character?
    Oikawa Tooru ♡
  9. Hottest?
    Iwaizumi Hajime (pls, let us appreciate those fine muscles *sweats*)
  10. Ultimate OTP?
    IwaOi !!!
  11. Ultimate BROTP?
  12. Favorite Stage Play Actor?
    Asuma Kousuke
  13. Adopt as your child?
    Kozume Kenma
  14. Favorite team chant?
    no doubt, Aoba Johsai c:
  15. Favorite team banner?
    Karasuno bc it’s simple and sleek
  16. Did Haikyuu inspire you to do something you would not have done before?
    it got me into writing again c: 
  17. Mom?
    Yaku Morisuke
  18. Dad?
    Sawamura Daichi lmao
  19. Elder sister?
    Shimizu Kiyoko
  20. Older brother?
    Kuroo Tetsurou
  21. Younger sister?
    Yachi Hitoka
  22. Younger brother?
    Yamaguchi Tadashi
  23. What is your favorite anime? (this question was thrown in for us all to share another fantastic anime with the Haikyuu fandom~)
    okay I’m going to promote another sports anime that is super underrated - please watch/read Days! it’s so cute uwu

tagging (optional ofc!!) @leviackermans @aizawashoutta @kissumi @sarukui @blurain71 @guren @dabi @trashytacosan @xoxomyseriesxoxo @nichinoya

You can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to

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Rules: Put your music library on shuffle. List the first ten songs that come up, then tag ten people.
1. Dai the flu- Deftones

2. Sleepyhead- Passion pit

3. Away- Of mice and men

4. Kotik- Alexander Rybak

5. Whore- In this moment

6. Addict- Get scared

7. Let me know- Bts

8. Internal landscapes- Anathema

9. Von- Yoko Kanno

10. Bad Karma- Axel Thesleff
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Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

A - Age: 21
B - Birthplace: TX
C - Current Time: 5:00am
D - Drink You Last Had: coffee
E - Easiest Person To Talk To: my gf, close friends, mom
F - Favourite Song: every catchy pop song i listen to is my new fave song
G - Grossest Memory: idk
H - Horror Yes or Horror No: YESYESYES
I - In Love?: hell yeah 
J - Jealous of People?: ya
K - Killed Someone?: what the fuck
L - Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again: ???
M - Middle Name: Marie
N - Number of Siblings: 2
O - One Wish: money
P - Person You Called Last: my gf
Q - Question You Are Always Asked: why do you look like you don’t ever sleep? (because i don’t)
R - Reason to Smile: my gf, my friends, and my babies (three cats)
S - Song You Sang Last: can’t sing
T - Time You Woke Up: the evening, always
U - Underwear Colour: red
V - Vacation Destination: somewhere isolated
W - Worst Habit: self doubt. overthinking. talking too much when i get into a conversation or when i’m talking about an interest
X - X-rays: never had one
Y - Your favourite food: sweet stuff
Z - Zodiac Sign: sagittarius 

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Rocks in Your Head

Fandom: Monster High
Characters: Jackson Jekyll, Holt Hyde (mentioned), That One Asshole Sheriff Dude, Mama Jekyll
Warnings: None
Rating: T
Notes: very headcanon-heavy. title from “Jekyll and Hyde” by Five Finger Death Punch

Jackson was used to waking up in strange places with no memory. Outside a tattoo parlor, on top of the roof of the school, outside a nightclub…..The list goes on and on.

This one, though? This one takes the cake.

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nickname: phee
zodiac: aquarius
height: 5′3″
last thing i googled: good quebec french programs
favourite music artist: bleachers
song stuck in my head: wanna get better
last movie i saw: newsies the musical live
what am i wearing right now: an ashville t-shirt and black leggings
why did i choose my url: sapphicstorms was taken
do i have any other blogs: @gayconnormurphey is my theater sideblog, and @academiec is my studyblr

what did your last relationship teach you: never date a girl who wears flower crowns unironically
religious or spiritual: religious, but like super casually
favourite colour: blue
average hours of sleep: 5ish
lucky number: 12
favourite characters: every bisexual podcast character to ever exist
how many blankets do i sleep with: two
dream job: actor on broadway

i tag: @niifflers @pxnsypctter @fortesques @katiebells @alarkling @romeojuliets @mermaeids @maryjacksons @ronanlynhh @neilsabram @kingsie @vvhymack @kavinskiies @audreil @njmphadora @jilys @chovchang @thaleias @lilyqvans

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Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 awesome followers you would like to know better.

Name: Gabriela 

Nickname: Gab, Gabs, Bowie, Cess,,,,,

Birth month: April

Relationship Status: Single! and would dissapoint anyone who ever tried

Pets: A doggo! named candy and a cat named kitty…….. lol

Height: 5'8

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Orientation: Bi ace

Fruit: grapes, strawberries, mangos!

Favorite season: Summer

Last song I listened to: Psylla! glass animals! everytime i put it i play it 50 times

Favorite TV show: Mr robot, breaking bad, better call saul… those r the only ones i’ve watched till the end lol 

Favorite place: The beach

Books: Trainspotting and the picture of dorian gray. animal farm by orwell is basic af but it was p cool i guess

Favorite flowers: Cempasúchil

Favorite scent: none!

Favorite animals: I dont have a fave cus i like them all but the honey badger is funny man

Favorite beverages: Frappe mocha but im lactose intolerant. Natural orange juice is so good!! Why do I even try to get fancy, I live thanks to Coke. Cherry coke is aslo gud. Ummm,,, 

Hours of sleep: 7 hours!!

Favorite fictional characters: Keith, eren, shiro, levi, elliot alderson, mark renton

Number of blankets you sleep with: Only with one! its kinda heavy but not warm 

Dream trip: I want to go to Europe lol

Blog Created: This one in mid 2014 but ignored it for 2 years 

Number of followers: godambe i cant read

I tag @kageyama-tobiyo @edelwary @itbespacegays @keithkoqane @keythkogane @cubanlance @lvtvr @jackalopes-vld @marmoraskeith @blessedkeith @lctor @red-paladin @dent-de-leon @uhhuhlistenboy @commodorecliche @pretty-eyes-jaeger @z-ayauitl only if you want to!

Tag Game!

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rules: tag 9 people you’d love to know better

  • relationship status: singleeee
  • favorite color: red!
  • lipstick or chapstick: lipstick every day
  • last song I listened to: Bad Liar by Selena Gomez kms
  • last movie I watched: Masterminds
  • top 3 fictional characters: Joseph Joestar, Yotsuba Koiwai, and something not from a mango ummmmmmmmmm hhh,,,,,,,,,,,, Damon Salvatore
  • top 3 ships: josuke/okuyasu, caroline/klaus, annnd god wtf idk kim possible and shego
  • books I’m currently reading: JJBA: Vento Aureo

I tag: @dreambot @dork-nerd @lobaysims @taterzzthotzz @littlemissnellie @ohthimbles @pxelboy @early-grape @namea