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I love Jet... specifically because I fucking LOVE asshole characters like that. Like. Wow you're a piece of shit... I love you. Idk I'm just REALLY INTO the whole 'Villains thinking they're doing things for good reasons' shtick

It’s all up to taste, I guess. Like, don’t get me wrong, I like Jet as a concept but, man that guy is an ASS. I feel like I mostly hate him because of the whole lying to Katara intentionally with the intent of killing civilians thing though because I’ve realized that I have a think for protecting characters like Ty Lee and Katara even though I know they can kick all the ass. 

i was supposed to just draw taeyong but my hand slipped so here’s hyung line

Azula: I am a flawless person and I have never done anything wrong in my life. I bet you can’t name one bad thing about me.

Mai/Ty lee/Zuko: You’re a controlling manipulative liar, an insufferable know-it-all and braggart, you pretty much are incapable of actual human sympathy and emotion, you burned down a house, destroyed a nation, and killed a man. and that was just last week


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What would you think an ATLA high school au would be like

That’s a pretty interesting one oooooo

Zuko would be the kid that hangs out all alone so often that the other kids think he’s scary but really he just wants peace and quiet so he can play Pokemon like the nerd he is

Katara would be the one with generally high grades all around and that on top of the sweet and respectful attitude towards others would have all the teachers freaking adoring her as she works super hard to get straight As

Toph would be pretty chill most of the time but then beAT PEOPLE UP if they’re mean to anyone (she probably heads the wrestling, football, etc. teams too)

Sokka would be like really good at math and science to the point where he’d tutor classmates for those subjects but on the sidelines he needs Katara’s help so he doesn’t bore himself to death with the other courses

Suki would probably be the same as Katara but with less focus on grades and instead being more active in a bunch of groups

Aang would be tHAT DORK THAT BRINGS THEM ALL TOGETHER BECAUSE HE FINDS EVERYONE COOL AND INTERESTING and he would say hi to EVERYONE he passed in the hallway but he’d also be the procrastinator that sometimes needs to be motivated by his buddies to keep up with assignments (also he’s probably so down with learning about animal biology like dude)


Mai would be that quiet girl with a tumblr where she talks about everything she observes (she’s probably into the artsy classes and clubs too like poetry and well, the arts in general)

Azula is part of the honor’s program and makes sure her older brother never gets entered in it B) she’s like the boss of the school since Ozai is probably like the freaking asshole principal anyway

Iroh is obviously a major counsellor but that’s no surprise

wOW I got more into that than I meant to lol

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Did Azula ever forgive Ty Lee for her betrayal(because we all know your subtle hints about TyZula ship) or is she still pissed off about it?

Subtle hints? Subtle hints? If that’s your definition of subtle ANYWAY Azula and Ty Lee adopted a bear together.