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Roadtrip sketches mk III - some fahc! (Don’t worry if your request ain’t here, I’ve got more to draw and post later on :’) )

@kaleidonoping wanted ryan tying up or letting his hair down (you’re in luck caus I did both :P), an anon asked for fahc ryan so boy you got plenty of that, @littlegoldprincess wanted rose gold gavin and pastel vaga on a cute cafe date (I’m gonna redraw and improve this one soon!), and @haynowryanwood wanted top knot bun ryan

I tried really hard to keep myself from ranting about this but the sexualization and fetishization of Daphne Blake is something that deeply disturbs me. Fine, people are allowed I guess to draw their fanart porn and everything –– I won’t claim to understand that but fine whatever. But when that fanart starts to fetishize her and make her as nothing more than a sex object, that’s when it becomes a real problem. Daphne started as nothing more than a punchline to a joke, a stock character. More recently WB has been working hard to erase that perception of her and make her more than a damsel always needing to be rescued. And then there’s all these fan arts of her tied up and defenseless and it makes me sick. It just revolts me, because it’s not like there’s a story behind it, it’s not like she’s trying to reassert herself NO it’s gross artists using her as nothing but jack-off fuel because it’s “sexy” to be scared and defenseless and afraid. 

They don’t consider what being kidnapped so much means and leads to. They don’t care about her as a character, and that’s what bothers me. Some artists won’t use a certain color on a male character because that character dislikes it, but they’re fine bending reality to suit their gross fetishes? having daphne all tied up despite the fact that she likely has terrible associations with it?? and that’s not just me, like that’s practically fucking canon?? you don’t need to read between the lines to infer it’s possible. like, fuck outta here. i know male artists are capable of taking detail into consideration, but for some reason that consideration flies out of the table when it comes to female characters??? FUCK OUTTA HERE. treat female characters with the respect they deserve. treat daphne blake with the respect she deserves. god. 

Magic for Pet Owners

- Use crystals on your pet’s collar! I have a rose quartz heart on my dog’s collar to encourage our bond and protect her.

- make DIY dog shampoo! You can add in essential oils that make your puppy smell awesome, and also have your magic touch!

- (If you can afford to) Try a raw-food diet. This is closer to the biological need of a dog (they’re mostly carnivorous but can benefit from supplemental veggies. DO YOUR RESEARCH and join fb groups if you wanna raw feed) and add in safe supplemental fruits/veggie purée!

- embroider sigils on your dog’s collar to bring them home when lost or prevent accidents

- make a diy doggy/kitty bed and before sewing or tying up the ends, pop a satchet in there with the filling!

- write sigils in permanent marker under their water bowl

- use natural plants in your fish’s tank that have good associations

- grow catnip for your kitties! It encourages luck and relationships with your cat or with others!

Remember to love your pets! Remember, herbalism and witchcraft are not replacement for proper veterinary Care. Get heartworm prevention and flea+tick prevention that Works as a medicine before just blindly trusting that herbs will fully deter fleas + ticks from getting a taste of your friend.

hey @ goyim could y'all reblog this if you're actually willing to listen to Jewish people and protect us?

we really need allies right now, and I know seeing this on people’s blogs could be comforting to other Jewish people. But please don’t do this as performative allyship- actually try and help us irl, or at least learn about antisemitism enough to spot it and call it out.

i could be good with you

Summary: Cuddling up to Otabek has always been easy and normal for Yuri. So when Otabek starts avoiding him, it hurts a lot more than he expects. (2nd place giveaway prize for @some-sort-of-firefly !! Prompt: confessions and first kisses. otayuri. word count: 1237)

They’ve always been comfortable with being close together physically. That’s how it’s been, and that’s how it always will be.

At first, it was never the way Viktor and Yuuri are always draped over each other in public – god, Yuri would rather never step foot on the ice again than be anything like those two – but it’s more of the subtle things, such as Yuri wrapping his arms around Otabek during motorcycle rides, or Otabek’s hand gently holding the small of Yuri’s back as he leads them through the streets.

Then it started becoming, well, less subtle. Such as the multiple times Yuri has tackles Otabek in a hug after a long period of time without seeing each other, Otabek playing with Yuri’s hair and braiding it to different styles, and falling asleep together on the same bed, arms wrapped around each other.

For Yuri, it’s something natural, comforting. Nothing calms him down more than Otabek’s touch, warm and steady and easy to focus on when he’s starting to lose his temper. He’s sure that his best naps he’s had have always been with Otabek’s arms around him. Otabek is such a comforting presence that is now hard to live without.

As of late, though, he’s noticed that Otabek has been distancing himself from him, physically. Everything else has been the same, but Otabek no longer plays with his hair or takes his hand, or, well, anything. He’s been conscious with how he moves when he’s around Yuri, and whenever Yuri tries to initiate the contact himself, it only takes a few minutes before Otabek gently moves Yuri’s hands away from him.

It’s… concerning. And lonely, he finds out, when Otabek smiles at him apologetically that night and says he’d rather sleep in his own hotel room for the rest of their time in France for the Grand Prix Finals. He doesn’t get much sleep that night. And when he sees Otabek yawning and rubbing his eyes the next day, he knows he isn’t the only one.

So what gives?

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