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OH hey got tagged by lonelyantics to write down fifteen things that make me happy, let’s go!!

  1. sleeping
  2. finishing assignments on time
  3. cooking (for myself)
  4. music
  5. reading
  6. eating
  7. cleaning
  8. talking to friends ay
  9. when i’m feeling good about my art
  10. napping in the sun sorry i really love sleeping n stuff
  11. starting a new vidya game
  12. being early for meetups
  13. singing (tho i’m terrible)
  14. seeing cute dogs and cats and animals!!! wow
  15. introducing people to series and watching them fall into a pit of suffering

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Where I’m from: Pennsylvania
Favorite anime/manga: i dount really watch maybe studio ghibli? if it counts studio ghibli
Favorite oitnb, su, sense8
Zodiac: gemini (and not 2-faced or fake!)
Favorite quote: i dont have one? i cant remember quotes s o r r y
Favorite season: fall is the nicest season here
Movies I’m waiting for: i cant think of anything rn so zoes answer, black widow movie

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about me~

♥ About me tag!

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1. Why did you choose your url?

i chose it because its jihoon and only put together omg you get it? im so smarT jihoon is my one and only even though joshua tests me 99.9% of the time stay in your lane bruh

2. What’s your middle name?

my middle name is naomi~

3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

man id love cute lil bby pokemon

4. Favourite colour?

anything around blue or green

5. Favourite song?

My fav song rn is Seventeen’s 20 :( such seventeen trash //sigh

6. What are your top three fandoms?

seventeen~ exo~ and bts~

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr?

i really enjoy tumblr because everyone here is so nice like omg ;; even though im super shy and i dont talk to a lot of other blogs (even though i want to ;n;) every person i have talked to, always are super friendly~ ♥

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Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 10 people. Try not to repeat a song title. I was tagged by letthefllamesbegin <33
pick your artist: marianas trench
your gender: say anything
describe yourself: B team
how do you feel:haven’t had enough
if you could go anywhere where would you go: no place like home

favorite form of transportation:  fallout
your best friend is: perfect
you and your best friend are: far from here
favorite time of the day: so soon
if your life was a tv show, what would the title be: celebrity status
what is life for you: desperate measures
your relationship status: low
your fear: vertigo

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Eye color: blue grayish 
Hair color: dark brown naturally (but im dying a streak of my hair other colors)
Height: 5'1" ish
Clothing style: i dont really have one? just comfortable clothes that are a bit cute i guess.
Ambitions: just sort of be on top of my shit and happy w my life in general
1st thought waking up:depends: either “lets go back to sleep” or “oh shit i need to get up”
Best quality: my appearance  i feel like ive been told im nice?? and i consider myself somewhat funny so
Dogs or cats: idk man im more of a bird person
Single dates or group dates: ive never been on a date so idk
Do I tell the truth: mostly
Do I believe in love: no i dont think so
Do I want someone: i dont think so??? my brain is a confusing place
Have I ever been on stage: i have choir concerts and harp concerts (the choir w other people, the harp w just me) so yeah
Have I ever done drugs: nope
Have I changed to fit in: not significantly? i mean at one time i would do things just because my friends wanted me to/liked those things but i stopped and turns out my friends and i have reallly similar taste 
Fave colors: i dont really have favorites? most shades of purple and blue are nice tho
Fave animal: budgie because i have one
Fav movie: Grave of the Fireflies/Ex Machina/Her
Fave game: Sims3 cause i dont really game
Next bday: my next bday is june 1st 2016…thats what this question meant right?? 

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anonymous asked:

Okay so... do you have an ace attorney side blog... because either you do or there's someone who is exactly like you in their tags...

omg okay yes i do bc i’m ace attorney trash anD IM LMAO U CAN RECOGNIZE ME BY MY TAGS??? OMG TY okay the url is klapollodestiny and if u follow me for ace attorney u should follow my other blog too bc it’s 100% ace attorney

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