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wheresmyhappliyeverafter  asked:

Heyyy, on my page I post relatable quotes, nice photos, gifs... etc I started my page for depressed people or people that are going through rough times to read it since that is one of the things that really helped me when I was severely depressed. I was just passing by to see if you could tell your followers to check out my page♥ TY. Your page is great!


anonymous asked:

Helloooo! I LOVE your blog! Your creations are getting better and better!! Who are your first 10 folowers? I sent my first followers some private contents for appreciations. Would you do something like that in the future? xoxoxo

I have no idea how to see who my first 10 followers were, do I just keep going on the ‘followers’ page until I get to he last page? TY for the complement btw


i was talking to my dad about skating today and he was telling me a couple stories, apparently he went to school with ty page and they hung out occasionally,

pretty fucking rad