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one song: diplomat’s son by vampire weekend

two movies: legally blonde, maid in manhattan

three tv shows: lost, the x-files, the office

four people: amandla stenberg, alycia debnam carey, beyonce,  n hermione granger lmao

five foods: waffles, ice cream, avocados, popcorn and oreos (#healthy)

six people to tag: i’m a mess and i don’t want to bother anyone but do this if u want to and say i tagged u <3


p l a y ♫

Some Soyou & Junggigo ft. Lil Boi of Geeks // Her Block B // Spine Breaker BTS // So Good Jay Park // Don’t Touch Me Ailee // Where Did You Come From BTS // Unordinary Girl Block B // I Swear Sistar // 200% Akmu // Empty Winner // I’m Different Hi Suhyun // Piano Man Mamamoo // Taxi On The Phone Kidoh // Thunder Exo // Just One Day BTS // The Space Between Soyou, Kwon Soonil, Park Yongin // Happen Ending Epik High ft Cho Won-sun // Born Hater Epik High ft Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino, Bobby // Gimme Got7 // Adrenaline TTS // Eyes, Nose, Lips Tablo & Taeyang

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now I tag: thurstae, ohnokyungsoo, jiminflexing and suga-sweetness <: (unless you’ve done it already, I apologize if so! :O)

OH hey got tagged by lonelyantics to write down fifteen things that make me happy, let’s go!!

  1. sleeping
  2. finishing assignments on time
  3. cooking (for myself)
  4. music
  5. reading
  6. eating
  7. cleaning
  8. talking to friends ay
  9. when i’m feeling good about my art
  10. napping in the sun sorry i really love sleeping n stuff
  11. starting a new vidya game
  12. being early for meetups
  13. singing (tho i’m terrible)
  14. seeing cute dogs and cats and animals!!! wow
  15. introducing people to series and watching them fall into a pit of suffering

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Rules: Pick 10 biases and answer the 20 questions.

These aren’t in any order. they’re mostly in the same order as @younqhost‘s biases oops like i kept the groups and stuff anyways: 

1. Wonho – Monsta X

2. Jungkook - Bangtan

3. Jaebum - Got7

4. Taeyong - NCT

5. Kino - Pentagon

6. Eunseo - WJSN

7. Minsu - Boys Republic

8. Cheng Xiao - WJSN

9. Bbomb - BlockB

10. Seunghyub – N Flying

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