ty for tagging me omg

OH hey got tagged by lonelyantics to write down fifteen things that make me happy, let’s go!!

  1. sleeping
  2. finishing assignments on time
  3. cooking (for myself)
  4. music
  5. reading
  6. eating
  7. cleaning
  8. talking to friends ay
  9. when i’m feeling good about my art
  10. napping in the sun sorry i really love sleeping n stuff
  11. starting a new vidya game
  12. being early for meetups
  13. singing (tho i’m terrible)
  14. seeing cute dogs and cats and animals!!! wow
  15. introducing people to series and watching them fall into a pit of suffering

tagging: lmao if you guys are up for it, dimanchemieuxturtlesnanodayonontesequorsapphicdalliancestokwa, jakoot, frostedklutz, valehalla, explosive-fishingdita0aura, mofojojo, and anyone else i guess!!


I was tagged by Mama Hope aka Blue Hair Don’t Care aka @dibidibidismynameisjhope(Thank you! & I’m loving the blue hair it’s so pretty and you and Hobi look like Care Bears it’s cute!!) to do the bias selfie tag.

So who better to do it with than the man who insfired my hair color.

Though…looking at our pictures side by side maybe that wasn’t a good idea. Jin is just too gorgeous rip self esteem.

Anyways, I’m tagging @layby-baby @jeonyoungcock @daddykinktaehyung @jimin-bean and anyone else who would like to do this :)