Ok, so I was watching supernatural season 2 episode 3 ‘Bloodlust’. Dean and Sam walk into a bar and have a ‘chat’ with the bar tender. This guy

Hang on

Is that

So I went back to the opening credits and

What is this fuckery?

Ty Olsson plays a vampire in this episode

Who helps kidnap Sam and is trying to reform

And here he is again in season 8

As Benny. The Vamp we all know and love…

Okay then

I’ll just leave this here…


1.08 Matt Is Samandriel

“March 20th, 2014
To the fans, friends and attendees of Vegascon 2014:

The last two years have been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs both personally and professionally. Of all the changes that have transpired in my life recently, one of the most amazing has been being part of the show Supernatural, and with it, the SPN family and fandom. This is an incredible entity that goes beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. The show, the fans, the cast mates have all been a gift. Along with all of this comes something else as well…for the first time I’m experiencing a true dose of “celebrity status ” , which means coming to grips that when you make mistakes …people ARE watching.

One of the things I pride myself in, is me being me. In my life, with my friends, with the fans (and unless I’m in character, on set) …It’s me . Nothing is put on for show when it comes to who I am. The hardest thing I have ever tried to do is tone down ” me”. silly, goofy , loud, bossy , intense, loving , caring , passionate …crazy me . Why would I try to “tone it down?” …..cause remember …they’re watching …. And not many see the world as I do ,we all see the world differently. For me, fans are just friends that I don’t know yet …and conventions aren’t me playing a role, it’s me being me; doing my best to entertain at a big party, with a bunch of friends. And that … For obvious reasons ….Doesn’t work. It’s not even my party. It’s yours – THE FANS.

Everyone who comes to a convention event deserves to have a good time, have a positive experience and ultimately get what they paid for. I deeply regret having taken away from anyone’s experience. I can only hope that those who know me or have spent some time with me know that this would never be my intention. I also hope that those same people recognize that that wasn’t fully ” me “. Let me explain… The day I was in the Vancouver airport prior to boarding for Vegas I replied to a tweet from a follower suggesting Jim Michaels and I hang out together and keep each other from getting ” roofied ” I jokingly tweeted back ” I eat roofies like candy! why you think I’m so chill?”

Sadly, I’m convinced someone took me up on that challenge of “eating roofies like candy ” The shots on stage were ice tea. ( sorry Rich) , and so was the one my handler brought me . So removing those from the equation I had swigs off 3 fans’ flasks prior to my panel and the drink from a fan’s vodka bottle during my panel . That’s it. This amount would never have made me that intoxicated. During the next 6-7 hours of photo ops and autograph signing I had next to nothing ,yet I still felt very messed up. I’ve had more to drink during a single hour panel and still skipped thru the rest of my day like I’d just had my first coffee of the morning . I regret that my own embarrassment over my actions from the night before, not being allowed to show up on the Saturday for my signings and panel, kept me from really asking ” how did this happen?” until later in the day Saturday. When I finally realized things didn’t add up …I had urine tests arranged as soon as I could upon returning home. Unfortunately one of the more common substances used for this kinda thing, GHB, only stays in the body for 12-24 hrs.

I am awaiting results for other possible substances. I want to be clear this is not an excuse or reasoning for my behavior. The mistake was mine when I began to treat a convention meant for a 1000 people like my own personal party. Nor am I saying a fan spiked my drink …I don’t know how it happened. I just KNOW that it did. I also know my own stupidity is at fault. No one should be leaving drinks unattended or accepting food or drink from anyone you don’t absolutely trust. No one…. Particularly in Vegas after cracking an ” I eat roofies like candy ” joke. I realize now the scary reality of having been giving something unknowingly. Regardless if you believe me or not please know that this is a very real, frightening thing that people do. To the huge population of women in this fandom, to my teenage daughters, please please be careful.

I know that by now the rumors, the theories, the speculation and the gossip-mongering has flooded everyone’s timelines and chat rooms and favorite tumbir blogs. I know also that this letter will be dissected and criticized and undoubtedly found lacking by all those who would rather believe what they heard from their friend who wasn’t there, and wasn’t involved , but has a friend who knows a guy whose girlfriend writes a blog …..well …this letter wasn’t to you. It’s to the people who were there . To the fans who I may have offended , I am truly sorry. It was never my intention. To the fans who wrote your support, I am truly thankful. Lastly , to my daughters …who will no doubt someday read or have read about Vegascon 2014… Hopefully you see both the love and support as well as the Internet rumor treadmill. Never be afraid to ask me anything. because I will always tell you the truth. I made some mistakes, they’re mine… I own them. I’ve learned from them. I love you.

” be kind - everyone you meet is fighting their own battle you know nothing about “

With regret, with thanks and with respect ,


This was written and posted by Ty to his friends and fans. Please join in supporting and encouraging him. #LoveforTy

Hey SPN Family!

I just found out about Cody and my heart has hit my stomach reading the latest tweets. 

Can we all please just go send some warm messages his way? If you don’t have twitter, send him your good wishes and thoughts. 

Members of the Supernatural cast (Jared, Gen, Brock Kelly, CW Supernatural, Ty Olsson, Mark Sheppard….) all follow him, and have been continuing to support Cody through his battle. 

“The nurses are saying Cody might not make it through the night,”

Please send warm messages to >> https://twitter.com/StonerockC << Let’s show Cody and Cody’s family that we are a family and, even if this is the first you’re hearing about it, care and support and love our own.