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[request] [scenario] sleeping beauty

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(requested by @cosmic-weird-soul o mg idk wat this is im sry if this is a mess AHAH ty for requesting luv u <3) 

Title: sleeping beauty

Member: hansol ft. members

Genre: fluff // angst if u squint 

Word Count: 1649

“Uncle, when you said ‘summer job’ I was thinking more… You know, convenience store cashier,” you mumble, glancing out the window at the fans lined up outside, cameras flashing and girls screaming. “Not assistant manager for an idol group.”

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BTS reaction to you getting bullied really badly and coming home crying saying things like you dont want to live anymore. Ty <3

Thanks for the request! I got another request to do this so I’m doing it now.


Once he heard you walk through the door, he shot up from his seat when he saw your tears. He’d ask what was wrong as you threw your bag down on the floor. Sitting across from you, he’d wait for you to speak. When a mumbled “I hate myself, I don’t want to be here anymore” escaped your lips, he’d demand you tell him what was wrong and would move to your side to comfort you. When he realised you were being bullied, he’d stand up from his seat, cracking his fingers.

“Who do I need to beat the shit out of? I’ll get my Hyungs if you want.”

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When he saw the tears in your eyes, he’d cuddle you on his lap and comfort you whilst he asked what was wrong. When “I hate myself…” slipped past your lips, he’d turn to face you telling you not to say such things and that you were perfect. When you’d explain you were getting bullied, he’d offer to walk you to school with Jungkook and Jimin to make sure no one said or did anything. 

“We’ll be like your own personal bodyguards!”

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This boi would go from ‘cute-mochi’ to ‘who-the-fuck-I-need-to-kill?’ in about 0.0001 seconds when he found out you were getting bullied. Then, when Jimin heard you say how much you hate your life, he would hold your face and wipe your tears, telling you to stop saying that and he loves you. From then on, he’d make you call him if anything happened and would pick you up from school whenever he could.

“It’s OK Jagiya, I’m here, I love you.”

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At first, he’d cry with you when he saw you, holding you close. When you started to cry harder, calling yourself every horrible name you could think of, Hoseok would tell you to shush and get you to tell him what happened. He’d almost cry again when he found out you were getting bullied and he hold you so tight you feel like you couldn’t breathe. He’d want you to move schools but shortly realised that would make it worse so he offered to go to school with you and bring Jungkook.

“Don’t worry Jagi, Jungkook will beat them up.”

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(A/N: You’re Suga.)


He’d be more than pissed off to find out you were being bullied, immediately offering to beat them up. When you said it will just make it worse and you’d hate yourself more, he’d get angry and yell at you, telling you not to say things like that. After, he’d apologise and pull you into a hug, telling you how beautiful you are.

“Ah, I’ll fix this for you baby, don't worry..”

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(A/N: You’re Jungkook <3.)


When you stormed through the door at lunch time, tears streaming down your face, he ran over to you. He held you as you cried, telling him how he deserves better. When he realised what you were saying, he’d yell at you, explaining you are perfect for him and he’d ask why you felt like this. When you told him the people at school were bullying you, he’d flip his shit, walking out of the house to find them. You’d end up running to the other boys to help calm him down.

“I’m going to fucking kill them, Y/N!”

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When you walked in, throwing your bag to the ground in tears, he wouldn’t be putting up with any shit and would immediately demand you tell him what’s wrong. When you did, he’d hold you, explaining that you can, move to another school or he’ll go talk to the teachers with you. He’d want to make sure you were ok with what he wanted you to do because your safety and happiness matters most to him.

“Don’t worry, we’ll sort this out.”

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Hope you liked it! Remember, always talk to someone if you’re being bullied <3 -JL 


Game On -Part 2-

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 //…

Part 2 ☛ You finally start talking to Taehyung, now he needs to teach you how to beat your own twin, Jungkook, in his favourite game. It’s game on. (requested by @abeamoflightinthedark , @stellarshellstar and a lot of people ty ily)

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(A/n)= Thanks for all the requests on this, guys!! I love you so much!! Now, do you want a Part 3?? What do you think Kookie will think about this?

Justlex General Dating Headcanons

Request: justlex general headcanons about their relationship? ty <3


A/N: Sorry for the delay, I hope you like this :)


Warnings: Mentions of horrible family’s.


Justlex General Dating Headcanons…

  • It takes Justin a little while to warm up to how much affection Alex is happy to exchange. Justin has never had much affection before in his life. He loves it though, it’s just that he’s too scared to make the first move

  • Alex could always tell when Justin wanted affection though, because Justin would bite his lip and stare desirably at him, looking all cute and conflicted
  • And Alex would always assure Justin just that he could initiate the affection whenever he wanted, but it took some time

  • Once Justin knew Alex was okay with it though he was all over the boy
  • Justin likes to dig his head into the side of Alex’s neck, and he trails gentle kisses across his pale skin. Alex just tilts his head and softly smiles during the process

  • In fact they share a lot of soft, cute kisses, particularly on the corners of each other’s mouths
  • Justin likes to stand behind Alex and hug him while they’re at school

  • They binge a lot of Netflix together
  • They just lay in bed in each other’s company

  • Alex drives Justin around
  • Justin always checks how much sleep Alex has had before he lets the boy drive himself anywhere

  • Justin will let himself cry in front of Alex, and Alex will cradle him when Justin talks about his Mum and Seth
  • They’re always sharing food

  • Justin likes to run his hands all over Alex’s body, usually in an almost massage like manner
  • Okay so Justin has this thing for people gently tickling his tummy

  • In fact there’s just so much tickling and caressing
  • They make out in Alex’s bed a lot, and Justin absolutely prefers when there’s no shirts, and Alex can’t argue with that

  • Alex likes to give Justin soft kisses on the forehead so he knows he’s loved
  • They play with each other’s hair

  • Once their friends realise they’re fully serious about the relationship they’re quite protective of the two
  • They never let the other go to bed angry after a fight

  • Alex will often cook them lunch on the weekends because of how much Justin loves home cooked meals
  • Justin spends a lot of time at the Standall’s, and Alex’s parents don’t always know

  • Justin fusses over the smallest things when it comes to Alex
  • They’re both addicted to each other and literally cannot get enough

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so i hired like 5 of my classmates who have perfect english to proofread my bts smut stories…i feel evil for hiring them…but the grammar checkers I have are crappy or require payment so… :) oh and im treating them to some milk tea once they’re done… so im not dat evil :,)