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ok people were tagging me to show myself once again so here it is my selfie/bias tag thing sjsjjsjs idk what’s going on or what i’m doing but i uh was takes by @yoonohwhat (here is my face) and @iloveyu-ta

uhhhh i love donghyuck sm??? like sm??? like lots

also i am wearing basically no makeup so enjoy 99% naked face jes

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If I were a month: I think I’m an October bc I’ve got that witchy aesthetic going on and I love coffee and warm colors

If I were a day: I think that Friday’s embody me I don’t l

If I were a planet: VENUS, boys!

If I were a god or goddess: Nah

If I were a sea animal: Dibs on mermaid. that counts. If not mermaid then dolphin! Love those dudes

If I were a piece of furniture: Um uh one of those bunk beds with a desk underneath and stairs to the bed? I love those

If I were a gemstone: Amethyst you fools

If I were a flower: Uhh I like lotuses? And jasmine and orchids!

If I were a weather: Windy but sunny and not too hot weather!

If I were a color: PURPLE

If I were an emotion: Nervous

If I were a fruit: mango bc I’m indian sorry mangoes are all mine now. or maybe pomegranate.

If I were an element: Water!

If I were a place: A Liminal Space

If I were a taste: One of those flavored coffees the sort of floral ones? That

If I were a scent: Lavender bc I have a lot of. lavender themed body Items anyways.

If I were a song: That thing Christine Hals sings but I forgot the name it’s like really pretty adventure music to me Im love it

If I were a body part: appendix. serves no function and is gotten rid of

If I were a pair of shoes: black heeled booties I eel those in ever fiber of ym being

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name: claire

nicknames: clairey, claire bear, ghost, cinnamon, etc. 

zodiac: cancer but dont be fooled; im hella problematic

height: 170cm ish

ethnicity: taiwanese

favourite fruit: peach

favourite season: autumn 

favourtie flower: !!! white lilies or jasmines or hydrangeas. theyre all too cool to pick only ONE so have them all 

favourite scent: fresh laundry??? !!! also this cologne that idk ??? but love

favourite animal: uhhmmm cats?? orcas??? bears?? i dont have  A FAVE shhh

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: coffee is a bitch to me nowadays (cries) BUT TEA OMG!! green tea shh its 2 gud . hot cocoa is so sweet im sorry 

average sleep hours: 8 ish my parents are a gr8 help for this 

favourite fictional character: death (THEY"RE A LEGIT CHARACTER ) 

cat or dog: cat cat cat but dogs are cute

number of blankets you sleep with: one or two ?? and four+ once the cold season arrives

dream trip: travelling around a continent with a friend or ten. im just love them all aaa 

blog created: ummmm (is this the new one or old one????) i think sometime (early???) 2015 or earlier LOL but i was more active since then

number of followers: my five active irl faves + three inactive = eight i guess?

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Birthday: October 17, 1995
Gender: Agender
Relationship status: my gf is @softychimchim I love her she’s so cute n soft
Favourite colour: Black & white schemes, orange, lavender
Pets: My cat passed away last September RIP Kitty
Wake up time: 7am to pay for parking, 10am for class
Love or lust?: Love
Favourite food: Spicy foods, beef anything
Met a celebrity?: I once ran into a YouTuber while entering an elevator, and I met One Republic
Last song listened to: Beautiful - Monsta X
First kiss: Some ugly boy in middle school
Tall or short: I’m 5'4 or 161cm

Tbh idr who I follow for this blog and who follows it besides like 2 ppl so uh yeah *finger guns*

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Nickname: Uhhh….well so far I’ve had Sympathy, Symphonykek, and just Jen. I’ll also go by Symphony I guess, that sounds nice :’D 
Gender: Gal, my pal
Star Sign: Taurus 
Height: 5′7
Time right now: 6:52 pm 
Last thing I googled:  how to keep all your aquarium plants from dying for no fuckin reason
Favorite Solo Artists: I don’t think I have any, I’m into mostly bands
Song stuck in your head: my brain keeps switching between Isabella of Castile and Rock it for me (you gotta listen to them, they’re really good)
Last movie I watched: Deadpool
Last TV show I watched: Either Law&Order or NCIS
When did you create your blog: Sometime in 2015, but I never used it until this year
What kind of stuff do you post: Mostly MP100 fanart or textposts like this 
When did your blog reach its peak: Today? I guess?? I just got my 96th follower I’m so excited for the big 100 omg
Do you have any other blogs: One, but I haven’t used it in a year or two, and it’s more personal too
Do you get asks regularly: Occasionally, maybe once every few days
Why you chose your URL: I get depressed a lot but it’s hard to get out of that kinda rut, so instead of sympathy hugs I’d like to think my friends need to give me sympathy kicks. Lovingly kick the hell out of me so I finally get over my shit lmao
Following: 212 and they’re all active. Almost half of them are mutuals though I’d feel bad if I had to unfollow some them .3.
Posts: 2,279 (jesus christ I’ve only been here like four months?? I gotta get out more. Or reblog less.) 
Hogwarts House: I’m not in one, but from what I hear, I’d probably be hufflepuff
Pokémon Team: Mystic
Favorite colors: all of them (red green blue and purple especially tho)
Average hours of sleep: about 4 or 5
Lucky Numbers: 11, 13, and 14
Favorite manga characters: Many, but my first was Alphonse Elric
How many blankets do you sleep with: One
Dream job: I have a few hehe… there’s music therapist, art therapist, private music tutor/teacher, professional violist, or marine biologist. I’m having some trouble choosing where I wanna go ahaha
Dream trip: Don’t really have one, but New Zealand or Japan would be cool I guess

