ty never wore this did he

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You don’t just steal things from a police officer. 

There was no other explanation other than theft, because Naomasa was meticulous with his coats, gloves, and really anything that he wore daily. The first thing he did at home and work was hang up his things so they never moved from their designated spots. 

Recently, though, one of his coats would disappear for a few days and return like nothing happened. It was most likely someone he knew, and it was an older coat, sure. So it wasn’t like he was without one, but still – you don’t steal from an officer; especially one like Tsukauchi Naomasa. 

- - -

The streets are fairly crowded at this time of day, people shopping and generally enjoying the sunny but brisk winter air. Naomasa has his head down, buried in his phone. His purposeful walk has the crowd parting slightly to let him through, and his eyes scan the GPS signal like a hawk. 

He’d left work as soon as he could when his phone went off, notifying him that the thief was on the move. A few days ago Naomasa stuck a tracker underneath the collar (and if anyone knew about it they’d probably tell him that was going overboard) to find out who was taking – and returning – his coat. 

The thief wasn’t going very quickly, spending time in various shops downtown without a care in the world. By the time he got there it was easy to catch up. Naomasa smirks, ready to confront the mystery borrower and give them an earful and a half of lectures. 

Ten meters away, then seven, then five. He glances from his phone to the street, taking note that the tiny blip had just made its way into the bakery on his right. Alright then. Naomasa posts outside the door, back to the storefront window as he waits. 

In a few minutes, the signal brushes past him, and when it does he looks up to see a familiar coat; Naomasa grabs at the belt in the back, stopping the thief in their – his – tracks.


His tall blond friend jumps in surprise, his face going through a cycle of emotion. For a second he smiles at the coincidence of them meeting, but it soon gives way to a sheepish flush when he realizes what Naomasa is staring at.

“Sorry, ah– I was borrowing it for just a little. It was getting cold, and, well.” 

“Why didn’t you just ask? I’ve been…” Now it’s Naomasa’s turn to feel embarrassed, having to explain he spent the day tracking his coat like one of his investigations. “I’ve been going overboard again,” he finally says with a sigh.

“Did you detective me?” There’s an amused sparkle in his eyes, knowing exactly how his friend would think. Naomasa laughs, nodding.

“Look - if you like that coat so much, keep it. It looks nice. I am substituting it as your next birthday present though, so don’t get pouty later.”