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Day 4: With This Ring...

Written by: @porkcutletbowltrash

For: #yoiweddingweek Day - Rings & Something Goes Wrong

Summary: “…close to your heart.” Viktor finished softly and took both of Yuuri’s hands in his again. He was aware of the sounds of Yuuri’s mother and sister sniffling softly and Makkachin’s soft pants as he watched his owners finally tying the knot, but in that moment, the only thing he saw was Yuuri.

The paper fell from Viktor’s hands as he gazed upon Yuuri’s face. His angel was crying thick fat tears, and if Viktor hadn’t seen the huge smile on his face, he would’ve thought he had said something he shouldn’t have. He smiled back at Yuuri and reached for his hands, wanting to touch some part of him, hoping that it would relax the soft tingling of nerves inside both of them.

“The Groom and the Groom will now present each other with a ring; a symbol of everlasting love and the bond of marriage.” Viktor squeezed Yuuri’s hands once as Christophe reached forward with Yuuri’s ring. Viktor plucked the small gold band from Chris’ palm and locked eyes with Yuuri once more.
“Viktor, repeat after me as you place this ring on your groom’s finger. I offer my vow to you in the form of this ring…”
Viktor repeated the words of the ministers, “I offer my vow to you in the form of this ring…”
“…so that my word and my love,”
“…so that my word and my love…” He was starting to get lost once more in Yuuri’s deep brown eyes. Viktor could look into the chocolate orbs for hours and never get bored watching the little specks of gold circle in the chocolate. It reminded him, oddly enough, of a book he read as a child, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which told the story of a chocolatier that decided who to leave his beloved factory and fortune to by putting five golden tickets into five random chocolate bars. Each child that had found one of the tickets was invited to the factory to be put under a series of tests to see who would be a worthy heir to his chocolate empire. When Viktor looked into Yuuri’s eyes, he was reminded of how he had, in a sense, been let into that chocolate factory and he had emerged victorious. He hadn’t won fortune or fame, but he had won something even more precious – he’d won Yuuri’s heart.
“…will always be with you…” The minister continued.

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Okay Lee Taeyong, what’s your signature pose?


You don’t say…?

lisa-lionhearttt  asked:

Hi! I'm hungry for good fishkeeping information because playing with the idea of getting fish in the future (maybe possibly). I think I remember you mentioned Taylor Nicole Dean from YouTube on your blog once, is her fishkeeping advise credible? If not do you have a good source of info for new fish owners? Pls & ty

I would say no at this point, she’s not a super great source of info and I’d be wary of her butttt some of her older videos about fish are good! And actually she usually does give decently accurate and helpful info in her videos (especially older ones), just doesn’t always necessarily follow through with the care she presents. I’d definitely use other sources of info as well, but she’s really not so bad.

As for other Youtubers that are a decent source of info (and just put out nice videos), I really like Lifewithpets if you’re interested in bettas or shrimp or low-maintenance planted tanks(though they do have a betta sorority and I would recommend strongly against that) or Solid Gold Aquatics if you’re interested in goldfish (though they don’t currently have goldies). I also like the King of DIY for understanding more technical aquarium stuff, especially his older videos on filtration and such. His stocking is obnoxious and not great but otherwise, his videos are really cool and he’s got a huge following for a fish channel. There’s also Aquarium Co-Op and Rachel O’Leary who have tons of informative videos and also sell fish/plants/inverts.

As for non-Youtube sources, the fish community on tumblr generally has a lot of cool info out there and if you have questions, asking in the tag will get you answers pretty quickly. There’s loads of supportive, friendly, and knowledgeable people on here.

anonymous asked:

Can you think of any examples of when Luke laughs at something that's not very funny?

HA. HAHAHAHHAHAH. HAHAH. HA. CAN I?????????????????????????????????????? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA YOU BET I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this has been sitting in my inbox for so long bc i could not emotionally handle luke laughing at dumb things and im still not ready to delve into this rabbit hole [so much that i had to stop soon after starting bc it was becoming too much]

anyway, „„ „

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