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p l a y ♫

Some Soyou & Junggigo ft. Lil Boi of Geeks // Her Block B // Spine Breaker BTS // So Good Jay Park // Don’t Touch Me Ailee // Where Did You Come From BTS // Unordinary Girl Block B // I Swear Sistar // 200% Akmu // Empty Winner // I’m Different Hi Suhyun // Piano Man Mamamoo // Taxi On The Phone Kidoh // Thunder Exo // Just One Day BTS // The Space Between Soyou, Kwon Soonil, Park Yongin // Happen Ending Epik High ft Cho Won-sun // Born Hater Epik High ft Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino, Bobby // Gimme Got7 // Adrenaline TTS // Eyes, Nose, Lips Tablo & Taeyang

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i was tagged by my love @withlove-sydney 2000 yrs ago im sorry and i love you (i really loved reading your answers btw!!)

1. what genres of music do you love? (ha. h a h h h h haaaaaaa)

  • kpop / korean music of any genre (have y’all listened to yoon mi rae bci u haven’t now u have to them’s the rules)
  • classical!!! it’s so emotional
  • music with a solid, bass that pounds in your chest
  • synth-y indie 
  • odd, dreamy, indie film soundtracks
  • rap!
  • hip hop
  • pop punk
  • soft (????) rock

2. what’s your favorite era for bts?

ummhhmhm i can’t say hyyh because hyyh is f o r e v e r so to be specific…. i need u / run era. there’s a richness and desperation to the music/mvs around that time that i could write about forever

3. if you can live out one movie, which movie would it be and why?

! ! ! maybe “only lovers left alive” ??? i’m such a film nerd but i can’t think of any i’d actually like to live out right now, because so many that i love end in blood and death or the characters fading into obscurity (for reference: only lovers left alive is the indie one with tom hiddleston where he lives as a genius vampire musician with his willowy wife and they travel around the world with money dripping from their assholes and making love and being vulnerable and shit it sounds great)

4. what’s your favorite quote?

:o no i’m not ready to narrow this down

“if it feels like you’re going to crash, step harder, kid.”

“they can only make you feel inferior if you let them.”

and, well, this is one of my absolute favourites:

we’re all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

5. favorite bangtan songs?

  • lost
  • hold me tight (i wail these lyrics like there’s ……… no tomorrow that didn’t rlly fit okay anyways)
  • 24/7 heaven (first song i heard by bangtan on a bad, bad day that made me cry my eyes out)
  • beautiful
  • the one with jimin + jeongguk and they manage to take a justin bieber song and re jig it and make me adore it. that one
  • 좋아요 (i like it)
  • bapsae
  • mama
  • i need u (me at the bit where jimin goes “OOOHHHHHHHH” just before the chorus - fuckfkckficufkckfkckfo)
  • cypher part 3 (cypher pt. 4 just didn’t do it for me and i hate it but it’s true)
  • happy day
  • for you
  • 2! 3!
  • 알아요 (I Know)  (i cried so fucking hard when i listened to this)
  • okay i gotta stop MOVING ON

6. what is one memory you have that you remember really clearly for whatever reason?

locking myself into the room where all the new books were kept in my primary school and reading a book with black main characters in it for the first time. it literally changed my life

7. if you could skip time to go to some future part of your life, how far would you go?

four years ago to around september 1st.

8. hoodies or jackets?

big comfy hoodies

9. if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

where’s safe for a black queer woman

um um i’d love to live in london or anywhere, anywhere warm.

10. which is more tolerable/which one do you like more: scary stories or horror movies?

i adore both but i have a special weakness for stephen king, because he’s the only horror writer i’ve read that can write in a way that leaves me sweating and shaking

11. what’s one au you would want to live in?

uhmhmh a witch au/magical realism au!!!!!!! or … a hp au. because i’m still hogwarts bound!!

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one song: diplomat’s son by vampire weekend

two movies: legally blonde, maid in manhattan

three tv shows: lost, the x-files, the office

four people: amandla stenberg, alycia debnam carey, beyonce,  n hermione granger lmao

five foods: waffles, ice cream, avocados, popcorn and oreos (#healthy)

six people to tag: i’m a mess and i don’t want to bother anyone but do this if u want to and say i tagged u <3

OH hey got tagged by lonelyantics to write down fifteen things that make me happy, let’s go!!

  1. sleeping
  2. finishing assignments on time
  3. cooking (for myself)
  4. music
  5. reading
  6. eating
  7. cleaning
  8. talking to friends ay
  9. when i’m feeling good about my art
  10. napping in the sun sorry i really love sleeping n stuff
  11. starting a new vidya game
  12. being early for meetups
  13. singing (tho i’m terrible)
  14. seeing cute dogs and cats and animals!!! wow
  15. introducing people to series and watching them fall into a pit of suffering

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